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爱犬跳入临终女主人的怀里告别,感动了在场所有的医护人员 -- :: 来源: 在它远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的久别重逢! Rejane Chili is 9 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A few months ago, she found out that she had cancer and the disease quickly progressed into a terminal state. Very debilitated, Rejane can no longer leave the hospital, having being kept there several weeks aly. Throughout this difficult period, the woman receives the regular visit from her friends and family, but she often complains about the absence of someone very special.今年9年的Rejane Chili住在巴西的阿雷格里港几个月前她查出了自己患了癌症,并且病情迅速恶化几周之后,她的身体越来越虚弱,已经离不开医院了在这段艰难的时期,她的家人和朋友经常过来探望陪伴她,但她经常抱怨见不到她那位特殊的朋友Rejane is crazy about her dog Ritchie. She’s taken care of him ever since he was a puppy and spoils her pet as much as she does her own son. Rejane, being apart from him has been torture. Scared about the possibility of dying without seeing Ritchie again, she asks several times the dog to be brought in a last visit. However, the hospital’s police are against the presence of animals. Mostly because the risk of contamination is very high someone with such poor health. But Rejane is dying, and coming into contact with a few extra germs cannot greatly deteriorate her current state. Touched by this final wish, the Palliative Care Group of the Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, where she is being treated, decides to make an exception and allow the entry of this furry visitor.Rejane说的是她的爱犬Ritchie,她非常想念它在Ritchie还很小的时候,Rejane就开始照料它,像亲生孩子一样宠爱它对Rejane来说,与Ritchie分开这么久让她非常煎熬因为害怕不能爱犬最后一面,Rejane多次请求把她的爱犬带过来让她见见但是院方不允许将动物带进来主要考虑到这么做的话,很容易感染身体状况这么差的病人但Rejane已经到了生命中的最后一刻,即使感染一些细菌也不会对她当前的状态产生多大的影响了也是被她最后的愿望感动了,她所在的医院,埃内斯托的姑息治疗中心Dornelles医院最后决定破例允许把Ritchie带进来On the agreed day, Tiago, Rejane’s son, travels with the dog in a taxi to meet his mum. security reasons, the meeting is scheduled to take place in a special room. However, once Ritchie sees from far away his owner, he can’t wait a minute more. The animal runs toward Rejane and bee anyone could react, he jumps onto her hospital bed, licking her face. What a moving encounter! those around them, it is impossible to hold back the tears.在指定的那天,Rejane的儿子Tiago带着Ritchie坐计程车来到医院看望妈妈出于安全考虑,这次会面被安排在一个特殊的房间然而,在Ritchie远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的懈逅!此时,周围的人已经抑制不住自己的眼泪Those images are really touching! Rejane’s last wish was surely an uncommon one, but it shows how attached we can become to our beloved pets. Even in her final moments, this woman wanted to make sure she could say good bye to her best friend. Whenever possible, we should always try to fulfill the last wishes of those who are about to leave this world.这些照片真的太感人了!Rejane最后的心愿的确不是很常见,但展示了我们可以与我们的宠物相互之间变得多么依恋即使到了她生命中最后的一刻,这位女主人还是想和她最好的朋友道个别不管什么时候,如果可能,我们都应满足那些即将离开这个世界的人们的愿望

兴趣爱好要怎么聊,才能和老外自来熟 --18 ::57 来源:chinadaily 小天知道,在口语角或和外国友人相遇的时候,经常会大眼瞪小眼,说好名字,说好职业,就不知道说什么了!现在还有一个可以说——爱好 并且,还需要是一个被广为接受的爱好,例如音乐、运动等接下来,以Music(音乐)为例 一、开启“爱好”的话题 Do you often(like to) listen to music? 二、描述爱好 一般可以从以下几个方面分析: 1.When (1)When do you listen to music? —你可以说,每天都听,也可以说坐地铁的时候听 ()How much time do you spend listening to music every day? .What (1)What kinds of music do you like to listen to? ()What's your favorite kind of music? 列举常见的音乐类型:Classical music(古典音乐)、Pop music(流行)、Blues(蓝调)、Rock amp; Roll(摇滚)、Jazz(爵士)、Rap(说唱)、folk(民歌) (3)What kinds of music are (most) popular in China? —当然是folk了你也可以说说“Square dance(广场舞)”,很具有中国特色 3.Details 在聊了上面大致情况后,可以聊聊自己参加的具体活动 (1)Have you ever been to a musical permanceconcert? ()Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? 列举常见的乐器:Piano(钢琴)、Accordion(手风琴)、Violin(小提琴)、Viola(中提琴)、Cello(大提琴)、harp(竖琴)、Chinese lute(琵琶)、guitar(吉他)、harmonica(口琴)、accordion(手风琴)、saxophone(萨克斯)... .Special 另外,可以分享一下自己的比较有意思、特别的事情 (1)Who is your favorite singer? ()Do you want to be a singer? .....

别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室-- :36: 来源: 别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室一应俱全Is this the most luxurious student accommodation ever? Stylish apartments boast flat screen TVs and en-suite bathroomsIs this the most luxurious student accommodation ever?这就是史上最豪华的学生宿舍吗?As students begin flocking to the city the start of the academic year, Vita Student residence onFirst Streethas just been voted luxury accommodation of the year by the Design Curial.新学年伊始,学生大军来到曼彻斯特,坐落在该市第一大道的Vita Student宿舍最近刚被权威设计网站Design Curial投票评选为“年度最豪华宿舍”The block boasts a VIP-style check-in, a concierge service, movie rooms, gyms and games rooms. The rental rates start at £696 a month, Manchester Evening News reports.据曼彻斯特晚报(Manchester Evening News)报道,这栋宿舍采用VIP式门禁,配备门卫,还有电影放映室、健身房和游戏室每月租金696英镑(约合人民币6880元)起Each of their studio apartments contains a double bed, desk, two wardrobes, a bookcase, dining table and chairs, and an en-suite with boutique styling.每间一室公寓房配有一张双人床、书桌、两个衣柜、书架、餐桌以及椅子,还有精心设计的独立卫浴间On top of that, students get their own high-gloss kitchen, complete with pans and utensils, and 3-inch flat-screen Smart TV with a licence included.此外,入住的学生将拥有私人厨房,厨房台面选用亮光漆、自带锅和餐具,另外房间还配备3寸的平板智能电视,并已办理电视执照Students don"t even have to clean their own apartment as it comes with a weekly cleaning service.宿舍还有每周清洁务,所以学生甚至不用自己动手打扫ManchesterandSaldhave been at the heart of this transmation with blocks of luxury student apartments being thrown up across both cities.曼彻斯特和索尔福德是学生宿舍向豪华宿舍转变的中心地,两市都有大量的豪华学生宿舍区兴起SaldUniversitywill next week be welcoming their first tenants to the brand new Peel Park Quarter in their student village.索尔福德大学的学生村中的皮尔公园宿舍区(Peel Park Quarter)将于下周迎来首批入住的学生According to developers, students don"t want to be confined to the traditional areas like Rusholme and Fallowfield.开发商称,学生们不想被局限在传统的地区:比如鲁什尔姆(Rusholme)和法洛菲尔(Fallowfield)They want everything on their doorstep in the heart of the city.他们想要住在市中心,在家门口就能享受所需的一切务Trevor Moore, chief executive of Vita Student, said there was a huge demand high-quality student accommodation.Vita Student宿舍的首席执行官特雷弗?尔(Trevor Moore)称,优质的学生宿舍需求量很大He said: "Today's modern-day student expects more than a single bed and shared bathroom in digs that are miles away from the university campus.他说:“那种离校区老远、还只有单人床和公共浴室的宿舍已经满足不了如今的学生了”"They want luxury, state-of the art facilities in the heart of their chosen city.“他们想要的是位于自己选择就读的城市市中心、拥有豪华、先进设施的宿舍”"Our residence not only delivers on this but is equally committed to providing a level of customer service that is previously unheard of in the student accommodation sector.“我们的宿舍不仅能达到这个要求,还能给住户提供学生宿舍市场中前所未有的客户务”"The fact that we achieved 0pc occupancy last year and are fully booked this academic year with a waiting list of students wanting to live with us shows that our proposition is perfectly aligned with what modern students want from their university accommodation."“去年我们实现了百分百的入住率,本学年也已预订满了,还有一长串的学生排队等待入住,这明了我们的主张完全契合当代学生对大学宿舍的期望”Vocabularyconcierge:守门人digs:寓所proposition:主张英文来源:镜报译者:陈爽审校编辑:刘明

分享购买内衣的那些囧事让你笑笑 -- 18:: 来源:sohu 买个内衣总是囧事一箩筐不是价格不合理,就是设计糟透了,说实在的,想要找材质天然又价格合理的内衣真是太不容易了但是,嘿,这是我们所有女生们都必须经历的,所以为什么不笑对此事呢? Shopping underwear sucks. The prices are unreasonable, some of the designs are just disturbing, and, well, finding non-synthetic underwear a good price is just not easy. But, hey, it's something all us ladies have to go through, so why not laugh about it? 插画家C.卡桑德拉用插画帮助我们解释了这些她为我们描述了6个购买内衣总是很囧的原因,这些原因既好笑又真实让我们一起看一看吧! Illustrator C. Cassandra can help us out with that. She depicted 6 reasons why shopping underwear sucks and they’re both hilarious and completely relatable! Take a look below. 1. 一看到价签,你就会发现用料这么少的小小一件,价格甚至比你一整套装都要贵! . 一些看起来OK的内衣不知为什么在细节上总是很诡异 3. 试衣间里总是有很多镜子,能让你从各个角度看清自己的身材,但有,怎么说呢,原本你并没意识到也并不希望知道,原来自己的身上某些地方,多出了些肉肉 . 不知道为什么,即使是相同的尺码,每一件内衣都有本事搞出些让你烦心的状况来 5. 纯棉质地的已经绝迹了 6. 最终,该结账时,你总会得到这样一个结论:其实,你并不是非得需要买那么多件(价格真的好吓人啊) English Source: boredpanda

双语:英国最诚实杀人嫌犯 被误放不逃跑 -- 00:6:58 来源: A murder suspect was released from a high-security prison by mistake – as he waited in line to be taken to trial.一名凶杀嫌犯,在警备森严的监狱中排队等待坐囚车去法庭审判的时候,竟错误地被“强制”释放Bungling prison officers handed Martynas Kupstys his clothes and belongings and, despite his protests, said he had to leave.监狱的工作人员把衣等物品递给这个名叫马蒂内斯的嫌犯,不顾他的任何解释,执意让其离开The 5-year-old pleaded with HMP Lincoln that he should be joining inmates who were being escorted towards the prison bus to Lincoln Crown Court. But his pleas were ignored and he was shown the door.这名5岁的嫌犯向监狱工作人员解释说自己马上要和其他犯人一起坐囚车被送往林肯刑事法庭受审,但没人听他解释,他就这样被释放了It was only when the van reached court, and officials found Kupstys missing from the defendants that the astonishing error came to light.直到囚车到达法庭,工作人员发现作为被告的马蒂内斯不见了,才意识到这个不可思议的失误A full-scale investigation was launched with police searching frantically the prisoner.随后警方立刻展开对该名囚犯的大范围搜查Meanwhile, confused Kupstys had sat unnoticed at a bus stop outside the prison following his release. He remained there three hours bee being found and returned to custody.而与此同时,被糊涂释放之后,不解的马蒂内斯就一直在监狱外面的一个巴士站默默坐着他在那里呆了3个小时,直到被警方发现并被重新拘留His release led to the collapse of his murder trial, which had been hearing evidence three weeks, at a cost to the taxpayer of an estimated £3,000 a day.此次释放事件,导致对马蒂内斯的审判延期,该审判从三周前就开始听取据,每天约花费纳税人3千英镑Last night the Ministry of Justice confirmed an urgent security review was under way at HMP Lincoln, a prison which has been heavily criticised as ‘unsafe’ by Government inspectors who raised concerns about overcrowding and staffing issues.8月日晚司法部实林肯监狱内部正在进行紧急安全管理检查,该监狱一直以来因为囚犯过多及员工编制等问题饱受诟病,被政府检查员认为是“不安全”的监狱Last night, Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League Penal Rem, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It is ridiculous and dangerous that a murder suspect was released during his trial.‘I’ve never heard of this happening bee and I am deeply concerned. We should be relieved that Kupstys simply sat at a bus stop wondering why he had been pushed out the door. Thankfully nobody was hurt.“凶杀嫌犯在审判期间被释放,真的是既荒唐又危险”昨晚霍华德刑法改革联盟的行政长官弗朗西斯·克鲁克告诉周日邮报记者,“我从未听说过这种事情,我感到非常担心庆幸的是,马蒂内斯只是坐在巴士站里想他为什么会被释放,而没有造成任何人员伤亡”‘This error was expensive, because a lot of court time has been wasted.“这个错误的代价是很大的,法庭耽搁了很长时间”‘This shocking incident is indicative of the fact that Britain’s prisons are in meltdown.“这件令人震惊的事件背后暗示着英国的监狱正在面临垮台”  ‘Across the country prison staffing levels have been cut and many of the remaining staff are overstretched and inexperienced.’“全国的监狱工作人员编制数量缩减,导致留在监狱继续工作的要么缺乏经验,要么超负荷工作”Married Lithuanian factory worker Kupstys, 5, and his brother-in-law Andrus Giedraitis, 9, were charged with murder earlier this year after Latvian Ivans Zdanovics, , was found dead at his home in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, in January . Police said he died from smoke inhalation.5岁的嫌犯马蒂内斯是一名已婚的立陶宛籍工人,他和他的9岁的大舅子安德勒斯在今年年初被指控于年1月在林肯郡的盖恩斯伯勒杀害岁的拉脱维亚人伊万斯,警方判定死者因吸入浓烟致死While being held on remand at HMP Lincoln, Kupstys and Giedraitis, made a series of appearances bee local magistrates and pleaded not guilty. Their trial began at Lincoln Crown Court on July 1.在被送押到林肯监狱后,马蒂内斯和安德勒斯已在当地法官面前有过多次露面并自称无罪,此案于7月1日在林肯刑事法庭开庭接受审判The precise details of how he came to be released in error remain undisclosed but The Mail on Sunday understands that at around 8.30am on August 8 he was moved from his cell to a holding area where inmates are segregated according to whether they are going to court or being released because they have completed their sentences.监狱方面并未透露错误释放马蒂内斯的细节,不过周日邮报的记者了解到,8月8日早上8点30分马蒂内斯从牢房被押往指定区域,等待与另一名嫌犯乘坐囚车,一同前往林肯刑事法庭但是显然监狱工作人员将等待去法庭受审的和刑满等待释放的犯人弄混了Due to an apparent mix-up with another inmate who had served his time, Kupstys was handed his possessions and led towards the front door.由于被错当做是另一名刑满释放的犯人,所以马蒂内斯被“强制”拿着自己的东西离开监狱At the time he tried to explain to prison officers that he should be joining those prisoners, including his co-accused Giedraitis, who were being escorted towards the prison bus.当时他试图跟监狱工作人员解释他应该是和包括安德勒斯在内的其他犯人一起等待囚车去法庭受审的His pleas were ignored and he was shown the door. Meanwhile Giedraitis and other remand prisoners boarded the bus at about 9am.但是没人理睬他,他被带到了监狱门口而另一边,安德勒斯和其他犯人在9点钟坐上了囚车The bus arrived at Lincoln Crown Court, without Kupstys, at about 9.30am. Concerned court officials called the prison where officers realised their embarrassing error.这辆囚车在9点半左右到达林肯刑事法庭法庭工作人员点名时发现了监狱方面的这个失误The presiding judge, His Honour Michael Heath was inmed that Kupstys had been released in error and the judge passed this inmation to the jury after they were sworn in at around am.法官迈克尔·希瑟得到马蒂内斯被错误释放的消息后,告诉了在点钟宣布就职的陪审团The case was then adjourned in Kupstys’s absence and Giedraitis was driven back to HMP Lincoln.由于马蒂内斯的缺席,案件被延期,安德勒斯被重新送押至林肯监狱Kupstys was found at the bus stop by prison officers at around .30pm and was returned to his cell.点半的时候马蒂内斯在巴士站被监狱工作人员发现并带回至其牢房The jury in the case was discharged by Judge Heath on August legal reasons and the case will now return to court in March next year.8月日希瑟法官宣布解散陪审团,此案也将延期至明年3月再审Kupstys’ release is another blow HMP Lincoln which was criticised by inspectors in . They declared the prison unsafe after finding overcrowding at a rate of 50 per cent. A new governor was appointed and the prison received a more favourable report last year.马蒂内斯被错误释放是林肯监狱年受到检查员批评后的又一次失误检查员曾发现该监狱存在超员问题,犯人多出正常数量的50%去年一位新的管理者上任后,监狱曾收到一份令人满意的报告Last night, the governor Peter Wright admitted that Kupstys’s release was a ‘grave error, a fundamental breach of what we’re here to do’.昨晚,管理者皮特·怀特承认此次错误释放事件“是一个重大失误,是一次对我们应尽责任的根本违约”A Ministry of Justice spokesman added: ‘A prisoner from Lincoln was released in error on 8 August. The police were notified immediately and he was arrested within hours. An investigation by a senior governor has been launched.‘We take public protection extremely seriously and this type of incident is a very rare but regrettable occurrence.’“8月8日一名犯人被错误释放,警方随即得到通知并在3小时内将其抓回事件的具体调查正在进行中”司法部发言人补充说,“我们非常重视公众防护,这次事件实属罕见,我们深感抱歉”

德普与小娇妻离婚 回顾浪子德普叔的往日情缘(组图) --31 ::31 来源:chinadaily He got 'Winona ever' tattooed on his right shoulder in a grand romantic gesture. But following their split had it changed to 'Wino ever', which he has since claimed was more accurate.他还做了一件非常浪漫的事,把“永远的薇诺娜”纹在他的右臂上但是在他们分手后这一纹身就改成了“永远的酒鬼”,德普本人声称后面的说法更为准确Depp and Kate MossHe dated supermodel Kate Moss four years bee moving onto another famous catwalker.德普和超模凯特?丝交往了四年,然后又和另外一位名模谈起了恋爱Depp and Vanessa ParadisIn 1998 he began dating his most long-term partner Vanessa Paradis, who he met on set of The Ninth Gate.1998年,他开始和凡妮莎?帕拉迪丝约会,他们是在开始拍摄电影《第九道门时认识的凡妮莎成为了和他在一起时间最久的女人Johnny split from Vanessa in after years together.在相伴了年之后,年德普和凡妮莎分手They have two children together: Lily-Rose, , and Jack, .他们育有两个孩子:现年岁的莉莉-罗丝和现年岁的杰克Then in Johnny met and began dating Amber Heard on set of The Rum Diary.年在开始拍摄电影《莱姆酒日记时,德普开始和艾梅柏?希尔德约会Johnny and Amber exchanged vows under a flower-adorned marquee on the beach of Depp's private island in the Bahamas in February last year.去年二月份,在德普位于巴哈马的私人小岛海滩上,德普和艾梅伯在鲜花顶棚下交换了结婚誓言Just guests were in attendance.只有个客人参加了婚礼However, it is understood they got married legally in Los Angeles first so his ailing mother was attend.不过,据了解,为了让德普生病的母亲能够参加,两人此前已经在洛杉矶公结婚The actress, 30, filed divorce papers on Monday citing irreconcilable differences and seeking spousal support.现年30岁的女演员艾梅伯于周一(5月3日)提交离婚申请,理由是不可调和的分歧,并索要配偶赡养费On Wednesday, Johnny, 5, who is worth <牛人_句子> million and owns a private island in The Bahamas, filed his own legal documents asking the judge to reject his estranged wife's request maintenance.周三,德普也提交了法律文书,要求法官驳回分居的妻子索要赡养费的要求现年5岁的德普家产达亿美元,在巴哈马拥有一座私人小岛,A source says the couple do not have a pre-nup, according to TMZ.据美国名人消息网称,一名知情人士透露,这对夫妇没有签订婚前协议The website also revealed that the actor's beloved mother Betty Sue Palmer passed away on May . Amber lodged her divorce petition two days later.该网站还爆料说,德普深爱的母亲贝蒂?苏?帕尔默5月日去世两天后艾梅伯就提交了离婚申请Amber previously admitted she likes to date both men and women.此前,艾梅伯曾坦言自己是双性恋The actress enjoyed a relationship with female photographer Tasya van Ree.她曾经和女摄影师塔斯雅?凡?瑞交往过VocabularyLothario: 放荡者who's who: (总称)名人make a splash: 引起轰动;引人注目catwalker: 模特spousal support: 配偶赡养费pre-nup: 婚前协议英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编辑:丹妮

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