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郑州/直二院打瘦脸针多少钱It seems like a happy relationship should come naturally when you’re with the right person, but that’s not true. Relationships require work. Happy couples have to maintain their relationships every day with love and care, but it’s not as daunting of a task as it may seem. There’s no real “secret” to having a happy relationship, but there are things you can do to make it all come more easily. Try to integratethese habits into your daily life and see how much happier your relationship can be.貌似只要遇到对的人,恋爱自然而然就会幸福。但其实事情并不是这样的。恋爱需要经营。幸福恋人也得每天用爱心和关心去维系彼此的关系。不过,维持爱情也没有看上去的那么困难。其实,拥有甜蜜恋爱并没有什么“秘密”可言,不过你确实可以采取行动让一切变得更顺利。尝试在日常生活中养成以下习惯,看看你的恋爱会变得有多甜蜜吧!1. Go to bed at the same time.1. 同一时间上床睡觉。I used to think it was silly to want to go to bed at the same time as my partner, but it does wonders for your relationship! If one of us stays up later than the other, our whole evening feels off. There’s something cozy about sliding under the covers together, talking about what happened during the day or what’s on the list for tomorrow. My fiancéworks the night shift, and without realizing it, my schedule also changed until I was a night owl, doing my freelancework during the late hours while he was at his job. When he came home early in the morning, I’d go to bed with him just to get that connection you can only get from sleeping and waking up together.我以前觉得跟爱人同时间上床睡觉完全扯淡,但其实这真的有助于彼此关系哦!要是有一个人熬夜,那两个人的晚上就毁了。两个人盖上被子一起躺着聊聊白天发生的事情或第二天有什么计划,真是莫大的惬意啊。我的未婚夫要倒晚班,然后不知不觉中,我竟也跟着变成夜猫子,在他上班的时间熬夜赶兼职工作了。当他早上下班回来,我才会跟他一起上床睡觉,这样就可以亲亲密密地同睡同醒啦。 /201512/413796郑州金水区美白针多少钱When I was doing my medical training nearly 20 years ago, there were two kinds of residents: those who were planning on specializing in oncology and those who couldn’t tolerate the subject for even a month. One night when I was on call, I worked with someone in the second camp. He told me about a patient of his, an elderly woman with pancreatic cancer that had grown into her bile duct and metastasized through her intestinal tract. She had been through several rounds of chemotherapy without success and was y to quit treatment, but was afraid to tell her oncologist. “She told me, ‘I don’t want him to think I’m giving up,’” my colleague said, obviously disgusted that she didn’t feel comfortable speaking freely about her goals.近20年前,我还在接受医学培训,那时有两种不同类型的住院医生:一种人立志献身于肿瘤学,而另一种人却连专注这个专业哪怕一个月的时间也无法忍受。有一天晚上正值我当班,我和另一个人一起工作。他给我讲了他的一名患者的故事:那是个患有胰腺癌的老年妇女,癌症已经扩散到了胆管,并经由肠道转移了。她接受过数轮化疗都没有成功。她打算放弃治疗,却不敢对她的肿瘤医师明言。“她跟我说:‘我不想让他觉得我放弃了,’ ”我的同事说,语气中很明显地透露出他对她不能自在地抒发心愿而感到不快。He encouraged her to choose hospice care. Two weeks later, he said to me, his patient’s hospice aide came up to him on the ward. “She told me that my patient made her promise that the day she died, she would come find me and tell me. She said my patient wanted to thank me for encouraging her to die the way she wanted to.”他鼓励她选择临终关怀,两周后,她的临终关怀助理来到他负责的病房。“她(那助理)告诉我,她是应那患者的要求而来:她答应会在她死去的那天来找我,并给我带话。她说,我的患者很感激我对她的鼓励,这才让她得以按照自己希望的方式死去。”I thought of this story at various points while ing “The Death of Cancer,” Vincent DeVita Jr.’s fascinating if hubristically titled new book, co-authored with his daughter, Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn, a science writer. Today, more than four after President Nixon declared war on cancer and with so many new weapons in our arsenal supported by big budgets and a decidedly aggressive posture, when is it O.K. to give up? When is it best ? 我在读小文森特·德维塔(Vincent DeVita Jr)和女儿——科普作家伊丽莎白·德维塔-雷伯恩(Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn)合著、书名狂妄的趣作《癌症之死》(The Death of Cancer)的过程中,这个故事不时地在我脑海中浮现。今天,距离尼克松总统向癌症宣战已有四十多年,秉持果断进取的姿态,借助雄厚资金的持,我们已经拥有了很多对抗癌症的“新武器”, 那么,到什么地步放弃治疗才不会感到遗憾?何时才是宣布投降的最佳时机?DeVita himself has been one of the top commanders in this war. He was in the vanguard of chemotherapists, engineering the first cure for Hodgkin’s disease and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Later, he was director of the National Cancer Institute, physician in chief at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan and president of the American Cancer Society.德维塔本人一直是抗癌战争的最高指挥官之一。他是资深的化疗专家,参与创建了第一个可治愈霍奇金淋巴瘤和弥漫性大B细胞淋巴瘤的疗法。后来,他担任了美国国家癌症研究所(National Cancer Institute)的主任,曼哈顿纪念斯隆-凯特琳癌症中心(Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)的主任医师,以及美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)的主席。In DeVita’s telling, we are winning this war. Childhood leukemias are now almost completely curable. Death rates for almost all types of cancers are steadily decreasing. We have an array of new biological molecules and immunotherapies that put the old slash-and-burn cancer drugs to shame. When he says, “We have the tools to eradicate cancer,” he is someone we should listen to.按照德维塔的话来说,我们正在赢得这场战争。小儿白血病现在基本上已经可以完全治愈。几乎所有类型的癌症的死亡率都在稳步下降。我们如今拥有众多足以令旧的“刀耕火种”型癌症药物汗颜的新型生物分子和免疫疗法。所以,他说“我们已经掌握了根除癌症的工具”,这话当然有很高的可信度。At this point many doctors would advocate a purely palliative approach, but not DeVita. Early in his career, he writes, he learned a “profound” lesson: “never to give up on anyone.” He finds another treatment, an experimental vaccine and a monoclonal antibody, but Lee has severe side effects. He is then put into another study, but the experimental treatment fails to achieve remission. By then the cancer has sp to his lungs and bones. He is given another experimental drug but develops severe diarrhea as a side effect. He becomes dehydrated and has to be admitted to the hospital, where an oncologist decides to try another combination of drugs, a decision DeVita calls “courageous.”到了这个时候,很多医生会建议患者接受姑息疗法,但德维塔并没有这样做。他写道,在他的职业生涯早期,他就已得到了“深刻的”教训:“永远不要轻易放弃任何人。”他又找到了其他的治疗方法:一种实验性疫苗和一种单克隆抗体,但李先生出现了严重的副作用。然后,李先生又参与了一项别的研究,但该实验性治疗也未能缓解其病情。此时,癌细胞已经扩散到了他的肺部和骨骼。他接受了另一种实验性药物,可副作用又来了:他严重腹泻,因为脱水,他只能入院治疗。医院的肿瘤科医生决定再试试另一种药物组合,连德维塔都称这一决定“勇气可嘉”。Lee’s cancer is kept at bay for almost a year, but it recurs with a vengeance. However, DeVita isn’t done. He tries to get Lee one more experimental drug, abiraterone, but the company that manufactures it and guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration refuse to allow it to be used in patients with prostate cancer that is so far advanced. Without further options, Lee is finally admitted into hospice care and dies two weeks later at home. “It was awful to watch,” DeVita writes. “I kept thinking about the treatments Lee didn’t get.”李先生的癌症得到了控制,可惜还不到一年,它再度爆发了。德维塔仍不肯就此罢休。他试图让李先生再试用一种新的实验性药物——阿比特龙(abiraterone),但生产该药物的公司和美国食品和药品监督(Food and Drug Administration)的指南都不允许将其用于终末期前列腺癌患者。此时李先生终于别无选择,只得转入临终关怀机构,两周后在家中去世。“目睹这一切真让人难受,”德维塔写道,“我一直对李先生没能获得的治疗念念不忘。”Despite my uneasiness with DeVita’s take-no-prisoners strategy, I thoroughly enjoyed his book. He gives an authoritative review of the history of surgery and radiation therapy. His depictions of the behind-the-scenes search for new cancer drugs and the turf wars between radiation, surgical and medical oncologists are dishy and fascinating. He tells many poignant anecdotes, like one about a 10-year-old cancer patient who gives DeVita a 50-cent piece because he puts in her intravenous line on the first try. Ultimately, DeVita ably shows that the development of oncology as a modern specialty is a very human story.尽管德维塔绝不罢休的治疗策略让我不太舒,但我还是非常喜欢他的这本书。他对手术和放疗的历史做出了权威的回顾,介绍了寻找新型抗癌药物的幕后故事,描写了放疗、外科和内科肿瘤学家间的激烈交锋,读来引人入胜。他讲述了许多令人心痛的往事,譬如一个10岁的癌症患者曾经给他50美分,因为他在给她静脉注射扎针时一次就成功了。总而言之,德维塔精妙的文笔,让你觉得自己并非是在阅读肿瘤学作为一门现代专业的发展历程,而是在聆听一个非常人性化的故事。But in the end I would have liked to see more about palliative care: when to give up the good fight. In the case of his friend, DeVita writes that a study published two years after Lee died showed that patients with advanced prostate cancer treated with abiraterone were living longer. He calls it a “near miss” — if Lee had lived two more years, he could have been one of those patients. But he doesn’t mention that the abiraterone-treated patients lived only 3.9 months longer than they otherwise would have.只是归根结底,我还是希望能看到更多关于姑息治疗的内容,譬如,什么时候可以放弃与癌症战斗?以他的朋友为例,德维塔在书中写道,在李先生去世两年后发表的一项研究显示,接受阿比特龙治疗的晚期前列腺癌患者生存期较长。他感叹这“真是缘悭一线”——倘若李先生当初能够挺过两年以上的时间,他本可以成为这些患者中的一员。可是他并没有提到,接受阿比特龙治疗的患者也仅比不治疗多活了3.9个月而已。 /201601/419671河南第一附属医院做丰胸手术价钱费用

郑州祛痘费用河南省郑州华山整形美容医院治疗褐青色痣怎么样Adults often find surprising subtexts in children’s literature – but are they really there? Hephzibah Anderson delves into the world of Freud and fairy tales.成年读者经常能在儿童读物中发现令人意想不到的潜台词——但这些潜台词真的存在吗?赫弗齐芭褠德森深入探究了弗洛伊德理论和童话世界。——编者按It’s easy to poke fun at some of these outlandish ings. Could they perhaps be the products of parents so addled by a text that, following their umpteenth nightly recital, the words start acting like one of those magic-eye images? Stare at them long enough and sense will materialise. Or nonsense. How else could a 22-page picture book like The Very Hungry Caterpillar yield capitalist, Christian, feminist, Marxist, queer and anti-liberal messages?这些古怪的解读很容易被人嘲笑。它们可能只是床头故事而已——在儿时无数次的夜里,孩子在父母柔和的朗读声中展开魔幻的幻象。盯着这些幻象,越能感觉它们的实在。又或者,这是都是扯淡。难道说只有22页的画册《好饿的毛毛虫》能够包含所有资本主义者、基督教徒、女权主义、马克思主义者、同性恋者和反自由主义者的信息?“I don’t think you can ever dig too deeply for meaning,” says Dr Alison Waller, Senior Lecturer at the University of Roehampton’s National Centre of Research for Children’s Literature. Her favourite class involves applying psychoanalytical theory to Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea, resulting in some decidedly Oedipal interpretations of that big cat and his relationship to the family.“;我认为你不能太过于深挖儿童文学的深层含义。”艾莉森·沃特士说道。她是罗汉普顿大学国家儿童文学研究中心的高级讲师。她最喜欢的课程是用心理分析理论来解读朱迪思·克尔的《老虎来喝下午茶》,并从老虎和它的家庭关系中得出了一些恋母情结的结论。 /201511/4088901.Malatang (numb, spicy soup)1.麻辣烫A humble version of hotpot, you pick your own skewered vegetables and meat from the shelf, and get staff to boil them together in chicken or pork broth.一只其貌不扬的辣锅,货架上有各种串好的蔬菜和肉类任君选择,然后让店里的务员来帮你用鸡肉或猪肉熬制的高汤将这些食材一起煮沸。2.Sheng jian (fried bun)2.生煎包It#39;s hard to resist succulent pork buns, especially when they are fried and garnished with fresh spring onion and toasted sesame.多汁的猪肉包精心煎炸,加上新鲜的小葱末和炒过的熟芝麻,真是一种难以拒绝的美味!They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth the blisters on your tongue.刚出锅的生煎包风味最佳——完全值得你舌头上烫口的刺痛。3.Xiaolongbao (soup dumpling)3.小笼包RMB 4 usually gets you eight of these velvety and delicate Shanghai classics. The cure for any hunger pang, these are seriously good.只需4元钱就可以买到8只这样口感醇香,质地绵软的沪上名吃。对任何一个饥肠辘辘的吃货,这都是非常好的选择。4.Cong You Bing (green onion pancake)4.葱油饼The best green onion pancakes are cooked up by little old grannies who get up at 6 a.m. to cook, knead and slap these petite bing in the city#39;s many longtangs.最好的葱油饼都是身材娇小的大妈做出来的。她们清早六点起床张罗,揉面,摔饼,在这个城市大大小小的弄堂里都能找到这种小小的中式面饼。5.Tofu flower soup5.豆腐花Made by curdling soy milk, this smooth tofu soup contains the subtle flavor of soybeans beneath a colorful mixed dressing of dried shrimps, pickled radish, seaweed, scallion, soy sauce and chili oil.豆腐花是凝固的豆奶制成的,入口即化,含着大豆的柔和清香,上面撒着五缤纷的什锦配料,有干虾皮,酸萝卜,海带,小葱,酱油,还有辣椒油。6.Stinky tofu6.臭豆腐You know you are becoming a true Chinese when you start craving stinky tofu.当你开始为臭臭的豆腐垂涎的时候,你就会知道你已经是一个真正的中国人了。Once we got over the initial shock of the stench of the snack we found the tofu clean and silky. And four for just RMB 1 -- we#39;d be crazy not to love these.一开始我们是惊奇的,这种小吃气味奇丑,豆腐却是干净卫生,口感丝滑的。四只臭豆腐才1块钱——如果我们不爱上它一定是傻掉了。7.Hong shan yu (baked sweet potato)7.烤红薯Sweet, fluffy, and fibrous, these baked sweet potatoes are a nice contrast to most cheap eats in China. Usually sold out of a pushcart, they are one of the healthiest snacks in town.口感香甜,质地松软,丝丝缕缕,这种烤红薯如此美妙,与中国其他的便宜街边小吃都不一样。这种烤红薯一般都是手推车贩卖的,曾经这就是小巷里最健康的零嘴。8.Kebabs8.烤串Few things taste better at four in the morning than a few grilled kebabs. Our favorite is of course the yang rou chuan (羊肉串) -- lamb kebabs.凌晨四点来几串串烤的烤肉,很少有其他东西能睥睨它的滋味。我们最喜欢的当然是羊肉串——用羊肉做成的烧烤。9.Liang pi (cold jelly noodles)9.凉皮Having grown in popularity across the Middle Kingdom, Shaanxi liang pi has established itself as the perfect summer lunch or a snack.凉皮在中部地区已是名声大燥。陕西凉皮被认为是最完美的消暑午餐或零食。Dress the chunky, chewy jelly noodles and fresh vegetables with sesame sauce, vinegar, and chili oil, and then sprinkle some toasted peanuts and sesame for the final touch. Voila.造型粗厚,口感柔韧的米粉条,新鲜的蔬菜,加上芝麻酱,香醋和辣椒油,最后撒上一点炒熟的花生和芝麻,这就完成了。棒棒哒!10.Xun yu (smoked fish)10.熏鱼Deep-fried then boiled in soy sauce, this fish dish can be eaten as a starter in traditional festival banquets or simply as a snack when you#39;re out and about.这种熏鱼是油炸而成的,然后在酱油里煮沸,在传统的节日宴席上这常常是一道开胃菜。或者你外出旅行的时候也可以把它当做零食。 /201601/422897河南省中医院做去眼袋手术多少钱郑州/哪家医院治疗黑痣

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