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泉州永春县医院门诊部怎么样泉州有哪些比较好的妇科医院Avoid a trip to the hospital by using these tricks to safely dislodge a stuck ring.尝试下面的小窍门,安全地取下卡在手指上的戒指,避免兴师动众去医院。You Will Need你需要Lubricant润滑油such as hand lotion润手乳液petroleum jelly凡士林cooking oil食用油or soap或肥皂Cool water冷水Dental floss牙线Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Dont force it1.不要强行往下取Avoid pulling and tugging too hard, which could cause your finger to swell and make it more difficult to remove the ring.不要用力拖拉,否则会让手指肿胀,更难把戒指取下来。STEP 2 Lubricate your finger2.润滑手指Lubricate your finger and the ring liberally with hand lotion, petroleum jelly, cooking oil, or soap.用润手乳液,凡士林,食用油或肥皂润滑手指和戒指。STEP 3 Work the ring off3.试着把戒指取下来Turn the ring around your finger to get the lubricant underneath. Gently work the ring off the finger, turning it as you go.轻轻转动戒指,让润滑剂更深入。轻轻地把戒指取下手指。Cover the drain if you are working over a sink so that the ring doesnt disappear down the pipe.如果你是在水槽上方取戒指,把排水口堵住,防止戒指坠入下水道。STEP 4 Bring down swelling4.消肿Dip your hand in cool water for a few minutes to help reduce swelling if the lubricants dont work. Elevating your arm can also help reduce swelling.如果润滑剂无效,把手放入冷水浸泡几分钟,可以消除手指肿胀。举起手臂也可以帮助消肿。STEP 5 Try dental floss5.尝试牙线Wrap dental floss tightly around your finger starting just above the ring. Lubricate the floss and then slip the ring off over the compressed knuckle.从戒指上方开始用牙线紧紧地缠绕手指。在牙线上涂抹润滑剂,然后轻轻拉动戒指穿过被压缩的手指。In 1477, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring recorded in history.1477年,奥地利大公爵马克西米连把历史上有记录的首枚订婚钻戒交给勃艮地公爵独女玛丽公主。201502/358896泉州妇幼保健院在哪里 How to Pole Plant点杖Now that youre feeling more confident with your skiing现在你对自己的滑雪技能正颇感自信,and youre getting around the whole mountain on the pistes, were going to get a bit more adventurous with your skiing.然后你在整个山上的雪道上四处滑行,现在我们要让你的滑雪更刺激一点Were going to look at four things:Carving, Off Piste, Powder and Bumps.首先要注意四点:卡宾,道外,滑雪粉和雪包The technique that youve learn on the piste is exactly the same, but there are some tactics你在雪道上滑雪的技巧是完全相通的,但是要注意策略上的一些东西and a few things to focus on thats really going to help you pick your skiing up to that next level.这会真正使你的滑雪技能提高到另一个阶段Lets take a look.一起来看看Something we havent really looked at yetis the Pole Plant.点仗是我们还没有真正注意的事情Its going to be really useful on bumps, steeper slopes, powder, allover the mountain.点仗对于雪包,险坡,滑雪粉甚至整个山坡来说都是非常有用的Its going to give your skiing another dimension and its really going to help link those turns together.它会加大你滑雪的幅度以及更好的把回转连接起来Lets take a look at two main things that are going to help you with the pole plant.现在我们一起来看看帮助我们点仗的两件事情Firstly,the arm position. It isnt any different to what you are doing when youre skiing without pole planting.首先,臂膀的位置,如果胳膊位置不对就会跟你滑雪的时候没有点仗的效果是一样的Keeping those hands away from the body out in front,保持手臂离开身体向前the pole plant isnt any kind of reaching movement or any elaborate arm waving strange thing.点仗不是说一种延伸动作或者说任何夸张的手臂摆动的奇怪动作So Im going to keep those hands in front and it is just that wrist action.所以我要把双手向前而且这只是手腕动作Secondly, the timing, this is key. The pole is going to be coming through nice and slowly,第二,时机是关键,手杖在转弯开始的时候要平缓穿过through the turn, and then you are going to release the end of the turn, place the pole,然后在转弯结束的时候放松手杖,接着点仗and then turn round it. Remember, its always the downhill pole,绕着点仗的位置滑过去,记住,一般点仗的都是下山仗,youre always going to feel youre going to turn around it.你也总感觉你是要绕着它滑过去Get the timing right, my pole is coming forward,把握好时机,我的手杖向前移动I release the edge, I plant the pole, and start the turn.在转弯边缘放松手杖,点仗然后开始转弯So the pole is coming forward, nice and smooth, pole, turn. Forward, pole, forward, pole.所以手杖向前,平稳,点仗,转弯,向前,点仗,向前,点仗My hands are staying nicely in front.我的双手一直保持平稳向前Theres no hesitation between the pole plant and the start of the turn.点仗和开始转弯的空档不要犹豫Im keeping my hands forward, and using the pole plant to help link the turns.保持双手向前,利用点仗的动作帮助转弯之间的连接。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201506/379774What were looking at is a statue of the god as you would see it in a temple, just the sort of statue that Kumaragupta himself might have commissioned. Its a tradition of temple imagery that emerges here, and continues to the present day.因此我们看到的并非一幅神祇的形象,而是一尊寺庙里的雕像,也许鸠罗笈多自己也在供奉一尊。寺庙造像的传统即在这个时代出现,一直延续至今。And on the other side of the coin is King Kumaragupta, also with a peacock but, unlike Kumara, he doesnt ride this peacock. Instead, he elegantly offers grapes to his gods sacred bird. Crowned and haloed, the king wears heavy earrings and an elaborate necklace and the inscription tells us that this is: ;Kumaragupta, deservedly victorious with an abundance of virtues;.金币的另一面上是鸠罗笈多自己的形象,也有一头孔雀。国王立在一侧,优雅地让神鸟享用葡萄,并没有像鸠罗一样骑上去。他戴着王冠,头顶光环,还戴着沉甸甸的耳环和精致的项链。金币上刻着鸠罗笈多王,德行高尚,战无不胜。The gold coin does what coins have always done uniquely well: they tell everyone who handles them that their ruler enjoys the special favour of heaven and, in this case, the special favour of heavens commander-in-chief, because he is linked in a particular way to the god Kumara. Its a form of mass communications, invented around the death of Alexander, that rulers have exploited ever since. The ;Grace of God; claimed for the Queen on every British penny stands in the same tradition as Kumaraguptas coin. But Kumaraguptas image of his god is about much more than the theology of power-it also speaks of a universal human desire. Like all the objects this week, its evidence of the longing for a direct personal connection with the divine, which everyone-not just the king-could access. Mediated by statues and images, its a relationship thats been central to Hinduism every since.这两枚金币充分发挥了硬币的独特功用:它们让所有硬币持用者了解,他们的君主受到神的恩宠。后面这枚还特别表现来自战神的恩宠,因为很显然,国王与鸠罗的关系非同一般。这是在亚历山大死后统治者们发明的大众传播方式(第31节),一直沿用至今:英国的每一枚便士都宣称女王蒙受上帝恩典,作用与鸠罗笈多一世的硬币一般无二。但鸠罗笈多金币上的神像不只表现了权力神学,它还表现了人类的普遍欲望,人类一直渴望能与神有直接的个人接触。借助雕像与画像,这种关系自此成为印度教的核心。201504/372067泉州新阳光医院好不好

泉州妇科医院排行榜So now is a good time to be alive, I think.我认为,现在是个适合生存的好阶段We may only be an advanced breed of monkey我们或许不过是这颗小小行星上living on a small planet,较为高等的猿类but we are able to contemplate the universe as a whole但能够对宇宙整体的思索 which makes us very special.让我们变得与众不同My goal has always been simple.我的目标总是很简单To work out how the universe works and how it exists at all.探索宇宙如何运行,以及它究竟是如何产生的Luckily there are clues everywhere幸运的是,指向的线索众多and the most important one is right above our heads.其中最重要的一个线索就我们的头顶上方Examine any patch of the night sky.仔细观察每一片夜空Even one as small as the head of a pin and this is what you will find.即便是看似针尖大小,你也会有所收获A tiny part of the vast web of galaxies.这只是星系巨网中的一小部分Its less than a millionth of what we can see of the cosmos from our little planet.还不到能从地球上看到的宇宙的百万分之一But even this tiny sample is enough to find a clue,即便如此微小的样本也足以找出一条线索the key to the past, the present, and perhaps the future too.一个了解过去,现在,甚至是未来的关键The clue is that seen from earth,即从地球望向太空all these distant galaxies are slightly red in color.所有遥远的星系都微泛红光They appear almost as if它们的样子与我们透过玫瑰色镜片we were looking through rose-tinted glasses.看物体时非常相似Its this very redness that reveals就是这样的红色向我们揭示了how the universe was born.宇宙是如何诞生的And to show you why,为究其原理I need a straight road and a noisy car.我需要笔直的公路和噪音很大的汽车Listen to the sound as it passes by.请听汽车经过时的声音As the car approaches, the pitch of its engine rises.随着汽车的接近,引擎音调升高As it goes away, the pitch of its engine falls.随着汽车的离开,引擎音调则降低This phenomenon is called a Doppler Shift.这种现象叫做多普勒频移And the exact same thing happens with light.这也同样适用于光If our eyes were most sensitive to color如果肉眼对颜色非常敏感we could see that the car人们便可以看到is actually very slightly blue as it approaches,汽车接近时,实际呈微蓝色and very slightly red as it goes away.而离开时,则呈微红色The same rules apply in space.太空中的一切也同样遵循此规则All distant galaxies are slightly red in color所有遥远的星系,看上去都是红色的So by the exact same piece of basic physics根据这一基本物理规则they must all be moving away too.它们肯定也都在渐行渐远In fact, the whole universe is expanding事实上,整个宇宙都在膨胀in all directions, getting bigger and bigger向着四面八方,越来越大like a balloon inflating.就像一个充气气球201508/393701泉州无痛流产医院 泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院是正规的么

泉州市新阳光女子医院收费标准As rivers flow over rocks and stones,they gradually wear them down.随着河水流过岩石和石块 渐渐腐蚀了它们This releases salts trapped inside the rocks这就释放出了岩石中的盐分which are carried down to the ocean as sediment.然后被带到海洋成为沉积物Once in the ocean, the salts slowly become more concentrated一旦进入海洋,盐就会慢慢集中by millions of years of evaporation.经过几百万年的蒸发But salt was not the only thing left behind by the vanishing Mediterranean.但是当时消失的地中海 留下的并不只有盐If youre prepared to really search,如果你准备好了寻找一下you can find leftovers that are far more exciting会发现更激动人心的残留物than plain old table salt.比普通的食盐更好玩In this cave, theres something so precious在这个山洞里有件很宝贵的东西that I am one of the few people whos ever been allowed to see it.只有包括我在内的几个人看到过This is a geode, and these are giant rock crystals,more than a metre long.这是一个晶洞这些是巨大的白水晶 有一米多长This is some of the largest crystals Ive ever seen.这是我见过的最大的水晶201511/409851 泉州泉港不孕不育能治好吗洛江区做无痛人流医院



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