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惠州哪里能治早泄惠州男性医院首页>英语能力>英语翻译>英语口译 年中高级口译听力常见新闻英语词汇 -- ::1 来源: 中高级口译听力常见新闻英语词汇Accord: agreement 协议,条约≈treaty;protocolAir: to make known, broadcast 广播,播放Assail: To criticize strongly 谴责Axe: To dismiss from a job; To cut, destroy, take away 大幅削减Back: To support 持≈embraceBalk: To refuse to accept 拒绝;阻碍Ban: Prohibition; prohibit 禁止Bar: Not to allow, exclude 排外;禁止Bid: Attempt, offer 企图;努力 in a bid to…Bilk: To cheat 欺骗≈swindleBlast: Explosion; strong criticism; To criticize strongly; strike with explosives爆炸;严厉批评Blaze: Fire 火;火焰Blow: Injury disappointment suffered 遭受到的不幸或打击Boost: Promotionpromote, increase, support 促进≈fuelChide: Ridicule 责骂;奚落Claim: To declare to be true; To kill 声称;夺命Clash: Dispute, violent argument, Battle (n.); To disagree strongly; fight (v.) 冲突Cool: Uninterested; unfriendly 冷漠≈indifferentCurb: Restraint, limit 限制;抑制Deadlock: A disagreement that cannot be settled 僵局≈stalemateDeal: Agreement 共识;协议Drive: Campaign, eft 运动;事业Due: Expected 到期;预计到Envoy: Diplomat 特使Eye: To watch with interest 凝视;盯着Face: Undergo 面临;经历Fault: To find in the wrong 找茬;吹毛求疵Feud: Dispute, strong disagreement 世代结仇;斗争Flay: To accuse; criticize strongly 严厉指责Foe: Opponent; enemy 敌人;仇敌;≈rivalFoil: To prevent from succeeding 阻挠Gems: Jewels 珠宝;珍宝Go-ahead: Approval 同意;许可Grab: Seize, win 抓住;赢得Grip: To take hold of 把握Gut: To destroy completely by fire 损毁(内部);彻底烧毁Halt: Stop 停滞≈standstillHaul: Large quantity which has been stolen and later discovered 失而复得Head: To lead, direct 朝向Head off: To prevent 阻止Held: To restrict 限制Heist: Theft 抢夺Hit: To affect badly 打击Hold: To keep in police control; detain 拘留;拘押≈in custodyInk: To sign 签署≈put pen to…Jet: Aero plane 喷气飞机Jobless: Unemployed 失业Key: Essential, vital, very, important 关键≈crucial; pivotalKick off: To begin 开始Lash out: To criticize strongly; accuse 指责;控诉Laud: To praise 表彰≈acclaimLaunch: To begin 开启;启动Line: Position; demand 排列Link: To connect 连接Loom: Expected in the near future 隐约出现Loot: To take away of valuable goods unlawfully (v.); Stolen money or goods (n.) 洗劫;抢夺Man: RepresentativeNab: To capture 抢夺;盗窃Net: To total; To capture 总额;捕获Nod: Approval 同意Ordeal: Painful experience, drama 痛苦;严峻考验;折磨Office: An important government position 政府职位Opt: Choose; decide 选择 opt …Oust: To take power away from, push out, drive out, replace 驱逐;剥夺Output: Production 产出Pact: Agreement, treaty 协议Pay: Wages, salary 工资Pit: Coal mine 煤矿;坑Plea: Request help 恳求Pledge: Promise 许诺≈make commitmentPlunge: Steep fall 暴跌Poised: Ready action 泰然自若;平衡≈balancedPoll: Election, public opinion survey; Voting station 投票;公投Post: Position in government, business, etc.职位Press : To demand, ask 要求Probe: investigation 调查Prompt: To cause 促使Push: Encourage, support 鼓励;激励Quit: Leave, resign 放弃≈abort 废除Quiz: Question, interrogation 调查Rage: To burn out of control 激烈地进行;肆虐Raid: Attack, robbery 攻击,突击Rap: Accusation; charge; To criticize, reprimand 指责;指控Riddle: Mystery 谜Rock: To shock; to surprise 惊人Rout: To defeat completely 击溃;溃败Row: To quarrel, argument, dispute 争吵Rule: To decide (especially in court) 判决;裁决Rule out: To not consider as a possibility 排除Sack: Dismiss from a job 开除;下岗Sack (from “ransack”): To search thoroughly and rob 洗劫Scare: Public alarm 恐慌≈panicSet: Decide on, y 考虑,决定Slam: criticize 批评;抨击Smash: defeat 打败;重创Slay: To kill or murder 杀死≈annihilate 彻底消灭Snag: Problem; difficulty 意想不到的障碍Snub: To pay no attention to 冷落;怠慢Soar: To rise rapidly 飙升Solon: legislator 立法者≈legislator; Congressman; Law-makerSpark: To cause; to lead to action促使;导致≈trigger; promptSplit: To divide 分离Squeeze: Shortage, scarcity 紧锁Stalemate: A disagreement that cannot be settled 僵局≈deadlockStall: Making no progress 使…停滞;陷入泥潭Stance: Attitude, way of thinking 立场Stem: To prevent or stop 阻止≈curbStorm: Angry reaction, dispute 暴怒;猛冲Strife: conflict 冲突Sway: To influence or persuade 动摇;影响Swindle: An unlawful way of getting money 诈骗 ≈fraud; scamSwitch: Change, deviation 变化Swoop: Sudden attack or raid 突袭;≈assault; ayTalks: discussion 谈判;negotiation; consultationThwart: To prevent from being successful 阻止;≈hinder, impedeTies: relations 关系;≈links; bondsTop: To exceed 超过; ≈surpass;Tot: Child 孩子 Toddler 幼童Trim:To cut 削减;slash 大幅削减Trigger:To cause 导致,诱发;Urge: insist, strongly request 敦促;呼吁; call .;Vie:To compete 竞争Void:To determine to be invalid 作废;使…无效;Vow:To promise 宣誓,pledge; swear;Walkout:Strike (often unofficial) ; stage a walkout 罢工Wed: To marry 结婚Wedlock: Marriage 婚姻Weigh:To consider 斟酌了、考虑惠城区治疗性功能障碍多少钱 1.语法需要  Oh同常与一些单词或词组连用,有时表明说话人明白了、知道了,如 oh I see, oh right;有时是对听到信息的反应,如 oh good, oh heavens, or oh no惠阳区人民男科医院治疗男性不育多少钱

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