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美国《外交政策杂志网站8月7日发表了美国学者David Rothkopf的文章,题目是 The world's most dangerous countries(全世界十大最危险国家和地区),他的观点在美国和西方很有代表性,值得中国读者参考研究在这份名单中,美国是排在第一位最具危险性的国家,David Rothkopf的理由很简单:因为美国太强大了,翻一个错误就会影响整个世界,自然就是最危险的而中国排在了第二,也是因为中国太强大了,但是中国自己却不承认,因而不承担相应责任造成了世界系统失衡的危险  . 委内瑞拉(Venezuela)Ok, Chávez won't start any world wars. But think of his disruptive reach around the hemisphere, his support the FARC, and his cultivation of ties to Russia, China and the Middle East and its clear this is the one guy who is most likely to disrupt lives in Latin America the eseeable future.  不错,查韦斯可能没有兴趣挑起世界大战,但是他援哥伦比亚游击队、与俄罗斯、中国和一些中东国家关系密切委内瑞拉是最有可能影响拉丁美洲稳定的势力之一 9

  A producer and promoter Wu Tianming posthumous film ;Song of the Phoenix; has kneeled down in an online , begging theater owners more showtime the film.近日,导演吴天明的遗作《百鸟朝凤的电影制作人、出资人竟然在直播视频中下跪,乞求各大影院的院线经理能为这部电影增加排片量The incident reflects the harsh reality Chinese art-house films.这一事件反映出了当今中国艺术电影的残酷现实Fang Li, a producer of the film, kneeled down in an online broadcast, crying and begging, ;I hope everyone can help promote ong of the Phoenix on your social networking s. And if you (theater managers) can arrange a primetime screening this weekend, Im willing to kneel down you. To all the friends who help us, I love you, I can do anything.;该电影的制作人方励在这次网络直播中下跪,并哭诉道:“我希望大家能够在自己的社交平台上帮助宣传《百鸟朝凤这部电影如果哪位院线经理能够在这个周末给我们安排一次黄金场,我就给你下跪只要各位能够为这部电影出一份力,我可以为你们做任何事情”Wu Tianming, a leading man in the Chinese film industry fourth generation of filmmakers, had finished his last film entitled ;Song of the Phoenix; bee his death but never had a chance to see it released. He died on March , from a heart attack at the age of 7, just one month after he finished the editing ;Song of the Phoenix,; which tells the story of the friendship between two suona horn (a Chinese woodwind musical instrument) artists from two separate generations.该部电影的导演吴天明是中国电影行业的第四代电影制作人《百鸟朝凤是他去世之前的最后一部作品,不过他再也没有机会亲眼看到这部电影的发行吴天明导演因心脏病突发于年3月日去世,享年7岁在他去世前一个月,他刚刚完成了对《百鸟朝凤这部电影的编辑工作《百鸟朝凤讲述的是新老两代唢呐(中国的一种传统木管乐器)艺人为了信念的坚守所产生的真挚的情谊According to Wu Yanyan, daughter of Wu Tianming, the lack of promotion funds led to the shelving of the film after her father died. In the past two years, ;Song of the Phoenix; eventually secured financial support from various ;selfless; filmmakers, she said in a meet-and-greet event after an advance screening.吴天明的女儿吴妍妍表示,在父亲死后,《百鸟朝凤这部电影因为缺乏推广资金而导致一再被搁置上映两年之后,在电影预演之后的一次见面会上,吴妍妍表示,在一些电影制作人慷慨无私的帮助之下,《百鸟朝凤终于得到了资金上的持与保障;Song of the Phoenix; has not been a commercial blockbuster since its debut on May 6, securing only one percent of all films screening arrangements throughout the country. It received great reviews from moviegoers and critics, and its score on China movie rating site Douban.com is 8.. However, the rival Hollywood superhero flick ;Captain America: Civil War; now dominates the market and ;Song of the Phoenix; just grossed around million yuan in a week.自《百鸟朝凤于5月6日上映以来,这部电影就没有成为商业大片,首映当天各大影院的排片率仅在1%左右尽管该影片得到了一些电影常客以及家的一致好评,在豆瓣的评分也达到了8.分(分满分)的高分,但是与该电影同步上映的好莱坞大片《美国队长3:内战却已在该时段占领了电影市场,导致《百鸟朝凤一星期的票房累计仅在四百万左右;I dont expect big box office earnings this film. I just hope more people can see Wu Tianming last masterpiece,; Fang said in his webcast. ;You (theater managers) can earn big money fifty weekends out of the year -- so just this weekend, please increase our screening time. director Wu, audience. This is our last chance. This is a Chinese film, this is Chinese culture. People dont just live money.;方励在网络直播中表示:“我不求能带来多么丰厚的票房回报,我只希望有更多的人能够真正去电影院观看吴天明导演的这部遗作各位电影院的经理们,一年将近五十个星期,你们每个星期都可以赚很多钱,我就恳求你们,在这一周的周末给我们增加排片量吧为吴导演也好,为观众也好,这是我们最后的机会了这部电影是我们中国出品的电影,代表的是我们中国的文化要知道,人不应该只为钱活着”Wu was respected his successful films, which included the award-winning ;Old Well; and ;The King of Masks,; as well as his teaching and nurturing of the fifth generation of Chinese filmmakers, such as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Huang Jianxin and more. Even Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese sent his heartfelt tribute to the master. ;Wu Tianming was a true giant of cinema,; said Scorsese in a promotional .吴天明导演曾经执导过许多非常成功的电影,其中包括获得金鸡奖最佳故事片奖的《老井、华表奖最佳对外合拍片奖《变脸等此外,吴天明还培养了一批中国的第五代电影制作人,比如张艺谋,陈凯歌,黄建新等当今颇有名气的导演甚至连奥斯卡最佳导演奖的获得者马丁·斯科塞斯也对这位制作人给予了高度的评价他曾在一个宣传视频中称:“吴天明是电影行业真正的大师” 55


  Benedict Cumberbatch has attended the Comic-Con to promote his upcoming new installment of Sherlock with its executive producer Steven Moffat.日前,本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇与执行制片人史蒂芬·莫法特共同现身圣地亚哥国际动漫展,为即将发布的《神探夏洛克第四季进行宣传Although Moffat was extremely tight-lipped about the upcoming fourth season of Sherlock, the team behind the beloved drama still made a splash on July at Comic-Con.尽管制片人莫法特对即将到来的第四季内容守口如瓶,但制作团队依旧在7月日举办的动漫展上引起了轰动With the exception of last year Victorian Christmas special The Abominable Bride, Sherlock hasnt released new installments since .自年起,剧组只在去年发布了维多利亚圣诞特辑《神探夏洛克:可恶的新娘,除此之外并没有发布过新的内容Hundreds of fans starved inmation and footage from season four went so far as to camp out overnight to ensure they made it into the panel.数百名粉丝迫切看到有关第四季的内容和影片镜头他们为了确保能进入漫展,甚至连夜露营Cumberbatch visited some of the fans and thanked the crowd a ;humbling; reception at the panel.康伯巴奇看望了一些粉丝,并感谢他们用如此“谦恭”的方式接待自己;Can I go and talk to them? I want to meet the people that make all this possible. Because it all about that. It all about them. It about their enthusiasm, their devotion and it overwhelming and utterly humbling,; Cumberbatch said.康伯巴奇对此表示:“我能去和他们说说话吗?我想看看让这一切成为可能的粉丝们因为,这一切可都是他们给予的,所有的一切都是因为有了他们,因为有了他们的热情、奉献和绝对的恭敬”Although the panel was light on spoilers, the team unveiled the first season four trailer. The lengthy , which teased that ;everything they know will be tested,; elicited cheers, gasps and thunderous applause from the room.尽管发布会上并没有爆料太多,但制作团队依然公布了第四季的首预告片“一切已知的东西都将接受考验”,这段长长的视频引起了满堂喝,雷鸣般的掌声响彻整个房间Premiering in , season four will consist of three 90-minute episodes and feature new addition Toby Jones, who can be seen in the trailer. Part of the reason the delay has been the actors busy schedules. Cumberbatch is next set to headline Marvel Doctor Strange.《神探夏洛克第四季将于年上映,每集90分钟,共三集,托比·琼斯饰演的角色在预告片中也有现身演员档期繁忙是预告片推迟发布的部分原因康伯巴奇随后将继续宣传漫威新电影《奇异士 586

  If you were able to ignore the movie cameras and lighting rigs you might actually think you traveled back in time.如果不是一部部摄影机和灯光设备,你可能真以为自己穿越了An elderly man cries out in pain during a brutal interrogation in 190 China. A short stroll further on, a wife sobs outside an ancient Chinese palace. Down the steps from her an army battalion rushes into battle, and just around the corner, a martyr is executed during the Qing Dynasty.四十年代的中国,一位老人正接受审讯被残酷折磨痛苦嘶喊着,几步之外,一位妇人在宫殿外哭泣离她不远处,一军队正冲锋作战,而在转角处,一名清朝烈士正被处决But in reality, youve just come to Hengdian World Studios, the largest studio complex in China. Dozens of movies and TV shows are produced out of its lots all year long. Most of the sets are historical replicas of times past. Think of a village in the Qing dynasty or a Hong Kong street in 190. There is even a to-scale replica of Beijing famous bidden City.回到现实,您其实是身处横店影视城,中国最大的综合影视基地横店全年能产出几十部影视作品大多数拍摄场景是复刻的历史名景,你能看到190年的清朝村庄,香港街道,甚至是北京著名的紫禁城In , Chinese-made films grossed over $ billion, a nearly 70% jump from the year bee, according to Artisan Gateway, an Asian film consultancy.亚洲电影咨询公司亚提森格维的数据显示,年中国国产电影票房收入超过0亿美元,同比年疯涨了70%;The economy has developed and people are getting richer,; said a film director who spoke to CNN while filming his latest project in Hengdian. ;So theyre spending more and more money on entertainment. It inevitable.;“经济在迅速发展,人们也越来越有钱,”一名电影导演在横店拍摄自己的新作时向CNN表示,“所以人们愿意花更多的钱在活动上,这是理所当然的”On Tuesday, Dalian Wanda Group, the Chinese real estate and entertainment giant, bought a controlling stake in Legendary Pictures, a major Hollywood studio that financed films like ;Jurassic World.; The deal is worth .5 billion dollars, and is the largest ever of its kind.;周二,中国房地产和产业巨头大连万达集团并购了传奇影业,传奇影业是好莱坞的一个主要工作室,主要投资拍摄《侏罗纪世界这一类型的电影收购价是35亿美元,迄今为止这在此类并购中成交价最高At the announcement, Wang Jianlin, the company chairman and China richest man, said the acquisition will allow greater distribution of Chinese films to international audiences. Given that Wanda also owns AMC theaters, the second largest U.S. cinema chain, it the kind of deal that could help introduce Chinese made films to a different audience.在宣布此消息时,万达集团董事长同时也是中国首富王健林表示,此次并购将使更多的中国电影面向全球观众鉴于万达还拥有美国第二大连锁影院AMC影院,当然能向全球不同的观众推广中国电影Beijing allows a limited number of eign films into China each year. Last year, they grossed about $.5 billion. But of the top ten highest box office earners, only three came from overseas.每年允许进入中国的国外电影数额有限,去年,外国电影的票房约为5亿美元,但在十大最高票房电影中,只有3部来自海外;Fast and Furious 7,; the latest Avengers installment ;Age of Ultron, and ;Jurassic World; each did well, but none grossed more in Chinese theaters than ;Monster Hunt,; a Chinese-made comedy.《速度与7,《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元及《侏罗纪公园票房表现均不俗,但均未能敌过中国国产喜剧电影《捉妖记的票房But to compete with Hollywood, China will have to start exporting its films around the world. Tuesday deal is just the start. It will have to build up its own mega-stars and bring in ;Star Wars;-like profits.然而,要与好莱坞匹敌,中国必须开始向世界出口电影周二万达并购传奇影业仅仅是个开始,要想与好莱坞匹敌,必须创建属于自己的超级巨星,从而才能带来像《星球大战之类的电影利润 China, at least now, those are lofty goals that are far, far away.对于中国而言,至少从目前看来,这还是个任重道远的宏伟目标 09Hu Ge is no stranger to cameras. The heart-throb actor starred in over TV series, two movies and released three albums during the past two years. Now the -year-old Hu Ge has discovered a new role.胡歌在电视镜头中并不陌生,这位大众情人近两年来一共出演了部电视剧,两部电影,期间还发行了三张专辑前不久,三十四岁的胡歌又被赋予了一项全新的身份Hu photographs, featuring his home city Shanghai in East China, are being displayed at an exhibition in downtown London from June th to 18th.胡歌将相机的镜头瞄准了自己的家乡上海,并以参展艺术家的身份于6月日至18日,携其摄影作品前往伦敦参加了影像艺术展As Shanghai tourism ambassador and a passionate amateur photographer, Hu was invited to take part in the ;Home Town; exhibition at London Alfred Dunhill Burdon House. It is one of a series of initiatives to promote the image of Shanghai, London sister city.作为上海旅游大使以及一位颇具热情的业余摄影师,胡歌受邀参加了此次于伦敦登喜路之家举办的《家园影像展,进一步推广了上海的城市形象,拉近了上海与伦敦两个城市的距离Hu Ge is one of the most popular stars in China with over 8 million followers on China Sina Weibo social network. He is also among the highest-paid stars in China. Last year, his three TV series received more than 19 billion online clicks. He is reported to have taken more than 30 advertisements in with a total endorsement fee over 0 million yuan ( million).胡歌在新浪微上拥有四千八百多万名粉丝,是中国最受欢迎的男明星之一,同时也是中国收入最高的明星之一去年,他主演的三部热播大戏收获了190多亿的网络点击量,期间获得30多家广告代言,广告代言累计收入将近两亿元(合三千万美元)The photography and graphy exhibition showcases artworks from invited artists from China and abroad that have shared their interpretations of Shanghai and what ;hometown; means to them.本次影像展展示了来自中国以及其他国家受邀艺术家的参展作品,体现了他们对于上海这座城市的诠释以及对于“家园”这一主题的理解和看法Planning to capture some panoramic photos of the city, Hu climbed to the top of Shanghai Tower, over 600 meters above the ground.为了捕捉上海的全景,胡歌特地登上了上海中心大厦的顶端,站在距地面600米以上的高度俯瞰这座城市;The weather was not ideal and the tower was still under construction,; said Hu. ;But I was very glad to grasp a moment from the Shanghai developing process. ;;As a Shanghai native, I feel very lucky and honored to be the ambassador. I love the city and it is an opporty me to further understand my hometown,; Hu said during an interview with China Daily. ;It also means responsibility since I am not only representing myself but also the city,; Hu said.“拍摄的当天天气不是很好,尚未完全完工的1层还有很多施工中的痕迹,但是我很开心能够去记录和捕捉上海这座城市的发展历程作为地地道道的上海人,我很荣幸能作为旅游形象大使我喜爱这座城市,并很感激能有这样一个机会让我进一步了解我的家乡”胡歌在接受《中国日报采访时如此说道,“然而我也明白,这对于我来说更意味着责任,因为现如今我不仅仅代表自己,更代表整个上海”Born in Shanghai Xuhui District in 198, he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy in 01 and immediately skyrocketed to stardom in after playing the leading actor in Chinese Paladin, a TV series based on a popular role play game of the same name.胡歌于198年出生于上海徐汇区,并于01年被上海戏剧学院录取,在年因饰演由电脑游戏改编的同名电视剧《仙剑奇侠传的男主角之后一炮走红However, one year later, Hu suffered from severe injury and disfigurement from a car accident, which killed his assistant. It took him approximately one year to recover and step back to the industry.不过,就在一年之后,胡歌和其女助手遭遇了一场车祸,他全身多处受伤,脸部险遭毁容,与其同行的女助手则当场身亡后来,胡歌花了几乎一年的时间恢复健康,并逐渐回归影视圈In , Hu Ge had another career take-off thanks to the mega-hit TV drama Nirvana in Fire. In the series, Mei Changsu, played by Hu Ge, relies solely on his wits to avenge the betrayal of his father and fellow kinsmen after losing all his Kung Fu skills in a battle.年,胡歌凭借热播大剧《琅琊榜再一次迎来事业的巅峰胡歌在剧中的角色梅长苏在一次战斗中遭人陷害,武功全废,韬光养晦多年凭借自己的聪明才智最终为自己蒙冤而死的父亲以及家人复仇平反He won many awards at home and abroad this role, among which the most recent is the Magnolia Award Best Actor in the th Shanghai TV Festival. The TV series has also been exported overseas to countries including South Korea and Japan.凭借梅长苏一角,胡歌斩获了国内外各大奖项前不久在上海举行的第届上海国际电视节上,胡歌还凭此获得了“白玉兰最佳男演员奖”与此同时,《琅琊榜这部电视剧也远销海外,在日本和韩国都有播出;I am very happy to see that the series can be enjoyed by eign audiences. It not only showcased the quality of Chinese TV dramas but also the beauty of Chinese culture,; Hu said.胡歌对此表示:“很开心外国观众能够这么喜欢这些电视剧,这不仅表明了中国电视剧的超高质量,还向外国朋友们展示了中国的文化” 530

  Brad Pitt is reportedly furious with Angelina Jolie.据报道称,布拉德#86;皮特很生安吉丽娜#86;朱莉的气The Maleficent actress filed divorce papers on Monday (19..) to end their two-year marriage, but the World War Z star is said to be angry at the brunette allegedly spinning stories about his parenting because it could be detrimental their kids.《沉睡魔咒的女演员于周一(19..)提出了离婚申请,终止了俩人长达年的婚姻,但据称这位《僵尸世界大战的男演员对这位深褐色头发的女演员很是生气,因为朱莉指控他在育儿方面有些问题,而这一指控可能会对他们的孩子造成伤害According to TMZ, Brad said about the divorce: he just unleashed hell.据外媒TMZ报道,皮特直言这次离婚:“她直接就是打开了地狱的大门”The Hollywood hunk is said to have pleaded with the 1-year-old actress to handle their divorce like adults because he didnt want to disrupt their six children, Maddox, , Pax, , Zahara, , Shiloh, , and twins Knox and Vivienne, eight.据称,好莱坞明星皮特曾请求1岁的朱莉以成年人的态度对待离婚一事,因为他不想对他们的六个儿女造成伤害:岁的马多克斯,岁的帕克斯,岁的萨阿拉,岁的夏伊洛和8岁的双胞胎诺克斯和维维恩Brad is concerned about his family after a scrum of paparazzi med outside their Hollywood Hills home, and the Los Angeles police are now patrolling the area at regular intervals.皮特在好莱坞山有座房产,一群仔围在周围让皮特甚为担心家人,现在洛杉矶警方已定期过来巡视He is said to have held regular conversations with Angelina about their split, but only found out about his divorce on Monday.有关人士称皮特会定期与朱莉讨论离婚问题,但却于周一意外得知离婚决定A source said: Brad only found out about the divorce decision on Monday.有关人士说:“皮特却只在周一得知了离婚的决定”Angelina cited irreconcilable differences their split and is seeking physical custody of their kids.朱莉则说俩人离婚是因为不可调和的分歧,并要求对6对子女拥有抚养权She is said to have decided to end their marriage because she was extremely upset with the way the Moneyball star has been parenting the kids and so decided to seek joint legal custody, but not joint physical custody.据称,出演《点球成金的皮特在带娃方面让朱莉“极为不满”,朱莉决定终止俩人的婚姻,并要求对孩子们拥有共同法律监护权而非共同抚养权It has also been claimed Angelina decided to split from Brad, 5, after an unknown incident, which is said to have happened a week ago.同时,还有人称一周前一个无人知晓的“事故”发生后,朱莉就决定与5岁的皮特离婚了An insider said: The final divorce decision was only made one week ago. An incident took place and prompted Angelina to act and file.一位内幕人士称:“最终的离婚决定是于一周前做出的发生了一件事,促使朱莉做出了行动提出了离婚申请”Brad has admitted he is very saddened by the divorce and is concentrating on his children.皮特承认他对于离婚决定“十分伤感”,并一直在担心自己的孩子们He said in a statement: I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the wellbeing of our kids.”他在一次发言中说道:“对此我很伤心,但现在最重要的是我的孩子们”I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time.“在这一挑战性的时期中,我希望媒体能够让我的孩子们得到应得的空间”译文属 6757A French artist is preparing to be entombed a week inside a -tonne limestone boulder in a modern art museum in Paris, after which he will emerge and attempt to hatch a dozen eggs by sitting on them weeks on end.在巴黎的一家现代艺术物馆,法国行为艺术家亚伯拉罕?伯安什瓦尔要在重达吨的石灰岩里生活一周,一周之后,他会从石头里出来,然后用身体孵化个鸡蛋一连数周直到小鸡出壳“I think of it as an inner journey to find out what the world is,” said Abraham Poincheval, who has hollowed out a hole in the rock just big enough himself to fit inside.他把这块石头内部凿出了一个仅够他容身的空间,并且表示:“我把这次表演当作是了解世界的心灵旅程”Poincheval is no stranger to bizarre and hair-raising permances.另类惊悚的行为表演对伯安什瓦尔来说已是家常便饭He once spent a tnight inside a stuffed bear, was buried under a rock eight days and navigated France’s Rhone river inside a giant corked bottle.他曾在毛绒玩具熊肚子里生活了两周,被埋在一块岩石下八天,还曾呆在一个巨大的软木塞瓶里沿着法国罗纳河漂流He has also crossed the Alps in a barrel and last year spent a week on top of a -metre pole outside a Paris train station like the stylite saints of the early Christian church.他把自己塞进木桶里翻越了阿尔卑斯山,去年,他在巴黎一家车站外米高的电线杆顶呆了整整一个星期,像极了早期基督教教堂修行的圣人们He also played at being a human mole, and crossed France on foot in a straight line with a friend.他还曾像鼹鼠一样生活,也曾和朋友徒步直线穿越法国But curator Jean de Loisy, of the Palais de Tokyo museum where Poincheval’s “Stone” and “Egg” permances are being held, insisted that his work should not be regarded as stunts but as a series of mystical journeys.伯安什瓦尔名为“石头”与“蛋”的表演是在东京宫物馆开演的,该馆馆长让?德?路易西坚持认为,与其说他的表演是做秀,不如说是一系列神秘之旅Instead they are profound meditations on “inner exploration, on modifying the self and of living in other realms beyond our own,” De Loisy said.馆长表示:“这些表演谱写了一部关于心灵探索、自我修正、在异空间生活的沉思录”The artist said he has spent months mentally and physically preparing himself the practicalities of life inside the rock, where he will sit up with his arms outstretched.伯安什瓦尔表示,到时候他将张开双臂坐在石头里,为顺利度过石头里的生活,他花了数月时间进行心理和生理上的准备与调整Holes have been bored in the rock air and cables a heart monitor and emergency telephone line.这块大石灰岩上已经钻了一些孔给伯安什瓦尔透气,也连好了电缆,以方便进行心脏监测和艺术家拨打求救电话Poincheval said all he will have to eat during his entombment will be a little dried meat and cartons of soup and other liquids.伯安什瓦尔告诉我们,他呆在石头里的这一周,只会吃一点肉干和盒装的汤和饮料The only mystery is how he will go to the toilet, with the artist becoming uncharacteristically evasive when pressed on the subject.唯一搞不懂的便是他怎样解决如厕问题,但每每有人问及此,他就一反常态地闪烁其词Loneliness should not be a problem, he said. When he was buried under a rock outside a gallery in the southern city of Marseille, mer prisoners who had survived solitary confinement came to keep him company and a “young girl talked to me about the violin she had just bought three hours”.他说,孤独不是个问题他之前在法国南部城市马赛的一家画廊外,被埋在岩石下面的时候,曾经被单独监禁的犯人过来陪他,有个年轻女孩还与他聊起了三小时前刚买的那把小提琴呢In fact, so many people came to “talk to the stone” that security guards had to be stationed around the rock at night so he could get some sleep.其实会有很多人慕名前来与这块“石头”聊天,为了让伯安什瓦尔可以睡会儿觉,保安夜间还得在他附近驻守The real wrench this time may be having to leave the rock after the week, Poincheval admitted.伯安什瓦尔也承认,他这次表演最大的挑战,便是在石灰岩里呆了一周后重返正常生活After previous permances, the end has always been what he called “delicate”, marked by a “day in the dumps... and a lot of turbulence inside. It takes several weeks to get back to normal,” he said.他还告诉我们,以前表演结束后,他最终的感受往往是“脆弱”,“心情抑郁又躁动不安,要缓好几周才会恢复正常”His next permance “Egg” will begin on 9 March, with Poincheval sitting on a dozen eggs between three and four weeks until they hatch.他的下一场名为“蛋”的表演将于年3月9日开始,伯安什瓦尔会坐在一打鸡蛋上,坐上大约三四个星期直到小鸡破壳He will eat a special diet rich in ginger so he can keep the eggs at a minimum of 37 degrees Celsius, with only a half an hour break every hours to keep him from cracking.因为他得让鸡蛋保持在至少37摄氏度,所以他到时会摄入一种富含生姜的特殊膳食,而且他每天仅仅只有半小时的自由休息时间The chicks that hatch “will go and live with my parents”, Poincheval added.伯安什瓦尔补充道:“这些孵出来的小鸡将由我的父母来照看”But his ambitions do not end there.然而他的野心并不止于此His big dream is to “walk on the clouds. I have been working on it five years, but it is not quite there yet,” he add.他解释道:“我最大的梦想是有一天可以在云端行走我为此研究了5年,但目前还不成熟” 9595

  第1名 Bugatti Veyron. 产地:法国 价格:97美元Bugatti Veyron因为不断地推迟上市而没落得好名声,如今它终于在欧洲上市销售了其制造公司还打算将其引入美国市场销售这款车使用汽缸01马力的发动机Bugatti Veyron is lack of good reputation because of constant postponing, and now it was finally sold in Europe. The manufacturing company also intended to be introduce it to the U.S. market. The car carries a -cylinder 01 hp engine. 87

  No two ways about it: Spangles the cat is cross-eyed.毫无疑问:Spangles是一只神奇的对眼猫A lot of eyeballs are getting entertained by the quirky 3-year-old Facebook page, especially his modeling portfolio, which includes shots of him dressed as a reindeer, unicorn and pirate.这只奇特的三岁小家伙的Facebook主页吸引了无数眼球,尤其是他拍摄的组合照片,里面有它打扮成驯鹿、独角兽和海盗造型的样子His anonymous owner says the feline – who was born with one cross-eye and has perfect vision – adores mugging the camera.它的主人(未透露姓名)说,Spangles天生就有一只眼睛斜视,但视力依然很棒很正常,他也非常喜欢在镜头前摆表情;He will pose me, and let me know when he in a glamorous mood,; Spangles owner explains on Facebook.Spangles的主人在Facebook上表示说:“它会在我拍照时摆造型,让我知道它心情非常好”But there are days when Spangles wont get out of his (cat) bed less than $,000 a day.但是有些日子,Spangles每天挣不到一万美元就不愿意从猫床里出来;I was being very stubborn today my Mama ... i wouldnt let her take pics of me in my new hats,; s a post from Dec. , . ;Sorry Mama!; “我今天很固执对妈妈态度不好...我不让她给我拍戴着新帽子的照片”年月日Spangles主页上发布的一条状态说,“对不起,妈妈!” 99。

  Air conditioning, watermelons, ice cream—we have all kinds of gadgets and food to get us through the summer. But what could be better than some waterborne fun during the hot months? With daring slides and exciting rides, water parks keep us happy even in the sizzling heat.空调、西瓜、冰淇淋——我们似乎有各种各样的“避暑神器”,但是比起炎炎夏日的水上运动,这些都弱爆了!考验勇气的旋转滑道、紧张刺激的水上过山车,水上乐园让我们在高温烈日里也能幸福感爆棚The following are a few special and well-known water parks around the world. Take a good look, and know what the real water parks look like.下面就为大家介绍一些世界闻名,却各有特色的水上乐园一起去看看什么才叫真正的水上乐园! 399



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