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THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I'm speaking to you from Beijing, where I've come to support American athletes participating in the Olympic Games. This is a moment of pride for our Olympians and the great Nation they represent, and Laura and I are honored to share it with them.In addition to attending the Olympics, my schedule includes meeting with China's President, dedicating a new U.S. embassy in Beijing, and worshiping at a local church. During my time here, I'm expressing America's deep concerns about freedom and human rights in China. This trip has reaffirmed my belief that men and women who aspire to speak their conscience and worship their God are no threat to the future of China. They are the people who will make China a great nation in the 21st century. One of the most striking parts of this trip is seeing how much China has changed. I first visited the country more than three decades ago, when my dad was America's representative in Beijing. Poverty was rampant, and the streets swarmed with bicycles. Today, China is sprinting into the modern era. Beijing is covered in skyscrapers and filled with cars. And the people of China have more connections to the world than ever before.These changes present the Chinese people, the American people, and the world with tremendous opportunities. So over the past eight years, America has sought to put our relationship with China on a more solid and principled footing. We've advanced both our nations' interests by expanding free and fair trade and encouraging the rise of a Chinese middle class -- which can be an enormous market for American exports. We have also cooperated on other shared challenges, from fighting pandemic disease to opposing North Korea's nuclear weapons programs.At the same time, America has spoken candidly and consistently about our concerns over the Chinese government's behavior. We have made it clear that trusting their people with greater freedom is necessary for China to reach its full potential. We've emphasized that being a global economic leader carries with it the duty to act responsibly on matters from energy to the environment to development in Africa.Only China can decide what course it will follow, but I'm optimistic about the prospects. Young people who grow up with freedom in one area of their lives will ultimately demand freedom in other areas. The China of the future will reflect its own culture and traditions, but it will also reflect the universal aspirations of mankind -- and there's no deeper human desire than liberty. America's relationship with China is one element of our broader strategy for the region. When I took office, I brought a clear conviction that America is a Pacific Nation, and our engagement with Asia should be stronger than ever before. We've acted on that conviction by pursuing four broad objectives: We bolstered all five of our treaty alliances in the Asia Pacific region -- Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and two countries I visited this week, South Korea and Thailand.We have strengthened our relationships with other free societies in Asia -- including India, the world's largest democracy, and Indonesia, a democratic nation that is home to more Muslims than any other nation on Earth. We have seized opportunities for prosperity by negotiating new free trade agreements, including an historic agreement with South Korea -- an agreement which our ed States Congress must pass. And we helped bring together nations throughout the Asia Pacific to fight terrorism, seek an end to tyranny in Burma, respond to natural disasters, and address other challenges to our people and our prosperity.My trips to Asia as President have brought many uplifting moments. One of the most moving came this week in Seoul, when I spoke to American troops at the Yongsan Garrison. These men and women are carrying the burdens of military life far from home. Yet in their faces you can see a quiet pride that comes from having an important job, and doing it right. These brave Americans are preserving peace, and they're sending a broader message about our approach toward Asia. Now, and always, the ed States will keep our word to our friends. We will stand confidently for liberty. And we will advance our Nation's interests and ideals by staying engaged in this pivotal part of the world.Thank you for listening.200808/46037全球顶级CEO的演讲(9) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报英语演讲视频200809/50267




  President Bush Delivers Commencement Address at Greensburg High School   THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Superintendent, thank you for that kind introduction. Governor Sebelius, thank you for being here. Senator Brownback, Senator Roberts, Congressman Tiahrt, Mayor Janssen, Mayor-Elect Dixson, City Administrator Hewitt, Principal Fulton, members of the administration, faculty and staff, distinguished guests, family, friends, and most importantly, the Class of 2008. (Applause.)   I am honored to be at Greensburg High School -- home of the Rangers. (Applause.) As some of you may know, I used to be one of the owners of a baseball team with that name. (Laughter.) So from one Ranger fan to another, I give you this message: "Beat 'em up, beat 'em up, G-H-S." (Applause.)   And I thank you for rescheduling this ceremony so I could make it. (Laughter.) I know you originally planned to hold the commencement next weekend -- it's the same weekend as my daughter's wedding. I could have suggested changing the date of the wedding instead -- (laughter) -- I think we all know how that would have turned out. (Laughter.) So thanks so very much.   It is fitting that we hold the commencement on this day -- because it marks the one-year anniversary of the tornado that forever changed your lives. Those of you who lived through the storm remember your ears popping from the change in the air pressure. You remember huddling with your loved ones in basements. And when it was safe to come out, you remember the shock of seeing your entire town in ruins.   At this ceremony, we celebrate your year-long journey from tragedy to triumph. We celebrate the resurgence of a town that stood tall when its buildings and homes were laid low. We celebrate the power of faith, the love of family, and the bonds of friendship that guided you through the disaster. And finally, we celebrate the resilience of 18 seniors who grow closer together when the world around them blew apart. When the Class of 2008 walks across the stage today you will send a powerful message to our nation: Greensburg, Kansas is back -- and its best days are ahead. (Applause.)   To reach this day, the Class of 2008 has overcome challenges unlike those faced by any other graduating class. You spent a year in portable classrooms that look very different from the red book -- red school you attended as freshmen. Many of you have gone home to trailers that lack the comforts of the houses you had. All of you have had to juggle a full load of schoolwork and activities while also working to help this community rebuild. Through it all, you've shown determination and perseverance -- and today you have earned the right to call yourselves graduates of Greensburg High School. And I congratulate you all on a tremendous achievement. (Applause.)   To reach this day, the Class of 2008 depended on the support of loving families. Your families are proud of what you've accomplished -- and I know you are grateful for their unconditional love. I ask all the parents to stand and receive the thanks of the Class of 2008. (Applause.)   To reach this day, the Class of 2008 also relied on the guidance and wisdom of your teachers and administrators. They have known many of you since your first day of kindergarten -- and they were determined to help you graduate in the town where your education began. Less than four months after the storm, they managed to reopen classes for the start of the new school year. Under the leadership of your superintendent and the principal, the faculty and staff of Greensburg High School have given this community stability and strength in a time of desperate need -- and today, we give them all our thanks. (Applause.)   Over the past year, the members of your class have relied on fundamental values that have given you strength and comfort as you deal with hardship, and you heal your community, and you rebuild your lives. You've learned some important lessons that will serve you for whatever you do next.   The Greensburg Class of 2008 has learned that America's communities are stronger than any storm. The tornado tore apart the beams and boards that held your houses together, but it could not break the bonds of family and faith that hold your town together. We see the strength of those bonds in the way you held commencement last year on a golf course just weeks after the storm. We see the strength of those bonds in congregations that have stuck together despite losing their church buildings. We see the strength of those bonds in the caravan of cars that follow your school sports teams wherever they go. Because the storm destroyed your athletic facilities, you had a full schedule of away games. Even though you're always on the road, they tell me you always had a home crowd.   When your boys' basketball team made it to the sub-state finals, nearly every person in this town turned out. The team even got a police escort -- they say it was bigger than the one I got. (Laughter.) Your fans rushed to the court after you won on a buzzer beater to advance to the state tournament for the first time in 30 years. And I have been told that the first person to spring out of the stands was Principal Fulton. (Laughter.) The basketball team finished with a great record -- and along with all your other school teams, it has given this good town a lot to cheer about.   As the Class of 2008 ventures into the world, your hometown will always be a source of stability and comfort and pride. Greensburg is where many of your parents and grandparents grew up. It's where you went to church with your neighbors on Sundays. It's where you wanted home to be after the storm. So wherever you go, you will be able to rely on the ties of family, and your faith, and your friends that were forged here, and you'll always carry Greensburg, Kansas in your heart.   The Greensburg Class of 2008 has learned that Americans will always rebuild stronger and better than before. Often in life, you're dealt a hand that you did not expect. The test of a community -- and the test of an individual -- is how you play the hand. Over the past seven years, I've seen Americans in communities across our country overcome some tough hands. I've seen the resolve of the American spirit in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina, eight hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in states like Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama, wildfires of southern California and in Oregon. I saw the same resolve and the same determination in the people of Greensburg, Kansas.   When I visited Greensburg last year, I remember walking your streets, and I remember meeting Kaye Hardinger. She was standing outside the wreckage of her home. She took a look at me and said, "I would have invited you in for coffee," but she didn't have time to dust. (Laughter.) Today, Kaye lives in a trailer with her family in a nearby town. But she continues to plan for the day when she and her family move back to Greensburg, and rebuild. And Kaye, when that day comes, fire up the coffee pot. (Laughter.)   When I visited Greensburg I also met a man named Kelly Estes. Kelly is a John Deere dealer. I remember so very well walking with Kelly and his wife and his family through the rubble after that storm hit. He lost more than million worth of equipment. But he was y to look for the future. After caring for his employees who had lost their homes, he began making plans to bring his business back to Greensburg. Earlier this year, he broke ground on a new dealership that will be a model of energy efficiency, create more than two dozen new jobs and inject new vitality into Greensburg economy.   People like Kaye and Kelly are part of a more hopeful future for your city. The leaders of your town understand that out of the devastation of the storm comes an opportunity to rebuild with a free hand and a clean slate. They envision a future where new jobs flourish, where every public building meets the highest environmental standards, and where the beauty of rural America meets the great possibilities of new technology. The community is dedicated to putting the "green" in Greensburg. (Applause.) And as you work to achieve this vision, the federal government will honor its commitments, and continue to stand by you.   Ultimately, the future of Greensburg -- and the future of our nation -- will belong to the young. The education that you've received at this school will prepare you for a lifetime of opportunity and achievement. And the lessons that you have learned in this town will give you the strength to rise above any obstacle in your path. You've seen life at its most difficult. You have emerged stronger from it. Now I call on you to take this spirit forward -- and help our country in a way that makes us more resilient and more courageous as a people.   And finally, the Greensburg Class of 2008 also understands what it means to serve a higher cause. In the hours after the storm, your concern was not for what you'd lost; it was for the safety of the people you loved. As Senior Class President Jarrett Schaef said, he'd look for his friends in the dark of night. And I appreciate that kind of leadership. When someone suggested that he leave town, he refused. Here is what he said: "I hadn't found nearly enough of my friends, and I wasn't going to leave until I had."   Jarrett wasn't alone that night. As you well know, many of your family members rushed to Greenburg [sic] from nearby counties and other states to offer love and support. Other folks came from towns, as well -- compassionate citizens who came to do their duty to help a neighbor in need.   You'll always remember these generous and caring souls. And you will always remember the thousands of other volunteers who descended upon Greensburg in the months that followed. The volunteers came from all across America. One of them was a student named Christopher Skrzypczak. Last year, Christopher almost lost his life when a tornado tore through his high school in Enterprise, Alabama. So when he saw the news reports about Greensburg, he wanted to help. He raised money to purchase hundreds of new books for your library. He drove with his family all the way from Enterprise to Greensburg to deliver the books in person. Volunteers like Christopher brought hope to this community -- and they set an inspiring example for our country.   Over the past year, students in Greensburg have also answered the call to serve others. Despite all that you lost, each of you has discovered that you have far more to give. Over the summer, many of you worked with AmeriCorps to clear debris and help the needy. On Greensburg Make a Difference Day, you helped plant new trees and flowers in the parks. When a tornado hit Jackson, Tennessee in February, elementary and middle school students worked with their teachers to raise more than ,000 in aid for the victims. In these acts of service, we are reminded that as much as Greensburg changes, the compassion of its citizens is a constant source of strength.   One member of your class who represents the spirit of service is Aaron Widner. This fall, Aaron decided to enlist in the Marine Corps. Like many other courageous young men and women across America, he has stepped forward to defend our freedom during a time of war -- and we honor him today. And, Aaron, I wish you the best of luck at boot camp -- and I look forward to serving as your Commander-in-Chief. (Applause.)   On this graduation day, I ask every member of your class to devote your lives to a cause larger than yourselves. Over the past year you've learned that you can never predict what tomorrow will bring. Wherever the winds of life take you, you can be certain that serving others will always make your lives more fulfilling.   As we watch the Class of 2008 graduate today, the dark clouds from one year ago have parted and have made way for a brighter future. We'll always hold in our hearts those who lost their lives. But with faith in He who rides above the mighty storm, we go forth with confidence that Greensburg will rise again. (Applause.)   I thank you for having me today. God bless you, and may God bless the Class of 2008. Thank you. (Applause.) 200806/41530

  Three weeks ago President Obama traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to deliver the commencement address to the graduating class of Booker T. Washington High School, the winner of this year’s Race to the Top Commencement Challenge. Booker T. Washington High School beat out over 400 high schools from across the country with their efforts to prepare students for college and career and help meet the President’s goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. In a new television special premiering this week, viewers will have the chance to follow the experiences of students at Booker T. Washington High School, as they win this year’s competition and the opportunity to host President Obama as their commencement speaker. The Race to the Top Commencement Challenge Special, produced by Viacom and the Get Schooled Foundation in partnership with the White House, will air on Viacom’s cable networks over the next week. Get a sneak peak in an interview later today on BET’s 106 amp; Park with Christopher Dean and Cassandra Henderson, the two seniors profiled in the special. mp4 (30MB) | mp3 (3MB) 201106/140011亲,你们想拥有一口流利的英语口语吗?你们想像世界名人一样拥有敏锐的智慧、滔滔不绝的口才吗?在这里,大家不但可以聆听抑扬顿挫的英文,而且还可以学习到名人的过人之处,相信会受益匪浅的!听,他们来了......201201/167047It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break,于防洪堤坝决堤之时收留陌生受难者的善意,the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours.于在经济不景气的时候宁愿减少自己工时也不肯看着朋友失业的无私,正是他们撑我们走过黑暗的时刻。It is the firefighters courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke,消防队员冲入满是浓烟的楼梯抢救生命的勇气,but also a parents willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.父母养育孩子的坚持,正是这些决定了我们的命运。Our challenges may be new.我们面临的挑战也许是新的。The instruments with which we meet them may be new.我们应对挑战的措施也许也是新的。But those values upon which our success depends hard work and honesty, courage and fair play,但那些长期以来指导我们成功的价值观--勤奋、诚实、勇气、公平竞争、tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism these things are old.包容以及对世界保持好奇心,还有对国家的忠诚和爱国主义--却是历久弥新,These things are true.这些价值观是可靠的。They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history.他们是创造美国历史的无声力量。What is demanded then is a return to these truths.我们现在需要的就是回归这些古老的价值观。What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility a recognition, on the part of every American,我们需要一个新的负责任的时代,一个觉醒的时代,that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly,每个国人都应意识到即我们对自己、对国家和世界负有责任,我们不应该不情愿地接受这些责任,而应该快乐地承担起这些责任。firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.我们应该坚定这一认识,即没有什么比全身心投入一项艰巨的工作更能锻炼我们的性格,更能获得精神上的满足。This is the price and the promise of citizenship.这是公民应尽的义务,应做出的承诺。This is the source of our confidence the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.我们自信源于对上帝的信仰,上帝号召我们要掌握自己的命运。This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent mall,这就是我们自由和信仰的意义,这也是为何不同种族、不同信仰、不同性别和年龄的人可以同聚一堂在此欢庆的原因,and why a man whose father less than sixty years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath.也是我今天能站在这里庄严宣誓的原因,而在50多年前我的父亲甚至都不能成为地方餐馆的务生。So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled.所以,让我们铭记自己的身份,镌刻自己的足迹。03/438450

  Remarks by the President on ProcurementRoom 350Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building10:20 A.M. ESTTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Even if these were the best of times, budget reform would be long overdue in Washington. And we have here some folks who have been working on these issues for a long time.But these are far from the best of times. By any measure, my administration inherited a fiscal disaster. When we walked in the door we found a budget deficit of .3 trillion, the largest in American history. And this fiscal burden has been compounded by the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. It's a crisis that requires us to take swift and aggressive action to put Americans back to work, and to make the long-delayed investments in energy, health care and education, that can build a new foundation for growth.As we get our economy moving we must also turn the tide on an era of fiscal irresponsibility so that we can sustain our recovery, enhance accountability and avoid leaving our children a mountain of debt. And that's why even as we make the necessary investments to put our economy back on track, we're proposing significant changes that will help bring the yawning deficits we inherited under control. We are cutting what we don't need to make room for what we do.The budget plan I outlined next week includes trillion in deficit reduction. It reduces discretionary spending for non-defense programs as a share of the economy that -- by more than 10 percent over the next decade, to the lowest level in nearly half a century. I want to repeat that. I want to make sure everybody catches this, because I think sometimes the chatter on the cable stations hasn't been clear about this. My budget reduces discretionary spending for non-defense programs as a share of the economy by more than 10 percent over the next decade, and it will take it to the lowest level in nearly half a century.In addition, today I'm announcing that part of this deficit reduction will include reforms in how government does business, which will save the American people up to billion each year. It starts with reforming our broken system of government contracting. There is a fundamental public trust that we must uphold. The American people's money must be spent to advance their priorities -- not to line the pockets of contractors or to maintain projects that don't work.Recently that public trust has not always been kept. Over the last eight years, government spending on contracts has doubled to over half a trillion dollars. Far too often, the spending is plagued by massive cost overruns, outright fraud, and the absence of oversight and accountability. In some cases, contracts are awarded without competition. In others, contractors actually oversee other contractors. We are spending money on things that we don't need, and we're paying more than we need to pay. And that's completely unacceptable.This problem cuts across the government, but I want to focus on one particular example, and that is the situation in defense contracting. Now, I want to be clear, as Commander-in-Chief, I will do whatever it takes to defend the American people, which is why we've increased funding for the best military in the history of the world. We'll make new investments in 21st century capabilities to meet new strategic challenges. And we will always give our men and women the -- in uniform, the equipment and the support that they need to get the job done.But I reject the false choice between securing this nation and wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. And in this time of great challenges, I recognize the real choice between investments that are designed to keep the American people safe and those that are designed to make a defense contractor rich.Last year, the Government Accountability Office, GAO, looked into 95 major defense projects and found cost overruns that totaled 5 billion. Let me repeat: That's 5 billion in wasteful spending. And this wasteful spending has many sources. It comes from investments and unproven technologies. It comes from a lack of oversight. It comes from influence peddling and indefensible no-bid contracts that have cost American taxpayers billions of dollars.In Iraq, too much money has been paid out for services that were never performed, buildings that were never completed, companies that skimmed off the top. At home, too many contractors have been allowed to get away with delay after delay after delay in developing unproven weapon systems.03/63772Divided into twenty four,or even a smaller number,of separate communities,如果我国分裂为24个独立的地区,或者即使数量上少一些,we shall see our internal trade burdened with numberless restraints and exactions;我们的国内贸易将为无数的限制和苛税所累;communication between distant points and sections obstructed or cut off;遥远的市镇与地区之间的通讯联系将受阻或被切断;our sons made soldiers to deluge with blood the fields they now till in peace;我们的孩子将被迫当兵,使他们现在还在和平耕种的土地血流成河;the mass of our people borne down and impoverished by taxes to support armies and navies,人民为负担陆海军的赋税而陷入贫困,and military leaders at the head of their victorious legions becoming our lawgivers and judges.率领着得胜军团的军事领袖们将成为我们的立法者和审判官。The loss of liberty,of all good government,of peace,plenty,and happiness,must inevitably follow a dissolution of the Union.随着联邦的解体,我们将不可避免地失去自由,失去这绝好的政体,失去和平、富裕和幸福。In supporting it,therefore,we support all that is dear to the freeman and the philanthropist.因此,持联邦,我们就持了自由人和爱主义者所珍视的一切。The time at which stand before you is full of interest.我站在你们面前的这一时刻充分地引起了人们的注意。The eyes of all nations are fixed on our Republic.世界各国的目光都在注视着我们的共和政体。The event of the existing crisis will be decisive in the opinion of mankind of the practicability of our federal system of government.目前这个危机的结果将决定全人类对我们联邦制政府的可行性的看法。Great is the stake placed in our hands;置于我们手中的赌注是巨大的;great is the responsibility which must rest upon the people of the ed States.置于美国人民肩上的责任是重大的。Let us realize the importance of the attitude in which we stand before the world.让我们意识到我们对全世界表明的这种态度的重要性。Let us exercise forbearance and firmness .让我们运用我们的克制态度和坚定信念。Let us extricate our country from the dangers which surround it and learn wisdom from the lessons they inculcate.让我们将我们的国家所从处的危险中解脱出来,从这些危险所反复说明的教训中汲取智慧。Deeply impressed with the truth of these observations,这些观察所得出的道理给我留下深刻的印象。and under the obligation of that solemn oath which I am about to take.既然我必须对我即将作的庄严誓词负责,I shall continue to exert all my faculties to maintain the just powers of the Constitution and to transmit unimpaired to posterity the blessings of our Federal Union.我将继续竭尽全力维护宪法所规定的正当权力,将我们合众国的福扯无损地传至后代。At the same time,it will be my aim to inculcate by my official acts the necessity of exercising by the General Government those powers only that are clearly delegated;同时,我的目标是,以我的官方行动,反复灌输中央政府只行使明确地授予它的权力的必要性;to encourage simplicity and economy in the expenditures of the Government;鼓励政府节俭开;to raise no more money from the people than may be requisite for these objects,不向人民征收超过达到这些目标所需要的款项,and in a manner that will best promote the interests of all classes of the community and of all portions of the Union.最大限度地提高社会各阶级和联邦各州的利益。Constantly bearing in mind that in entering into society;individuals must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest,;我们要时刻牢记,在进入社会“个人必须放弃一份自由以维护其他人的自由,”it will be my desire so to discharge my duties as to foster with our brethren in all parts of the country a spirit of liberal concession and compromise,我的愿望将是履行我的职责,并和全国各地的同胞们一起,培养一种宽容谦让的精神。and,by reconciling our fellow_citizens to those partial sacrifices which they must unavoidably make for the preservation of a greater good,使我们的公民安心于为维护更大的利益而必须作出部分的牺牲。to recommend our invaluable Government and Union to the confidence and affections of the American people.从而使我们宝贵的政府和联邦能得美国人民的信任和爱戴。02/436205

  In the coming years, our program for peace and freedom will emphasize four major courses of action.在未来几年,我们的和平自由计划将着重四点。First, we will continue to give unfaltering support to the ed Nations and related agencies,第一,我们将继续坚定不移地持联合国及其有关机构,and we will continue to search for ways to strengthen their authority and increase their effectiveness.继续寻求各种方法来加强这些机构的权威和增加这些机构的效率。We believe that the ed Nations will be strengthened by the new nations which are being formed in lands now advancing toward self-government under democratic principles.今天,不少新的国家正在成立,正在民主原则的指引下向自治方向迈进,我们相信,联合国将因这些新国家而得到加强。Second, we will continue our programs for world economic recovery.第二,我们将继续执行我们制定的世界经济复兴计划。This means, first of all, that we must keep our full weight behind the European recovery program.这意味着我们必须首先全力持欧洲复兴计划。We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.对于世界复兴中这一重大事业的成功,我们充满了信心。We believe that our partners in this effort will achieve the status of self-supporting nations once again.我们相信,通过这项工作,我们的伙伴将再一次取得自给国家的地位。In addition, we must carry out our plans for reducing the barriers to world trade and increasing its volume.此外,我们还必须执行为减少世界贸易壁垒、增加世界贸易额而制定的计划。Economic recovery and peace itself depend on increased world trade.经济复兴与和平本身都取决于世界贸易的增加。Third, we will strengthen freedom-loving nations against the dangers of aggression.第三,我们要加强热爱自由的国家的力量,以抵御侵略的威胁。We are now working out with a number of countries a joint agreement designed to strengthen the security of the North Atlantic area.我们和许多国家一起,正在为增加北大西洋地区的安全面起草一项共同协议。Such an agreement would take the form of a collective defense arrangement within the terms of the ed Nations Charter.这种协议将根据联合国宪章的规定,采取集体防御协定的形式。We have aly established such a defense pact for the Western Hemisphere by the treaty of Rio de Janeiro.我们已经根据里约热内卢公约为西半球建立了这样一个防御同盟。The primary purpose of these agreements is to provide unmistakable proof of the joint determination of the free countries to resist armed attack from any quarter.这些协议的主要目的是明确表示自由国家抵抗来自任何地方的武装进攻的共同决心。Each country participating in these arrangements must contribute all it can to the common defense.参加这些协议的每个国家必须为共同防御贡献出全部力量。If we can make it sufficiently clear, in advance, that any armed attack affecting our national security would be met with overwhelming force, the armed attack might never occur.如果我们能预先充分地表明,任何影响到我们国家安全的武装进攻必将遭到强大的抵抗,那么武装进攻也许就永远不会发生。02/440682

  2003年CCTV杯全国英语演讲大赛(5) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/48407。

  President Bush Meets with Prime Ministers of the Bahamas, Barbados and Belize   PRESIDENT BUSH: Secretary Rice and I have had the pleasure of welcoming three of our neighbors -- neighborhood's strong leaders: the Prime Ministers of the Bahamas, Barbados and Belize.   And we had a discussion like you would expect neighbors to have -- how do we work together for our mutual benefit. We talked about trade and tourism. We talked about how to make sure that our security needs are met without interrupting the ability for our people to travel as freely as possible and for the ability of people to be able to make a good living as a result of tourism.   We talked about the region. I assured the leaders that the neighborhood is important to the ed States of America. We oftentimes talk about dealing with the Middle East or dealing on the continent of Africa. But it was important for these leaders to know that we believe that a good, strong, healthy, vibrant neighborhood is in the interests of the ed States. And so we had a good, friendly, important discussion, and I can't thank the leaders enough for coming. I appreciate very much you being here -- two of whom have just recently won elections -- good, fair, clean elections.   And I reminded them that there's no stronger advocate for democracy than my administration and I admire the fact that you agreed to run, had the courage of your convictions and took your message to the people. And then, of course, there's the old senior man here who's been around quite a while. (Laughter.) You've seen a lot come and go and, so, Mr. Prime Minister, why don't you say a few remarks, if you don't mind.   PRIME MINISTER INGRAHAM: Thank you, Mr. President. We've had a wonderful session this morning. We're very pleased and grateful that the U.S. President invited us to come. We have discussed with him a number of issues of relevance and concern to ourselves, including a desire on our part to have the Caribbean Basin Initiative Act extended -- expires in September of this year. And we talked about tourism, the impact that the current increase in the price of oil is having on travel. We talked about security and democracy.   And my two colleagues, who are recent Prime Ministers, David Thompson of Barbados and Dean Barrow of Belize, were able to engage in a full, frank discussion. And as for myself, this is my fourth time to have been so fortunate to have been to this place. Thank you, Mr. President.   PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, sir. Thank you all very much. 200806/41150

  REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON MEMORIAL DAYMemorial Amphitheater Arlington National CemeteryTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Admiral Mullen, for that generous introduction and for your sterling service to our country. To members of our armed forces, to our veterans, to honored guests, and families of the fallen -- I am deeply honored to be with you on Memorial Day.Thank you to the superintendent, John Metzler, Jr., who cares for these grounds just as his father did before him; to the Third Infantry Regiment who, regardless of weather or hour, guard the sanctity of this hallowed ground with the reverence it deserves -- we are grateful to you; to service members from every branch of the military who, each Memorial Day, place an American flag before every single stone in this cemetery -- we thank you as well. (Applause.) We are indebted -- we are indebted to all who tend to this sacred place.Here lie Presidents and privates; Supreme Court justices and slaves; generals familiar to history, and unknown soldiers known only to God.A few moments ago, I laid a wreath at their tomb to pay tribute to all who have given their lives for this country. As a nation, we have gathered here to repeat this ritual in moments of peace, when we pay our respects to the fallen and give thanks for their sacrifice. And we've gathered here in moments of war, when the somber notes of Taps echo through the trees, and fresh grief lingers in the air.Today is one of those moments, where we pay tribute to those who forged our history, but hold closely the memory of those so recently lost. And even as we gather here this morning, all across America, people are pausing to remember, to mourn, and to pray.Old soldiers are pulling themselves a little straighter to salute brothers lost a long time ago. Children are running their fingers over colorful ribbons that they know signify something of great consequence, even if they don't know exactly why. Mothers are re-ing final letters home and clutching photos of smiling sons or daughters, as youthful and vibrant as they always will be.They, and we, are the legacies of an unbroken chain of proud men and women who served their country with honor; who waged war so that we might know peace; who braved hardship so that we might know opportunity; who paid the ultimate price so we might know freedom.Those who rest in these fields fought in every American war. They overthrew an empire and gave birth to revolution. They strained to hold a young union together. They rolled back the creeping tide of tyranny, and stood post through a long twilight struggle. And they took on the terror and extremism that threatens our world's stability.Their stories are the American story. More than seven generations of them are chronicled here at Arlington. They're etched into stone, recounted by family and friends, and silently observed by the mighty oaks that have stood over burial after burial.To walk these grounds then is to walk through that history. Not far from here, appropriately just across a bridge connecting Lincoln to Lee, Union and Confederate soldiers share the same land in perpetuity.Just down the sweeping hill behind me rest those we lost in World War II, fresh-faced GIs who rose to the moment by unleashing a fury that saved the world. Next week, I'll visit Normandy, the place where our fate hung on an operation unlike any ever attempted, where it will be my tremendous honor to address some of the brave men who stormed those beaches 65 years ago.05/71368

  President Obama’s Fourth of July Message奥巴马总统发表独立纪念日献词THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON July 4, 白宫,华盛顿 年7月4日 Today, we are called upon to remember not only the day our country was born, but also the indomitable spirit of the first American citizens who made that day possible. We are called to remember how unlikely it was that our American experiment would succeed at all; that a small band of patriots would declare independence from a powerful empire; and that they would form, in the new world, what the old world had never known — a government of, by, and for the people.今天,我们受到这个日子的感召,不仅纪念我国诞生的那一天,而且需要继承建国初期美国公民不屈不饶的精神,是他们使这一天成为值得纪念的日子。我们应该记住,当年的这一切多么来之不易。我们进行创建美国的试验,结果获得了成功;为数不多的爱国者宣布独立,脱离了帝国强权的统治;他们还在新世界建立了旧世界不可思议的事物──民有、民治、民享的政府。That unyielding spirit is what defines us as Americans. It is what led generations of pioneers to blaze a westward trail. It is what led my grandparents’ generation to persevere in the face of a depression and triumph in the face of tyranny. It is what led generations of American workers to build an industrial economy unrivaled around the world. It is what has always led us, as a people, not to wilt or cower at a difficult moment, but to face down any trial and rise to any challenge, understanding that each of us has a hand in writing America's destiny.正是这种顽强的精神构筑了美国人的特征。正是这种精神指引一代又一代先驱者开拓西进之路。正是这种精神指引我们的祖祖辈辈,以坚韧不拔的毅力渡过了大萧条,战胜了专制暴政。正是这种精神指引世世代代的美国劳动者建成全世界无可比拟的工业经济。正是这种精神始终指引全体美国人民在时局艰难的时刻永不气馁,永不退缩,敢于经受任何考验,迎接任何挑战,因为我们知道美国的命运有待于我们每一个人为之努力。On this day, we also remember that during our most defining moments, it was brave and selfless men and women in uniform who defended and served our country with honor — waging war so that we might know peace; braving hardship so that we might know opportunity; and at times, paying the ultimate price so that we might know freedom. This service — the service of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen — makes our annual celebration of this day possible. This service proves that our founding ideals remain just as powerful and alive in our third century as a nation as they did on the first July 4. This service guarantees that the ed States of America shall forever remain the last, best hope on Earth.在这一天到来的时候,我们还不应该忘记,在我国最紧要的关头,勇敢无私的男女军人不辱使命,保卫我们的国家,忠心为国效力──为实现和平奔赴战场;为赢得机会不辞劳苦;有时还为捍卫自由付出极为高昂的代价。正因为他们为国效力──陆军、海军、空军、海军陆战队和海岸警卫队士兵做出的奉献,我们才有可能每年庆祝这个节日。这种为国效力的精神说明,在进入建国后第三个百年之际,我国的建国理想仍然长盛不衰,生气勃勃,永远保持第一个7月4日的活力。这种为国效力的精神保美利坚合众国永远是地球上最后、最大的希望。12/92941

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