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抚顺哪家治早泄的医院比较好抚顺治疗前列腺肥大哪家医院比较好A controversial insurance policy that will protect ;good Samaritans; from being sued by elderly people was recently launched in China, news portal cnr.cn reported on Thursday.新闻门户网站央广网在星期四报道,一个有争议的保险政策近期在中国推出,该政策旨在保护“好心人”不被老年人讹钱。Alipay, a massively popular third-party online payment platform in China launched its ;Support the Elderly; insurance policy in October, offering financial support and legal aid for people sued for compensation by elderly people who blackmail them following accidents in which they are not at fault.付宝,中国的大型第三方在线付平台,在十月推出“扶老人险”,为好心扶老人反被讹的人提供金融持和法律援助。In China, there have been several instances in recent years in which people who helped the victims of accidents were then sued by the victims. Often the blackmailer will claim that the person would only have helped them if they were responsible for the accident.在中国,近几年来已经发生过一些帮助了受害者反被起诉的事故。通常情况下,敲诈者会认为帮助他们的人就是事故责任人。Individuals need to pay 3 yuan (.5) a year for the insurance, which covers legal fees of up to 20,000 yuan if the person becomes embroiled in a so-called good Samaritan court case. The insurance company also provides free legal consultation for its clients.参保个人每年需要缴纳3元(0.5美元)的保费,其中包括高达20000元的律师费,如果参保人陷入了所谓的“好心人”案件,保险公司还为客户提供免费法律咨询务。Alipay users in 26 cities - including Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing - can purchase the policy online. A total of 26,000 such policies were sold in the first three days after its launch, of which 24,000 were bought by young users, according to Xinhua.26个城市(包括北京、上海和南京)的付宝用户都可以在网上购买该保险。据新华社报道,该保险在推出后的三天内售出26000份,其中24000份是年轻用户购买的。;The insurance will make good Samaritans feel reassured, which may aid the sp of virtue and positive energy in society,; a customer that has bought the policy was ed by cnr.cn as saying.“这个保险让#39;好心人#39;放心,这可能有助于社会美德和正能量的传播。”央广网引用一位购买了该保险的客户的。;A series of #39;good Samaritan#39; extortion cases have damaged the trust between people, scaring would-be good Samaritans,; Tan Qiugui, a law professor at Beijing#39;s Minzu University of China told the Global Times earlier.北京中央民族大学的法学教授谭秋桂早前告诉《环球时报》,“一系列的#39;好心人#39;被勒索案件损害了人与人之间的信任,吓退了潜在的助人为乐者”。A total of 149 good Samaritan cases occurred in the first nine months of 2015, of which 84 cases were later exposed as cases of extortion. Most blackmailers were not severely punished by the authorities for their extortion, the cnr.cn reported.据央广网报道,2015年前九月总共有149起好心人事件,其中84例被爆出是敲诈勒索案。大多数的勒索者没有受到当局的严厉惩罚。 /201510/406001辽宁抚顺妇幼保健院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 Ikea has issued a recall for at least 27 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over onto children, injuring or killing them, N News confirmed. The furniture giant said Monday that after the three deaths of three children it is no longer selling its ;Malm; series products because they ;could be a danger,; Ikea USA president Lars Peterson told N News.N新闻实,宜家已经宣布召回至少2700万个容易翻倒砸死或砸伤孩子的箱子和梳妆台。这个家居巨头星期三宣布,在发生了三起孩童死亡事件后,它将不再销售Malm系列产品,因为这些产品很危险。宜家美国总裁Lars Peterson告诉N新闻。;Please take them out of the room,; Peterson said, adding that customers are eligible for a free repair kit to anchor the furniture to a wall. Refunds will also be offered. The announcement comes after an anchor campaign last year — and amid staggering statistics: every 24 minutes, a child is sent to the emergency room by a falling piece of furniture or a television, according the federal government#39;s watchdog agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Every two weeks, a child dies.“请将它们移出房间”,Peterson说道,补充说道消费者将有权获得一个免费的修理配件来将家具固定在墙上。也将允许退款。这个声明发布在一个去年的加固家具运动以后——根据联邦政府监查机构和消费者产品安全委员会的一项惊人的统计数据:每24分钟就有一个孩子被掉落的一件掉落的家具或电视送进急诊室。每两周就有一个孩子死亡。;I never heard of that before,; she said, adding that one of her ;main goals right now is to just sp the word about anchoring anything that could fall.; In a statement to N News, Ikea said it issued the recall despite the anchor campaign, which resulted in the company sending out 300,000 kits.;我从没有听说过这种事,”她说到,补充说她现在的一个主要目标是呼吁固定任何可能掉落的东西在墙上。根据一份N新闻的声明,宜家宣布召回,虽然加固家具运动导致公司送出300000套配件。;It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers#39; homes,; the statement says. ;We believe that taking further action is the right thing to do.; “可以确定的是仍然有不安全的产品存在于消费者的家中,”声明中说到,“我们相信尽早采取行动是正确的。” /201606/451752抚顺新抚人民医院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

清原县第二医院怎么预约A Syrian migrant was killed when a bomb he was carrying exploded Sunday near a music festival in the Bavarian town of Ansbach, near Nuremberg, officials say. Twelve people were wounded in the blast.德国官员说,星期天,在纽伦堡附近的巴伐利亚城镇安斯巴赫的音乐节附近,一名叙利亚移民在其携带的炸弹爆炸时丧生。12人在爆炸中受伤。Authorities say the explosion was ;intentional; and that the man had tried to commit suicide a few times before Sunday#39;s explosion.有关当局说,这次爆炸是“蓄意”所为,这名男子在星期天爆炸之前曾多次试图自杀。He was denied asylum last year, but was allowed to remain in Germany temporarily.去年,他的庇护申请被驳回,但是被暂时允许留在德国。The blast prompted the evacuation of more than 2,000 people from the music festival.爆炸导致参加音乐节的2000多人被疏散。Earlier Sunday, a machete-wielding Syrian refugee killed a woman and wounded two other people in an attack in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.星期天早些时候,在斯图加特附近的西南城市罗伊特林根,一名叙利亚难民手持砍刀,砍死一名妇女,砍伤两人。Germany is still on edge after the killing of nine people by an 18-year-old Iranian-German gunman in Munich Friday.上周五,一名18岁伊朗裔德国人在慕尼黑开打死9人,德国仍处于紧张不安之中。 /201607/456435望花妇幼保健院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 Scores Reported Dead in Nice, France, as Truck Plows Into Bastille Day Crowd法国尼斯发生卡车冲撞人群事件,超70人遇难PARIS — A truck plowed into a large crowd watching the annual Bastille Day fireworks on the promenade in Nice on Thursday night, and witnesses reported hearing gunshots.巴黎——周四晚间,法国南部城市尼斯的滨海步行道举办年度国庆焰火活动,一辆卡车冲进正在观礼的人群,造成严重死伤。目击者表示还听到了声。Christian Estrosi, the deputy mayor of Nice, said that more than 77 people had been killed. “The truck was full of weapons and grenades,” Mr. Estrosi said on French television. It was not clear what motivated the driver to veer into the crowd.尼斯市副市长克里斯蒂安·埃斯科鲁斯(Christian Estrosi)称至少有77人遇害。他在法国电视上说:“那辆卡车装满了武器和手榴弹。”目前尚不清楚是什么原因让司机驾驶卡车冲向了人群。Officials asked people to stay indoors.官方呼吁人们待在室内。Conflicting accounts of the deaths and injuries emerged from multiple sources after the episode, with many reporting high numbers of casualties.事件发生后,不同的消息来源传出了不同的死伤数字,很多数字比较高。The sub-prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes department, Sébastien Humbert, told the French network BFMTV: “There are several dozen dead. The total is very high, thirty dead. Maybe 100 wounded. There was a truck that drove into the crowd, over a very long distance. There were shots. The driver was shot. This is on a big scale.”滨海阿尔卑斯省副省长塞巴斯蒂安·安贝尔(Sebastien Humbert)在法国BFMTV电视台节目中表示:“有数十人丧生。伤亡总数很高,30人死亡。也许有100人受伤。一辆卡车冲进人群,开了很长一段距离。之后发生了战,司机被击毙。这是一次大规模袭击。”Daphne Burandé, 15, who was at a bar near the beach to watch the fireworks, said: “We were enjoying the celebrations when we suddenly saw people running everywhere and tables being pushed down by the movement of panic.”15岁的达芙妮·比朗德(Daphne Burandé)当时在海滩附近的一间酒吧里观赏焰火,她说:“我们正在愉快地参加庆祝活动,突然看见到处的人都在跑,一些桌子在恐慌之中被掀翻。”“No one explained to us what was happening and I heard some gunshots not very far away,” she said. “I waited at the bar for more information because I thought it was a false alert. But then, people were still running.”“没有人向我们解释发生了什么事,我听到不太远的地方传来一阵声,”她说。“我还以为是假警报,就在酒吧里等待进一步的消息。但是之后人群仍然在奔逃。”France has been on alert for a terrorist attack for months, and officials have warned repeatedly that another attack is likely. Last November, attacks in and around Paris killed 130 people.数月来,法国一直处在防备恐怖袭击的警戒状态,官方多次警告很可能再次发生袭击。去年11月,在巴黎及其周围发生的恐怖袭击导致130人丧生。On Twitter, a woman who said her terrace overlooked the promenade where the episode unfolded reported hearing gunfire.一名女子在Twitter上表示,从她家露台上可以看到事发那条滨海步行道,她称自己听到了响。Several witnesses spoke on iTele, a French television station. A man who gave his name as Michel, working at the Voilier Plage restaurant in front of the Promenade des Anglais, said that around 10:30 pm a large white truck drove into a crowd that had gathered near the beach to watch Bastille Day fireworks, apparently killing dozens of people. “A huge number of people started running, then there was a lot of gunfire,” he said. The police arrived on the scene and engaged in a shootout with the two occupants of the truck.好几名目击者接受了法国电视台iTele的采访。一名自称为米歇尔(Michel)的男子在位于盎格鲁街前面的Voilier Plage餐厅工作,他表示在晚上大约10点半左右,一辆大型白色卡车开进了聚集在海滩附近观看国庆焰火的人群,看起来杀死了几十人。“大批人开始奔跑,接着出现了许多声,”他说。警方到达现场之后,与卡车上的两个人发生了战。Another witness who owns a restaurant nearby, whom iTele did not identify, said that when the truck plowed into the crowd, it “crushed everyone in its path.” Then two men got out of the truck “and started shooting into the crowd, about 50 shots,” the witness said.另一名iTele没有公布姓名的目击者是附近一家餐馆的老板,此人表示,当卡车冲进人群时,“一路撞向所有人。”接着两名男子跳出卡车,“开始朝人群射击,大约打了50,”这名目击者说。French television showed footage of a panicked crowd running from the scene. On Twitter, witnesses posted grim photos of bodies lying in a pile on the asphalt.法国电视台播出了惊慌失措的人群从现场跑开的画面。目击者在Twitter上发布了一些悲惨的照片,显示尸体密集地横陈于沥青路面上。The Prefecture of Police in Nice said that the driver had been neutralized.尼斯警察局表示,驾驶那辆卡车的司机已伏法。 /201607/454555抚顺男科医康医院

抚顺哪家医院治疗前列腺炎最好The first regular red-eye bullet train running from Shanghai to Beijing will start operation on May 15, Shanghai railway police authority said on last Wednesday, the city#39;s local news paper Xinmin Evening News reported.据上海当地媒体《新民晚报》报道,上海铁路警方于上周三表示,今年5月15日,上海至北京的“红眼高铁”将首次开通。Shanghai railway police said that the red-eye bullet train, G8, will leave Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station at 7 pm and arrive at Beijing South Railway Station at 11:48 pm.上海铁路警方表示,此次开通的“红眼高铁”G8次列车,将于晚上7点从上海虹桥站出发,在23点48分抵达北京南站。It will be the first time that a bullet train running from Shanghai to Beijing will operate after 6 pm. The train will return to Shanghai the next day. The ticket prices will be 933 yuan (3.68) and 553 yuan, the same like the daytime ones.这也将是首次于晚上6点之后运行的从上海开往北京的高铁列车。该车次将于次日返回。此趟高铁的票价和白天的一样:一等座933元(约143.68美元),二等座553元。The authorities said more police officers will be onboard on the red-eye bullet train to ensure safety at night.上海铁路警方表示,将会部署更多的警力,以确保首趟夜间京沪高铁的安全运行。Another bullet train with sleeping cars, D312, which ran from Shanghai Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station temporarily during the Spring Festival holiday, will also start regular operation later. It will leave Shanghai at 7:10 pm and arrive at Beijing at 7:07 am the next day.此外,还将增开一趟夜间动卧高铁D312次列车,它以前只是作为上海站至北京南站春运时的临时列车,以后则将开始常规运行。该列车将于晚上7点10分从上海站出发,次日清晨7点7分到达北京南站。China Railway Corp, the country#39;s railroad operator, said earlier this year that it would add ;red-eye; bullet trains to its fixed operation schedule to cater for a growing demand.今年初,中国铁路总公司就表示,将在常规运行线路的基础上加开“红眼高铁”,以满足不断增长的需求。China has seen a massive increase in train passengers in the past decade. Some 2.5 billion passengers took trains in 2015, up 6.07 percent from a year earlier.在过去10年里,中国铁路旅客数量大幅上升。2015年我国铁路旅客发送量达25亿人次,比前一年增长了6.07%。 /201605/443444 <牛人_句子>抚顺泌尿科哪个医院比较好抚顺包皮过长环切术价格




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