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Networking is the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships.建立人脉是打造和维系互利关系的一门艺术。 /201202/170775B地道英语口语:Wi-fi 无线上网技术Jo: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Jean: And I’m Jean.Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.Jean: 在《地道英语》节目中,我们要来了解和学习一些英国英语语言中新出现的新词汇和短语。Jo: It’s very important to stay up-to-date with English because new words and expressions enter the language all the time.Jean: 那我们今天的新词汇是什么呢?Jo?Jo: Today’s expression is 'wi-fi' – W.I. and F.I. Wi-fi.Jean: Wi-fi. Wi-fi 是什么东西呢?Jo: Well, Wi-fi is short for wireless fidelity. It means that instead of using wires, your computer is connected to the internet or other computers by radio.Jean: 原来 wi-fi 就是一种不需要把电脑连在传统的线路上,就能直接快速上网的无线技术。Jo: That’s right. You could say 'I work in a very modern office. Everything’s wi-fi.'Jean: I see.Insert A: Where do I put this wire to connect to the internet? B: Don’t be silly! This computer is wi-fi! You don’t need any wires! Jo: Is your office wi-fi, Jean?Jean: No, it isn’t.Jo: Neither is mine. We have wires going everywhere.Jean: Really?Jo: Yes. However, the boss says we may go wi-fi next year.Jean: Is it expensive?Jo: Of course wi-fi is more expensive, but it’s getting more common now.Jean: Is it in the UK?Jo: Yes, all new computers are wi-fi these days. Jean: 好,今天我们学到的新词汇就是 wi-fi,就是一种不需要把电脑连在传统的线路上,就能直接快速上网的无线技术。And we have to go now.Jo: Yes, that’s all for today. You’ve been listening to Real English and this is B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Jean: See you next time. /200711/19898Fred and Betty: Is this the End? Episode 8: Desperate Fred Fred: Please Betty, don't hang up! You know I love you Betty! HANG UP Meaning: If you hang up, you end a telephone call by breaking the connection between yourself and the person you are speaking to. Grammar: This phrasal verb does not usually have an object (except telephone or phone). You can separate the verb from its particle, but not if the object is a pronoun. She hung up - RIGHT She hung up the telephone - RIGHT (this is rare) She hung the phone up - RIGHT (this is rare) She hung up it - WRONG Example sentence: How rude - I was in the middle of telling her a story and she just hung up! /07/79321Andy: hi, betty!Betty: hi, andy, how are you finding your new job?A: pretty good. My colleagues seem alright. So far everything is great.B: that's nice. What do they have you doing over there?A: well, I work in the marketing department. The corporate culture is totally different from my last employer. Before, when I was assigned a task, I was totally on my own but here most of the work is done in teams. Everyone works very closely with each other.B: that' s really good. It's very important to feel like you are part of the team at work.A: indeed. Team work is highly valued in this new company. I like our boss too. He is easy to get along with treats everybody with respect and appreciation. He's highly respected by all his employees.B: that's great, that's good for a positive work environment and helps motivate employees. I wish my boss was like that.A: true, take my former supervisor as an example. He was extremely controlling and overbearing. He always had to micromanage everything.B: well, now you don't have to worry about that. This new place sounds really good.A: yeah it is. /10/87745106. 奥尼尔是首位进入决赛的种子选手。 [误] O\'Neil is the first seed player to reach the final. [正] O\'Neil is the first seed to reach the final.注:seed 的愿意是“种子,萌芽”,后被引申为“种子选手”,所以这时不必再加 player。类似的词还有“植物人”( vegetable),它被翻译成英语时“人”字也不必译出。 /200807/43378

我每天都要在网吧里呆上10个小时,是个不折不扣的网虫。 [误] I spend 10 hours in the net bar every day, and I am indeed a net bug. [正] I spend 10 hours in the net bar every day, and I am indeed a netter.注:“网虫”要是直译成 net bug,很容易使人联想到计算机病毒,如:the millennium bug(“千年虫”病毒)。所以,英语中与之相应的说法是 netter/nettle。在《剑桥国际英语词典》里,对 netter/nettle 的解释是:regular user of Internet, perhaps one who spends too much time in this occupation。 nethead 和“网虫”的意思差不多,它表示“网痴,网迷”;而 netizen 则可以用来指所有的网民,尤其是互联网的用户,它是由 net(网络)和 citizen(公民)组合而成的。还有一个时髦的词是 netsurfer,即“网上冲浪者”。 /200806/40673

to call the shotsto call one's bluff我们经常会问别人:你们家里谁说了算?也就是谁作最后决定。美国人经常说:to calls the shots。To call the shots也就是作最后决定、下命令。To call the shots的原来意思是:军官下令部队开。但是现在to call the shots已经在口语中常常出现。请听一个公司雇员在讲他公司里的事:例句-1: "The three partners who own our company are supposed to have equal say in running it. But one of them, old Mister Johns, is the one who calls the shots and tells us what to do."他说:"我们公司三个老板在经营方面应该是有同样发言权的。但是最后做决定的总是老约翰先生,每次都是由他来告诉我们干什么。"有些男人很不喜欢女人当他们的领导,但是有时也无可奈何。下面就是一例:例句-2: "Some men in the office thought no woman could be strong enough to be boss. But a week after Miss Smith took charge, they learned she was going to call the shots and they'd better listen."他说:"办公室里有些男的雇员以为没有一个女子有足够的能力来当领导。但是,在史密斯主管工作一个礼拜以后,他们知道她说的话就是命令,因此还是从她为好。"下面我们要给大家介绍的一个常用语是:to call one's bluff。To call one's bluff就是揭露某人虚张声势的做法。这个俗语来自美国人喜欢玩的扑克牌游戏。有时你手里的牌很坏,但是你想让别人认为你手里的牌好极了,可是别人不相信你,对你进行挑战,这就是to call one's bluff。你听听一位打牌老手是怎么说的:例句-3: "Sometimes you can scare the other players out of the game with a bluff and 'steal' the pot with a worthless hand. But it can be very expensive if another player calls your bluff."他说:"有时候你可以虚张声势把其他牌友吓住了,这样你就偷偷地用一手坏牌赢了钱。可是,要是另一个打牌的人不相信你,向你挑战,那你就可能会输不少钱。"To call one's bluff这个说法现在已经不局限在打牌上了。下面这个例子是一个公司的经理在对他的助手讲话:例句-4: "One of our salesmen asked for a raise in salary today, and said he'd have to leave if we didn't give him a raise. But I called his bluff--I told him no, and wished him good luck. Then he said he'd stay on with us because he liked working here so much."他说:"我们公司的一个推销员今天要我给他加工资,说要是我们不给他加工资,他就不在这儿干了。但是我没上他的当,拒绝了他的要求,还祝他好运气。于是他就改口说他非常喜欢这儿的工作,愿意在这儿继续做下去。"今天我们讲的两个俗语是:to call the shots和to call one's bluff。To call the shots是下命令、做最后决定。To call one's bluff是揭露某人虚张声势的做法。「美国习惯用语」第一百零八课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200711/20953

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