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抚顺轻工局职工医院看男科医院抚顺曙光可以刷社保卡吗Meituan, a group buying service backed by Alibaba, said Thursday that it would join forces with Dianping, a consumer review website backed by Tencent, hoping to create an e-commerce juggernaut.本周四,阿里巴巴投资的团购务美团网宣布,它将与腾讯投资的消费者点评务大众点评网合并,希望能携手打造一个电子商务巨头。The two companies said in a news release that they would set up a new company that would help businesses sell goods and services online in China. They did not provide further details on how the new company would work. They said both Dianping and Meituan would keep their brands and management structures and operate independently.这两家公司在新闻稿中表示,他们将成立一家新公司,帮助企业在中国境内在线销售多种商品和务。他们没有提供新公司运营的更多细节,但表示大众点评和美团两个品牌和现有业务将继续保持独立运营。;We both recognize the enormous potential of China#39;s O2O industry, and therefore this strategic cooperation was a shared and almost inevitable decision,; Zhang Tao, the chief executive of Dianping, said in the release, referring to online-to-offline transactions.;帮助1000万商家务好10亿消费者,是两个团队共同的追求,合作是大势所趋,是两个团队的共同选择,;大众点评网首席执行官张涛在宣布消息时表示。He added that the joint venture would allow ;both companies to better leverage our respective advantages in order to accelerate product innovation, deepen service offerings and speed up industry expansion.;他还表示,;O2O行业前景无比巨大,合作后大家将会发挥各自优势,加快产品创新、深化务和行业拓展的步伐。;O2O指的是线上线下融合务。The merger shows the power China#39;s largest Internet companies wield over emerging start-ups. Though Meituan is one of the last survivors of a huge subsidies war between group buying sites over the past five years, the site has suffered as cash-rich companies like Baidu and Tencent have thrown more money at group buying through investments in rivals like Nuomi, Dianping and the food delivery service Ele.me.这起合并显示了中国互联网巨头对新兴初创公司的影响力。美团虽然是过去五年中团购务巨额补贴战的最后幸存者之一,但百度、腾讯等现金充裕的公司在糯米、大众点评网和外卖务饿了么等竞争对手上投入了更多资金,令美团受到影响。The competition has been tough on Meituan, which has gotten some investment but little other support from Alibaba, one of China#39;s giants. This deal seeks to improve that, bringing one of China#39;s last large independent e-commerce companies into the orbit of Tencent, and to a lesser extent Alibaba.美团在竞争中步履维艰,尽管中国网络巨头阿里巴巴给它注入了一些资金,但却几乎没有提供其他持,本次合并就旨在改善这种状况,而中国最后的大型独立电子商务公司之一也从此纳入腾讯的轨道,阿里巴巴对它的影响力则变得相对较小。Mr. Tao will be co-chairman and co-chief executive with Meituan#39;s chief executive, Wang Xing. Mr. Wang said the cooperation would enable ;us to focus on better serving our consumers and merchants, and allows us to concentrate on developing new businesses and driving product innovation.; Neither company would say how much the new joint operation would be worth.张涛将与美团首席执行官王兴出任联席主席兼联席首席执行官。王兴表示,;合作后我们在产品创新、体验改进和新业务拓展上将可以投入更多精力和资源。;两家公司都没有谈到新公司的估值。Since setting up in 2010, Meituan has expanded into businesses that include food delivery and seat bookings at movie theaters. Its 0 million fund-raising round in January valued it at billion.自2010年成立以来,美团已经拓展了包括外卖和观影订座在内的多种业务。在今年1月的融资轮中,该公司以70亿美元的估值筹措到7亿美元资金。Dianping began as a consumer review and merchant information company, but it has expanded into group buying, food delivery and restaurant reservations. It raised 0 million in its last round of fund-raising in April, and media reports value the company at billion.大众点评网最初以消费者点评和商户信息为主,但现在已经拓展到团购、外卖、订餐领域。在今年4月的最新一轮融资中,它筹集到8.5亿美元资金,媒体报道其估值为40亿美元。Neither Dianping nor Meituan is publicly traded.大众点评网和美团都没有上市。The joint venture will compete directly with the Internet giant Baidu, whose stock closed down 3.4 percent on Wednesday after rumors of the deal were reported. In spite of this, Kaiser Kuo, the international communications director for Baidu, said, ;We#39;ve got momentum in this space.;合并后的新公司将与中国互联网巨头百度开展直接竞争,媒体报道了交易传闻后,百度的股票本周三收跌3.4%。尽管如此,百度国际媒体公关总监郭怡广表示,;我们在这个领域势头不错。; /201510/402655抚顺市铝厂职工医院在哪里 This week#39;s state visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping may be a nervy time for Duchess of Cambridge.本周,中国国家主席习近平对英国的国事访问可能会令剑桥公爵夫人坐立不安。The mum-of-two is set to attend her first state banquet at Buckingham Palace.已经育有两个孩子的凯特王妃将首次出席在白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace)举行的国宴。Kate#39;s husband the Duke of Cambridge is also expected to be attending his first Palace banquet - at the age of 33.凯特王妃的丈夫——现年33岁的剑桥公爵也将第一次出席在白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace)举行的国宴。The Cambridges did attend a state dinner in Singapore during their Jubilee tour in 2012, but it was a tiara-free affair.2012年,剑桥公爵夫妇2012年访问新加坡时参加过一次晚宴,这是伊丽莎白二世女王登基60周年钻禧的一部分,但那次国宴凯特无需佩戴冕状头饰。Here are some of the things the Duchess needs to know about state banquets at the Palace:以下是公爵夫人出席白金汉宫的国宴所要知道的一些事项。Don#39;t buy a tiara - borrow one off the Queen不要买头冠——向英国女王借一个Female members of the royal family dress in evening gowns and wear tiaras - often loaned to them by the Queen.王室的女性成员需要穿晚礼并且佩戴头冠——头冠通常是女王借给她们的。It will only be the third time Kate has been seen in a tiara.这是凯特王妃第三次佩戴头冠。She wore one belonging to the Queen for her wedding in 2011 - the Queen Mother#39;s Cartier Halo Tiara - and later was pictured in the Papyrus Tiara which belonged to Princess Margaret at the Queen#39;s annual diplomatic reception at the Palace in 2013.在2011年的婚礼上,凯特王妃头戴一顶女王借给她的头冠——是来自女王母亲的卡地亚光环头冠——后来在2013年女王在白金汉宫举行的年度外交招待会上,她被拍到佩戴莎草纸,这顶头冠曾经为玛格丽特公主(注:伊丽莎白二世女王的胞,已故)所有。Senior royal women also display their family orders - miniature portraits of the sovereign set in diamonds suspended from a ribbon - pinned to their left shoulder.高级王室女性成员还会展示象征她们家族地位的绶带——悬挂在丝带上的由钻石镶嵌的君主的微型肖像——绶带挂在左肩。 /201510/404678The ownership of the land had certain changes after the peasant uprising at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. The number of owner-peasants had increased.经过元末农民战争之后,土地占有关系发生了一些变化,自耕农的数量增加了。On the base of relatively-scattered land, Ming governors in the early years had set up a highly-centralized government and also had carried out certain measures to restore and develop economy.在土地比较分散的基础上,明初统治者建立一个高度中央集权的政权,井采取了恢复和发展经济的措施。All of these are embodied in the following points: 1) It strengthened the absolute monarchy and set up the central and local administrations.主要表现在以下几个方面:君主专制统治的加强,建立中央和地方的统治机构。In the army, a system of Weisuo was carried out. Ming Taizu set up a special military administration with special tasks to guard the emperor, a guard administration, Jinyiwei. It made the literary inquisition to a large scale, which made a lot of intellectuals suffer terrible man-made accidents. It practiced new school system and examination system to debar peopled thinking. In order to control the peasants and ensure the tax, it made the Huang Ce (the Yellow Book) and the Yulin Ce (the Fishscale Book).在军队方面,实行卫所制度,明太祖还设立了一个保卫皇帝并从事侦缉活动的军事特务机构——厂卫机构,锦衣卫;大搞文字狱,使许多知识分子无辜罹难;实行新的学校制度和科举制度,禁锢人们的思想;为了控制农民和保赋役来源,制订了黄册和鱼鱗图册以加强对人民的控制。2) It moved the capital to Beijing.迁都北京。Ming Chengzu continued to strengthen up the centralized government and adopted the policy to abolish the vassal states and forced the dukes in the north to the south and some of them were degraded to commoner status. The national and the military rights were in the hands of the emperor himself.明成祖继续加强中央集权,采取削藩政策,将北方诸王迁往南方, 有的被废为庶人,国家军政大权又集中于皇帝。Meanwhile, Ming Chengzu decided to move the capital to Beijing in order to strengthen the Northern frontier.同时,明成祖为了巩固北方边防,决定迁都北京。From the year of 1417, it began to build the city of Beijing in a large scale and it was finished in three years.1417年开始,大规模营建北京城,历时三年始告建成。In 1421, the Ming government moved its capital officially to Beijing.1421年,明政府正式迁都北京。That Ming moved its capital to Beijing had its importance in guarding the trouble from the Northern Mongols and maintaining the integration of the country.迁都北京对于防御北方蒙古侵扰和维护国家统一有着重要意义。3) The early policies, restoration and development of economy were made.明初经济政策与社会经济的恢复和发展。Diverse measures to restore and develop the economy had been designed, which had changed the highly-centralized phenomenon of the land to a certain degree and improved the identity and social status of the peasants and the craftsmen.制订了恢复和发展经济的各项措施,一定程度上改变了土地高度集中的现象,改善了农民和手工业者的身份地位。The development of agriculture and handicrafts promoted the commerce and the city economy. Then the commercial cities appeared and the merchants more movements and the tax had been improved.农业和手工业的发展,促进了商业和城市经济的紧荣,商业城市兴起,商人活动频 繁,商税收入增加。 /201602/428558抚顺正规的男科医院哪家最好

抚顺正规男性医院The Mirror told yesterday how Emma and Drew Lee found some comfort in knowing little Hope#39;s kidneys and liver cells would save lives after she died just 74 minutes after being born. Now the couple want a change in the law that could save thousands more.镜报昨天报道,一名名叫Hope的女婴虽然才出生74分钟就死亡了,但她的父母Emma Lee和Drew Lee在知道她的肾脏和肝脏细胞可以救人之后,选择捐献她的器官,这也让他们从中得到安慰。现在这对夫妻希望法律能有所更改,以拯救更多人的生命。Care worker Emma, 32, said: ;Just one body can be used for so many transplants – hearts, lungs, even skin and corneas. Donating should be mandatory, not optional. Transplants don#39;t only help the recipients. They help the donor#39;s grieving family too.;Emma是个护工,今年32岁,她说:;一个小婴儿都可以进行这么多器官移植——心脏,肺,甚至皮肤和眼角膜。捐献应该是强制性的,而不是选择性的。器官移植不仅有助于接受者,对捐赠者悲伤的家庭也是一种抚慰。;Drew, 51, added: ;If becoming a donor was automatic millions more organs would be available. Under the current system healthy organs are going to waste.;父亲Drew今年51岁,他补充道:;如果成为捐赠者,将会有更多的器官可以提供。在现在的制度下,健康的器官都会被浪费掉。;Wales introduced a law on Tuesday deeming all adults to have consented to donate their organs unless they opt out. This groundbreaking change is expected to increase the number of donors by 25%. Three people die every day waiting for a transplant.威尔士周二宣布了一条法律,主张所有成年人都应同意捐献器官,除非决定不参加。这个突破性的改变预计能将器官捐赠者的数量增加25%。现在每天都有三个人在等待器官移植中死去。Emma and Drew were offered the chance to abort Hope when scans showed she had the killer birth condition anencephaly. But they continued with the pregnancy after being inspired by the story of Teddy Houlston who lived for just 100 minutes but saved lives by donating organs.Emma和Drew曾经有机会可以选择流产掉Hope,因为扫描显示她是个无脑儿,即使生下来也活不了。但是之前有一个叫Teddy Houlston的婴儿生下来只活了100分钟却捐赠器官救了人。受到Teddy的故事的影响,夫妻俩也没有放弃Hope,将她生了下来。Hope will be cremated on Tuesday. Today, Emma and Drew of Newmarket, Suffolk, faced the task of registering two births and one death.Hope的遗体将在周二火化。今天,来自萨福克纽马克特的Emma和Drew需要面对两份出生登记和一份死亡登记。Emma said: ;I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying. Signing Hope#39;s death certificate was the toughest bit.;Emma说:;我必须咬着嘴唇不让自己哭出来。在Hope的死亡明上签字真的太难了。; /201512/414045新宾县人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询 The first quality standards for pollution filter masks will take effect on March 1 in a bid to regulate the rapidly growing domestic market.今年3月1日,首个空气过滤器质量标准将会生效。该标准将会规范快速增长的国内市场。The Group Standard on Protective Masks against PM 2.5 was released on Jan 18, with the goal to regulate filter efficiency. The standard will also ban the use of cancer-causing aromatic ammonia in the fabric and list the details of domestic producers.1月18日,PM2.5防护口罩团体标准已经正式发布。该标准旨在规范过滤器的有效性。此外,该标准还将会禁用工厂致癌物质芳香胺,并且将国内生产的细节一一公示出来。The China Textile Commerce Association conducted research on facial protective masks and initially drafted the regulations in February 2014. Li Jianhua, head of the association, said the domestic market has grown quickly due to the frequency of severe smog blanketing many cities.中国纺织品商业协会开展了关于面部保护面罩的研究,并于2014年2月首次起草规范。商会负责人李建华表示,由于国内很多城市频繁收到严重雾霾的影响,国内市场需求增加迅速。Of the 37 tested masks from major brands in China, only nine were adequate in filtering air borne pollutants and enabling smooth breathing, said a survey conducted by the China Consumers Association in March 2014.2014年3月,中国消费者协会展开的一项调查表明,在37个中国主要品牌的测试面罩中,只有2个品牌可以有效过滤空气中的污染物,使得呼吸顺畅。Data from newrank.cn, an analysis agency, showed mask sales outstripping condom salesonline on Nov 23, according to a report from the South China Morning Post.《南华早报》的一份报道称,11月23日,来自newrank.cn分析部门的数据显示,面罩的线上销量已经超过了避套。 /201602/426191抚顺哪家医院包皮做的好

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