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讲解文本:hollow 空洞的,无内容的,无意义的His words sound hollow.他说的话听起来都是空话。I am so sick of your hollow promises.我受够了你虚伪空洞的承诺。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/49190811.Job processing Dialogue11.工作进度 对话Steven has been in the office for a few days. Now the director Daniel is asking how things are at Stevens work.史蒂文工作有一段时间了。现在,负责人丹尼尔正在询问史蒂文工作的进展情况。Daniel: Hi, Steven, take a seat! How are things at work?丹尼尔:嗨,史蒂文,请坐!工作进行得怎么样了?Steven: Its coming along well, but it is a little delayed.史蒂文:进展不错,但时间上有点拖延。Daniel: Can you finish it on time?丹尼尔:能按时完成吗?Steven: Im pressed for time and I am afraid I need someone to help me.史蒂文:我时间紧迫,恐怕需要有人帮忙完成。Daniel: OK, I will send Beker to help you. We need to get the brochures done and sent them to our clients on Friday without delay.丹尼尔:好,我派贝克去协助你。星期五一定要把小册子印好并送到客户手上,不得拖延。Steven: OK, we promise to do it well.史蒂文:好的,我们保做好。 /201510/403721A: Kate , I want to break up with my boyfriend tomorrow.A: 凯特,我打算明天向我男朋友提出分手。B: Gosh! Why? Does he do something wrong?B: 天啊,为什么?他做错了什么事吗?A: No. He does very well.A: 没有,他表现得很好。B: You really make me confused now.B: 那你倒是把我给弄糊涂了。A: As you know Im Aries.A: 你知道我是白羊座的。B: Thats true.B: 没错。A: But he is Cancer. This morning, I something about zodiac signs, which says that we are a poor match.A: 不过我的男朋友是巨蟹座的。我今天早上看了一篇有关星座的文章。上面说白羊和巨蟹是一对错误的组合。B: Do you think so? Dont you love him?B: 你这么认为吗?难道你不爱他吗?A: I think I love him. But it says that the Crab is too sensitive and slow for the speedy and hot-tempered nature of Aries. And Aries will have difficulty in listening to the Crabs nagging and negativity.A: 我觉得我是爱他的。不过那文章上面说天生敏感的蟹子根本受不了白羊座迅速而热情的天性。而白羊座也难以接受巨蟹的唠唠叨叨和消极态度。B: Whatever. Dont take it seriously. Its just for entertainrnent.B: 它爱怎么说怎么说吧。你没必要把它当真。那纯粹是为了。A: I hope so.A: 我希望如此。 /201505/37421914. Scheduling an Apartment Viewing (2) 14.安排一次公寓考察(2)A: Good afternoon. Are you the person renting out the apartment?A:下午好。你是那个要出租公寓的人吗?B: Yes, I am. What can I do for you?B:是的,我是。我能为你做些什么?A: Im interested in viewing the apartment.A:我很想查看一下这个公寓。B: Alright, would like to make an appointment?B:好的,你想预约吗?A: Yes, I very much would.A:是的,非常想。B: What time are you available?B:你什么时候有时间?A: Mostly after sundown on weekdays. What days are good for you?A:主要是工作日下班后。你什么时间合适?B: I work in the evenings Monday through Friday. Are you available at any time on the weekends?B:我在周一至周五的晚上工作。你在周日的任何时间有空吗?A: Im available on Sunday. How about three oclock Sunday afternoon? A:我周日有时间。周日下午3点怎么样?B: Thats a perfect time for me.B:这个时间很适合我。A: Great! Ill come over at three on Sunday.A:太好了!我会在周日下午3点过来。B: Sure! Im expecting you.B:好的!期待和你见面。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421420

Todd: Now Mike, weve been talking about diabetes, and recently in the ed States theyve wanted to put warning labels on things like soda and fast food, and things like that, warning about the possibility of getting something like diabetes. Do you agree with that?托德:迈克,我们最近一直在谈论糖尿病,现在美国计划在苏打汽水和快餐食品上贴上警告标签,警告这些食物可能引发糖尿病等疾病。你同意这种做法吗?Mike: Yes, I do. I think though they really should try to... and we talked about this before, but... they really should try to get, especially young people, children to have a healthier diet and a healthier way of being. Now, its difficult when youre young and you see your parents and theyre 400 pounds each, and you know, theyre trying to tell the kids to eat healthier, be healthy. I think it adds into it, but I think it needs to start with... putting labels on things? I frankly, I dont know if thats gonna do much to change. It works maybe with cigarettes but theres other reasons why people stop smoking.迈克:我同意。不过我认为他们应该努力……我们之前谈过这个,尤其对年轻人和孩子来说,应该尽量坚持健康的饮食习惯和健康的生活方式。不过小的时候要这样做很难,现在父母们的体重可能就有400磅,他们会一直告诉孩子们要坚持健康饮食。我觉得要把这点加上,不过要从贴标签开始吗?说实话,我不知道这能起到多少作用。这种方法可能对控烟有作用,不过其实人们会戒烟可能有很多种原因。Todd: Right. Well, I mean, nowadays a lot of times they want soda vending machines out of schools because they say that it creates bad habits. The schools cant get money without... well, they can get money, but its easy for them to get money from the vending machines. How do you feel about that?托德:对。现在有很多人希望把苏打汽水自动售货机搬出学校,因为他们认为设置这种自动售货机会引发坏习惯。不过这样一来学校就不能挣钱了……其实学校还是可以挣钱的,不过对学校来说,通过自动售货机挣钱更容易。你怎么看?Mike: Well, I mean, they can, I think they should compromise. Putting vending machines in, but put healthy drinks in the vending machines. Put diet drinks instead of, you know, sugar drinks. Yeah, its great having a brand-name soft drink machine that has its number one selling soda, but to compromise so the children dont have peer pressure to buy those, put diet drinks, put fruit drinks, you know....迈克:我觉得应该采取折中办法。可以在学校里设置自动售货机,但是要在自动售货机里放入健康饮料。在里面放入减肥饮料而不是含糖饮料。有一台售卖最畅销苏打汽水的品牌饮料自动售货机很棒,但是为了让学生不会因为同伴压力而去购买,可在采取折中方法,在自动售货机里放入减肥饮料和水果饮料之类的。Todd: Right. Mineral waters.托德:对,还有矿泉水。Mike: Mineral waters and things, sure.迈克:当然还有矿泉水等等。Todd: Right. Its true. OK. So what about fast food? Do you think fast food should have warning labels or maybe signs?托德:没错。好,那快餐呢?你认为快餐应该贴警告标签或警告标志吗?Mike: Yeah, again, I mean, you know, its been a big debate now for the last few years about blaming the fast food industry for everything. Yeah, I agree, fast food is not good. Generally, I never go to... I almost never eat fast food, but I think its a... you know, everybodys responsible. They have a conscious choice of wanting to eat fast food or not.迈克:把所有问题都归咎到快餐食品上,这在近几年引发了很大的争议。我同意快餐食品不健康这个观点。总的来说,我几乎从来不吃快餐,不过我认为这是所有人的责任。人们可以自主选择是否要吃快餐。Todd: Right, and it tastes so good.托德:好,快餐很好吃。Mike: It does, doesnt it?迈克:对,是吧?Todd: It smells so good. It tastes so good.托德:快餐闻起来香,味道也不错。Mike: Its true. Its true.迈克:对,没错。Todd: And its cheap.托德:而且还便宜。Mike: It is. It is. Theres several factors why I think its so.... it leads to these kinds of problems, like diabetes, but and it does. Im not saying it doesnt, but I think its a conscious choice. I think people just need to be, you know, educated better and theres a whole bunch of issues but I think its peoples themselves that need to realize that they have to balance their lives.迈克:对,是这样的。我认为造成糖尿病等问题的因素有很多,但是快餐的确有影响。我并不是说快餐对健康没有影响,但是我认为人们有自主选择的权利。我觉得人们要接受更好的教育,这是一个很复杂的问题,但我认为最重要的是人们要意识到,他们必须平衡生活。Todd: Right, I mean, actually, I think you know the government is taking the wrong approach, you know, rather than put warning labels on fast food, why doesnt the government spend more money teaching people how to cook. If both parents are working that means kids cant cook, or they cant learn from the parents how to cook so if kids learn how to cook, they would probably eat healthier diets.托德:好,我认为政府正在采取错误的措施,他们应该做的不是在快餐食品上贴标签,而是在教人们如何烹饪上投入更多资金。如果父母两个人都在工作,那就表明孩子不能做饭吃,或者说孩子不能和父母学做饭,如果孩子们学会做饭,那他们就能养成更健康的饮食习惯。Mike: Sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, theres a whole... like I said, theres many issues surrounding it but, yeah, I mean, just by putting labels, I think its not going to solve any problems, really.迈克:对,就是这样,说得对。如我刚才所说,涉及因素有很多,不过我认为只是贴标签并不能解决任何问题。Todd: Yeah, I agree.托德:我同意。 译文属 /201512/418504

Neil and Li are talking about the Christmas presents they received. Li describes her presents as cheap and cheerful whereas the smart watch Neils wife bought him is cheap and nasty. What do they mean?尼尔和莉在聊他们收到的圣诞礼物。莉称她的礼物“物美价廉”,而尼尔的妻子送他的那块手表则是“价廉质劣”。他们是什么意思?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本不完全对应。Li: Hi and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Li and with me today is my colleague Neil.莉:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是莉,今天和我一起主持节目的是我的同事尼尔。Neil: Hello everybody. How was your Christmas, Li? Did you receive lots of nice presents?尼尔:大家好。莉,你圣诞节过得怎么样?你有收到很多漂亮礼物吗?Li: Yes, loads. Nothing that was really expensive. Everything was cheap and cheerful.莉:有,我收到了很多礼物。不过没有特别贵重的礼物。我收到的礼物都是物美价廉的。Neil: Oh, thats a nice phrase you used. When people say that something is cheap and cheerful, they mean the product doesnt cost much but it serves its purpose. The customer is happy with it!尼尔:哦,你用的这个词组很好。人们形容某样东西cheap and cheerful,意思是这个产品价钱不贵,而且很实用。顾客对这样东西很满意!Li: So it is a positive phrase. Lets hear some examples of how it is used:莉:这是一个褒义词组。我们来听些例句,学习这个短语的使用:Examples例句She enjoys shopping for cheap and cheerful presents.她喜欢选购物美价廉的礼物。He made a lot of money from designing cheap and cheerful toys for children.他为孩子设计物美价廉的玩具,从中挣了不少钱。Li: Some people design very clever little gifts. Look at this nice bracelet. Its actually a USB stick!莉:有人设计灵巧的小礼物。你看这个漂亮的手镯。它其实是个USB闪盘!Neil: Oh, that reminds me of the smart watch my wife bought me online. In less than a week the battery has completely gone! Its useless.尼尔:哦,这让我想起我妻子从网上给我买的那块智能手表了。我戴了不到一个礼拜,电池就完全耗尽了!那块表已经没用了。Li: Oh dear! If the quality is bad, I would use another phrase: cheap and nasty! Lets hear a couple of examples:莉:哦,天哪!如果质量不好,我会用另一个词组来形容:价廉质劣!我们再来听几个例句:Examples例句Everything in this shop is cheap and nasty. Dont buy anything.这家店出售的所有商品都是价廉又质劣。不要在这里买任何东西。My boyfriend is very stingy. The hotel where we stayed was cheap and nasty. I wouldnt recommend it.我男朋友非常小气。我们住的那家酒店价廉又质劣。我不会推荐那家酒店的。Neil: To be honest I dont like online shopping because you can easily be fooled by their wonderful-looking pictures.尼尔:说实话,我不喜欢在网上购物,因为很容易会被看起来很好的图片欺骗。Li: I know. When people want to save some money by buying something cheap and cheerful they often end up wasting their money because the goods can turn out to be cheap and nasty.莉:我知道。人们想通过购买物美价廉的东西来省钱,可是往往最终会浪费钱,因为他们买的商品通常是价廉又质劣。Neil: No one likes a product that is cheap and nasty, but I hope everyone likes the two phrases we have taught today.尼尔:没有人喜欢价廉质劣的产品,不过我希望大家喜欢我们今天教的这两个词组。Li: Cheers!莉:再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201601/423114

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