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A collection of 1,606 stamps featuring the Chinese chrysanthemum has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the most stamps in a single series.日前,一套1606枚以中国菊花为特色的邮票,获得了吉尼斯世界纪录的官方认,创下了同一题材邮票枚数最多的纪录。A representative of Guinness World Records made the announcement last Tuesday at the chrysanthemum festival in central China#39;s Kaifeng in Henan Province, where cultivation of chrysanthemums has a history of more than 1,000 years.吉尼斯世界纪录认官上周二在位于中国中部河南省开封市的菊花文化节上宣布了这一消息,开封拥有1000余年的菊花种植历史。First released by China Post Group in 2012, the collection features 1,606 types of chrysanthemum flowers grown in the city. The flowers were depicted in a traditional Chinese painting style.这套邮票由中国邮政集团公司于2012年首次发行,以这座城市种植的1606种菊花为特色。这套邮票上的花都是用传统的中国绘画风格来描绘的。It took the group four more years to release all eight sets in the collection. Copies of the collection will be sold for 1,606 yuan (around 238 U.S. dollars).该集团花了四年多的时间发行全套的8组邮票。这套邮票的副本将以1606元(约238美元)的价格出售。It was not the first time a world record has been set at the chrysanthemum festival. In 2015, a ;full-standing multiflorous chrysanthemum; grafted in Kaifeng earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the greatest number of chrysanthemum species.这并不是菊花文化节首次创下世界纪录。2015年,在开封嫁接的“世界上嫁接品种最多的大立菊”,创下了菊花品种最多的吉尼斯世界纪录。The chrysanthemum indicates nobleness, dignity and longevity in Chinese culture, making it one of the most popular plants in the country.菊花在中国文化中代表着高贵、尊严和长寿,是我国最受欢迎的植物之一。 /201611/477708。

1.Papaya1.木瓜You may not find these fruits growing anywhere near your apple orchards, but this tropical fruit offers a ton of health benefits.你可能在你家的苹果园附近找不到木瓜,但是这种热带水果却对健康大有裨益。MSN discusses how papayas are high in vitamin C, which helps support your immune system, protect against arthritis, and prevent cardiovascular disease.MSN讨论过木瓜中富含多少维他命C,这有利于增强你的免疫系统,防范关节炎和预防心血管疾病。They are also rich in fiber and antioxidants, and this together makes the papaya an effective fighter of cholesterol build-up in the arteries, which again works to prevent heart disease.此外,它们还富含纤维素和抗氧化剂,这些使得木瓜能够有效抗击堆积在动脉内的胆固醇,从而再次预防心脏病。2.Kiwi2.猕猴桃The kiwi, or kiwifruit, is small in size but big in nutritional impact. This little fruit contains plenty of vitamin C to support the immune system and fight heart disease and cancer.猕猴桃,或称奇异果,体型虽小,但是营养效应却很大。这种小果子富含维他命C,能够增强免疫系统,抗击心脏病和癌症。3.Grapes3.葡萄Grapes are high in vitamins A, C, and B6, and they are high in minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron.葡萄富含维他命C、维他命A、维他命B6和钾、钙和铁等矿物质。If you#39;re looking to increase your bone strength, the copper, manganese, and iron in the grapes can help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.如果你想要增强骨骼强度,葡萄中的铜、猛、和铁能够帮助你增强骨骼和预防骨质疏松症。In addition to aiding in bone health, grapes are great for the heart, as they help to prevent blood clots and ultimately can help prevent heart attacks.除了有助于骨骼健康,葡萄还对你的心脏大有益处,因为他们有助于预防血栓,并最终防止心脏病。4.Dragon Fruit4.火龙果Dragon fruits are more than just beautiful to look at — they are also full of beneficial nutrients.火龙果不仅颜值高,他们还富含有益的营养素。Mercola describes dragon fruits as having a number of benefits such as high vitamin C content, multiple B vitamins, protein, carotene, and fatty acids.Mercola称火龙果益处良多,如较高的维他命C含量,多种维他命B、蛋白质、胡萝卜素和脂肪酸。This fruit also contains calcium to support bones and teetht.这种水果还含有钙,能够增强骨骼和牙齿,铁能够提高能力。5.Blackberries5.黑莓It#39;s no secret that berries are good for you. They are high in vitamin K, C, A, and B vitamins as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.浆果有益于你的身体已经不是什么秘密了。它们富含维他命K、维他命C、维他命A、维他命B、钙、铁、镁和钾。Blackberries are great for supporting the health of the heart, skin, and bones.此外,黑莓还对增加心脏、皮肤和骨骼健康很有帮助。 /201611/476899。

A Singaporean couple – Lim Choon Hong and his wife Chong Sui Foon – were jailed last Monday for starving their Filipina domestic worker over a period of 15 months between 2013 and 2014.新加坡一对夫妻--林俊宏和他的妻子钟瑞凤,涉嫌在2013年到2014年的15个月内让菲律宾籍女佣挨饿,于上周一被判入狱。Lim, a trader, was jailed three weeks and fined S,000, while Chong was jailed for three months.林俊宏的职业是一名交易员,被判刑3周,罚款10000新元,而妻子钟瑞凤被判刑3月。The couple#39;s maid Thelma, who is in her 40s, was given only white b and instant noodles to eat twice a day during the period.这对夫妇的女佣,40多岁的塞尔玛,每天只能获准吃两顿饭,通常都是几片白面包或是一些泡面。By the time she ran away in April 2014 and sought help from migrant advocacy group HOME, Thelma had lost almost 20kg and weighed just 29kg.直到2014年4月,塞尔玛终于逃了出来,并向外来务工人员援助团体求助,此时她已经瘦了20公斤,只有29公斤重。According to media reports, the prosecution will appeal against the sentences, having asked for a year#39;s jail for each of them.据媒体报道,检察机关打算提出上诉,请求判处这对夫妻各一年的监禁。Chong had claimed that her actions were due to her mental illness as she had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder as an adult.据悉,妻子钟瑞凤声称,她的行为是由于自己患有精神疾病--她曾被诊断为强迫性精神障碍。However, after hearing the testimony of three psychiatrists, District Judge Low Wee Ping decided that Chong#39;s behaviour had nothing to do with her condition.但是在听取了三名精神科医生的词后,地区法官Low Wee Ping认为钟瑞凤的行为和她的病情无关。 /201704/502360。

A recent Finnish study showed that 10 minutes of vigorous exercise everyday is enough to prevent a child from becoming overweight, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported last Wednesday.芬兰国家广播电台Yle上周三报道称,芬兰最近的一项研究表明,每天10分钟的剧烈运动足以防止儿童超重。The research conducted by the University of Eastern Finland was published on the latest issue of Sports Medicine.由东芬兰大学进行的这项研究发表在了运动医学杂志的最新一期中。A total of 410 children aged six to eight years from Kuopio, eastern Finland, participated in the study.共有410名来自芬兰东部库奥皮奥的6至8岁儿童参加了这项研究。Researchers examined the conditions of physical activity and physical inactivity among the children, and the impact on the children#39;s amount of adipose tissue and endurance fitness.研究人员检查了有体力活动和没有体力活动的儿童的情况,以及儿童的脂肪组织量和耐力的影响。The study showed that children who did strenuous exercise for ten minutes every day had 26 percent to 30 percent less adipose tissue than their peers who were physically inactive.研究显示,每天进行10分钟剧烈锻炼的儿童的脂肪组织比不锻炼的同龄人要少26%至30%。Furthermore, even substituting 10 minutes of light physical activity for the equivalent time of passive sitting reduced the fat mass in children#39;s body by 13 percent.此外,即使以10分钟的轻体力活动替代同等时间的被动坐姿,也能使儿童身体的脂肪量减少13%。Based on the results of the study, small changes in habits of physical activity could effectively affect children#39;s weight control and endurance.该研究结果还显示,身体活动习惯的微小变化可以有效地影响儿童的体重控制和耐力。Increasing physical activity and reducing sitting time are important ways to prevent obesity and improve aerobic fitness during childhood, the study concluded.研究结论称,增加体力活动、减少坐着的时间是预防肥胖和提高儿童期有氧健身的重要方法。 /201610/474913。

Plenty of us turn to takeout when we#39;re feeling too sick to cook. But a Belfast woman#39;s order has gone viral after she asked for a side order of medicine with her food.我们很多人在生病时不愿做饭,就会叫份儿外卖。但近日英国贝尔法斯特一位女士的外卖订单火了,因为她在订餐之余还请送餐人员顺便帮她买药。Feeley#39;s Fish And Chip Shop received the unusual request from Fiona Cuffe on December 30.12月30日,费利家炸鱼薯条店收到了菲奥纳·卡夫的这份不寻常的外卖订单。In the ;#39;additional comments; section, she#39;d written, ;Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin cold and flu tablets and I#39;ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets I#39;m dying sick xx.;这位顾客在附加说明上写着:“麻烦您能在来的路上顺便帮我去Spar买些Benylin伤寒流感药片吗?我会付药钱的,只有点个外卖我才能拿到药。我快难受死了。”Feeley#39;s shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook with the caption ;Words absolutely fail me.;这家餐厅将这张收据拍了照发到了脸书上,标题为“我完全不知道该说什么好。”Despite being taken aback, the restaurant fulfilled the order.虽然感到惊讶,但是餐厅还是按照订单要求满足了这位顾客。The original photo has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook, with many commenters from around the world praising Feeley#39;s customer service. Even Fiona#39;s father John posted his thanks.这张原照在脸书上被分享了近3000次,世界各地的许多人留言赞赏了费利餐厅的暖心。菲奥纳的父亲约翰也在网上表示了自己的感谢。The restaurant#39;s social media manager, Daniel Casey, told CNN they were ;shocked to see such a strange request -- but I admired her skill to get what she needed!;餐厅的社交媒体经理丹尼尔·凯西在接受CNN采访时说道:“一开始我们看到这么特别的要求时很惊讶,但是我很欣赏菲奥纳这种想方设法满足自己需求的能力。”And just in case Fiona#39;s medicine didn#39;t perk her up, Feeley#39;s even offered to send her a free meal when she#39;s feeling better.如果药物还不能让菲奥纳振作起来,费利餐厅甚至提出等她好一些以后免费送她一餐。 /201701/489593。