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抚顺新抚区人民医院男科妇科网上预约清原满族县人民医院男科挂号抚顺治疗直肠炎多少钱 Spains economy西班牙经济Iberian dawn伊比利亚的黎明The labour market is recovering at last. But it needs further reform劳动市场最终还是复苏了,但是其需要进一步的改革。THIS was the news the government had been waiting for. “Spains labour market has made a 180-degree turn,” crowed the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, as the country announced the first annual rise in employment in six years. The numbers show that unpopular reforms to the malfunctioning labour market are starting to work. But there is plenty left to do.这是政府翘首以待的消息。“西班牙的劳动力市场已经发生了180度的大转弯”,当西班牙政府宣布这是六年来西班牙首次就业增长时,西班牙总理马里亚诺·拉霍伊对此洋洋自得。这些数字表明那些不受失灵劳动力市场待见的改革也已经初见成效,但仍有许多东西亟待解决。In the past year Spain has created 190,000 jobs. The unemployment rate, still one of the highest in the euro zone, fell from 26% to 24.5% (see chart), and the labour force stopped shrinking after six straight quarters of decline.在过去的一年中西班牙国内增加了19万个就业岗位。在欧元区位列前茅的失业率从之前的26%下降到24.5%,在连续六个季度的下降之后,劳动力也停止了萎缩。The labour reform in 2012 gave companies more flexibility to set wages and working conditions themselves rather than through sector-wide bargaining, and cut severance payments for unfair dismissals. Those changes, buttressed by a deal between unions and employers, tempered wage growth that had far outstripped gains in productivity. How much credit do they deserve for the upturn in employment?2012年的劳动改革给企业带来了更多的灵活性以确保工资和工作条件自身的稳定而不是通过全部门的谈判并削减对不公平解雇所分发的遣散费。这些变化是基于工会与雇主之间的交易,这种收入增长的调节大大领先于生产率的加强。但是就业情况的好转会为他们带来多少信用呢?The answer may determine the political fate of Mr Rajoy, who defied street protests to push reform through and faces a general election by the end of next year. The opposition Socialist Party claims that the number of unemployed has risen by more than 600,000 since Mr Rajoy took office in 2011, despite the reforms. Pedro Sanchez, the partys new secretary-general, promises to repeal them if it regains power.这个或许会决定拉霍伊的政治命运。拉霍伊抵制街头抗议,强行推进改革,而明年年底西班牙大选在即。在野的社会党声称,尽管有改革,但是自从2011年拉霍伊先生上任以来,失业人数增加了至少60万。该党派的新任秘书长佩德罗·桑切斯承诺,如果该党重新上台,则会废除一切不利的改革政策。That would be a mistake. Other factors contributed to the jobs recovery, especially the “whatever it takes” pledge by the European Central Bank two years ago to save the euro. But reform played an important role, says Rafael Domenech, an economist at BBVA, a bank. One piece of evidence is that Spain is creating jobs at lower rates of GDP growth than before. In previous cycles, employment rose when growth hit 2%. This time the gain came during a year when GDP expanded by just 1.2%.而这看起来会是一个错误。其他的因素促成了就业复苏,尤其是两年前欧洲央行为了拯救欧元所作出的那个“不惜一切代价”的誓言发挥了极大的作用。然而在BBVA的经济学家拉斐尔·多梅内克看来,拉霍伊的改革却起到了至关重要的作用。持这一说法的据之一是,西班牙国内新增的就业机会所占国内生产总值的最低比重。在以前的经济周期中,当经济增长达到两个百分点的时候就业才会增长。而这一次在GDP仅仅增长一个百分点的时候就业就已经增长了。To make a serious dent in unemployment, however, Spain will need to be more ambitious. Without further changes, the jobless rate will not dip below 20% until 2019, according to the IMF. The structural unemployment rate—the level reached when the economy is working at capacity—is 18%, triple that of America.然而,为了大力降低失业率,西班牙需要再加一把劲。据国际货币基金组织称,如果没有其他变革,直至2019年失业率也不会降低至百分之二十之下。而西班牙的结构性失业-即劳动力对经济变动的适应水平-已经达到百分之十八,是美国的三倍。One problem is that many small companies (with ten workers or fewer) have not benefited from greater flexibility. That is because the process of opting out of sector-wide agreements can be cumbersome. Such opt-outs could be made easier.一个问题是,有许多小企业(只有十个员工甚至更少)并没有从更大的灵活性中收益。这是因为选择退出的全部门协议的过程会十分复杂。而事实上这一过程能变得更容易。Another is that nearly a quarter of workers are still on temporary contracts. This is damaging, because they are much less productive than those with permanent jobs and employers do not invest in them. One way to encourage firms to hire permanent workers would be to cut severance payments to the levels of other European countries.另外一个问题是,近四分之一的工人仍然签着临时合同。这对就业稳定是毁灭性的的打击。因为比起那些有固定工作的人来说,这些临时工的效率更低,并且雇主也不愿意为这些临时工投资。相对于其它欧洲国家而言,而某种鼓励企业雇佣长工的做法会降低遣散费的水平。Nor has much been done for the 3.5m people who have been jobless for more than a year, says Marcel Jansen of Madrids Autónoma University. Many are poorly educated: Spain has one of the highest school drop-out rates in the OECD. Those with qualifications often find that they are not the ones employers want.据马德里自治大学的马塞尔·杨森成,至少350万人失业超过一年,并且其中的很多人都没受过多少教育:西班牙是OECD中辍学率最高的国家之一。而那些有学历的人常常发现他们并不是雇主想要雇佣的人。The answers, says Mr Jansen, include spending more on retraining and overhauling state-run employment offices, which do a poor job of matching workers skills with local employers needs. The government has tightened rules for people receiving unemployment benefit to encourage them to look for work or to take training courses. But they need to be effectively enforced.詹森先生说,解决这些问题的办法要包括花费更多进行业务培训,并且还要整顿国营就业办公室,因为国营办公室在引导工人习得雇主所需技能方面做得并不好。政府已经用法规对那些领取失业津贴的人们进行束缚,并鼓励他们找工作或者参加培训课程。但是这些政策得有效执行才行。The government could lower the cost of hiring workers by cutting social-security contributions, which are high by European standards. A rise in value-added tax could pay for that. Others advocate lowering the minimum wage for unskilled workers.政府可以通过削弱社会保障金来降低雇佣工人的费用,因为这个社保金水平的标准是根据欧盟标准所制定的。增值税的上涨会为此买单。而也有一些人主张用降低非技术工人的最低工资的方式来降低成本。Mr Rajoy says he will not let up on reform until Spains unemployment plague becomes merely a “sad” episode in history. He has started talks with unions and employers on a package of job-friendly measures, to be hammered out after the summer break. But with elections looming, few expect it to be bold.拉霍伊表示,除非西班牙的大规模失业造就历史上绝无仅有的一个“绝望”时代,否则他不会减缓改革的脚步与力度。拉霍伊已经开始与工会和雇主就就业友好型措施的一揽子计划进行谈判,其结果将在夏休后一锤定音。但是随着西班牙大选的临近,几乎没有人希望这个改革可以莽撞继续下去。翻译 周晓婷 校对 曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201508/389926抚顺男科医院能做包皮嘛

抚顺东洲区搭连地区医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱抚顺矿务局老虎台矿职工医院网上挂号 For the young unlucky few, this is the last journey theyll ever make.对不幸的少数来说,这次旅途将是他们的最后一次旅行。Every turtle that lives in the sanctuary of the ocean is taking a gamble, and its real knife edge whether theyll live or die.每只离开了海洋这片保护地的海龟都在进行一场,这是一场事关生死的弈。And obviously for this turtle that gamble didnt pay off.显然这只海龟没能赢得这场赌局。There is a number of factors that can be kill them, can be exhaustion,it could be over heating, or it could be being buried,which may have happened in this case by other turtles laying their eggs.有太多种情况会使它们丧生,可以让它们劳累过度,可以让温度过高,也可能是被活埋,像这只海龟就是这种情况,被其它海龟产卵时挖出的沙子埋了。If turtles trapped by the rock wall can make it to a pool, they might survive.如果被岩墙困住的海龟能找到一处小水洼,它们或许就能活下来。The seawater cools their bodies.海水能让它们的身体保持凉爽。All they have to do is wait for the incoming tide and whatever that will bring.它们所能做的就是等待潮汐的到来,不管潮水会带来什么。Raine Island is a part of the outer barrier reef, so its right next to the open ocean.雷恩岛是外堡礁的一部分,比邻着外海。 译文属201511/409481抚顺市妇保医院男科妇科网上预约

辽宁抚顺人民医院正规的吗In terms of evolution, there has to be a reason for barking, or it probably wouldnt be there.从进化的角度而言,汪汪叫肯定是有理由的,要不这叫声肯定在漫长的进化过程中给淘汰掉了。Is it to warn of predators?那么这叫声是为了警告捕食者么?But dogs bark when there are no predators around.但是周围没有捕食者的时候也会汪汪叫。Is it play?那么它只是在玩耍吗?Some dogs play without barking.有些玩的时候也没有发出叫声。In fact, people who study canine behavior find there isnt much of a pattern to barking-it seems to be an all-purpose noise.事实上,研究类行为的专家告诉我们,的叫声并没有固定的形式。它只是是一种多用途的响声。Now heres another fascinating thing: adult wolves dont bark.另一件让人着迷的事情是:成年的狼并不会吠叫。They growl, and they whine, but no barking.它们只是嚎叫、哀鸣,但并不吠叫。And dogs evolved from wolves.但是是从狼进化而来的。So where did the bark come in?那么,的这种吠叫声是从何而来的呢?Mark Feinstein and Ray Coppinger of Hampshire College in Massachusetts have a theory.对此,来自马萨诸塞州罕布什尔学院的马克?范斯坦和雷?科平杰提出了一种理论。These biologists have noted that while adult wolves dont bark, adolescents do.这两位生物学家注意到,虽然成年的狼不会吠叫,但是狼崽会。Wolf pup barking seems to be an intermediate noise you grow out of.狼崽的吠声就好比是在它成长发声过程中的一个中间产物。 201503/363823 Britain英国Studying languages学习语言Shout louder再大声一点A woeful approach to language education continues苟延残喘的语言教育THE last time she was recruiting for her export-sales team, Sarah Grain hired a Lithuanian who speaks Russian, Polish and German. Her two previous hires for Eriez Magnetics, which makes industrial equipment in South Wales, were an Italian who also speaks French, and a Venezuelan who speaks Spanish and Portuguese. All of them speak fluent English. “There were no British applicants who had the requisite language skills,” she says.最后一次为自己的海外销售团队招聘,Sarah Grain聘用了一位可讲俄语、波兰语和德语的立陶宛人。她为艺利磁铁—位于南威尔士的一家制造工业设备的公司—先前两次聘用的人分别是会讲法语的意大利人和会讲西班牙语与葡萄牙语的委内瑞拉人。而他们都能说流利的英文。Sarah表示,“没有符合必备语言技能的英国求职者。”Ms Grains conclusion is not unusual for a British company. In 2012 a European Commission survey tested the foreign-language proficiency of 54,000 students aged 14 and 15, in 14 nations. Sweden came top, with 82% of pupils reaching an “independent” or “advanced independent” standard. The average for all 14 states was 42%. England came bottom, with just 9%.Grain女士对一家英国公司的此般结论已经让人见怪不怪了。早在2012年,欧盟委员会就针对来自14个国家、14到15岁年龄不等的54000名学生进行了外语熟练程度的测试。瑞典学生以其中82%的人可达到“灵活使用”和“驾轻就熟”的程度而位居榜首。所有14个国家的平均人数为42%。英国垫底,仅仅有9%。Part of the explanation is that many peoples second language is English, while many Britons continue to believe that, as native speakers of the lingua mundi, they do not need to bother with foreign languages. They may be right—in terms of communication. But it means that, not only are they missing out on much cultural interaction, they may also be harming their own job prospects.部分原因是许多人的第二外语就是英语,这也是大部分英国人始终坚信的事,而作为以lingua mundi为母语的人,他们着实无需为外语而烦心。他们可能是对的——从沟通方面来说。但这却意味着他们不仅会错失多文化交流机会,也会危及到他们的工作前景。They have not been helped by the educational policies of successive governments. In 2004 Tony Blairs Labour government abolished the requirement to learn a language after the age of 14, causing the numbers taking a language GCSE exam at 16 to fall by half in state schools over the next seven years.历届政府的教育政策并未使他们获益。2004年,托尼布莱尔的工党政府废除了年满14岁就要学习一门语言的要求,此举直接导致之后的七年,公立学校的学生在语言方面GCSE(普通中等教育书)考试的通过率直降一半。Concerned about this rapid decline, the coalition government brought in a new performance indicator called the English Baccalaureate, or EBacc, in 2011. A modern language was one of its five core disciplines. Language teachers—an embattled breed—rejoiced. The number of students entering a GCSE language exam in 2013, the first year the changes took effect, rose by 20% (see chart).考虑到人数骤降,联合政府在2011年颁布了一项名为英国文凭书(EBacc)的技能指标。现代语言是5个核心学科之一。语言老师——随时严阵以待的一群人—都欣喜若狂。新指标颁布后第一年就见成效,2013年参加GCSE语言考试的学生人数增长了20%。Now, however, those gains could be lost, as the government has seemingly loosened the requirement. From 2016, under a new initiative called Progress 8, it has extended the number of core subjects to eight, appearing to make learning a language voluntary. This has pleased some teachers, who felt the EBacc was too narrow, but linguists are aghast.但是现在,随着政府对此项要求的逐渐放松,这些成绩可能会慢慢丢失。自2016年起,在一项名为Progress 8(8步走)的新倡议下,核心学科扩展至8门,这一举措使得语言学习更自主化。这让部分老师十分欣喜,他们认为Ebacc范围狭窄,而语言学家却对此举大为震惊。The decline of languages at GCSE has inevitably had an effect higher up the academic food chain. Though the number of those studying languages to A Level—the exams taken at 18—will increase thanks to the GCSE cohort of 2013-14, it is likely to fall back again. French and German are half as popular as they were 20 years ago. The number of universities offering language degrees has fallen, too: by 50% for German and 40% for French since 1998. The number offering Spanish has also fallen. Degrees in other languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, are becoming more popular, but they are still rare.GCSE中语言的减少,不可避免的会对提高学术竞争有所影响。尽管随着2013-14年GCSE的人气回温,那些语言学习高达A级—18岁方可参与的考试—的人数将会增加,但它仍可能再次降低。相较于20年前,法国和德国的人数已降了一半。提供语言学位的大学数量也已减少:自1998年起,德国减少了50%,法国减少了40%。提供西班牙语学习的学校也已减少。其他语种学位,比如汉语和阿拉伯语,正变得越来越多,但它们依然很稀缺。The economy and the labour market bear the consequences. In 2012 the British Chambers of Commerce found, in a survey of 8,000 British companies, that 96% had no foreign-language speakers. First-time exporters cited language as a barrier to entering international markets.经济和劳工市场直接承担此般后果。在2012年,英国商会发现,在一份涉及8000家英国公司的调查中,有96%的公司都没有会外语的人。首次试水的出口商将外语定为打入国际市场的一大障碍。Though Britain makes up 12% of the population of the EU, less than 5% of EU civil servants in Brussels are British. Not enough Britons can fulfil the language requirement of being able to work in French or German. And even if monoglot Brits can get jobs at multinationals, claims Richard Hardie, non-executive chairman of the British arm of UBS, a bank, “the chances of getting to the top if you only have English are much lower than before”.虽然英国占欧盟总人口的12%,但在布鲁塞尔担任欧盟公务员的英国人却少于总人数的5%。没有完全合格的英国人能够满足可在法国或德国工作的要求。而且即使只会单一语言的英国人在跨国公司工作,来自瑞银集团—一家—英国分公司的理查德·哈迪表示,“若你只会讲英语,那么你能高升的机会相比于以前已经大大降低了。”This lack of language skills also lowers growth. By exactly how much is hard to say, but one estimate, by James Foreman-Peck of Cardiff University, puts the “gross language effect” (the income foregone because language barriers alter and reduce international trade) in 2012 as high as £59 billion ( billion), or 3.5% of GDP.语言技能的缺乏也降低了增长。很难精确到用多少来说明,但是据卡迪夫大学James Foreman-Peck估计, “恶劣的语言效应”(由于语言障碍改变和减少了国际贸易)给2012年带来高达590亿英镑(合900美元),或是3.5%的国内生产总值的损失。In the linguistic gloom, there are a few bright spots. Some British universities are moving away from literature-based degrees towards joint degrees linked to practical subjects such as law or business studies. Some scientists are learning languages outside their course requirements to make themselves more employable.在幽暗的语言世界,有些许明亮之处。部分英国大学正在从以文学导向的学位转变至与类似法律和商业学习的实践学科关联的联合学位。一些科学家正在学习他们学科需求之外的语言,这会使他们更加称职。Meanwhile, in September 2014 the government mandated that all primary schools must teach a language. Getting children started at a young age is admirable. But, with so few language graduates coming out of universities, who is going to teach them ?与此同时,政府在 2014年9月要求所有的小学都要教授语言。让孩子们在幼龄时期接受语言教育是极好的。但是,从大学走出的语言学毕业生几近为零,谁又能来教他们呢?译者:张娣 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201503/362466新抚医院男科预约抚顺包皮手术用医保卡的医院就诊



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