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Allen Cook and his daughter Melissa were renovating her house in Westfield, New Jersey, last week when they found a crack in one of the ceilings. What they discovered within turned out to be part of a beautiful, heartwarming love story.上周,在阿伦·库克和他的女儿梅利莎重新装修他们位于新泽西韦斯特菲尔德的一座房子时,他们在其中一个天花板中发现了一条裂缝,并居然在里面发现了一个美丽、感人的爱情故事。;The envelope was old and yellow. It has never been opened. It was unbelievable when my son-in-law started ing it. In the letter she was talking about the baby she was going to have,; Allen Cook told CNN.阿伦·库克在接受CNN采访时表示:“信封已陈旧、发黄。这封信从未被打开过。当我的女婿开始读这封信时,这简直令人难以置信。在信中,一个女孩提到自己将生孩子了。”The story -- which could be straight out of a great movie plot about love and its mysterious ways -- begins in 1945.这个故事开始于1945年,其中的爱情及其神秘的出场方式简直可与电影大片的情节相媲美。Dated May 4 of that year, the typed letter was written by a woman named Virginia to her husband, Rolf Christoffersen. At the time, he was a sailor in the Norwegian navy.1945年5月4日,一位名叫维吉妮的女子打印了这封信,她是写给自己的丈夫罗尔夫·克里斯托弗森的。罗尔夫那时是挪威海军士兵。The envelope was marked ;return to sender; and never found its way to her husband -- until last week. Allen#39;s daughter used the Internet to find the phone number of someone named Rolf Christoffersen and gave him a call, leading her to his son in Santa Barbara, California.信封上印着“退给寄件人”,也就是说直到上个星期这封信都未能成功寄给她的丈夫。随后,阿伦的女儿在网上找到了一个名叫罗尔夫·克里斯托弗森的人的电话,并给他致电,这样才找到了他在加州圣巴巴拉市的儿子。;Someone called me at my office. They just Googled my name because I have the same name as my father. Melissa asked me where I grew up and I told her. She told me she had the letter. This is how I found out,; Christoffersen#39;s son, 66, told CNN.罗尔夫的儿子今年已经66岁了,他向CNN透露:“有人打到办公室来找我。他们在谷歌上找到了我,因为我的名字和父亲一样。梅利莎问我是在哪儿长大的,我告诉了她,她说她手上有一封信。这样我就明白了。”The younger Christoffersen wasn#39;t yet born when his mother Virginia wrote the letter, but he says her words are very special to him. His mother, who died six years ago, wrote about her love for her husband.当他的母亲维吉妮写这封信时,小克里斯托弗森还没有出生。不过他表示,母亲的信对他来说非常特别。他的母亲于六年前去世,在这封信中表达了对父亲的爱。;I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun, and that is what you are for my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me,; she wrote.信中是这样写的:“我爱你,罗尔夫,就像我爱暖暖的太阳,你就是我的生命中的太阳,其他所有一切都围绕着太阳而转。”Seventy-two years later, her words were finally heard by her husband.72年后,她的这些话语终于被丈夫听到了。Christoffersen immediately called his father, who is now 96 and also lives in California, and the letter to him over the phone.小克里斯托弗森马上打电话给96岁的父亲,他现在也在加州住,并在电话中将这封信读给父亲听。;I was so surprised after all these years. I was very happy to find out that a letter like that existed. I am still very emotional,; the elder Christoffersen told CNN.老克里斯托弗森告诉CNN:“在经历这么多年后,我感到非常惊喜,还有这样一封情书存在,我真的非常高兴。到现在我还非常激动。” /201705/510155I told you the glass door was a stupid idea...跟你说了装玻璃门是一个蠢主意你就是不听(飞行中的鸟对透明的玻璃往往会毫无觉察)…… /201702/492243

I have had my fair share of bad first dates - I could probably write a full-length novel comparable to the size of Bible. But in all the first dates I#39;ve been on - almost all of which have been laughably unsuccessful - I have learned a lot. I mean, like, a lot. I#39;ve become an encyclopedia of reasons not to accept a second date with someone.我有很多次糟糕的约会——这些约会都够我写一本与《圣经》一样厚的长篇小说了。但在所有的首次约会中——几乎所有的首次约会都是可笑的失败——我学到了很多东西。我是说真的很多。不与某人进行第二次约会的理由?我就是这方面的百科全书。1. He says things that are degrading to women but, like, just in passing1. 他轻描淡写的说一些有损女性人格的话语This guy that I most recently dumped would refer to me as his ;call girl.; We hadn#39;t even started having sex yet. (Spoiler alert: we never had sex. Ever.) It was like it was his creepy version of a pet name or something. When I told him I didn#39;t like him calling me that, he told me that I should have a better sense of humor. Um, excuse me, Mr. Poop Emoji, but I have a great sense of humor, just no tolerance for behavior that foreshadows an entire relationship reminiscent of a 17th century Puritan guide to marriage.我最近刚刚甩了的那个男生将我称为他的“应召女郎。”我们甚至都还没有发生过关系呢。(剧透:我们从没有发生过关系,从来没有。)就好像这是他宠物名或其它东西的猥琐版。当我和他说我不喜欢他称我为“应召女郎”时,他却对我说你应该更幽默一点。额,不好意思,屎表情先生,我很有幽默感的好嘛,我只是容忍不了你暗示着我们的这段感情将是十七世纪清教徒指导婚姻的行为。2. He claims he never even liked the girl he dated for two years2. 他有个约会两年的子,但他却说自己从来都没有喜欢过她I was on a date with a guy who said this as if it was something he was proud of. So you just strung someone along for two years and made her think that you loved her - for what? Sex? Fun? Providing a red flag for the next girl that comes along? If a guy says this, he is 1) definitely lying, because that#39;s just illogical and 2) not exactly a winning point for his emotional stability.我当时就和这么个男生约会,他对此引以为傲。所以你只是和子谈了两年,让她以为你爱她——为了什么呢?性吗?还是觉得好玩呢?对另一个要和你约会的子发出危险信号?如果一个男生说了这样的话,第一点:他肯定是在撒谎,因为这不合逻辑。第二点:这对于他的情感稳定性并不是个加分点。3. Or talks poorly about any exes in general3. 总的来说会说前女友坏话We all talk smack about our exes. But on the first date? Anytime someone brings up a past relationship out of context on a first date, that#39;s usually a sign that the ex is on their mind . . . meaning he probably isn#39;t over her. But talking badly about an ex shows that this person is not even focused on the date that they#39;re having with you! And you#39;re awesome! And deserve their attention!我们都是会说前任坏话的。但在首次约会时就说?第一次约会,只要他毫无缘由的提出了之前的恋情,这通常表明他还想着前女友、还没有忘记她。但说前女友的坏话就表示这个人根本就没有对这次约会上心!而你是很棒的,是值得他注意的!译文属 /201611/479117

Whether a cup of java will leave you craving more could be chalked up to your genes.一杯咖啡是否会使你上瘾也许是由你的基因决定的。People with a newly identified genetic variant in their DNA, called PDSS2, may be inclined to drink fewer cups of coffee than others, according to a small study published in the journal Scientific Reports.根据发布在《科学报告杂志》上的一项小研究显示:有这种新发现的遗传变异PDSS2基因的人,可能会倾向于比其他人喝更少的咖啡。;I actually was very surprised to find a new gene for coffee consumption,; said Nicola Pirastu, a chancellor#39;s research fellow at the University of Edinburgh#39;s Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, and lead author of the study.爱丁堡大学厄舍学院人口健康科学和信息学研究员,同时他也是这篇研究的主撰写人的尼古拉·皮拉斯图表示:“能找到关于咖啡消费量的新基因真的使我非常惊讶。”;We believe that this PDSS2 genetic variant is impacting coffee drinking through the regulation of the speed at which caffeine is metabolized,; he said. ;It has been observed before that higher levels of PDSS2 inhibits the expression of the genes metabolizing caffeine and thus the speed at which caffeine is degraded.;他说道:“我们认为这种携带PDSS2基因突变是通过咖啡因的常规新陈代谢速度来影响咖啡的饮用量的,我们观察到这种现象是在人体释放更多的PDSS2来抑制咖啡因的代谢之前,因此咖啡因的代谢由此减慢。”About 64% of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.根据2015年的盖洛普调查显示,约有64%的美国成年人每天至少要喝一杯咖啡。For the new study, researchers analyzed medical and genetic data on 370 people from a small village in southern Italy, and 843 people from six villages in northeast Italy.在这项新的研究中,研究者们分析了受调查者的医学和遗传数据,其中370人来自意大利南部的一个小村庄,843人来自意大利北部六个不同的村庄。The researchers discovered that people with the PDSS2 variant reported consuming fewer cups of coffee than people without the variant.研究者发现,体内携带PDSS2基因突变的人会比没有携带这种基因突变的人少喝很多咖啡。When the researchers replicated the study with a group of 1,731 study participants from the Netherlands, they noticed similar results.当研究者们在荷兰对1731名研究对象重复这项研究的时候,他们得出了相似的结果。;This variant is very common, and around 50% of the European population has either one or two copies of it,; Pirastu said. ;More research is needed to determine the variant#39;s prevalence in other populations as well as to clarify its biological link with caffeine.;皮拉斯图说:“这种基因突变很常见,欧洲人口中大约有50%的人有一或两种PDSS2的基因副本。我们需要更多的研究来判定这种记忆变体在其他人口中的广泛性,同时弄清楚这种变体与咖啡因在生物学上的联系。” /201609/465148

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