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射阳县治疗早泄多少钱盐城有几家大型医院Radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries, including the ed States, made the decision after reviewing peer-reviewed studies on cell phone safety. The team found enough evidence to categorize personal exposure as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." What that means is they found some evidence of increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users, but have not been able to draw conclusions for other types of cancersWireless industry responded to Tuesday's announcement saying it "does not mean cell phones cause cancer."CNN 报道世界卫生组织WHO 最新的公告已经将手机和铅、发动机排气,和氯仿并列成为了有致癌风险。据说包括美国在内的14个国家31个科学家共同研究审查出来了这个结果。这表示科学家们已经找出了一些据表明手机能够导致或者增大脑神经癌症的迹象。而手机的辐射更像是微波炉的辐射,来自洛杉矶的Keith Black 士说“这就好像手机在微你的大脑一样。”但手机无线行业却认为这是无稽之谈。 /201106/139133盐城附医不孕不育检查项目及费用 盐城市第六人民医院治疗阴道炎多少钱

盐城协和医院治疗阴道炎好吗盐城市第三人民医院盆腔炎多少钱 日食面面观印度占星家预测本周的日全食将会带来地球的冲突和紊乱,这是一种迷信和宗教观点。科学家认为这只是一种很正常的自然现象,月亮运行到地球和太阳中间,并在一条线上,同时,科学家完全置否这种灾难说。Solar eclipse pits superstition(迷信) against scienceMUMBAI (AFP) – Indian astrologers(占星家) are predicting violence and turmoil (混乱)across the world as a result of this week's total solar eclipse, which the superstitious and religious view as a sign of potential doom(劫数).But astronomers, scientists and secularists are trying to play down claims of evil portent(预兆) in connection with Wednesday's natural spectacle, when the moon will come between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring(使模糊) the sun.In Hindu mythology(印度神学), the two demons(恶人) Rahu and Ketu are said to "swallow" the sun during eclipses, snuffing out its life-giving light and causing food to become inedible and water undrinkable.Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors to prevent their babies developing birth defects, while prayers, fasting and ritual bathing, particularly in holy rivers, are encouraged.Shivani Sachdev Gour, a gynaecologist(妇科学家) at the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, said a number of expectant mothers scheduled for caesarian deliveries on July 22 had asked to change the date."This is a belief deeply rooted in Indian society. Couples are willing to do anything to ensure that the baby is not born on that day," Gour said.Astrologers have predicted a rise in communal and regional violence in the days following the eclipse, particularly in India, China and other Southeast Asian nations where it can be seen on Wednesday morning.Mumbai astrologer Raj Kumar Sharma predicted "some sort of attack by (Kashmiri separatists) Jaish-e-Mohammad or Al-Qaeda on Indian soil" and a devastating natural disaster in Southeast Asia.An Indian political leader could be killed, he said, and tension between the West and Iran is likely to increase, escalating(使逐步升高) into possible US military action after September 9, when fiery Saturn moves from Leo into Virgo."The last 200 years, whenever Saturn has gone into Virgo there has been either a world war or a mini world war," he told AFP.It is not just in India that some are uneasy about what will transpire because of the eclipse.In ancient China they were often associated with disasters, the death of an emperor or other dark events, and similar superstitions persist."The probability for unrest or war to take place in years when a solar eclipse happens is 95 percent," announced an article that attracted a lot of hits on the popular Chinese web portal Baidu.com.Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association, dismissed such doomsday predictions."Primarily, what we see with all these soothsayers and astrologers is that they're looking for opportunities to enhance their business with predictions of danger and calamity," he told AFP."They have been very powerful in India but over the last decade they have been in systematic decline."Astronomers and scientists are also working to educate the public about the eclipse.Travel firm Cox and Kings has chartered a Boeing 737-700 aircraft to give people the chance to see the eclipse from 41,000 feet (12,500 metres). Experts will be on board to explain it to passengers, some of whom have paid 79,000 rupees (1,600 dollars) for a "sun-side" seat on the three-hour flight from New Delhi. The eclipse's shadow is expected to pass over the aircraft at 15 times the speed of sound (Mach 15), said Ajay Talwar, president of the SPACE Group of companies that promotes science and astronomy. "It's coming in the middle of the monsoon season. On the ground, there's a 40 percent chance of seeing it in India. On the aircraft you have almost a 90 percent chance of seeing the eclipse," he added. Siva Prasad Tata, who runs the Astro Jyoti website, straddles(横跨) the two worlds. "There's no need to get too alarmed about the eclipse, they are a natural phenomenon," the astrologer told AFP. But he added: "During the period of the eclipse, the opposite attracting forces are very, very powerful. From a spiritual point of view, this is a wonderful time to do any type of worship. "It will bring about good results, much more than on an ordinary day." /200907/78687建湖县中医院子宫肌瘤多少钱

江苏省东台市人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱For the first time, astronomers have discovered a world nearly the size of Earth orbiting a far star where water might exist as a life-giving liquid, the scientists announced Thursday. 科学家周四宣布,在围绕一颗遥远恒星运行的轨道上,天文学家首次发现了一颗大小与地球相近、并且可能存在水这种生命液体的行星。Using the Kepler space telescope, Elisa Quintana of The SETI Institute at NASA#39;s Ames Research Center in California and her colleagues detected the planet around a relatively cool red dwarf star in the constellation Cygnus, located about 459 light years from Earth. 通过使用开普勒(Kepler)太空望远镜,美国国家航空及太空总署(NASA)艾姆斯研究中心(Ames Research Center)地外文明搜寻研究所(The SETI Institute)的昆塔纳(Elisa Quintana)和同事发现了这颗行星。这颗行星环绕天鹅座(Cygnus)中一颗温度相对较低的红矮星运行,距离地球大约459光年。Known officially as Kepler-186f, the planet is the outermost of five Earth-sized worlds orbiting in that star#39;s solar system, the scientists said at a news conference held Thursday by the space agency. They also reported their findings in the journal Science. 科学家周四在NASA举办的新闻发布会上说,这颗行星的正式名称为开普勒-186f (Kepler-186f),其所处的太阳系有五颗地球大小的行星,它是最外面的一颗。《科学》(Science)杂志刊登了这些科学家的发现。In the search for worlds where life might take hold, scientists so far have detected 20 potentially habitable planets around other stars. But this one is the first so close in size to Earth that is located within its star#39;s so-called habitable zone, where it receives the right amount of solar radiation so that water there wouldn#39;t boil or freeze, the researchers said. 到目前为止,在搜寻可能存在生命的星球过程中,科学家已经发现了20个有育生命潜力的行星围绕其他恒星运转。但这次还是科学家们首次发现尺寸与地球如此接近,并位于所谓恒星“宜居带”的行星。研究人员们说,恒星“宜居带”是指行星所处位置能接收到不多不少的恒星辐射量,从而使行星上的水维持在液态。#39;This is the first validated Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star,#39; said Dr. Quintana. #39;We can now say other potentially habitable worlds the size of Earth can exist.#39; 昆塔纳士说,这是首次在另一个恒星“宜居带”确认发现地球大小的行星。她说,现在可以这样说,还有与地球大小类似、可能育生命的星球存在。Other experts, though, cautioned that the planet orbits at the outer edge of that habitable zone, where it likely receives about the same amount of light as Mars in our own solar system. Kepler-186f could easily be so cold that any water there is frozen, unless it has a greenhouse-like atmosphere that can trap heat, they said. 不过,其他专家提醒说,这颗行星的运行轨道位于“宜居带”的外缘,那里接收到的光线可能与太阳系里的火星接收到的光线一样多。他们说,开普勒-186f很可能非常寒冷,水是冰冻状态的,除非那里有一个类似温室的环境,能够使热量滞留。#39;It is Earth-sized, but not Earthlike,#39; said Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who wasn#39;t involved in the research effort. #39;The main point of this discovery is the size of the planet. So far, all potentially habitable planets were big ones.#39; 波多黎各大学(University of Puerto Rico)星球宜居性实验室主任门德斯(Abel Mendez)说,这颗行星的大小与地球类似,但环境与地球不同。门德斯没有参与这项研究。门德斯说,这项发现的主要一点是行星的大小,目前为止,全部可能宜居的行星体积都较大。Given its small size, the researchers believe that Kepler-186f is most likely a rocky planet, but they don#39;t have enough information to calculate its actual composition or mass. The researchers cannot see the planet directly, but detected it by measuring the periodic dip in light as it passes in front of its star. 鉴于开普勒-186f的体积较小,研究人员认为它最有可能是一颗岩态行星,但他们没有足够多的信息来计算出其实际成分或质量。研究人员无法直接看到这颗行星,而是通过测量它在其恒星前面经过时光线的周期性减弱而探测到它的。Once the stuff of science fiction, such habitable planets may be common in the cosmos--as many as 40 billion Earthlike planets in the Milky Way, researchers estimate. 这类宜居行星过去都只是在科幻小说中才会出现。它们在宇宙中可能有很多,据研究人员估计,在系有多达400亿颗环境与地球类似的行星。 /201404/289533 盐城市妇科医院在线咨询盐城哪家医院做人流好多少钱




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