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漾濞县打胎哪家医院最好的宾川县顺产多少钱London, 1928.This war is over and Fleming is a civilian doctor1928年 在伦敦 这场战争结束了 弗莱明成为了一名working in a hospital laboratory,testing samples of infected tissue.在医院实验室工作的平民医生 他的工作就是检测感染的组织样本After so many dead-ends, the ultimate chance discovery:A sample, left open for two weeks, is contaminated.走过无数死胡同后 最终伟大的发现问世了: 一个暴露两周的样本被污染了Inside, a fungus is growing,producing a substance which stops bacteria in their tracks.而其内部 真菌滋生 并产生了一种能够抑制细菌的物质Instead of multiplying, microbes rupture and die.That substance: penicillin.细菌没有成倍增长 反而破裂 继而死亡 这种物质就是青霉素When I woke up just after dawn,I didnt plan to revolutionize all medicine,那天清晨我醒来时 并没打算发起一次医学革命but I suppose thats exactly what Ive done!但阴差阳错 事实确实如此!;Within 15 years, penicillin saves one million lives a year,十五年间 青霉素每年挽救了一百万人的性命A miracle drug,The worlds first antibiotic.它是灵丹妙药 是世界上第一种抗生素Today, we make 45,000 tons of it every year.而今天 我们每年会生产出四万五千吨青霉素Imagine a world before antibiotics,before Flemings invention.想象一下在弗莱明的发明出现之前 没有抗生素的世界吧A world where moms feared for their childs lives,because so many were lost.在那个世界里 母亲时刻担心孩子的性命 因为太多人因此而命丧黄泉One out of every three people who could hear my voice right now and see my face would be dead,每三人中就有一人 刚刚还在听我说话 看着我 转眼就会死去if it wasnt for the antibiotics that Fleming first invented.而弗莱明的发明拯救了世界 阻止了这一切Medicine for millions in a world shaped by mass production.百万人的良药 在世界范围内大批量生产From the first industrial war,mankind exploded into the modern world.自第一次工业革命以来 人类就迈入现代社会Innovation in overdrive.Life and death at unprecedented scale and speed.灵感层出不穷 生与死的进程也在空前加速But now, we have the power to obliterate our species...or change it forever.而如今 我们有能力戕杀同类 也有能力让其永远改变201605/443891永平县人民医院妇产科建卡要多少钱 Authorities said that seven people have died in flood-related incidents in southeast Texas after the region was inundated with rain. 当局称,德克萨斯东南部地区被洪水淹没后,七人死于与洪水相关的事件。Four were reportedly killed in Washington County, about 75 miles west of Houston, an area that was hammered with around 17 inches of rain. 据报道,四人在华盛顿县遇难,休斯敦以西大约75英里,该地区遭17英寸降雨猛烈袭击。The National Weather Service has issued several warnings for Texas, telling people not to drive cars through flooded areas and to be careful near riverbanks. 国家气象局已经向德克萨斯发出一些警告,告诉人们不要开车穿过被洪水淹没的地区,并要小心附近的河岸。Another big storm system is expected to hit east Texas on Thursday and Friday. 另一个巨大风暴系统预计将在周四和周五袭击东德克萨斯。It could raise river levels and cause more flooding in the area, aly saturated with heavy rains.风暴让已受暴雨饱和的地区水位上涨,并引发更多洪水泛滥。译文属。 /201606/447373But in many other cases, the pieces speak of real hardship.但也有其他的东西 记录了真正的艰辛They were just the things the mothers found they happened to have on them at the time they had to get rid of the children.它们只是些 母亲不得不丢弃孩子的时候 碰巧身上所带的物件Some of these mothers had nothing at the last minute to offer their little babies有些母亲一无所有 离别的时候 除了一颗坚果except a nut,a nut meant which was meant to be worn as a pendant.戴在脖子上的坚果之外 没有别的什么可以赠予孩子了Look, theres a little hole where the string was supposed to be strung through there.瞧 这里有个小洞 可以用根绳子穿起来的Sometimes things which had a little work on them like this beautiful sewn heart there. 有时 一些物件是花了些许心思的 比如这个漂亮的编织心Or, most desperate of all perhaps,just this flimsy little piece of ribbon.但大部分都是来自最绝望的母亲的 只是这么一条细小的带子Imagine a mother on a point saying goodbye for the last time to her baby想象一下 一个即将与孩子永别的母亲 在分别的最后时刻just taking a bit of ribbon from her hair or her wrist只能从头发上或者手腕上扯下一截丝带and giving it, as she hoped, to her child.希望能够如其所愿 交到孩子手上Now, if this wasnt heartbreak enough,如果这些还不够让人心碎it only gets worse when you know that none of these things ever found their way to the children.那么若你得知 这些东西根本就没有如她们所愿 送到孩子手里 又会作何感想And of course, the Foundling Hospital couldnt hope to work miracles overnight.当然 育婴堂不能一夜之间制造奇迹Nearly half the babies died in a hast in the first year,几乎一半的病童第一年就匆匆夭折but that was a huge improvement over the usual figures.但是相比于平常数据 已经有了很大的进步 /201705/511615大理市卵巢囊肿引起的原因

云南省大理市第一人民医院开展无痛人流吗A couple of days ago I put out a about The Prince by Machiavelli,几天以前我基于马基雅弗利的《王子》出版了一个录像,and every time I make a like that,每次制作那种录像的时候,I expect a particular type of comment and Im usually never disappointed.都期待能有一些很特别的,而且通常情况下也从来没有失望过。The comment goes more or less something like this, ;This is stupid, I don’t like Machiavelli…;都差不多都是,“这太愚蠢了,我不喜欢马基雅弗利…”Now… The topic of discussion might be something very complex like,现在可能讨论一些非常复杂的话题,诸如;Is it beneficial for a prince to learn how not to be good,;“对于王子来说,学着如何不友好,是很有益处的吗,”which is a really good and a relevant question,这是个非常好的而且也相关的问题,but what do you have to do to answer that question?但是你要怎么来回答这个问题呢?You have to think a lot, you have to analyze the behavior of the people in power throughout history,你需要考虑很多,并分析历史上有权人的行为,and along with endless other considerations you have to dedicate a lot of time and mental energy to it.以及其他一些需要花费大量时间和精力的无尽的考虑。Now… Why would our brains want to waste energy like that?为什么我们要在那种事情上浪费精力呢?So what do we do instead? We ask a simpler question…所以可以用什么替代呢?问一个更简单的问题…And the question is, ;Do I like Machiavelli or not?;问题就是,“我是否喜欢马基雅弗利?”And if the answer to that is, ;No, I don’t like Machiavelli,;如果是,“我不喜欢他,”then well take that answer and turn it into,然后我们会把那个转变成,;Well, it turns out that its not beneficial for a prince to learn how not to be good.;“对于王子来说学着变坏是没有益处的。”But notice how the two questions literally have nothing to do with each other.但是请注意这两个问题字面上没有任何关联。Whether you like Machiavelli or not has absolutely nothing to do with the original topic of discussion.是否喜欢马基雅弗利,和最初的讨论话题没有任何关联。And we tend to do this with all kinds of complex questions we have to answer in life.对于生活中各种各样的复杂问题,我们都倾向于那么做。So the first big idea is to realize our tendency to replace complex questions with easier, irrelevant questions所以第一点就是意识到我们倾向于用简单且不相关的问题来替换复杂的问题,and thereby reduce our ridiculous biases caused by cognitive ease.从而减少由于认知易用性而引起的荒唐偏见。A few days ago, I was talking to my friend whos really into coconut oil.几天以前和一个朋友聊天,他很喜欢椰子油。And he started to tell me how great it is, and how its the best thing in the world,就告诉我椰子油多么多么好,是世界上最好的东西,and I dont know much about coconut oil so I said, ;Thats pretty cool. Why is it so good?;我不太了解椰子油,所以我就说,“太酷了,它为什么那么好呢?”And he just had absolutely no idea. So I said, ;Okay, cool… Why dont we just research it?;他完全解释不了。我就说,“好吧…为什么不搜一下呢?”So I get on my computer and type in something like, ;Is coconut oil good for you?;我就在电脑上输入,“椰子油对你有好处吗?”And Im not even done typing when he yells,我还没有输完,他就开始大叫,;Look! I found a study that says its good for you.; So I thought,“瞧,这个研究说椰子油是有好处的。”我就想,;Hmm… That was pretty fast…;“嗯…这也太快了吧…”And I go over there and I take a look at the article我过去看了一下那篇文章,and it was citing this study that literally had nothing to do with它引用的这个研究,从字面上看whether coconut oil is good for you or not.和椰子油是否对你有好处一点关系都没有。But I also clicked on his search tab and guess what he had searched for?但是我点了他的搜索标签想看看他是搜的什么?He had searched for, ;Why coconut oil is good for you.;他搜的是,“为什么椰子油对你有好处。”And that is what we tend to do with everything in our life.这就是我们在生活中的做事倾向。If you care about searching for truth and dont want to live in some fantasy world,如果你专注于探索真理,不想生活在虚幻的世界里,instead of typing in, ;Why coconut oil is good for you,; type in ;Is coconut oil good for you?;就输入“椰子油对你有好处吗?”,而不是输入“椰子油为什么对你有好处。”If youre Mormon and you care about searching for truth,如果你是门教徒,并很在意寻求真理,stop typing in, ;Why Joseph Smith is the best thing that happened to humanity.;就不要输入,“为什么约瑟夫·史密斯的思想是人类的精华。”Instead, type in ;I would like to learn more about Joseph Smith.;而是输入“我希望更多的了解约瑟夫·史密斯。”And I guarantee you those two will give you very different results.我保这两种问法会给出截然不同的。So remember, if searching for truth is what you care about,所以请记住,如果你所在乎的是寻找真理,realize how susceptible we are to confirmation bias就要意识到我们是多么容易受到确认偏误的影响。and dont answer the question before youve even started your research.而且不要在调查之前就做出回答。Now a lot of people watching this are probably thinking, ;Heh, stupid Mormons… Yeah,看这个视频的很多人可能会想,“多么愚蠢的门教徒…lets all make fun of how easily they’ll fall for bullshit and how stupid they are,;我们应该嘲笑他们有多么容易相信鬼话,多么的愚蠢,”but chances are that you yourself might be catholic,但是你可能是天主教徒,or whatever else but lets just pick the Catholics.或者是其他的教派,就选天主教徒吧。For those of us who arent catholic, your beliefs are just as childish and ridiculous.对于不是天主教徒的人来说,你的信仰就很幼稚和荒唐。For those of us who arent catholic, the idea of giving our time and money对于不是天主教徒的人来说,把我们的时间和金钱给那些to some guy wearing a dress and a ridiculous hat because that somehow makes him important is just as crazy.因为穿着裙子、戴着荒唐的帽子而显得很重要的人是很疯狂的。So how can we look at something and think that its so ridiculous,所以我们要怎样来看待某件事并且断定它很荒唐呢,but not be able to see it if its our own? Its called the endowment effect.那么轮到我们自己的时候,我们为什么会认为某件事很荒唐却又不自知呢?这就是所谓的禀赋效应。We value things highly just because theyre ours.我们觉得某物有价值仅仅是因为那是我们自己的东西。If you have a car that youre trying to sell,如果你想卖掉自己的车,youll think that it should cost a lot more than if you werent the owner and you were actually trying to buy it yourself.你会认为它的价值比你作为买主去买这辆车高的多。So the third big idea is to become aware of our endowment bias.所以第三点就是意识到我们的禀赋偏见。So ask yourself with everything in life including religion,所以思考一下你的生活中包括宗教在内的一切事情,do you really think your religion is the best because you actually searched for truth你真的觉得你的宗教是最好的,without confirmation bias or all the other biases and came to that conclusion,是因为你在没有任何偏见的前提下探寻真理并得出了这个结论,or is it because its just your religion?还是仅仅因为它就是你的宗教信仰?Do you really think that Nicaragua is the best country in the world because it really is,你认为尼加拉瓜是世界上最好的地方是因为它真的是最好的,or could it possibly be due to the fact that you just happened to be born there?还是由于你碰巧出生在那里所以才那么认为的?So the 3 big ideas are…所以三种想法…1. Cognitive ease. We have to stop replacing complex questions with easier ones1.认知易用性。如果想要少一点的偏见,我们就不要that are irrelevant if we want to be less biased.用简单且不相关的问题来代替复杂的问题。2. Confirmation bias. We have to stop starting out with an answer before weve even asked the question.确认偏误。在提问问题之前,不要先给出。3. And the endowment effect. We have to stop thinking that something is great just because its ours.禀赋效应。我们不能因为某件东西是我们自己的,就觉得它是好的。Maybe Nicaragua really is the best country in the world and you just happened to be born there,可能尼加拉瓜真的世界上最好的国家,而你又恰巧出生在那里,or maybe its a little more likely that youre just biased because of the endowment effect.也有一点点可能是你因为禀赋效应而产生的偏见。201706/515274大理医学院附属医院网上预约电话 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447621鹤庆县人民医院引产多少钱

大理市妇幼保健院专家预约原味人文风情:We made an incredible, moldable, indestructible material. But when we dump it, it doesnt go away. Now one truck of it ends up in our oceans every minute. Its killing sea life. The fish eat the trash; then we eat the fish. Were feeding ourselves our own garbage, and its now in our bloodstreams. Weve got to avoid plastic; weve got to get it out of the ocean and reuse it.我们制造出一种不可思议、可随意塑形、坚不可摧的材料。但当我们将之丢弃时,它并不会消失。现在每分钟有一卡车的塑料最后进到我们的海洋。那正在扼杀海洋生命。鱼吃垃圾;然后我们再吃鱼。我们用自己造的垃圾喂养自己,而那现在流在我们的血液中。我们必须避免塑料;我们必须将它从海洋中清出,然后重新利用。Look. What if we took some trash and made a sports shoe out of it? And then we made a million more from 11 million plastic bottles? What if that was just the start? And what if everyone did that?听着。假如我们用一些垃圾,然后用那做出运动鞋会发生什么事呢?接着我们用一千一百万罐保特瓶再做一百万只运动鞋?要是那只是起点而已呢?如果每个人都那样做会怎样?201702/490829 Hi, there. Welcome to EngVid. Today, we are looking at how to maximize your points on IELTS speaking tests, in particular one and three.大家好,欢迎来到EngVid。今天我们要来看一看能够给你们的雅思口语考试最大限度加分的几种方法,尤其是针对口语考试的第一部分和第三部分。Im going to be giving you some very valuable tips for how to make the most and how to do your very best in these tests.我会分享一些非常有用的窍门,教你们如何在这些考试中做到最好。So what do you need to do? You need to answer with a little bit more detail.那么你们需要怎么做呢?你们需要在回答问题的时候,多加入一些细节。You need to extend your answers a little bit, okay? Answer the question that they ask.稍微延伸一下你们的。具体地回答考官所提的问题。Okay. It doesnt matter if you prepare something and they dont -- they ask a question that your answer is no good for, drop it.如果你们事先准备的,他们不......如果你们准备的不适用于考官所提的问题,那也没有关系,把准备好的忘掉。You have to make an effort to answer their question.你们一定要努力地回答好考官提出的问题。Now, today, were gonna be looking at using some relative pronouns and some relative adverbs to lengthen out your sentences a little bit, okay?今天,我们要用几个关系代词和关系副词来把句子变长一些。So extending your answers, answering the question.所以,请用扩展后的来回答问题。As you may be aware, IELTS speaking tests one and three, theyre particularly looking for you to give information about yourself, to tell people about yourself, okay?你们也许注意到了,在雅思口语考试的第一和第三部分,考官们特别希望你们能够介绍一下自己,告诉他们一些你们的情况。So Im saying that these pronouns and adverbs are gonna be particularly helpful.所以这些关系代词和关系副词将会特别有用。So these pronouns you put in the middle of sentences to continue the sentence and give a bit more information.这些关系代词是用在句子中间起连接作用的,同时我们也用它们来增加一些信息。So youd use ;who; to describe people.在描述人的时候,可以用关系代词; who;。;The person I met who is a shopkeeper; -- ;The person I went to school with who is now a famous movie star; -- okay?比如; The person I met who is a shopkeeper;(我碰见的那个人是个商店老板),; The person I went to school with who is now a famous movie star; (以前跟我一起上学的那个人,现在成了一位著名影星)。So ;who;, when youre giving more information about the person, okay, whos doing something, whos the subject. Okay?所以,如果你们要讲述关于某个人的一些情况,就用; who;,知道了吗?某个人在做什么之类的。这里的; who; 指的就是主语。You can also use ;whom;, but its not so common, ;whom; would be the indirect version of this, someone whos not doing something.你们还可以用; whom;,但是; whom;并不是很常用,; whom;是; who;的宾格形式,不能在句子中充当主语。Now, youd use ;that; when youre describing things. Okay?在描述事物的时候,可以用关系代词; that;。;I went to Bath on Saturday that was a fantastic place to visit.; Okay? So Im describing the activity of going to a place. Okay?比如 ; I went to Bath on Saturday that was a fantastic place to visit. ; (我周六去了巴斯,那是个游玩的好地方),在这里,我描述的是去某个地方这种活动。Bath itself. Okay? So its a proper noun.是巴斯这个地方,这是一个专有名词。;Which; I can throw in there when I want to also describe things in a non-defining clause sense.在非限制性从句中描述事物的时候,可以用关系代词; which;。;The film which I saw on Saturday was really good.; Okay? You can get some more information on this on another one of our s.比如 ;The film which I saw on Saturday was really good.;(我星期六看的那部电影非常棒),你们可以在我们网站的另一个视频里找到更多关于; which;的用法。;Whose; when Im describing a possession. So, ;The car I drove whose owner was Charlie.; -- okay?在描述所有权时,可以使用; whose;。比如 ;The car I drove whose owner was Charlie.; (我开的那辆车是Charlie的)。So Im describing an element of possession. Okay?在这里我描述的是为某人所有的一个东西。Now, looking onto the relative adverbs. I can use ;when; when Im talking about times.下面我们再来看看关系副词。当我们讨论时间的时候,可以使用关系副词; when;。;I went to school when I was aged 13 to 18.; Yeah?比如 ;I went to school when I was aged 13 to 18.; (我13到18岁的时候都在上学)。I can use ;where; when Im talking about the place that something happens.在讨论某件事发生的地点时,可以用关系副词; where;。So ;I went to the actors temple, where I learnt a lot about acting.; Okay? So giving more information about that particular place.比如 ;I went to the actors temple, where I learnt a lot about acting.;(我去了电影学院,在那儿学到了很多关于表演的知识)。我们用; where;来描述关于这个特定地点的更多信息。And I can use ;why; ,I mean, ;why; normally results in a question.还有关系副词; why;,它一般用来引导疑问句。Its difficult to include ;why; and then end in a full stop.我们很少把; why; 用在肯定句中。um...So you could say, ;I decided to cross the road today. Why do you think that is? Well, I went to go and buy some food.;举个例子来说,;I decided to cross the road today. Why do you think that is? Well, I went to go and buy some food.; (我今天去了马路对面。你觉得我为什么这么做呢?我去买了一些食物)。Now, Im gonna put some examples here and to show you, you know, how we can use these.我会在这儿放几个例句来告诉你们应该怎么使用这些词。;I went to school with Charlie who; -- okay, so now the next bit gives more information about the person, okay?;I went to school with Charlie who;-- (我跟Charlie一起去的学校,他......)那么,剩下的句子就会对这个人做一些描述。-- ;the man who helped me pass my driving test who; -- so Im giving even more information about this person, what, he lives in a place in the north of England.-- ;the man who helped me pass my driving test who;(这个帮我通过驾照考试的人,他......)那么接下来我会继续给出关于这个人的一些信息, 比如,他住在英格兰北部的一个地方。;I enjoyed playing; -- ;I played football at school, which was fun.; So ;which; there is talking about, you know, the activity as I mentioned here.;I enjoyed playing; -- ;I played football at school, which was fun.;(我喜欢玩......我在学校的时候踢过足球,非常有趣),那么这里的; which; 就是用来描述我提到过的这项活动的。And ;The teacher whose expertise; -- so Im talking about the skill that that teacher had. Possessive, okay? -- ;the teacher whose expertise helped me pass my exam.;还有;The teacher whose expertise;(这位老师的专长......)我在这里讨论的就是这位老师拥有的技能。所有权,还记得吗?-- ;the teacher whose expertise helped me pass my exam.; (这位老师的技能帮助我通过了考试)。Now, I hope Ive shed a little light. I know some of these might be unfamiliar to you.希望以上这些能让你们对关系从句有了一点了解。我知道这其中有些用法你们可能不太熟悉。Should we just have a quick recap of this?那我们再来简要地概括一下。So Im gonna use ;who; when Im describing people. ;The person I went to school with, who is now doing well.;在描述人的时候,可以使用; who;。比如 ;The person I went to school with, who is now doing well.; (曾经跟我一起上学的那个人现在过得很好)。;The person I met at the shop, who was a very nice person.; Okay?;The person I met at the shop, who was a very nice person.; (我在商店遇到的那个人,是个很和善的人)So these are kind of small little chunks that you kind of put on to the end of the sentence. Yeah?这些就是一般可以增加在句尾的小语块。;The place that I went today was really great.; So ;that I went today; is the extra bit of information.;The place that I went today was really great.; (我今天去的那个地方非常棒),所以, ;that I went today;就是我额外添加的信息。;Which; -- ;The sandwich, which I had at lunch, was really good.; So ;had at lunch; is that little bit more information.接下来是; which;,;The sandwich, which I had at lunch, was really good.; (我中午吃的那个三明治很好吃),那么, ;had at lunch; 就是增加的一点信息。;The car, whose owner I really like, was very good to drive.; So if youve got a sentence, youre putting in a little bit more information here, and then finishing it here, okay?;The car, whose owner I really like, was very good to drive.; (我很喜欢的那个人的车,非常好开)。所以,在一个句子里面,你们可以在这里添加一些信息,然后在这个部分把它结束。;The car, whose owner I really like, drives fast.; Okay? So youd separate it with two commas.;The car, whose owner I really like, drives fast.;(我很喜欢的那个人的车,开起来很快)。在这个句子里,要用两个逗号把各个部分分开。Now, dont worry if youre a little bit confused by this because you can now refer to a very clear quiz that Ive created on engvid.com that should test you with these key words and make sure that youve really cemented it, made certain of these words for yourself.如果你们被这些句子弄得有点糊涂了,也别担心,因为我在engvid.com这个网站上上传了一个非常简单易懂的小测验,你们可以把它作为参考,这个小测验能够测试你们这些关键词,以及确认你们有没有真的记牢、弄懂这些知识点。So please now go to the engvid.com website and check out the quiz if youre not aly there.如果你们不是在engvid.com上看的这个视频,那就快去engvid网站上看看那个小测验吧。And hopefully, my answers will make all this a little bit more clear for you.希望我的能让你们对这些知识点更清楚一些。Do feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and Id love you also to check out my Exquisite English page.你们可以订阅我的YouTube频道,也可以去我的英文主页上看看。Thank you for watching today, and I just hope that using these key little words will help you get that extra bit more information. Well done. Goodbye.谢谢你们的观看,我希望通过使用这些重要的小单词能够帮助你们弄懂那些额外的信息。辛苦啦,再见。201706/515546大理妇产科医院有哪些大理做四维彩超检查



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