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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Etymology is the study of insects. Nope, not true. 词源学学的是昆虫。不对。That#39;s entomology. 那是昆虫学。Etymology is the study of word history and explanation of where words come from.词源学学的是词的历史和解释词的来历。AZUZ: All right. See, if you can identify this etymology example. 好了,来看看你是否能看出这个词源学的例子。It#39;s a word that was first used in 2002 in an online forum. 这个词首先在2002年被用于网上论坛中。It#39;s been a decade popping up here and there on social media, especially photo sharing sites. 这个词在社媒特别是照片分享的网站上频频出现。In the past 12 months, its frequency has gone up 17,000 percent. 在过去的12个月里,该词的频率提高了170倍。You need one more hint? Selfie. 需要提示吗?自拍。The Oxford Dictionary has just picked it as the 2013 word of the year. 牛津字典最近选出了2013年度热词。Here is how that works. 让我们来看看它是怎么产生的。The word doesn#39;t have to be new, obviously. 很明显,这个单词不一定是新词。But it does have to show a recent surge in popularity. 但它必须在最近表现出流行度的上涨。That#39;s where that 17,000 percent increase comes in. 那就是这百分之一万七千的来源了。Selfie beat out runners up like binge-watching and bitcoin. “自拍”打败了排在后面的“狂看电视”和“比特币”。Now, it joins pass words of the year like podcast, carbon neutral and unfriend. 现在,它加入了年度热词“客”、“碳中和”和“不友好”等的行列。And we#39;re pretty sure it knows just how to memorialize the moment.我们很肯定的知道怎么来纪念这一刻。 /201311/265769

手术,化疗和放疗是已知的最常见的癌症治疗手段。在TEDMED上,比尔amp;#65381;多利展示了一个治疗癌症的新手段-肿瘤处理电场,这项技术使用电场来阻断癌细胞分化。虽然该技术还在处在发展初期并且只适用于几种癌症,但它有一个巨大的优势:提高了生命的质量。 Article/201404/285796

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!At what measurement in degrees are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same temperature? If you think you know it, shout it out! 几度时华氏度和摄氏度表示的是同一个温度?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it: negative 40 degrees, negative 12 degrees, zero degrees or 14 degrees. You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是在:零下40度、零下12度、0度还是14度?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!It#39;s a cold hard truth that negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to negative 40 degrees Celsius. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.在零下40华氏度于零下40摄氏度相等,这就是冰冷的现实。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: And yes, parts of the northern U.S. have seen temperatures hovering around negative 40 this week. 是的,美国北部部分地区这周的气温就在零下40度左右徘徊。That#39;s negative 40 Fahrenheit and Celsius. 那既是零下40华氏度又是零下40华氏度。Yesterday morning, all 50 U.S. states recorded temperatures below freezing. 昨天早上,美国全境50个州都记录了零下的温度。It#39;s not all for the same reason, that arctic vortex that spilled frigid temperatures across the plains states in eastern U.S., but it is all part of winter. 各州的情况都不同,北极涡给美国东部平原各州带来强冷空气,但这并不是冬天冷空气的唯一来源。There were some concerns about Florida#39;s citrus crop. 有人为佛罗里达州的柑橘作物感到担心。Freezing temperatures can have a significant economic impact on the state, if that crop is damaged by the cold. 如果农作物被寒冷所毁,冻结温度对该州会造成严重的经济影响。As of yesterday afternoon, though, Florida#39;s Fruit and Vegetable Association said the crop was OK.尽管昨天下午,佛罗里达的果蔬协会表示农作物都还不错。 /201401/272197

In 1937, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland1937年 联合国前身the fore-runner of the ed Nations位于瑞士日内瓦的国际联盟stated that 90% of the world-wide illegal opium and heroin trade宣城 世界超过90%的非法鸦片和海洛因交易was in the hands of the Japanese drug dealers.经由日本人之手Ultimately, it was the Marco Polo Bridge incident in Peking最终 卢沟桥事件爆发that finally started the full-scale second Sino-Japanese war中日战争正式开始which lasted from 1937 to 1945.这场战争从1937年持续到1945年During that time,八年中Imperial Japan#39;s ferocious war machine not only conquered most of China,日本帝国邪恶的战争机器不仅征了大部分中国地区but also committed some of the most atrocious war crimes in the history of mankind,也在人类历史上写下了不可饶恕的战争罪行such as 1937 Nanjing Massacre.1937年的南京大屠杀便是其中的一个The rape of Nanjing raged on for three months,南京大屠杀持续三个月之久with more than 300,000 civilians savagely slaughtered.三十万手无寸铁的百姓死于日本人刀下In honor of the victims,为了纪念他们the Nanjing Massacre Memorial was built in 19851985年建立了南京大屠杀纪念馆on the grounds of the massacre graves馆址正位于大屠杀遗址之一的万人坑with Wu Weishan sculptures著名雕塑家吴为山的雕塑vividly capturing the horrids at that dful time生动地再现了那段恐怖的岁月underneath these stones, rest the remains of the innocent victims.这些石头下 埋葬着不知多少的冤屈灵魂 Article/201409/329646

Snow: RAF Helicopter Sent To Aid Farmers The military is drafted in to help families stranded by the snow, as forecasters predict more freezing conditions ahead. 最近一周,英国全境遭遇严寒天气,不仅给人们的生活工作带来麻烦,也使北爱尔兰地区畜牧业受到影响,牛羊大量死亡,农户损失惨重。英国军方为此出动军用飞机,为农户提供救援。据悉,英国皇家空军的努干直升机和侦察用直升机在26日已经开始了空投行动。在当地官员的指引下,努干直升机把人们急需的药品、食品以及牲畜所需的干草捆空投到一些居民点。国防部发言人说,第一次行动空投了4捆干草,是400只羊一天的食用量。空投行动将继续进行下去。Touching down(降落) on a mercy mission, the military came to the aid of desperate farmers. Bags of animal feed were transported to RAF Aldergrove (now named Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station Aldergrove a Royal Air Force station situated 18 miles, or 29 km, northwest of Belfast. It adjoined Belfast International Airport, sometimes referred to simply as Aldergrove which is the name of the surrounding area. The station shared the Aldergrove runways but had its own separate facilities and helipad) to be loaded onto a Chinook. Support from the sky, a huge relief to those managing the crisis on the ground.We’ve been working with the local councils, and working with Red Cross, and other agencies just to identify people in need who have been cut off because of the snow and we’ve been trying to get emergency provisions to them just to take them over until they can get access for their homes.On the Glens of Antrim, thousands of sheep lied dead and buried beneath the snow. Thousands more have been left stranded without access to food. They are now fighting for survival. On the more isolated farms we’ve visited this week the air drop couldn’t come quickly enough. It means that our animals are getting fed first and foremost like we traipsed yesterday half a mile with a tot bag of hay to just to try and get the sheep we have and out of farm and to see an elderly aunt and we are, we are just, you don#39;t want to get out in the morning now so you don#39;t for, it#39;s just everyday is worse than the day before. The plight of the farmers has resulted in an unlikely alliance between the British Army and Irish Republicans. There is a Sinn Fin Minister in charge of farming in Northern Ireland. If your livelihood, indeed your life is tied up in the farm, looking after sheep and lambs, it#39;s a heart-rendering situation. So I think it is good to see that there will be that support, so glad am I to see that support but I#39;ll make no comment about the Sinn Fin bringing the British Army into Northern Ireland.From this vantage point you get some sense of the scale of problem here: Nine glens(峡谷) covering 70,600 suqare hectares. A helicopter is the only option. So five days after the snow fell, help has finally reached the most remote regions - some hope at last for the sheep farmers whose flocks are starving to death. David Blevins, Sky News, near Glenar. /201304/233439

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