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2019年01月17日 17:10:28 | 作者:飞度医院排行 | 来源:新华社
Cable and streaming services are far outpacing broadcasters when it comes to including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters in their shows.有线电视台和流媒体的电视剧集中出现的男同、女同、双性恋和跨性别角色比电视网络要多得多That was the finding of an annual report by Glaad, released on Tuesday, that seeks to quantify lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representation on television. The “Where We Are on TV” report assesses the presence of such characters in the - season, defined as broadcast, cable and streaming shows expected to premiere between June 1, , and May 31, . (Scheduling changes could affect the figures.)这是Glaad周二(月7日)发布的年度报告中所提到的发现这份报告主要是统计电视剧中出现的女同、男同、双性恋和跨性别角色的数量这份名为《我们在电视上的位置(Where We Are on TV)的报告研究的是年至年美剧季中(指的是电视网、有线电视台和流媒体预计在年6月1日至年3月31日首播的电视剧)这类角色的出现情况(节目安排的改变可能会影响统计数字的准确性)Glaad found that of the 881 regular characters scheduled to appear on prime-time broadcast television, 35, or percent, were identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. There are another 35 recurring characters — people who make multiple appearances in a series but are not part of the main cast — who fit that description.Glaad发现,安排在电视网黄金时段出现的881名主要角色中有35名(%)是同性恋或双性恋另有35名多次出现的角色(不是主要角色)是同性恋或双性恋Scripted cable series will feature 8 regular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters (up from 6 last season) and 58 recurring ones (up from 1). Original series premiering on the streaming services Amazon, Hulu and Netflix include 3 such series regulars and recurring ones.有线电视台电视剧的主要角色中将包括8名同性恋、双性恋和变性者(比上一季的6名有所上升),多次出现的角色中有58名此类人物(上一季是1名)在亚马逊(Amazon)、Hulu网和Netflix网等流媒体上首播的原创电视剧中有3名主要角色和名多次出现的角色属于这类人群Overall character counts and percentages are harder to tabulate in cable and streaming, said Matt Kane, Glaad’s director of entertainment media, because those programming slates are more fluid. Broadcasters tend to follow clearly defined seasonal schedules.Glaad的媒体主管马特·凯恩(Matt Kane)说,总体来讲,有线电视台和流媒体的角色数量和比例更难统计,因为它们的节目安排变动性更大电视网则往往会遵循每季明确设置的节目表This was the first year that the Glaad report included streaming series. (The report has been prepared since .) Those shows notably included four transgender characters, with two leading roles on the Emmy-winning “Transparent,” the Amazon series about a transitioning patriarch, and “Sense8,” the Netflix thriller about a group of mysteriously interconnected people.今年,Glaad首次将流媒体包含到统计中来(这份报告始于年)值得注意的是,流媒体的电视剧中包括四名跨性别角色,其中两位还是《透明家庭(Transparent)和《超感猎杀(Sense8)的主角前者是亚马逊推出的电视剧,讲述的是一位正在变性的家长,该剧获得了艾美奖;后者是Netflix推出的惊悚剧,讲述的是一群具有神秘联系的人There are no transgender characters on prime-time broadcast television, the report said, and three recurring transgender characters on cable.该报告称,黄金时段的电视网剧集中没有跨性别角色,有线电视台电视剧中有三位多次出现的跨性别角色The number of bisexual characters rose on both broadcast and cable this year, but “many of these characters still fall into dangerous stereotypes about bisexual people,” the report noted. Such characters are often depicted as being immoral, manipulative or self-destructive, the report said.该报告指出,今年,电视网和有线电视台的双性恋角色数量增多,但是“很多这类角色仍被老套地描绘成危险人物”这些角色通常不道德,喜欢操纵别人,或者具有自杀倾向Of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters on television, most are gay men, the study found. These characters are also overwhelmingly white, ranging from 73 percent on streaming series to 69 percent in broadcast.这项研究还发现,电视剧中的同性恋、双性恋和跨性别角色以男同性恋居多而且这些角色绝大多数是白人,流媒体电视剧中的这类角色有73%是白人,电视网的这个比例是69%The full report is at Glaad.org.报告全文参见Glaad.org 157

The Opening Credits Weren’t Shot in New York8.片头的拍摄地不是纽约The Friends opening was not filmed in New York《老友记的片头不是在纽约拍摄的The opening credits to Friends may be as iconic as the show itself. With the feel-good 90’s track I’ll Be There You by The Rembrandts playing in the background (which was actually co-written by Friends’ creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane), we see the entire cast dancing with umbrellas in a fountain that appears to be in New York City—just as I finished writing that sentence, I realized how weird that concept sounds but somehow they made it work. Apparently, the scene was never shot in a park in New York City, but on a Warner Bros. lot. Go figure. According to IMDB, the whole thing took place during a a.m. shoot where the water was kept warm via a heated pump.《老友记的片头与这部剧本身一样经典——伴着伦勃朗乐队(The Rembrandts)那首《I’ll Be There You的悦耳旋律(这是一首九十年代的歌曲,由《老友记的鼻祖玛尔塔·考夫曼(Marta Kauffman)和大卫·克拉尼(David Crane)共同创作),剧中主角时而撑伞、时而在纽约的某个喷泉中共舞的画面映入眼帘就在我写下这句话时,忽然意识到“在纽约的喷泉跳舞”这一点有些诡异,但制作出来的效果还不错那座喷泉看似是在纽约的某个公园,其实是在华纳兄弟的摄影棚你就想嘛,据互联网电影资料库(IMDB)的资料显示,这个场景是在清晨点时拍的,连水都是靠加热泵保温,肯定不是纽约啊!Oh well. I still love the credits all the same and—to this day—can’t pass a fountain without the urge to have a splashy dance party in it. That would probably have me arrested, though, so I’ll continue to resist. While we’re on the subject of splashy dance parties, however, I’d like to note that an unexpected Hollywood honcho seems to enjoy engaging in them himself—and his said splashy dance party lines up perfect with the Friends theme song.尽管如此,我依旧非常喜欢这个片头直到今天,我每次经过喷泉时都有一股在喷泉中举办舞会的冲动但我那么做可能会被捕耶,所以只好捺住澎湃的心潮各位或许有幸能参与一场喷泉舞会,但大家绝对想不到某位好莱坞老板很喜欢这种舞会,他觉得喷泉舞会配上《老友记的主题曲非常完美!Coincidence? I think not. Check out a mashup of Kanye West splashing around in a lake in Armenia with The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There You” playing in the background here.Many People Originally Thought Chandler Was Gay有人说是巧合?不见得吧,不信你把《I’ll Be There You这首歌与坎耶·韦斯特(Kanye West,美国歌手)在亚美尼亚的湖中戏水的场景混搭在一起看看 389

Having weathered two bruising presidential campaigns and seven turbulent years in the White House, President Barack Obama will now put his survival skills to the test in Alaska wilderness.经历过两次激烈的总统大选和七年动荡的白宫生涯,这次,美国总统奥巴马将在阿拉斯加荒野考验自己的生存技能N announced on August 31 that Obama will become the first sitting president to appear in a special edition of the reality show Running Wild With Bear Grylls, which will be taped during his three-day trip to the region beginning Monday.美国全国广播公司(N)当地时间8月31日宣布,奥巴马将成为参加真人秀《越野千里特别节目的首位现任总统奥巴马于当地时间8月31日前往阿拉斯加州,行程为3天,期间奥巴马将参与节目录制The president will spend three days in the Alaska Arctic attending a climate change conference, visiting glaciers and meeting with Native American leaders.奥巴马将在阿拉斯加北极地区呆3天,出席气候变化峰会、探访冰川、与印第安部落首领会晤According to a press release put out by N, the commander-in-chief will meet up with the celebrity survivalist to observe first-hand the effects of climate change in Alaska.美国全国广播公司(N)召开新闻发布会表示,奥巴马总统将与著名野外生存家贝尔·格里尔斯(Bear Grylls)一道,亲自观察阿拉斯加州气候变化的影响The White House confirmed on August 31 that the shoot will take place Tuesday in Exit Glacier in Kenai Mountains, reported the New York Times.据《纽约时报消息,当地时间8月31日,白宫实了节目录制时间为9月1日,地点在基奈山的出口冰川The expanse of ice is retreating, in what environmentalists say is a dramatic sign of warming temperatures.当地的冰川面积正在减少,环保人士称之为气候变暖的明显标志The president will then join Grylls in the woods a crash course in survival techniques. The episode will be aired on N later this year.奥巴马将跟随《越野千里贝尔·格里尔斯进入丛林,上一堂生存技巧速成课这一集将于今年晚些时候在N播出 396683

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