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广州看不孕不育什么医院最好广州长安不孕不育医院生宝宝多少钱Cambodia’s ancient temples at Angkor Wat are under threat from the large numbers of tourists who are now visiting the site. There are fears that ongoing damage to the temples’ soft stone may mean they could eventually be destroyed. The temples at Angkor Wat are considered among the best surviving examples of ancient religious architecture in the world. The temples were built about a thousand years ago. And relief work on the walls tells of the many threats the ancient empire survived throughout the centuries. But today a new threat to the temples comes from mass tourism. Thousands of tourists now visit the area every day. Local restaurant owner M. believes that too many people walking on the stones are damaging the temples. “Mass tourism destroys any monuments and especially Khmer monuments for a very simple reason - the sandstone on which I sit with my nail. So imagine millions of people walking on them. ” Professor Jacque G. has been excavating in and around the ancient city for five years. He says vehicle pollution affects the stone as well. “Everybody goes at the same time to see the Bayon, everybody goes at the same time to see the Bakeng, everybody enters the city of Angkor Thom at the same spot.” Professor G. recently drew up plans for new type of tourism at Angkor Wat, but says that so far his recommendations have been ignored. “You can extend new type of tourism with the forest - a kind of ecological and archaeological tourism. New itineraries with new ways of transportation, with elephants, with bicycles - make some excavations at some points, explain to people where they are in the city. ” The authorities say they are working hard to protect the temples. Some stairways have now been boarded over and other areas are closed to tourists. But R. says that more must be done. “We need to learn from the advice-how to increase the techniques, how to put more ways, how to protect longer time, how to get people to understand especially awareness to the tourists. When they come they have to understand how to protect together.” With tourist numbers at Angkor Wat growing every year, most agree more needs to be done if the temples are to be protected for future generations.200812/59188广州长安黑不黑 Tort reform侵权法改革Closing the lottery不能再靠碰运气The debate over tort reform generates exaggerated claims, but also a few good ideas改革催生了大量索赔,但也带来一些好观念IN HIS floundering campaign for president, Rick Perry has at least brought one topic into prominence: tort reform. In June the governor of Texas signed a ;loser pays; tort law, intended to discourage slight or frivolous lawsuits by making losers pay the winnersrsquo; legal costs. Conservatives are eager to support it. The right has maintained for decades that Americarsquo;s legal culture smothers small businesses, doctors and innovators.里克bull;佩里的竞选之路举步维艰,但他提出的;侵权法改革;却引起热议。今年六月,这位德州州长签署了 ;败诉赔付;的侵权法案,规定侵权案的败诉方要补偿胜诉方的法律成本,希望以此减少一些琐细无聊的侵权诉讼。该法案得到保守分子的大力持。几十年来,右派人士坚持认为,美国的法律文化窒息了小企业、医生和创新者。Too bad, then, that the Texas law is timid. ;Loser pays; is the norm in many countries, including England, Canada and Germany. But there, ;loser pays; is the rule in most torts. The Texas bill awards legal costs only for suits ;that have no basis in law or in fact; and are dismissed before any evidence is gathered. Most competent lawyers can write a complaint that clears this bar. Even the Texas trial-lawyersrsquo; association eventually endorsed Mr Perryrsquo;s law.糟糕透顶的是,德州的这项法律太过小心。在英格兰、加拿大、德国等许多国家,;败诉赔付;已是处理侵权纠纷的常规标准,不过在这些国家这一规定适用于多数侵权案的裁定,而德州;败诉赔偿;法律只适用于那些;缺少法律或事实基础;且在据收集前就被撤案的诉讼。大多数合格的律师能够写出避开这个障碍的诉状。即便德克萨斯州辩护律师联合会最终也同意了佩里的这个法案。Only one other state, Alaska, has loser-pays, and only for a portion of fees. More intriguingly, Florida imposed ;loser-pays; in 1980 for medical-malpractice cases. The number of claims dropped, but the average award rose, suggesting that more high-merit cases got their day in court while low-merit filings were deterred or settled for less. But many losing plaintiffs were too poor to pay the winnersrsquo; costs, while in one case a losing defendant had to pay millions for the plaintiffrsquo;s legal fees. Even doctors supported the lawrsquo;s repeal in 1985.还有另外唯一一个实行败诉偿付的州,那就是阿拉斯加,但这里败诉方付的仅是胜诉方法律成本的一部分。更有趣的是,1980年佛罗里达州在处理医疗事故案例时就使用过;败方赔偿;制度。这种制度的实施使诉讼的数量下降了,但平均裁决赔偿额提高了,这表明,诉诸法律的更多的是那些一方获胜把握比较大的案子,而那些胜算不大的侵权纠纷,诉讼数量或判决数量都减少了。但是,有很多败诉的原告生活穷困,无力付对方的法律成本,而在另一起诉讼中,败诉的被告要付原告数百万元的法律费用。在1985年,连医生都持废除这项法律。Marie Gryphon of the Manhattan Institute, a centre-right think-tank, who is author of a loser-pays proposal, says that Texas got ;much less than half a loaf;, and that Florida was spooked too quickly. She argues that loser-pays countries need legal insurance, which can be bought (for example) in England for just pound;100-200 (0-300) after an alleged loss, but before a suit is filed. Lawyers can advance the premiums and add them to their bills. In other countries, such as Germany, many households carry standing legal insurance with a small monthly premium. Ms Gryphon argues that in such a mature loser-pays market more small-value but high-merit cases would be brought, while both small ;nuisance; suits and big ;lottery; suits would be less attractive to lawyers.中右派智库;曼哈顿研究会;的马莉bull;格里芬,曾提交一项败方赔付的提案,她说,德州推行的政策;远远不达到应有的水平;,而佛罗里达州在面对问题时退缩得太快。马莉认为,那些实行败诉赔付制度的国家需要有法律保险,比如,在英格兰,如果指控提出,当事人可在立案之前,花100-200英镑(150-300美元)来购买法律保险。律师也可以预付保险费并将这笔费用加在他们的账单中。在德国等其他国家,许多家庭将法律保险并入到每月缴纳的保险费中。格里芬女士认为,在;败诉赔付;制度比较成熟的国家,那些小额的;骚扰;官司和大额的;票;官司对律师吸引力都会减小。Loser-pays has yet to be properly tried in America. Another idea, however, is in place in many states: capping damages. In the popular imagination runaway juries routinely impose huge non-economic damages (to punish a defendant or make up for a plaintiffrsquo;s suffering). In practice, headline-grabbing awards are often reduced by judges: the notorious .7m in punitive damages for a woman who spilled scalding McDonaldrsquo;s coffee on her lap in 1994 ended up at 0,000.败诉赔付制度在美国还未能充分试行,另一种思想已在多州兴起:为侵权赔偿规定最高限额。在普通民众的想像中,肆意而为的陪审团常常施以巨额的非经济损失(以惩罚被告或补偿原告的损失)。事实上,一些案值惊人的裁决常被法官人为减少,一个著名案例是,1994年,一位妇女在麦当劳腿被热咖啡烫伤,270万美元的损害赔偿最后以48万元结案。165830The U.S. government has been sending dancers and musicians on international goodwill missions for decades. Now, for the first time, it is sending artists abroad as cultural ambassadors.几十年来,美国政府不断派遣舞蹈家和音乐家到世界各地去展开亲善活动。现在,美国政府第一次要派遣艺术家作为文化使者到国外去。The Obama Administration's new cultural diplomacy program is called smART Power. The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York oversees the initiative. 奥巴马政府新的文化外交项目叫做“聪明实力”或者是“艺术实力”。纽约的布朗克斯艺术物馆被选来负责这个计划。smART Power"I think it's fantastic," says Holly Block, the museum's director. "The Bronx Museum itself has done quite a few projects related to community engagement and [having artists] work closely with the community, as well as international artists all over the world. So this fits perfectly. This is the first opportunity I think we've ever had where we're actually able to send U.S.-based artists outside [the U.S.]. Normally we receive artists."物馆负责人哈莉·布鲁克说:“我觉得这简直太棒了。布朗克斯物馆本身就参与了好几个和社区有关的项目,我们的艺术家能够和社区以及世界各地的艺术家紧密合作。这件事对我们非常合适。这是我们第一次有机会把美国的艺术家派到国外去,通常是我们接待来自其它国家的艺术家。”Block says visual artists - including painters, sculptors, architects, designers - may apply for the program starting January 3.布鲁克说,视觉艺术,包括绘画、雕塑、建筑、设计等领域的艺术家,从明年1月3号开始可以申请参加这个项目。"They will submit their materials with a concept," she explains. "We'll expect them to write a small narrative on what they would like to do. But the idea of this project is really special in the sense that you need to think about community and think about visiting this place and creating a project that's in relationship with maybe some topic that's aly going on there, or some of the ideas that you bring to them. We will be working very closely with the artists in selecting partner sites to receive the artists and help them realize their work."“艺术家们需要提交一些资料,显示要表达的概念。我们期待他们简单写写他们要做什么。但是这个项目的特殊之处在于,艺术家需要考虑他们要去的地方的特色,提出一个和当地正在进行的一些项目相关的计划,或者给当地人的建议。我们会和这些艺术家紧密切合作,挑选接待他们的伙伴机构,并帮助他们完成计划。”201012/120188广州天河妇幼保健院咨询电话

广东广州长安医院做人流天河处女膜费用 AIG sues former CEO The insurance giant accuses former chief 'Hank' Greenberg and 6 others of misappropriating billion of AIG shares.The world’s largest insurer by asset is suing its CEO and 6 other executives. AIG is suing the man that ran their company for 38 years, Hank Greenberg, and also the former CFO and other executives at the company for what they say was misappropriation of 20 billion dollars worth of AIG stock. Here is a look at where AIG is, up a little bit today but still well off the highs it’s seen over the past year.I want to get into exactly what this means, give you some context cause' it is a bit confusing. This case was filed in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday. Now what it says is that Hank Greenberg, also CFO, former CFO, Howard Smith, took over company stock held by AIG affiliate Starr International back in 2005. Starr International is the largest shareholder in AIG, AIG claims the defendants put themselves on Starr's board, converted the Starr into a private investment vehicle. Now this just escalates a legal conflict that has been brewing between AIG and Hank Greenberg for quite some time. Remember back in March of 05, Greenberg was forced to step down from AIG, two months later, uh, then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued Greenberg accusing him of ordering improper transactions as a means to hide losses and also inflate reserves. That case is still pending, but again, this comes as just another hit for the man that ran AIG for 38 years. The complaint, it seeks to prevent Greenberg and also the former CFO, Howard Smith and other executives from selling AIG stock.Notes:Brew: To be imminent; impend01/60613广州天河看妇科那里好

广州白云处女膜修复手术疼吗The couple go out on deck to take in the spectacular views. There is no other place in the world where there are so many fjords as the southwest coast of Norway. And nowhere else in Europe has such an extraordinary diversity of natural formations. The sheer scale of this ancient landscape is magnificent. All visitors can do is stare in awe at the vast natural beauty. Carlo and Luss are in their camper van and are traveling along mountain roads from Geiranger. Flydalsjuvet is the perfect place for 1 to stop and take in the view. The couple continue on their journey. The Norwegians have a well developed road network, making road trips very popular with tourists. For the western Scandinavians, nature is right on their doorstep, making it easily accessible if the weather is right. Even though Norway lies very far north,the Gulf Stream of the coastal region prevents it from experiencing Arctic cold. In the summer months, 2 can reach up to 25 degrees. It's not been a warm day for Carlo and Luss,but for hiking,the weather improves. They are experiencing what all traveler love:the ability to go where they want and explore without seeing another soul.注释: ① spectacular adj. 壮观的,惊人的;公开展示的例句:1. The new play was a spectacular success. 这出新戏获得了巨大的成功。2. The goalkeeper made a spectacular dive to save the goal. 守门员做了一个精的鱼跃动作救回一球。② continue vi. 继续,延续;仍旧,连续vt. 继续说…;使…继续;使…延长例句:1. Wet weather may continue for a few more days. 多雨的天气可能还要持续好几天。2. The steel market will continue to be active. 钢材市场将会继续保持活跃。③ Gulf Stream 墨西哥湾暖流 世界大洋著名暖流。大西洋副热带总环流系统中的西部边界强流 墨西哥湾暖流。由北赤道暖流及圭亚那暖流汇聚于加勒比海和墨西哥湾后,经佛罗里达海峡流出,称佛罗里达暖流。它与东南来的安的列斯暖流汇合后称墨西哥湾暖流,沿北美大陆架北上,在美国东海岸的哈特勒斯角附近偏向东北方向流,在北纬45°的纽芬兰浅滩外缘,因受盛行西风影响而拆向东流,并在西经40°附近改称北大西洋暖流。广义的湾流系指从墨西哥湾开始,沿北美洲东岸北上,再向东横贯大西洋至欧洲西北沿岸,最后穿过挪威海进入北冰洋的暖流系统。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156645 McCain Looks to Regain Momentum in US Presidential Race奥巴马势不可挡?麦凯恩欲转乾坤  Republican presidential candidate John McCain campaigned in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado Friday, hoping to turn his political fortunes around with only 10 days before Election Day. 共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩星期五在落基山的科罗拉多州竞选,希望在大选举行前的十来天里能够扭转政治乾坤。At a rally in Denver, John McCain warned that the middle class would suffer economically if Barack Obama is elected president next month along with a Congress with an expanded Democratic majority. 在丹佛举行的竞选集会上,参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果奥巴马下个月当选总统,而同时民主党扩大在国会中的多数席位,美国的中产阶级将会受到经济上的损失。McCain also cited the prediction of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden, that Obama will be tested by an international crisis early in his term if he wins on November 4. 麦凯恩还援引奥巴马的副总统候选人,参议员拜登的预测说,如果奥巴马赢得11月4日的美国总统大选,他将在总统任期的初期就受到一场国际危机的考验。"I will not be a president that needs to be tested," he said. "I have been tested, and Senator Obama hasn't!" 麦凯恩说:“我不会成为一个需要经过检验的总统。我一直在经受检验,而参议员奥巴马却没有!”Protestors briefly interrupted McCain's speech. McCain responded that voters want Americans to stop shouting at each other. 示威者短暂地打断麦凯恩的讲话。麦凯恩回答说,选民希望美国人不要大声攻击对方。"You know, a lot of times the people come and yell, and they yell about the war in Iraq," he said. "I want to tell you, my friends, we will bring our troops home, but we will bring them home in honor and victory, we won't bring them home in defeat!" 麦凯恩说:“你知道,有很多次人们到这里来,大声喊叫。他们针对伊拉克战争大声叫嚷。我要告诉你们,我的朋友们,我们将会把我们的部队撤回来,但我们将让他们把荣誉和胜利带回家中,我们不会让他们把失败带回家中!”McCain is looking to regain momentum in Colorado and several other so-called swing or battleground states that will determine who wins the election. 麦凯恩正在科罗拉多州和其他几个所谓的摇摆不定或者竞争激烈的战场州恢复前进动力,这些州将决定哪位候选人入主白宫。Several recent polls suggest Obama has big leads over McCain in several important states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 最近的一些民意调查显示奥巴马已经在若干大州领先于麦凯恩,包括宾夕法尼亚,俄亥俄,密西根和印第安纳州。Obama was off the campaign trail Friday, visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. His wife, Michelle Obama, filled in for her husband during a campaign rally in Ohio. 奥巴马星期五中断了竞选,去夏威夷探望他生病的祖母。他的妻子米歇尔·奥巴马在俄亥俄州的一个竞选集会代替丈夫发表讲话。"I come here as a wife, who, first and foremost loves her husband, and I've watched him perform and grow, and I know, after being so close to him and seeing his abilities up close, I know in my heart, with absolutely no hesitation, that he will be an extraordinary president," she said. "That I know." 奥巴马夫人米歇尔说:“我以妻子的身份来到这里。我首先爱自己的丈夫,我亲眼目睹他的表现和成长,我知道,由于我如此接近他,能够在近距离看到他的能力,我从心底明白,并且毫不犹豫地认定,他将是一个非凡的总统。我对此一清二楚。”Obama leads McCain in the latest national polls by an average of seven points. But political experts have really taken notice of several recent state polls that seem to show Obama surging. 奥巴马在最新的全国民调中平均领先于麦凯恩7个百分点。政治专家们的确对最近几个州的民调显示奥巴马大受民众持感到印象深刻。"Right now, it is a near landslide for Barack Obama," said Allan Lichtman, a presidential scholar at American University in Washington. "A round of new polls have come out in battleground states showing Barack Obama with unstoppable leads in every state that John Kerry won in 2004, and very big leads in a lot of states that President Bush won in 2004." 李奇曼是美国首都华盛顿的美利坚大学的专门研究总统的学者。李奇曼说:“现在,对奥巴马来说,领先优势是压倒性的。从竞争激烈的几个州传来的最新一轮民调结果显示,奥巴马在克里2004年曾经赢得的几个州里的领先地位势不可挡。在美国总统布什2004年赢得的几个州里也大幅度领先。”But many analysts also caution that McCain could close the gap in the final days of the campaign, especially if something unexpected occurs either at home or abroad. 但许多分析家警告说,麦凯恩可能在最后几天的竞选活动中缩小差距,尤其在国内或者国外发生某种异常事件的情况下。"I continue to believe that some sort of unexpected global crisis in the last 10 days would certainly help McCain," said Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "I don't think Russia is going to invade Poland or Georgia or the Czech Republic, but something like that, were it to happen, would remind voters, I think, that McCain has the overwhelming edge in experience in national security and foreign policy matters." 纽约“每日新闻”的德弗兰克作为嘉宾参加美国之音新闻节目的时候说:“我仍然认为,在最后十天发生某种意想不到的全球性危机将有助于麦凯恩。我并不认为俄罗斯会入侵波兰或格鲁吉亚或捷克共和国等,但类似的事件如果发生,我认为将会让选民想到,麦凯恩在国家安全和外交政策的经验方面具有压倒性的优势。”Both candidates will target a small group of undecided or so-called battleground states in the final days in hopes of securing the number of state-by-state electoral votes needed to win the presidency. 两位候选人在竞选的最后日子里,都将会把重点放在竞争激烈的州内一小批尚未拿定主意的选民身上,希望能够逐州争取当选总统所需要的选举人票。A candidate needs 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538 for victory. 在总统竞选中获胜需要538张选举人票中的270票。200810/53927广州市越秀区妇幼保健院生殖中心广州天河哪家妇科医院比较专业



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