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U.S. President Barack Obama is making a rare primetime television address to the country late Sunday, hoping to calm Americans fears about terrorist attacks and lay out the ed States campaign against ;the broader threat of terrorism.;美国总统奥巴马星期天晚上将罕见地在电视黄金时段发表全国讲话,希望缓解美国民众对恐怖袭击的恐惧,他还阐述了美国在更大范围打击恐怖主义的举措。He also plans to update the country on the investigation into last weeks mass shooting in California, where U.S.-born Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and wounded another 21 in a hail of gunfire at a holiday gathering of local government workers in San Bernardino.奥巴马总统将向民众报告对上星期加利福尼亚杀事件的最新调查结果。美国出生的法鲁克和他的巴基斯坦妻子马利克在加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪诺当地政府雇员一个节日聚会上开打4人,打伤21人。The White House said Obama will discuss the nature of the terrorist threat, ;how it has evolved, and how we will defeat it.;白宫说,奥巴马总统将谈到恐怖主义威胁的实质和演变过程,以及如何将其击败。Obama ;will reiterate his firm conviction; that Islamic State insurgents ;will be destroyed and that the ed States must draw upon our values, our unwavering commitment to justice, equality and freedom...;奥巴马总统将强调他的决心,最终消灭伊斯兰国组织的激进分子,而美国的力量来自于其价值观以及对公正、平等和自由的坚决承诺。Obama will speak from the Oval Office in the White House, where U.S. presidents have delivered some of their most significant speeches. Obama last gave a televised speech from the Oval Office to announce the end of U.S. ground combat operations in Iraq in 2010.奥巴马总统将在白宫的椭圆办公室发表讲话。美国多位总统曾在那里发表重要讲话。奥巴马总统上次在椭圆办公室发表讲话是在2010年,宣布美国军队停止在伊拉克的作战行动。来 /201512/415490

Gunmen kidnapped 18 Turkish workers Wednesday in Iraqs capital.星期三,手在伊拉克首都绑架8名土耳其工人。The workers, who were part of a crew building a football stadium, were taken in the mainly Shiite Habibiya district in northeastern Baghdad.这些正在修建一座足球场的工人在巴格达东北部什叶派穆斯林聚居的哈比比亚城区被绑架。There was no indication of the identity of the kidnappers or their motive.目前还不清楚绑架者的身份以及他们的目的。Turkeys Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Turkish authorities were in contact with those in Iraq.土耳其副总理库尔图尔姆斯说,土耳其当局与伊拉克方面保持着接触。Last year, Islamic State militants seized 49 Turkish hostages from Turkeys consulate in Mosul and held them for more than three months before releasing the group. Those hostages included diplomats, soldiers and children.去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。来 /201509/397485


  Americans were exposed to the terror of mass gun violence again on Wednesday, this time at a social services center in San Bernardino, California. The initial reports revealed a distressingly familiar pattern: A heavily armed active shooter or shooters, at least 14 people dead and more injured, harrowing images of law enforcement and first responders rushing to get the area under control, and stunned people -- some of them wounded and bleeding -- streaming out of the facility.周三,美国再次遭受大规模暴力,地点位于加州圣伯纳迪诺社会务中心。最初的报告揭示了一个熟悉的悲惨模式:一个或几个武装手,至4人死伤,悲惨的执法画面,首批应对人员控制局面,惊愕的人群——其中有人受伤流血——涌出该建筑。It seems like weve seen this time and time again. But mass shootings occur even more frequently than many people realize, because most of them dont make the national news.我们好像对这个场景见过许多次了。但大规模击案发生的比人们所知的更为频繁,因为多数击案不会成为全国新闻。Over on Reddit, the Guns Are Cool community has compiled a list of every US mass shooting this year. According to their count, Wednesdays burst of violence was the 355th this year.Reddit网“酷”栏目统计了今年发生的击案。据统计,周三暴力案件是今年55起。The moderators of the subreddit -- which is not actually of the belief that guns are cool -- use a broad definition of mass shooting, listing every event in which ;four or more people [including the shooter] are shot in a spree.; Under this definition, a shooting that wounds at least four people, but doesnt kill them, is still a mass shooting. That means the mass shooting in San Bernardino wasnt even the first one on Wednesday -- one woman was killed and three people were injured in an early morning shooting in Savannah, Georgia.该版版主——他并不相信真的很酷——给大型击案做了一个宽泛的定义,“四人及四人以上(包括手)中”的击事件。根据这一定义,击导致至少四人受伤未危及生命也算是大规模击案。这就意味着发生在加州圣贝纳迪诺的案件并非周三唯一一起——当天早晨,佐治亚州萨凡纳市一名妇女遭杀,三人受伤。The number and frequency of mass shootings in the US has become an increasingly heated point of debate over the past few years. The FBI doesnt have an official definition of mass shooting, and there are disagreements over how to count the incidents.过去几年,大规模击案的发生频率和伤亡人数日益成为讨论的焦点。联邦调查局(FBI)对大规模击案没有官方定义。事件的统计方法也有争议。Mother Jones, for example, uses a much narrower definition of of this form of gun violence. In its ;Guide to Mass Shootings in America,; the publication defines a mass shooting as a single episode carried out by a single shooter in a single location, usually a public place, that kills at least four people. Mother Jones also excludes most crimes that are primarily related to gang activity, armed robbery or domestic violence. Using this definition, there have been 72 mass shootings since 1982, the most recent at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Oregon, in October.例如,琼斯妈妈对此类暴力的定义就具体很多。在《美国群众击事件指南》将群众击事件定义为“由一名手在同一地点(一般为公共场合)至少杀四人的事件”。琼斯妈妈还把帮派活动、持抢劫或家庭暴力等多数犯罪排除在外。根据此定义,自1982年以来共发生72起大规模击案。最近的一次是10月份发生在俄勒冈州的乌姆普夸社区大学。来 /201512/413692。

  North Korea on Wednesday appeared to rule out any resumption of dialogue with the ed States, threatening to react to any US ;war of aggression; with nuclear strikes and cyber warfare.朝鲜在星期三似乎拒绝了再与美国对话,威胁要用核打击和网络战应对美国的任何“侵略战争”。The statement from the countrys top military body, the National Defence Commission (NDC), came after reported moves by Washington and Pyongyang to revive long-stalled six-nation talks on denuclearisation.该国的最高军事机构,国防委员会(NDC),在报道由华盛顿和平壤重启长期停滞的朝核问题六方会谈后发表声明。The NDC said recent comments from President Barack Obama had revealed that the ed States goal was to ;bring down; North Korea.NDC称近来奥巴马总统的言论表明,美国的目标是“击败”朝鲜。The statement was an apparent reaction to an interview Obama gave on January 22 in which he spoke of the eventual collapse of the North Korean regime, calling it ;the most isolated, the most sanctioned, the most cut-off nation on Earth;.声明明显是对12日奥巴马在采访中称朝鲜为“最孤立,最独裁,地球上最封闭的国家”的反应。North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who is head of the NDC, said on the weekend that Pyongyang refused to sit any longer at the table ;with rabid dogs barking; about toppling its socialist system.朝鲜领导人金正云,NDC的头,在上周末表示,平壤再也不能在坐在餐桌旁听“疯乱吠“说推翻朝鲜的社会主义制度;Since the gangster-like US imperialists are blaring that they will bring down the DPRK (North Korea)... the army and people of the DPRK cannot but officially notify the Obama administration... that the DPRK has neither need nor willingness to sit at negotiating table with the US any longer,; the NDC said.“既然强盗般的美帝刺耳地叫嚣要推翻朝鲜…朝鲜军队和人民只能正式通知奥巴马政府…,朝鲜已不需要也不愿意再与美国坐下谈判,”NDC说。If the US ignites ;a war of aggression; and unleashes a nuclear war, North Korea will ;counter it through its own nuclear strikes;, it said in a statement carried by the Norths official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). ;And if the former tries to bring down the latter through a cyber warfare, it will react to it with its own preeminent cyber warfare and will thus bring earlier the final ruin of the US,; said the statement titled ;US imperialists will face final doom;.如果美国挑起“侵略战争”并使用核武器,朝鲜将“用自己的核武器反击”,朝鲜官方的朝鲜中央新闻社(朝中社)在一份声明中说。“如果美国试图通过网络战打垮朝鲜,朝鲜将以自己卓越的网络战反击,从而让美国提早毁灭,”标题为“美帝国主义将面临最后的毁灭”的声明说Talks about talks -“关于对话的谈判”The Washington Post reported on Monday that US and North Korean nuclear envoys had been secretly discussing the idea of ;talks about talks;, but had been unable to agree on practical arrangements.华盛顿邮报周一报道称,美国和朝鲜核问题特使一直在秘密讨论;talks about talks;的想法,但一直未能就实际安排达成一致。US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in response that Washingtons position had not changed and that it ;continues to offer Pyongyang an improved bilateral relationship; provided it takes action on denuclearisation.美国国务院发言人Jen Psaki回应称,华盛顿的立场没有改变,“只要朝鲜采取行动进行无核化,就将继续向平壤提供一种改进的双边关系”。South Koreas Unification Ministry spokesman Lim Byeong-Cheol said Wednesday that, despite the stand-off between Pyongyang and Washington, Seoul would continue efforts to ;build trust through dialogue and cooperation; and improve ties with the North. North Korea carried out nuclear tests in 2006, and 2013.韩国统一部发言人林炳哲星期三说,尽管平壤和华盛顿关系僵持,首尔将继续努力“通过对话和合作建立信任”,改善与朝鲜的关系。朝鲜进行核试验是在2006009013。The aim of the six-party talks is to persuade the North to scrap its nuclear weapons in return for aid and other incentives such as security guarantees and diplomatic normalisation.六方会谈的目的是说朝鲜放弃其核武器以换取援助和其他奖励,如安全保和外交正常化。David Straub, a former US negotiator with the North, was ed by the Post as saying both sides have for decades wanted to talk to each other. The issue now was what they want to achieve.华盛顿邮报引用David Straub,前美国与朝鲜谈判代表的话称,几十年来双方都想对话。现在的问题是他们想要达到的目标是什么;The North Koreans have made it clear publicly and privately that they are a nuclear weapons state and that they intend to be a nuclear weapons state forever,; he told the Post.“朝鲜已明确公开和私下说他们是一个拥有核武器的国家,并且他们打算永远作为一个拥有核武器的国家存在,”他告诉华盛顿邮报。Hong Hyun-Ik, senior researcher at the private Sejong Institute in Seoul, said the ed States was ;in need of a trouble-making North Korea; to rally support from its allies for its ultimate strategy of keeping Chinas growing influence in check in the region.Hong Hyun-Ik,在首尔一个私立的世宗研究所的高级研究员,说美国“需要一个制造麻烦的朝鲜”,以争取盟国的持,为自己限制中国在该地区影响力的战略务;As its economy is currently in a better shape than the past, North Korea feels no sense of urgency resuming denuclearisation talks,; Hong told AFP.“随着朝鲜经济好转,朝鲜对于恢复无核化会谈没有紧迫感,”香港告诉法新社;Against this backdrop, neither North Korea nor the ed States wants to take the initiative for a breakthrough.;“在这种背景下,朝鲜和美国都不想主动寻求突破。”来 /201502/358594

  Benjamin Netanyahu has won a landslide victory in Tuesday’s national election, defeating decisively a challenge from centre-left opposition leader Isaac Herzog and putting the rightwing Israeli leader on track to serve a fourth term, poll results gathered overnight show.初步民调结果显示,以色列右翼领导人本雅明#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)在当日大选中获得压倒性胜利,大败中左翼反对派领导人艾萨克#8226;赫尔佐格(Isaac Herzog),将第四次当选以色列总理。With 99.5 per cent of votes counted, Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party is on course to secure 30 seats a quarter of the Knesset with a commanding lead over the 24 garnered by Mr Herzog’s centre-left Zionist Union, a margin big enough to give him first crack at forming a new coalition.在统计了99.5%的选票后,结果显示,内塔尼亚胡领导的利库德集团(Likud Party)有望获得30个议会席位,占以色列议会总席位的四分之一,远高于赫尔佐格领导的中左翼政党犹太复国主义联盟(Zionist Union)获得4个席位,这一差距足以让他有资格组建新的联合政府。After consulting with Likud and other parties, Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s president, will now ask the leader he considers best placed to form a coalition almost certainly Mr Netanyahu to begin building one.在与利库德以及其他党派协商后,以色列总统鲁文#8226;里夫Reuven Rivlin)现在将邀请他所认为的最佳人选(几乎肯定是内塔尼亚胡)开始组建联合政府。“Against all the odds, we’ve achieved a great victory for Likud,Mr Netanyahu told supporters cheering him in Tel Aviv early on Wednesday morning as news of the victory came in.在周三凌晨获胜消息传来时,内塔尼亚胡告诉向他欢呼的持者们:“我们排除万难取得了巨大胜利。”In a statement, Mr Netanyahu said he intended to form a government in weeks, and was aly negotiating with the far-right pro-settler Jewish Home party led by Naftali Bennett and Jewish Orthodox religious parties. Another likely partner is hardline nationalist Avigdor Lieberman, formerly foreign minister, who is eyeing the defence ministry, and whose Yisrael Beiteinu party survived a corruption probe to enter the Knesset with 6 seats.内塔尼亚胡在声明中称,他计划在几周后组建政府,同时他已在和由纳夫塔利#8226;贝内Naftali Bennett)领导的持扩建定居点的极右翼政党犹太家园Jewish Home Party)和犹太教正统党派协商。The results vindicates the high-stakes, divisive strategy pursued by Mr Netanyahu in the final days of campaigning, when he abandoned his commitment to peace talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state and made other statements described by critics as inflammatory.大选结果明,内塔尼亚胡在竞选最后几天实施的高风险、分裂性战略是成功的,当时他放弃了致力于旨在建立巴勒斯坦国的和平谈判的承诺,并发表了一些被批评者称为具有煽动性的言论。Mr Netanyahu’s victory comes at a time when its relations with US President Barack Obama’s administration are under serious strain and some European countries are contemplating a tougher stance towards Israel because of its failure to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians to create a state on lands Israel seized in the 1967 Six Day War.在内塔尼亚胡获胜之际,以色列与美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府的关系正处于严重紧张状态。一些欧洲国家也在考虑对以色列采取更强硬态度,因为以色列未能与巴勒斯坦拟定和平协议,让后者在以色列在1967年六日战Six Day War)期间夺取的土地上建立国家。来 /201503/365357


  TOKYO Hiroyuki Hara has increased prices at his flower shop in recent months, part of a broad reversal of the deflation that has long plagued Japan’s economy. Getting prices rising is a national goal, but Mr. Hara isn’t sure the new landscape is any more vibrant.东京——最近几个月,原裕之(Hiroyuki Hara,音译)经营的花店涨价了。这反映了一个宏观趋势,即长期困扰日本经济的通货紧缩正在扭转。让物价上涨是一项国家目标,但原裕之不确定的是,新的状态是否算得上更具活力。“We used to get a lot of office workers in here, but now it’s mostly just older people, the ones with savings,he says. Sales are down this year. He blames the shrinking buying power of his customerspaychecks.“过去我们的顾客中有许多白领,现在主要是年龄稍大的人,有积蓄的那些,”原裕之说。销售额在今年出现了下降。他认为这是因为顾客收入的购买力缩水了。Mr. Hara’s own costs are mounting too, as a precipitous decline in the value of Japan’s currency has made imported flowers pricier. And although he is charging more, the extra money is going to the government, which controversially raised sales taxes in April. A further tax increase is planned for next year. “It has me worried,Mr. Hara says.原裕之的经营成本也在上涨,因为日元的急剧贬值已经让进口花卉变得更昂贵。尽管他提高了价格,但多收的钱都流向了政府。今月,日本政府在争议声中提高了消费税。还有计划明年再次增税。“这让我很担心,”原裕之说。Japan’s audacious campaign to reinvigorate its economy is entering a make-or-break phase.日本旨在振兴经济的大胆行动,正在进入一个成败攸关的阶段。After nearly two years of aggressive stimulus under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, joblessness has plunged, big companies like Toyota are earning record profits and corrosive price declines have been replaced by something Japan has rarely seen in decades inflation.在首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)政府积极的经济刺激措施实施了近两年之后,失业率大幅下降,丰Toyota)等大型企业的利润正创下新高,对经济有害的价格下跌的状况消失了,取而代之的是几十年来在日本十分罕见的通货膨胀。Yet the benefits of Abenomics, as the program is known, have been unevenly distributed. Many consumers and businesses simply don’t feel better off.然而,这种被称为“安倍经济学”的政策带来的益处并不均衡。许多顾客和企业并没有感到情况出现了改善。The problem threatens to undermine support for the effort at a critical juncture. Economic output fell sharply in the second quarter, immediately after April’s sales tax increase evidence that consumer confidence remains fragile. Mr. Abe will soon have to decide whether to move forward with the next tax increase or table it.这一问题可能会在当前的紧要关头削弱对刺激政策的持。在4月份上调了消费税之后,二季度经济产出大幅下降,这明了消费者信心仍然相当脆弱。安倍晋三很快需要决定,是再次增税,还是暂时搁置这一计划。“There is a sping sense of disappointment with Abenomics,says Masazumi Wakatabe, an economics professor at Waseda University in Tokyo. The fact that prices are rising is not, by itself, a bad thing. Just the opposite: The government and most economists see it as preferable to the deflation that has dogged Japan since the late 1990s.“对安倍经济学的失望情绪正在蔓延,”东京早稻田大学(Waseda University)的经济学教授若田部昌Masazumi Wakatabe)说。物价上涨本身不是坏事。恰恰相反:日本政府和多数经济学家认为,它比通货紧缩要好。自上世0年代末开始,日本就一直受到通货紧缩的困扰。When prices fall, it encourages households and businesses to squirrel away cash, holding back growth. Deflation also makes it difficult for central banks to rally an economy by cutting interest rates, which in Japan have been stuck at zero for years.当物价下降时,就会鼓励家庭和企业把现金囤积起来,这就抑制了增长。通货紧缩还让央行更加难以通过下调利率来提振经济。日本已连续多年保持零利率水平。Yet the public is showing clear signs of inflation fatigue. In a poll published on Monday by the Tokyo Broadcasting System, a national television network, nine in 10 respondents said they had no “real feelingthat the government initiatives were improving living standards.然而公众正明显表现出通胀疲劳的迹象。在东京广播公司(Tokyo Broadcasting System)周一公布的民意调查中,每10个受访者中就有九人表示,没有“真正感到”政府的行动正在改善生活水平。Instead of the balanced rise in prices and wages that Mr. Abe promised, pay has lagged, in effect making workers poorer. Adjusted for price changes, household incomes were down a full 6 percent in September compared with a year earlier.工资水平没有像安倍承诺的那样,与物价同步增长,而是停滞不前,实际上让工薪阶层更贫穷了。根据物价水平变化进行调整之后,日本人的家庭收入9月同比下降了6%。Kathy M. Matsui, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, says sluggish wage growth is partly the flip side to Japan’s protective employment practices. “The social contract is what? It’s when times are tough, unlike in the West, we’ll keep you on the payroll, although we’ll slash your wages,she says. “But then when times get good, you don’t get as much of what you might get elsewhere.”高盛公Goldman Sachs)的分析师凯茜·松井(Kathy M. Matsui)说,工资增长缓慢一定程度上是日本保护性雇佣惯例的副作用。“社会契约是什么?就是我们和西方不同,在经济困难的时期,我们还是会给你发工资,虽然会减薪,”她说。“但当情况好转之后,你也不会获得可以在其他地方拿到的高工资。”Rather than ease efforts to create inflation, the central bank has redoubled them. In an unexpected decision, the Bank of Japan said on Friday that it would expand its program of buying government bonds and other assets to the equivalent of more than 0 billion a year. The move, intended to stimulate borrowing and spending, spurred a rally in global stocks.央行没有放松制造通胀的做法,而是付出了加倍的努力。日本银Bank of Japan)周五出人意料地宣布,将扩大购买政府债券和其他资产的行动,使之达到每年价值000亿美元的规模。此举旨在刺激借贷和消费,全球股市应声上扬。“We are at a critical point for escaping deflation,Haruhiko Kuroda, the central bank governor, said, adding that “half measureswould only bring back Japan’s “deflationary mind-set.Hinting at what could be more stimulus to come, he added that the Bank of Japan would do whatever it took to meet its official target of 2 percent “coreprice increases, a measure that excludes the effect of taxes and other items.“我们正处在摆脱通货紧缩的关键时刻,”央行行长黑田东Haruhiko Kuroda)说,“半途而废”只会让日本的“通缩思维”卷土重来。他说,日本央行将采取一切必要手段,达到“核心”通胀%的官方目标,这一指标剔除了税负和其他项目的影响。这一表态暗示着,未来可能会推出更多刺激措施。But the aggressive stimulus, which has pushed down the value of the yen, is only complicating matters. At the outset, the currency’s retreat was universally embraced as a relief for Japan’s many exporters. Now it is feeding concerns that imports are too expensive. The value of the yen is down more than 30 percent against the dollar since 2012. Exports were supposed to flourish in response, but the trade balance has instead been stuck in deficit.但积极的刺激措施只是让事情变得更加复杂了。这些做法压低了日元汇率。一开始,日元的贬值受到了普遍的欢迎,被当做了许多日本出口商的福音。如今,它却开始激发进口商品过于昂贵的担忧。自012年以来,日元对美元贬值超0%。出口本应该因此增长,但恰恰相反,日本仍处于贸易逆差。It is not just the flowers in Mr. Hara’s shop that are costlier, but also big-ticket items like oil and natural gas, consumption of which has soared since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. Nuclear power plants remain closed nationwide, and electricity bills have leapt by double digits as a consequence.涨价的不光是原裕之店里的花卉,还有石油和天然气等高价商品。自2011年福岛核事故发生以来,石油和天然气的消耗量飙升。日本各地的核电站仍处于关闭状态,电费因此出现了两位数的上涨。“If the yen weakens any further, it would be bad for Japan’s economy as a whole,Genichi Tamatsuka, the president of Lawson, one of Japan’s biggest convenience store chains, told reporters this week.“如果日元进一步走低,会对整个日本经济造成不良影响,”日本大型便利连锁店罗森(Lawson)的总裁玉塚元一(Genichi Tamatsuka)本周告诉记者。In parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Abe was forced to defend the central bank actions that have depressed the currency. “When the yen falls, there are issues that go with that fall, and we have to deal with them,he said, though he gave no sign that he would pressure Mr. Kuroda to reverse course.周二在国会,安倍晋三不得不为央行压低日元汇率的行为进行了辩解。他说,“日元贬值时,会产生很多问题,需要我们加以解决。”不过他没有表示会要求黑田东彦改变路线。The sales tax increase has drawn the most intense opposition. The two-stage rise was authorized by a previous government, as a means of tackling Japan’s vast public debt. The second part, which is scheduled for October, will take the rate to 10 percent double what it was before the first increase.提高消费税税率一事招致了最为激烈的反对。增税是由之前的政府批准的,分两阶段进行,为的是消化日本的巨额公共债务。第二阶段定于明0月执行,将把税率提至10%,是第一次增税前税率的两倍还多。Mr. Abe has the authority to stop it if he judges the economy too fragile. But he must make his choice by next month to get a revised tax law through parliament in time. So far he has been coy, saying only that he wants to make a “coolheaded decision.”如果安倍晋三认为经济过于脆弱,他有权不予实斀?不过,他必须在下月作出决定,才能让修定的税法及时获得国会通过。截至目前,他一直不愿明确态度,只是表示自己希望做出“冷静的决定”。Some lawmakers and economists close to the government have urged the prime minister to postpone, by perhaps 18 months, thus, giving time, they hope, for wages to catch up to prices and create a less painful kind of inflation. “We need to prioritize economic growth,Kozo Yamamoto, a lawmaker in Mr. Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party who helped plan the stimulus policies, said in an interview.一批与政府关系密切的议员和经济学家敦促他推迟增税,比如延期18个月。他们希望,这样就能留出时间来,让民众的薪资赶上物价的上涨,创造一种不那么令人痛苦的通胀。“我们需要把经济增长放到首位,”山本幸三议Kozo Yamamoto)接受采访时称。他来自来安倍晋三所在的自民党,参与了经济刺激政策的筹划工作。Most of Japan’s business and political leaders are lined up on the other side of the debate, citing potential danger to the country’s creditworthiness if financial markets conclude the country is turning away from fiscal discipline. The powerful finance ministry, corporate executives, bankers and even the largest opposition party favor going ahead as planned. Sadayuki Sakakibara, chairman of Keidanren, the lobby group that represents Japan’s biggest companies, has called the tax increase a “national issuethat “can’t be avoided.”不过,日本商界与政界的多数领导人物都持相反的看法。他们的理由是,假如金融市场断定日本背离财政自律,有可能会让国家信誉受损。颇有权势的财务省、企业高管、业高层、乃至最大的反对党,一致青睐按原定计划增税。代表日本大企业的游说团体“日本经济团体联合会Keidanren)的会长榊原定Sadayuki Sakakibara)表示,增税是“不可逃避”的“国家问题”。Even Mr. Kuroda, the Bank of Japan governor, is pushing for the tax rise to go ahead. He is doing so despite complaints that it will widen the gap between wages and prices and discourage the precise thing he is trying to foster, consumer spending.就连日本央行行长黑田东彦也在推动如期增税。尽管有人抱怨,增税将拉大薪资与物价的差距,抑制他正竭力促进的消费性开,但他依然主张这样做。A finance ministry official before he became a central banker, he views the tax as essential to addressing the debt, which relative to the size of the economy is the largest in the world. By printing money freely, he is creating what he hopes will be a cushion against its economic impact.供职央行之前,黑田东彦曾是财务省的官员。日本国债的规模与经济总量的比例为全球第一。他认为,消费税是应对这一问题的关键所在。他希望通过大肆印钞,来创造出一个缓冲,减轻增税对经济的影响。“If there were a loss of confidence in the government’s finances,Mr. Kuroda said last week, “it would be extremely difficult to deal with.”“如果对政府的财务状况丧失了信心,”黑田东彦本周称。“应对起来就会非常困难。”来 /201411/341510





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