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@+_q~Rd4)ElUQqI_~O1qP|P(8b#_;-Today in History: Saturday, August 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月25日|L[YrjOr~# MU4~M!!@z_y[Cz3lMUfYOn Aug. 25, 1944, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation.1944年4月25日,巴黎在被纳粹占领四年后被盟军解放_aDZCUJ[34NX。K3.8lSl]~g Us-MoZG%F6[kr61718 Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana, with some of them settling in present-day New Orleans.1718年,数百名法国殖民者抵达路易斯安那州,其中一些人定居在现如今的新奥尔良[[5Yte7Jvi[wPLB2。XvfSBfVIaVqK@-C3; XJgsR4.5Z@Nhb1825 Uruguay declared its independence from Brazil.1825年,乌拉圭从巴西手中宣布独立U|UKtcn,bRDC;。zM!%(#Fh(r5OZCHK -qHhy-XM6Kph,ci%t1875 Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel, traveling from Dover, England, to Calais, France, in 22 hours.1875年,马修·韦伯上尉成为第一个横渡英吉利海峡的人,从英格兰多佛法国到加莱历时22小时ktIe^hVqQzf4|SbZ_C。(P*S;Wp[;e .6YNuokEgL1916 The National Park Service was established within the Department of the Interior.1916年,在内政部下国家公园成立1w-)#dfRAU。yB(kcc;-!3AFLP,, ~Re(|dXWkpdPi@v1921 The ed States signed a peace treaty with Germany.1921年,美国和德国签署和平条约Ki4!4E.C|)e6ylN*ujf。FnK^ty.d6MtmTk ItAt9!GqHl[JmyeKj%KO1950 President Harry S. Truman ordered the Army to seize control of the nation#39;s railroads to avert a strike.1950年,杜鲁门总统下令军队控制国家的铁路以免发生罢工1L!.)xj|p]8x-)n!。qxbq5g~G8)W.8IPq KKMaajeyli]~1975 The album ;Born to Run; by Bruce Springsteen was released.1975年,Bruce Springsteen的专辑《为跑而生》发行hIaTNIMkbQ。iQUQd,m,6(+1PX OAxwMN-,_VB1984 Author Truman Capote was found dead at age 59.1984年,作家杜鲁门·卡波特去世,享年59岁]4HQk6ZL81hpB。)8E!96p%lZ01lD+R ISgz^bj%~DE@^#ZqUT%X1985 Samantha Smith, the schoolgirl whose letter to Soviet leader Yuri V. Andropov resulted in her peace tour of the communist country, was killed with her father in an airplane crash in Maine.1985年,中学女生萨曼莎·史密斯曾致信苏联领导人Yuri V. Andropov获得访问这个共产主义国家的和平之旅,在缅因州和其父亲在一次飞机事故中遇难HEr5D,ba|2!K)!。6F+xE!fh*!.tm|Ts %y#MlhW2RV1997 The tobacco industry agreed to an .3 billion settlement with the state of Florida.1997年,烟草行业同意与佛罗里达州达成一项113亿美元的和解协议ms!~^z-%D~@He0V1。gv+]h+])dxHGhLo ffZ;zTnleHYgpV21998 Former Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell died at age 90.1998年,前最高法院法官路易斯·鲍威尔去世,享年90岁UCsvXpBUtMz9K9p#。)YrqnjBpK~V NYW5B|#bBs5ITM9P*2003 Tennis champion Pete Sampras announced his retirement during a news conference at the U.S. Open in New York.2003年,网球冠军桑普拉斯在美国纽约一次新闻发布会上宣布退休HvxXZ*u%JmL+Oqxsf。XXoLeB9u4az_MT 3m_ruaqM^Q2009 South Korea#39;s first rocket blasted off into space.2009年,韩国第一枚火箭发射升空*2mL^b(Nxd6c5Y。nj@#i)Py-F HRzx(73Wu%2009 Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., died at age 77.2009年,美国参议员爱德华·肯尼迪(D-Mass)逝世,享年77岁mFG+0PCx-OSbz;9。z~Mz.oev^3pk.Y[[A2b4!rUJOP|u-iYYOx96[ /201208/196611。

How to Stick to a Healthy Diet on HowcastIf sweet temptation has you struggling to stick a new diet, this guide will fend off those hunger pangs and get you back on track.如果甜食使你不得不坚持新的节食,下面的指导会让你避开饥饿的煎熬,而让你重新步入正轨。Step 1: Pinpoint triggers for indulgencePinpoint the triggers that lead you to eat too much or to eat unhealthy foods. Triggers may include boredom, depression, stress, or even loneliness. Just being aware of your triggers can help you learn how to deal with them.第一步:准确地确定让你放纵饮食的刺激物准确地确定那些导致你吃太多或是吃不健康食物的刺激物。可能包括无聊,精神压抑,压力,甚至是孤独。要意识到这些刺激因素来帮助自己如何应对。Tip:Don’t use food as a reward or as a distraction from life’s problems小贴士:不要将食物作为对自己的犒劳或是应对生活问题的消遣。Step 2: Keep a food journalKeep a food journal and track everything you eat throughout the day. Compare it to your schedule to see where you can make changes and start healthier habits.第二步:写所吃食物的日志写所吃食物的日志并追踪全天所吃的各种食物。将日志和你所计划吃的食物进行对比来看什么地方能进行改善,并开始更健康的饮食习惯。Step 3: Ditch the junk foodDon’t keep junk food at home or in the car; replace chips and cookies with healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.第三步:远离垃圾食品不要在家里或车里放垃圾食品。将薯条和饼干用更健康的食物比如水果,蔬菜和坚果替换掉。Step 4: Plan aheadPlan your meals in advance and prepare healthier choices at home ahead of time to store in the refrigerator and freezer and reheat when you’re pressed for time.第四步:要提前计划提前计划你要吃的餐饭,在家可以提前准备些健康的食物,将它放到电冰箱里冷冻,当你需要吃的时候再加热。Tip:Meals and snacks prepared at home are not only healthier but can also be less expensive.小贴士:在家里准备的饭菜和小吃不仅更健康而且更划算。Step 5: Read food labelsRead the nutritional information labels on everything you buy at the grocery store and take the time to learn what they are telling you.第五步:读食物标签读在杂货店购买的食物上的标签来看营养信息,花些时间来学习下标签上所述信息。Step 6: Eat slowlyEat slowly at each meal. Take the time to chew your food and enjoy the tastes and textures. Use smaller plates and bowls to control your portion sizes.第六步:要慢慢吃吃饭时要慢慢吃。花些时间来咀嚼食物,享受味道。用小点的盘子和碗来控制每份食物的量。Step 7: Pick up a cookbookPick up a healthy eating cookbook to keep your excitement level high with new recipes and to prevent your palate from getting bored.第七步:买本食谱买本健康饮食食谱,通过新的烹饪法来保持你的兴奋度 Article/201101/122785。

These three drills will improve hip mobility, core strength, glute strength and coordination for hurdles. Claire Spurway, athlete and personal trainer at Pure Fitness Limited, shows you how to perform them.这三组练习可以提升臀部移动,腰腹力量,胯部力量和身体协调性。Top Tips终极秘诀1.In the forward hurdle walk-overs you should: keep tall, stay on your toes, keep your stomach tight, keep your glute muscles tight, keep your hips high, and swing your arms.在跨栏前进时,应该:直立,指尖承重,腹部收紧,大腿肌肉绷紧,屁股抬高,摆动胳膊。2.In the backwards hurdle walk-overs you should: extend your legs behind, keep tall, swing your arms, and try and place your feet facing forwards.跨栏时后迈腿应该:伸展至身后,摆臂,脚背向前。3.The last drill is a side on walk-over the hurdles with a skip step. You should: swing your arms, keep on the balls of your feet, and try to find a nice rhythm over the hurdles.一气呵成练习的时候,应该:摆臂,足尖用力,并找到合适的节奏。Thanks for watching How To Do Hurdle Drills谢谢收看本期“跨栏训练”教程。 /201208/194013。

Christmas Decorations: How To Crochet A Snowman 圣诞节了,织出一个小雪人做礼物吧,你的他一定会很开心的。Step 1: Start to CrochetWe are going to do a little project for young Nicola, who is always looking for surprises. I'm going to make a snowman starting with four chains joining to form a circle and then we're going to work some double crochet into the circle to start the head.Step 2: HeadAfter I've gone 'round the circle I'm going to join the top, putting a slip stitch through, doing one chain and starting the next row. We shape the head by increasing and decreasing in our stitches. To start the crochet process, we have started and continued around the head structure. Then, going through the forward, we will see how we've shaped the head.Step 3: BodyWe've aly got the head shaped by increasing, and working straight. By decreasing this crochet technique for the neck, and then increase it again for the start of the snowman's body. This is what he's going to look like in the end.Step 4: Snowman AccessoriesAfter you've likely stuffed his body and his head, added his little hat, his scarf, a broomstick, embroidered eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons.Step 5: SnowmanYou can use this newly crocheted snowman as a toy to play with, or, as Christmas is coming up, I'm sure she'd be very happy if we hang him up on the Christmas tree for Christmas. And that's how to crochet a snowman Article/200912/93025。

Suede is softer than leather, and can easily get dirty and water-stained, so properly clean your suede to keep its unique look.仿鹿皮比皮革更加柔软,非常容易沾染污垢和水渍,所以,仿鹿皮装要进行恰当的保养,以保持其独特的外观。Step 1 Rub stain with bath towel1.用浴巾擦污渍Rub the stained area with a soft towel.用柔软的浴巾擦污渍处。Step 2 Brush stain with suede brush2.用仿鹿皮刷刷洗污渍Brush the stained area gently with a suede brush.轻轻地用仿鹿皮刷刷洗污渍处。Step 3 Scrub area with cleaner3.用清洁剂刷洗Scrub the stain gently with a soft cloth dampened with cleaning solution.用清洁溶液将一块软布浸湿,轻轻地刷洗污渍处。Always test a non-visible area of the suede first with the cleaning product.一定要先在不显眼的地方试验一下清洁产品的效果。Step 4 Mix a water and vinegar solution4.配置水和醋混合溶液Let the cleaned area air dry. If the stain persists, use white vinegar diluted to half-strength with water to scrub the stain out. Let it dry again.让清洗过的部位自然风干。如果污渍仍然没有被清除,用等量的水和醋配置溶液,将污渍擦洗干净。自然风干。Step 5 Use suede eraser5.使用仿鹿皮橡皮擦Use a suede eraser for small, dry stains.对于范围较小,已经干燥的污渍,使用仿鹿皮橡皮擦。Use a pencil eraser if you do not have a suede eraser.如果没有仿鹿皮橡皮擦,也可以使用铅笔橡皮擦。Step 6 Call a professional6.咨询专业意见Take your item to a professional cleaner if difficult stains are persistent, or if it is heavily soiled.如果顽固的污渍非常难以清除或者非常脏,将衣物带到专业的洗衣店。 Article/201302/224861。