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  • Italy continued its massive search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean Monday for the capsized boat off the coast of Libya that was carrying hundreds of migrants, while at the same time rescuing Syrian migrants from another vessel off the coast of Sicily.一艘载有数百名移民的船只在利比亚海岸外倾覆之后,意大利星期一在地中海继续进行大规模搜救行动,同时还在救援西西里沿海另一艘船上的叙利亚难民。Thirteen children were among the 98 Syrian migrants whose boat originated from Turkey on the perilous journey to Europe.8名叙利亚船民当中,有13名儿童,他们乘坐的船从土耳其出发,开始驶往欧洲的危险航程。Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the ed Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, said migrants, seeking a better life in Europe, are taking a variety of routes to reach their destination.联合国难民事务高级专员的发言人萨米说,船民们采用不同的航线,试图到欧洲寻求更好的生活。As many as 700 people are feared dead from the capsized vessel off the coast of Libya.从利比亚出发的那艘船倾覆后,多达700人恐已葬身大海。By nightfall Sunday, authorities said 28 people had been rescued about 200 kilometers south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, and another 24 bodies were recovered. Rescue workers said the majority of the missing appeared trapped in the 20-meter vessel at the bottom of the sea.星期天夜幕降临时,当局表示,有28人在意大利兰佩杜萨岛以南大约200公里的海中获救,他们还找4具尸体。搜救人员说,大多数失踪的船民似乎被这条20米长的船体困在海底。Sami said a survivor of the capsized boat says there were children onboard.萨米说,一名获救船民说,这艘船上载有儿童。The latest drownings would push the 2015 Mediterranean death toll past 1,500, compared to about 90 such refugee deaths in the same period a year ago.最新这起船难,将使2015年葬身地中海的死亡人数升500以上。一年前的同期,死于船难的难民人数大约为90。Analysts say they expect human trafficking in the Mediterranean to worsen in the coming months as warming weather and the promise of European stability and prosperity lure desperate refugees from Africa and beyond.分析人士预计,天气日益温暖,加上非洲和其他地区绝望的难民对欧洲稳定与繁荣的向往,地中海的人口贩运活动在未来几个月里会更加猖獗。来 /201504/370868。
  • The U.S. State Department says it has ;no information to confirm; reports Islamic State plans to launch more attacks in France, the ed States and elsewhere on Sunday.美国国务院说,没有任何信息能确认有关伊斯兰国组织策划星期天在法国、美国和其他地方发动攻击的报道。Their statement came in response to a question about online activist group Anonymous, which said it had uncovered information about imminent plots that also included sites in Italy and Lebanon. The group said it forwarded relevant information to U.S. and British intelligence agencies.美国国务院的声明是对匿名者组织在网上发布的一条信息。该组织说,它发现了将发生恐怖袭击的信息,目标还包括意大利和黎巴嫩等一些地方。匿名者组织说,已经将有关信息提供给美国和英国的情报机构。One of the supposed targets is a professional wrestling event Sunday in the U.S. city of Atlanta. An FBI statement Saturday said it takes all threats seriously, but it had no ;specific or credible information of an attack at this time.;据说美国东南部城市亚特兰大星期天晚上的一场职业摔跤比赛可能是袭击目标之一。美国联调局星期六发布的一项声明说,对所有威胁都将认真对待,但是目前没有任何有关将发生袭击的具体或可靠情报。The State Department declined comment on whether it is taking extra security precautions at its facilities around the world, but said it is ;aly operating at a high level of security based on recent events.;美国国务院拒绝说明它是否已经在美国驻海外的设施增强戒备,但是说,最近发生一系列事件之后,国务院在所有工作中一直保持高度警惕。来 /201511/411307。
  • Four senior officials in the U.S. Secret Service have been reassigned in response to a series of security lapses that embarrassed the agency responsible for protecting President Barack Obama and his family.美国特勤局四名高官被调任。此前,白宫安全保卫工作出现一系列疏漏,负责保卫奥巴马总统及家人的特勤局倍感难堪。Acting Director Joseph Clancy issued a statement Wednesday announcing that the agencys assistant directors for investigations, protective operations, technology and public affairs were being removed from their posts.特勤局代局长克兰西星期三发表声明,宣布负责调查、保卫行动以及技术和公共事务的助理局长被解职。Clancy said he made the decision based on an independent report issued last December that described the agency as starved for leadership.克兰西说,他是根据去2月的一项独立报告作出这个决定的。那个报告认为特勤局急需领导。The report was drafted after an Army veteran carrying a knife climbed over the White House fence back in September and ran inside the presidential mansion before he was finally subdued. An internal review concluded that bad training, poor staffing and a series of missteps contributed to the breach.报告起草前,一名陆军退伍军人去月持刀攀越白宫围栏,并跑进总统官邸,后被制。内部审议认为,训练差,人手少以及连续失误等原因与这次事故有关。The incident led to the resignation of then-director Julia Pierson.事件导致当时的局长朱利亚#8226;皮尔森辞职。来 /201501/355501。
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