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口语要素例精选 -- ::38 来源: 口语要素例精选 1. It's up to you.(由你决定) . I envy [羡慕]you.(我羡慕你) 3. How can I get in touch with you? . Where can I wash my hands? (请问洗手间在哪里?) 5. What's the weather like today?(今天天气如何?) 6. Where are you headed [朝…方向行进]? (你要到哪里去?) 7. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 8. What do you do relaxation[消遣、]?(你做什么消遣?) 9. It’s a small world.(世界真小!) . It’s my treat[请客、款待] this time.(这次我请客!) . The sooner the better. (越快越好) . When is the most convenient [方便的;便利的] time you? . Take your time.(慢慢来别着急) . I'm mad about Bruce Lee.(我迷死李小龙了) I'm crazy[着迷的;狂热爱好的] about rock music. (我对摇滚乐很着迷) . How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你?) . What was your name again? (请再说一次名字好吗?) . Would you care [喜欢] a cop of coffee?(要被咖啡吗?) 18. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦) 19. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好) . It drives[逼迫;迫使] me crazy.(它把握逼疯了) 1. She never showed up[出席;露面].(她一直没有出现) . That's not like him.(那不象是他的风格) 3. I couldn't get through.(电话打不通) . I got sick and tired of hotels.(我讨厌旅馆) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. Can you keep an eye on my bag?(帮我看一下包好吗?) 7. Let's keep in touch.(让我们保持联系) . Let's call it a day[决定或同意暂时或永久停止(进行某事)]. 9. I couldn't help[避免;阻止] it.(我没办法) 30. Something's come up[发生出现].(有点事出事了) 31. Let's get to the point[要点核心问题].(让我们来谈要点) 3. Keep that in mind.(记住那件事) 33. That was a close call.(太危险了千钧一发) . I'll be looking ward to it.(我将期待这一天) 35. Chances are slim[渺茫的;微小的].(机会很小) 36. Far from it.(一点也不) 37. I’m behind in my work.(我工作进度落后了) 38. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人)].(那真是件麻烦事) 39. We're in the same boat.(我们处境相同) 0. My mouth is watering.(我在流口水了) 1. What do you recommend?(你推荐什么?) . I ache all over.(我浑身酸痛) 3. I have a runny nose.(我流鼻涕) . It's out of the question.(这是不可能的) 5. Do you have any openings?(你们有空缺吗?) 6. It doesn't make any difference.(没什么差别无所谓) 7. I'm fed up[极其厌烦] with him.(我受够他了) 8. You can count on[指望;依赖] us.(你可以信赖我们) 9. It doesn't work.(坏了;不动了) 50.It's better than nothing.(总比什么都没有好) 51. Think nothing of it.(别放在心上) 5. I'm not myself today.(我今天心神不宁) 53. I have a sweet tooth.(我喜欢吃甜食) 5. I can't express[表示;表达;表明] myself very well in English. (我不能很好地用英语表达自己) 55. the time being.(暂时;暂且;目前) 56. This milk has gone bad.(这牛奶变质了) 57. Don't beat around the bush. (别拐弯抹角了) 58. It's up in the air[悬而未决].(尚未确定) 59. Math is beyond[对某人而言难以想象理解估计] me.(我对数学无能为力) 60. It slipped my mind.(我忘了) 61. You can't please[使人感到满意和愉快] everyone.(你不可能讨好每一个人) 6. I'm working on[着手;从事] it.(我正在努力) 63. You bet!(当然!) 6. Drop me a line[短信].(写封信给我) 65. Are you pulling my leg[同某人开玩笑;取笑]?(你在开我玩笑吗?) 66. Sooner or later.(迟早会的) 67. I'll keep my ears open.(我会留意的) 68. It isn't much.(那是微不足道的) 69. Neck and neck.(不分上下) 70. I'm feeling under the weather.(我觉得不舒精神不好情绪低落) 71. Don't get me wrong[误解].(不要误会我) 7. I'm under a lot of pressure.(我压力很大) 73. You're the boss.(听你的) 7. It doesn't make any sense!(毫无意义!) 75. If I were in your shoes[处在某人的位置].(如果我是你的话) 76. What's this regarding?(这是关于哪方面的?) 77. Over my dead body!(休想!) 78. Can you give me a hand[帮手;援助]?(你能帮个忙吗?) 79. We have thirty minutes to kill[消磨;打发(时间)].(我们有三十分钟空闲时间) 80. Whatever you say.(随便你) 81. It'll come to me.(我会想起来的) 8. You name[具体地(说出来)] it!(你说出来) 83. Time will tell.(时间会明的) 8. I will play it by ear[见机行事;临时现做].(我会见机行事的;到时候再说) 85. You should take advantage of[利用] it.(你应该好好利用这个机会) 86. Let's talk over coffee.(我们边喝边谈) 87. Take it easy.(轻松一点;别紧张;放松放松;再见) [这是美国人最喜欢说的话,也可作离别用语] 88. I'm easy to please[使…高兴;讨…喜欢].(我很容易取悦相处) 89. Let's give him a big hand.(让我们热烈鼓掌) 90. As far as I'm concerned.(就我而言) 91. I'm all mixed up.(我全搞混了) 9. Let's get together one of these days.(找一天聚聚) 93. He's behind the times.(他落伍了跟不上时代了) 9. I'm pressed time.(我时间紧迫) 95. I'm up to my ears[忙得不可开交;深陷于某事物中] in work.(我忙死了) 96. You can't do this to me.(你不能这么对我) 97. Just to be on the safe side. (为了安全起见) 98. I hope I didn't offend you.(希望没有冒犯你) 99. It won't take much time.(不会花很长时间的) 0. It's been a long time.(好久不见了) 1. It’s nothing.(小事情;不足挂齿) 1. It’s a long story.(说来话长) 1. It's about time.(时间差不多了) 1. It's incredible.(难以置信!) 1. It's hard to say.(难说) 1. I can't imagine why.(我想不通为什么) 1. That can't be.(不可能) 1. That's really something.(真了不起) 1. Are you sure?(你确信吗?) 1. Are you crazy?(你疯了吗?) 1. Excuse me a moment.(失陪一会儿) 1. I mean it. I'm serious. I'm no kidding!(我是认真的) 1. I'll consider this matter.(我会考虑这件事的) 1. I'll do something about it.(我会想办法的) 1. What are you talking about?(你在说些什么?) 6. I'm afraid I can't.(恐怕我不行) 7. I'm dying[很想] to see you.(我真想见你) 8. I'm flattered.(过奖了) 9. I'm not in the mood.(我没心情) 0. I'm so scared.(我怕极了) 1. I can't make[赶上] it.(我去不了我赶不上) . You can never tell.(不知道谁也没把握) 3. I won't buy[相信;接受] you story.(我不信你那一套) . It hurts like hell!(疼死啦!) 5. It can't be helped.(无能为力) 6. Sorry to bother you.(抱歉打扰你[事前]) Sorry to have bothered you.(抱歉打扰你[事后]) 7. I'm always punctual.(我总是很准时) 8. You may leave it to me.(交给我来办) 9. I wish I could.(不行)[委婉表达法] 0. What's the rush?(什么事那么匆忙?) 1. What's so funny(有什么好笑的?) . I couldn't agree more.(我完全同意) 3. Stay out of this matter, please.(请别管这事) 1. Don't just shake you head.(别光摇头,想想办法!) 5. Don't jump to conclusions.(别仓促过早下结论) 6. That was a lousy movie.(那电影糟透了!) 7. Have you thought about staying home?(是否考虑在家呆着?) 8. I'll come. I give you my word.(我会来的我向你保) 9. I swear I'll never tell anyone.(我发誓不告诉任何人) 0. I'll make it up to you.(我会赔偿的) 1. I'm very really terribly awfully extremely sorry.(十分抱歉!) . give me breaking my promise.(原谅我食言) 3. Let's give and get.(让我们摈弃前嫌) . I've heard so much about you!(久仰大名!) 5. Don't underestimate me.(别小看我) 6. She gives me a headache.(她让我头疼) 7. It's very annoying.(真烦人) 8. He often fails to keep his word.(他常常不遵守诺言) 9. You made me feel ashamed of myself.(你让我感到羞愧) 0. I hope it turns out all right.(我希望结果很好) 1. I can't handle this alone.(我无法单独处理这事) . How long will it take to have this radio fixed?(修理这收音机要多久?) 3. Come to me if you're in any difficulty.(有困难来找我) . Who do you think you are?(你以为你是谁?) 5. You're wasting you breath.(你在白费口舌) 6. It doesn't seem like that.(似乎不象是那样) 7. Don't get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦) 8. Everything will be fine.(一切都会很好) 9. I'll be y in a few minutes.(再过几分钟就好了) 0. I wonder what happened to him.(我不知道他出什么事了) 1. You are just trying to save face.(你只是想挽回面子) . His argument doesn't hold water.(他的论点站不住脚) 3. Your face tells it all.(你的表情透露了一切) . The days are getting longer.(白天越来越长了) 5. You've got to do something.(你一定要想办法) 6. I hope this will teach you a lesson.(希望这会给你一个教训) 7. I feel younger than ever.(我觉得比以前年轻) 8. It's a hard job, but I hope he can make it. (这不是件容易的差事,但我希望他能做到) 9. Don't look wise.(别自作聪明) 0. I'm afraid all my efts were in vain.(我担心我的努力全白费了) 1. What happened to you memory?(你的记性是怎么搞的?) . You're going too far!(你太过分了!) 3. Don't bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实) . I have no other choice.(我别无选择) 5. I don't have the nerve to do it.(我没胆勇气去做) 6. It's a matter of life and death.(事关生死) 7. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿) 8. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物) 9. He's been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢) 180. If I had known that, I could have helped you. (假如我早知道,我就能帮你了)[最实用的虚拟语气] 181. I couldn't care less.(我不在乎) 18. You have my word.(我保) 183. He hit the ceiling at the news.(他听到那消息暴跳如雷大发雷霆) 18. I don't mind staying up late.(我不在乎熬夜) 185. You're too outspoken.(你太直率了) 186. I can't afd it.(我承担买不起) 187. I think it's a reasonable price.(我觉得这是个合理的价钱) 188. I'd like to try on these hats.(我想试试这些帽子) 189. He puts me to shame.(他使我蒙羞) 190. Every dog has his day.(凡人皆有得意时) 191. Don't give me any excuses.(不要给我任何理由) 19. Are you out of you mind?(你疯了吗?) 193. He's been everywhere.(他到处都去过了) 19. What's bothering you?(什么在困扰你?) 195. Who is to blame?(该怪谁?) 196. There're a lot of rumors going around.(很多流言流传着) 197. I don't feel up to that.(我觉得不能胜任那工作) 198. I'm mad at myself.(我生自己的气) 199. It's raining cats and dogs.(下着倾盆大雨) 0. The sky is getting very cloudy.(天空的云越来越多了) 1. You won't get away with this.(你逃不掉惩罚的) . I'm tired of going to school day after day.(我厌倦每天上学) . Who am I supposed to see?(我应该去见谁?) . His idea is childish.(他的想法很幼稚) . I need small change.(我需要零钱) . Don't try to brainwash me.(别想给我洗脑) . I don't seem to have any luck today.(我今天运气不好) . That reminds me.(那提醒了我) . What the hell are you doing?(你到底在做什么?) . I can't seem to get to sleep.(我好象睡不着) . You look very serious about something.(你似乎有很严重的事) . I hope I'm not in the way.(我希望没有造成妨碍) . What are you so excited about?(什么事让你如此兴奋?) . Tell me about you trouble.(把你的烦恼告诉我) . I feel much better now.(我感觉好多了) . I hope you will get well soon.(希望你很快会恢复) . She is sick in bed.(她卧病在床) 18. I have a slight fever.(我轻微发烧) 19. A fool never learns.(傻瓜永远学不会) . This is the schedule tomorrow.(这是明天的日程安排) 1. How late are you open?(你们营业到多晚?) . I'm here on business.(我来这里出差) 3. What's Hong Kong famous ?(香港以什么闻名?) . What brings you to Beijing?(什么风把你吹到北京来的?) 5. She looks blue.(她满面忧伤) 6. I just don't know what to say.(我就是不知道说什么) 7. Let's have fun tonight.(今晚让我们乐一乐) . Thank you coming to see me off.(谢谢你来为我送行) 口语 要素When Love Beckons You当爱召唤你When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you, yield to him, though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you, believe in him, though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.当爱召唤你时,请追随她,尽管爱的道路艰难险峻当爱的羽翼拥抱你时,请顺从她,尽管隐藏在其羽翼之下的剑可能会伤到你当爱向你诉说时,请相信她,尽管她的声音可能打破你的梦想,就如同北风吹落花园里所有的花瓣 even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is your growth so is he your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, so shall he descend to our roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.爱会给你戴上桂冠,也会折磨你爱会助你成长,也会给你修枝爱会上升到枝头,抚爱你在阳光下颤动力的嫩枝,也会下潜至根部,撼动力你紧抓泥土的根基But if, in your fear, you would seek only loversquo;s peace and loversquo;s pleasure, then it is better you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of loversquo;s threshing-floor, into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. Love gives naught but it self and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not, nor would it be possessed, love is sufficient unto love.但是,如果你在恐惧之中只想寻求爱的平和与快乐,那你就最好掩盖真实的自我,避开爱的考验,进入不分季节的世界,在那里你将欢笑,但并非开怀大笑,你将哭泣,但并非尽情地哭爱只将自己付出,也只得到自己爱一无所有,也不会为谁所有,因为爱本身就已自足Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must have desires, let these be your desires爱除了实现自我别无他求但是如果你爱而又不得不有所求,那就请期望:To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.将自己融化并像奔流的溪水一般向夜晚吟唱自己优美的曲调To know the pain of too much tenderness.明了过多的温柔所带来的苦痛To be wounded by your own understanding of love;被自己对爱的理解所伤害;And to bleed willingly and joyfully.并情愿快乐地悲伤To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks another day of loving;在黎明带着轻快的心醒来并感谢又一个有家的日子;To rest at the noon hour and meditate loversquo;s ecstasy;在中午时分休息并冥想爱的心醉神迷;To return home at eventide with gratitude;在黄昏怀着感恩之心回家;And then to sleep with a payer the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.然后为内心所爱之人祈祷,吟唱赞美之歌,并带着祷告和歌声入眠 59沉默本身也是一种思想和心境的流露,是灵魂的另一种形式的回声Indeed, a living being there is no such thing as true silence, silence itself is a revelation of the mind and the heart, an echo of the soul of a different m.Some people use silence as a disguise of the emptiness of the head.Some use it as a means to depict their disorientation and melancholy.And some use it as a way of expressing their angers and sorrows....Silence usually is ephemeral. It reminds one of the bronze bells dangling from a pagoda's eaves; on windless days they are a decoration upon the age-weathered beauty, but with wind they give out wonderful tinkling and jingling metallurgic sounds, as if echoing age-old stories of long, long ago...Do you not think the same of silent people?They say that "silence is golden", but of what nature is this "gold"? It can include integrity, honesty and kindness; it can stand indifference to and detachment from fame and tune; but it can also act as an excuse hypocrisy, slyness and cowardice... the glittering of gold may not necessarily be the most brilliant lustre in the world.Can it be that permanent silence is only represented by death?Perhaps even death cannot represent true silence, the carrier of the soul can turn into dust, so that the sincere and wise voices from the bottom of the heart will trigger long-lasting echoes in the seas of human hearts... 77突然,我记起圣诞节快到了,并想起祖母常说的一句话:“当有人从你这儿拿走一样东西时,主动给他,这样你就永远不会遭劫”Angel on a DoorstepWhen Ben delivered milk to my home that morning,he wasn’t his usual sunny self.Instead,he was the epitome1) of gloom as he dropped off his wares from his wire carrier.It took slow,careful questioning to extract the story from him.With some embarrassment,he told me two customers had left town without paying their bills,and he would have to cover the losses.One of the debtors owed only $10,but the other was $79in arrears) and had left no warding address.Ben was distraught3) at his stupidity allowing this bill to grow so large.“She was a pretty woman,”he said,“with six children and another on the way.She was always saying,‘I’m going to pay you soon when my husband gets a second job.‘I believed her.What a fool I was.I was doing a good thing,but I’ve learned my lesson.”All I could say was,“I’m so sorry.”The next time I saw him,his anger seemed worse.He bristled as he talked about the messy) young ones who had drunk up all his milk.The charming family had turned into a parcel of brats.I repeated my condolences5) and let the matter rest.But when Ben left,I found myself caught up in his problem and longed to help.Worried that this incident would sour a warm person,I mulled over what to do.Then,remembering that Christmas was coming,I thought of what my grandmother used to say:“When someone has taken a thing from you,give it to him,and then you can never be robbed.”The next time Ben delivered milk,I told him I had a way to make him feel better about the $79.“Nothing will do that,”he said,“but tell me anyway.”“Give the woman the milk.Make it a Christmas present to the kids who needed it.”“Are you kidding?”he replied.“I don’t even get my wife a Christmas gift that expensive.”“You know the Bible says,‘I was a stranger and you took me in.’You just took her in with all her little children.”“Don’t you mean she took me in?The trouble with you is,it wasn’t your $79.”I let the subject drop,but I still believed in my suggestion.We‘d joke about it when he’d come.“Have you given her the milk yet?”“No,”he’d snap back,“but I’m thinking of giving my wife a $79present,unless another pretty mother starts playing on my sympathies.”Every time I’d ask the question,it seemed he lightened up a bit more.Then,six days bee Christmas,it happened.He arrived with a tremendous smile and a glint in his eyes.“I did it.”he said.“I gave her the milk as a Christmas present.It wasn’t easy,but what did I have to lose?It was gone,wasn’t it?”“Yes”I said,rejoicing6) with him.“But you’ve got to really mean it in your heart.”“I know.I do.And I really feel better.That’s why I have this good feeling about Christmas.Those kids had lots of milk on their cereal7) just because of me.”The holidays came and went.On a sunny January morning two weeks later,Ben almost ran up the walk.“Wait till you hear this,”he said,grinning.He explained he had been on a different route,covering another milkman.He heard his name being called,looked over his shoulder and saw a woman running down the street,waving money.He recognized her immediately――the woman with all the kids,the one who didn’t pay her bill.She was carrying an infant in a tiny blanket,and the woman’s long brown hair kept getting in her eyes.“Ben,wait a minute.”she shouted. “I’ve got money you.”Ben stopped the truck and got out.“I’m so sorry,”she said.“I really have been meaning to pay you.”She explained that her husband had co me home one night and announced he’d found a cheaper apartment.He’d also gotten a night job.With all that had happened,she’d gotten to leave a warding address.“But I’ve been saving,”she said.“Here’s $20 toward the bill.”“That’s all right,”Ben replied.“It’s been paid.”“Paid.”she exclaimed.“What do you mean?Who paid it?”“I did.”She looked at him as if he were Angel Gabriel and started to cry.“Well,”I asked,“what did you do?”“I didn’t know what to do,so I put an arm around her.Bee I knew what was happening,I started to cry,and I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was crying about.You know what?I was really glad you talked me into this.”“You didn’t take the $20?”“Heck no,”he replied indignantly8).“I gave her the milk as a Christmas present.”A Truth of LifeOne of my patients, a successful businessman, tells me that bee his cancer he would become depressed unless things went a certain way. Happiness was “having the cookie.” If you had the cookie, things were good. If you didn't have the cookie, life wasn't worth a damn. Untunately, the cookie kept changing. Some of the time it was money, sometimes power, sometimes desire. At other times, it was the new car, the biggest contract, the most prestigious address.A year and a half after his diagnosis of prostate cancer he sits shaking his head ruefully. “It's like I stopped learning how to live after I was a kid. When I give my son a cookie, he is happy. If I take the cookie away or it breaks, he is unhappy. But he is two and a half and I am ty-three. It's taken me this long to understand that the cookie will never make me happy long.The minute you have the cookie it starts to crumble or you start to worry about it crumbling or about someone trying to take it away from you. You know, you have to give up a lot of things to take care of the cookie, to keep it from crumbling and be sure that no one takes it away from you. You may not even get a chance to eat it because you are so busy, just trying not to lose it. Having the cookie is not what life is about.”My patient laughs and says cancer has changed him. the first time he is happy. No matter if his business is doing well or not, no matter if he wins or loses at golf. “Two years ago, cancer asked me, ‘Okay, what's important? What is really important?’ Well, life is important. Life. Life any way you can have it, life with the cookie, life without the cookie. Happiness does not have anything to do with the cookie; it has to do with being alive. Bee, who made the time?” He pauses thoughtfully. “Damn, I guess life is the cookie.” 81

内容简介 ———————————————————— 祝贺你选择了《女人香 美丽英文一书! 选择此书的朋友一定是一位热爱生活,珍爱人生,不断追求更高生活质量的有品位,有修养的人士!不论你现在是否感到幸福,不论你现在是在苦心经营你的事业,爱情,婚姻,家庭以求幸福,还是已在某种程度上体验到了些许的幸福感,都请你仔细的阅读研究本书当中为大家精选的”人生幸福9篇“! 幸福的每一篇都要大家自信品位,不断实践!本课程使你久未充电的大脑和心灵都活跃兴奋起来,重新燃起对人生成功的渴望,并且能在更高层次上对其予以理解和诠释,以使你的人生变得越来越成功! 本课程采用中英文对照编排,使你在吸取智慧的同时,英文水平也突飞猛进!这些英文都是最值得朗读消化的纯正英文,它们的中文译文也是经过反复斟酌推敲的精美文章,值得你去学习和享受阅读美丽的文章本身也是一种幸福! 此外,本书所用的英文都是最适合广大英语学习者实际需要的地道英文,而且,在本书的创作过程中,我们也在最大程度上地考虑到学习者的需要,除了附有精的译文之外,还为大家提炼出了难句,难点,关键词,极品口语句以及篇章的精华句!帮主大家最快速,最高效,最省时地学好英语! 总之,本课程能够激励你的人生斗志,帮拟制重塑成功人生的同时,迅速增加你的英语词汇量,培养纯正的英文思维,确实提高你的口语水平及整体英文素质!享受地道的英文,就是一种幸福! 9篇 9天 英文和人生全面提升!! 目录 ———————————————————— 第一篇 Chapter1 女人 你到底想要什么 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第二篇 有爱,就有财富和成功 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第三篇 Chapter3 爱情就象一座四季花园 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第四篇 爱只是一根线 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第五篇 Chapter5 给”感情“开个账户 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第六篇 Chapter6 结婚第一天,我们紧张的要死 ............ 第七篇 Chapter7 起舞吧,就象根本无人观望 ........... 第八篇 Chapter8 我要随你而去 ................ 精先读———————————————————— 结婚第一天,我们紧张的要死 爱情 不等于 鲜花 ,礼物和甜蜜的亲吻 幸福人生的条 个个管用 投资5件情感事 赚动幸福你一生 爱来爱去 你还相信“我爱你”吗 人都有四妻 不要以为这是假的 爱情加分法则:1朵玫瑰=1月房租 “猛男变懒虫,美女变苦工”的解救秘方 女人“到底想要什么? 欣赏女人的男人 最帅 你买菜我做饭 我洗衣你熨干 爱无语:0:0 男人 其实你不懂 女人都美丽 潜心修炼一个字 幸福美丽漾一生

It’s Never Too Late to ChangeAge is no criterion when it comes to changing your life.In fact, it might be just the opposite.The older we get, the more we must change.Change is what keeps us fresh and innovative.Change is what keeps us from getting stale and stuck in a rut.Change is what keeps us young.This is not easy.When we are young it's easy to change and experiment with different things.The older we get the more set in our ways we become.We've found out what our comt level is, and we all want to stay in it.We don't want to be risk takers anymore, because risk frightens us,and simply not changing seems so easy.We must fight through this.We must look fear straight in the eye and take it on.We must tell ourselves that we have too much talent, too much wisdom,too much value not to change.I believe that Jim, who is on my staff,is one of the best assistant coaches in the country.But I almost didn't hire him three years agobecause I thought that psychologically he was too "old,"that he had lost the drive and passion that an assistant coach needs.Three years ago he was ty, and I thoughthe might have spent too many Saturday afternoons at the country club,that he wasn't going to get in the trenches anymore,like the younger assistant coaches do.But Jim told me that he couldn't wait to get down in the trenches again.So I hired him, and he's been an integral part of our success.There is a conventional wisdom in coaching that once you've been a head coachyou can't enthusiastically go back to being an assistant againand still have the same passion as bee.Jim didn't buy into that.He didn't let his "old age" get in his way.He was y when opporty came calling.He reestablished a work ethic second to none with the eagerness of a person right out of college.And I'm thankful what he did,because he played such an essential role in our championship season.This is what we all must do.We must realize that it's never too late to begin making changesthat can transm our life. 8590

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