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芜湖东方医院割包皮多少钱?芜湖市鸠江区妇幼保健人民中医院有泌尿科吗Cock-a-Doodle-Do自然界的闹钟Its four A.M. Youre tucked safely into a warm bed, savoring the last few hours of sleep before daybreak. And then, suddenly… (a rooster crows).早上四点,你还在温暖的被窝里蜷着,享受着天亮前为数不多的睡眠时间。此刻却听到雄鸡打鸣……It must be time to wake up, roll out of bed, and tend to the farm. Except its four A.M., its still dark out, and youre not a farmer.闻鸡起“床”,爬出被窝,开始农作。但是,现在才四点!外面黑咕隆咚的,而且,你又不是农民。Its that neighbor of yours, the one that for some unimaginable reason keeps a rooster as a pet. A rooster that flaunts the most basic rules of neighborhood etiquette by crowing every morning before sunrise. What gives?公鸡是隔壁家的,因为什么难以理解的缘由把公鸡当做宠物。每天的黎明前,公鸡都会打鸣,仿佛问候邻居早安。这是为什么呢?Most people assume that roosters are programmed to crow at the first sign of sunlight to announce the dawning of a new day, or some such romantic notion.大多数人认为公鸡每当第一缕阳光照耀大地,就按规律打鸣,提示崭新一天的开始。另外,还有很多浪漫的解说。Like all birds, roosters call in a daily cycle determined by circadian rhythms. That is, a roosters internal clock allows it to anticipate the sunrise and prepare for another exciting day of looking for food.和其他鸟类一样,生理节律决定了公鸡每天都要打鸣。也就是,公鸡的生理钟让它期待日出,积极地为新的一天觅食。But why must roosters crow as they prepare to start their day, and why do some roosters sound off before dawn? Roosters are territorial creatures and dont much like other roosters trespassing on their land.但是,为什么公鸡会打鸣呢?而且偏偏是在黎明前呢?公鸡有领地意识,自己的领地“决不许其它公鸡侵犯”。They crow in order to establish their domain and warn other roosters to stay away or prepare to brawl. And because their internal clocks are sometimes set a bit early, some roosters begin crowing well before sunrise.公鸡以此来维护自己的领地,警告其它公鸡远离,否则一场争斗难以避免。又因为公鸡的生理钟有时候设置得早一些,所以,一些公鸡打鸣在日出前。 /201212/217090芜湖哪里能治生殖器感染 芜湖看早泄的医院

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芜湖前列腺炎治疗手术费用;End of the roll!;;让我们一起呐喊!;;NO!~~;;不!;;Ive got it coming out, I just didnt get them back in!;;我已经拿了出来,我只是不希望让它们再回来!;Below the sea ice, the dive team is setting up an underwater studio, using a range of water-proof lights and time-lapse cameras, they hope to capture the growth of bizarre underwater ice-formations.海冰下面,潜水队员正在组建一个水下工作室,使用防水照明和延时相机,他们希望捕捉奇异水下生物的成长情况。Over the coming weeks, the dive team would go below the ice over 100 times to film the extraordinary secret world on the lower flanks of mountain Erebus.在今后几个星期,潜水队员会在冰下进出超过100次,力求电影带给人们的是这座山底部非凡的秘密世界。On top of the ice, the Orca team has re-positioned. Their new goal is to get underwater shots of the whales. They dont dare to get in the water with ocker, attaching a camera to a pole is a safer option, provided the whales arent put off by it.No one was prepared for what happened next. The entire pod arrives.冰层之上,虎鲸团队已经整装待发。他们的新目标是水下的鲸鱼。他们不敢进入水中,把摄像机放入水中才是安全的选择,而且这还是假定鲸鱼买账的情况下。没有人知道接下来会发生什么。因为整个团体会到来。Eyeball to eyeball, this is about as close to kill a whale as its possible to get.By using multiple crews and cameras, the frozen planet team would be able to capture the full Erebus story. From the fire at its crater down to the whales that patrol its frozen shores.仔细观察,这才能捕捉到鲸鱼的踪迹。利用多个小组和照相机,冰冻星球的团队才能捕捉到鲸鱼的故事。从火山口的火山到鲸鱼在冰冻的海岸巡逻。;Its quite a privileged to feel a whale breathe on your face.;;一头鲸鱼在你的脸上呼吸,这可是一种相当的特权。;注:听力文本来源于普特201202/171796 芜湖市镜湖区人民男科医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱芜湖市无为县男性男子男科医院男科



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