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吉安市修眉手术多少钱井冈山大学临床医学院去疤多少钱Science and Technolgy.科技。The joys of parenthood.为人父母的快乐。Fathers day.父亲节。Having children really does make a man more content with life.拥有子女确实能让男人对生活更加满意。WILL fatherhood make me happy? That is a question many men have found themselves asking, and the scientific evidence is equivocal. A lot of studies have linked parenthood-particularly fatherhood-with lower levels of marital satisfaction and higher rates of depression than are found among non-parents.父亲的身份能让自己幸福快乐吗?很多男人都会问自己这个问题,但是至今依然没有一个明确的科学解答。很多关于父母身份(特别是父亲)的研究都显示,有子女的父母有着更低的婚姻满意度和更高的忧郁症比例。Biologically speaking, that looks odd. Natural selection might be expected to favour the progeny of men who enjoy bringing them up. On the other hand, the countervailing pressure to have other children, by other women, may leave the man who is aly encumbered by a set of offspring dissatisfied.从生物学角度来说,这有点奇怪,因为自然选择趋向于选择那些乐于带孩子男人的后代,反过来看,男性要和其他女性生育更多子女的压力可能会让那些已有子女的父亲感到不满。To investigate the matter further Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside, decided both to study the existing literature, and to conduct some experiments of her own. The results, just published in Psychological Science, suggest parenthood in general, and fatherhood in particular, really are blessings, even though the parent in question might sometimes feel they are in disguise.来自加州大学河滨分校的心理学家Sonja Lyubomirsky进行了更为深入的研究,她从现有文献和自己的实验同时入手,其结果发表在《心理学》上。研究表明,父母身份,特别是父亲的身份是相当重要的,尽管那些问题父母有时候可能并没有注意这一点。Dr Lyubomirskys first port of call was the World Values Survey. This is a project which gathers huge amounts of data about the lives of people all around the planet. For the purposes of her research, Dr Lyubomirsky looked at the answers 6,906 Americans had given, in four different years, to four particular questions. These were: how many children the responder had; how satisfied he (or she) was with life; how happy he was; and how often he thought about the meaning and purpose of life.Lyubomirsky士首先进行世界价值观调查,这个步骤要收集生活在世界各地的人的大量数据。为了达到研究目的, Lyubomirsky士在四个不同的年份分别询问了6906个美国人四个不同的问题,这四个问题分别是:受访者有多少个孩子;他(或她)对生活有多满意;他有多幸福;他多久考虑一次生命的意义。She found that, regardless of the year the survey was conducted, parents had higher happiness, satisfaction and meaning-of-life scores than non-parents. The differences were not huge, but they were statistically significant. Moreover, a closer look showed that the differences in happiness and satisfaction were the result of mens scores alone going up with parenthood. Those of women did not change.她发现,比起没有子女的父母,有子女的父母有着更高的幸福感、满意度和生活意义分数。虽然差距不算太大,但统计上很明显,此外,深入分析后发现,在幸福感和满意度上的差距主要来自于父母身份中父亲的分数,女人的分数对其影响不大。Armed with this result, Dr Lyubomirsky conducted her own experiment. The problem with projects like the World Values Survey is that, because participants are asked to recall their feelings rather than stating what they are experiencing in the here and now, this might lead them into thinking more fondly in hindsight about their parenting duties than they actually felt at the time. Dr Lyubomirsky therefore gave pagers to 329 North American volunteers aged between 18 and 94, having first recorded, among other things, their sex, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, marital status and number of children. She told them they would be paged at random, five times a day. When they were so paged, they were asked to complete a brief response sheet about how they felt, then and there. She did not, however, tell them why she was asking these questions.根据这个结果,Lyubomirsky士开始着手自己的实验。但是在调查世界价值观的时候还存在一些问题,因为受访者是被要求回忆他们当时的感受,而不是描述此时此刻正在经历的事,事后的觉悟可能会让他们把作为父母的责任想得更令人喜爱。所以Lyubomirsky士在北美选择了329位18至94岁的志愿者,并给他们配备了寻呼机,此外,记录原始数据还包括他们的性别、年龄、种族、社会地位、婚姻状况和子女的数目。她告诉志愿者她会随机呼叫他们,每天5次,当他们被呼叫时,他们会被要求完成一份简短的回复表,这个表主要是关于他们当场感觉,但是她并没有告诉他们她为什么要问那些问题The upshot was the same as her findings from the World Values Survey. Parents claimed more positive emotions and more meaning in their lives than non-parents, and a closer look revealed that it was fathers who most enjoyed these benefits. Moreover, further analysis revealed that this enhanced enjoyment came from activities which involved children rather than those (such as watching television alone, or cooking) that did not.实验结果和世界观调查结果一样,比起无子女的双亲,正常父母有着更加积极的情绪和更好的生活体验,并且父亲们更加享受这份关系。此外,深入研究还发现与子女相关的活动比没有子女父母的活动(比如独自看电视,做饭)更能增加快感。It looks, then, as if evolution has bolted into men a psychological mechanism to keep them in the family. At first sight, it is strange that women do not share this mechanism, but perhaps they do not need to. They know, after all, that the children are theirs, whereas the best a man can do is hope that is true. That, and a mans potential to father an indefinite number of offspring if he can find willing volunteers, might encourage him to stray from the bosom of his family. Enjoying fatherhood, by contrast, will help keep him in the porch.在这一点看来,就像进化论把男人带入了;融入家庭;的心理机制,女人们却没有分享到这个特性,乍看之下还有点奇怪,这或许是因为她们根本不需要,毕竟孩子总是她们的,而男人最多只能祈祷孩子确实是自己。此外,如果能找到情投意合的异性,男人总有与其产下更多后代的潜在欲望,这些都会驱使男性偏离家庭生活,所以还是让他好好享受为人之父的快乐,这才会让他乐意留在家里。 /201209/197563井冈山市人民医院吸脂手术多少钱 Science and Technology Peat bogs and climate change Wet, wet, wet科技 泥炭沼泽及气候变化 湿!湿!湿!Forests are not the only habitat whose conservation matters to the climate森林并不是唯一事关气候保护的栖息地RUSSIA does not normally spring to mind as being in the forefront of the fight against climate change. The citizens of Moscow, however, need no explanation of one aspect of the problem—the importance of wetlands. Earlier this year they had an abrupt and lethal lesson on the dangers of peat-bog fires. An unusually hot summer set such fires across the country and the peatlands around Moscow generated a smog that blanketed the city with carbon monoxide and soot. By August 9th the daily death rate had climbed to 700, twice the normal level for that time of the year.俄罗斯通常并不想冲在应对气候变化斗争的最前线。但是莫斯科公民不需要任何解释,就知道湿地的重要性。今年早些时候的泥炭湿地火灾给他们上了一课,火灾地发生让人措手不及却关系生死。一个不同寻常的酷暑在全国各地引发了多起类似火灾,而莫斯科周围的泥炭湿地火灾更是让整个城市笼罩在一氧化碳和煤灰的烟雾中。 8月9日的日死亡人数上升到700人,是往年这个时候的2倍。Whether peat-bog fires are being encouraged by climate change is debatable. But it is clear that they release prodigious quantities of climate-changing carbon dioxide when they happen. And even in the absence of fire, draining peatlands—for example, for agriculture—liberates a lot of carbon dioxide. In Russia such drainage is reckoned to free 160m tonnes of the gas every year. In Indonesia the figure is 508m tonnes. All told, the global total is about 1.3 billion tonnes—6% of man-made carbon-dioxide emissions even without the effect of fire. That is far more than the contribution made by aviation, for example.虽然泥炭湿地大火是否是由气候变化所引发的仍有争议,但当火灾发生时,它们会释放出大量致使气候变化的二氧化碳却显而易见。即使在没有火灾发生的情况下,排水后的泥炭地(比如让地于农业)就会释放出大量二氧化碳。在俄罗斯,这类排水后的泥炭地估计每年释放出1600万吨的气体,而在印度尼西亚,该数字是5080万吨。全球排放总量约为13亿吨,即使在没有火灾发生的情况下依然占人类二氧化碳排放总量的6%,远高于航空业所作的;贡献;。This is both a problem and an opportunity, as climate negotiators now realise. The solution to those fires (and, indeed, to all peat-related carbon-dioxide emissions) is simple and relatively cheap: stop draining wetlands and allow water to accumulate in them again. On December 11th climate negotiators at the ed Nations meeting in Cancún, Mexico, agreed that peatland ;rewetting;, as it is rather inelegantly known, could be a way for some countries to offset emissions of carbon dioxide from other sources, under the Kyoto protocol or any agreement that follows it.气候谈判代表普遍认为,这既是一个问题,又是一个机遇。解决这些火灾(包括所有泥炭地相关的二氧化碳排放)的方法很简单,也很便宜:停止湿地排水,让水重新聚集。在12月11日,联合国在墨西哥坦坤举行的气候大会上,气候代表都同意泥炭湿地;恢复湿润;,这种做法可以让有些国家不需要通过其它手段就可以达到京都议定书及其它相关协议关于二氧化碳减排的要求,因而难免有些难登大雅之堂。Guidelines for doing so will now be developed. But for these to have any practical effect, a final agreement will be needed over how more general changes in land use will be treated within any new climate deal. The next global climate gathering, in South Africa in December 2011, will attempt to arrive at one.关于这项措施的指导方法正在制定中。不过要想产生任何实际效果,又有多少土地使用将会在其它新的气候合约中被纠正,还需要一个最终协议。下一次全球气候聚会将于2011年12月在南非举办,人们希望至少能达成一项协议。As Susanna Tol of Wetlands International, an environmental lobby group, observes, only a portion of the worlds wetlands will eventually be rewetted. Exactly which bits are restored to pristine sogginess will depend on local questions, such as the availability of land, the alternative uses for drained peatland and the price of carbon-dioxide offsets.国际湿地组织(一个环境游说团体)的Susanna Tol指出,全世界只有部分湿地将最终被;恢复湿润;。究竟是哪些部分将被恢复到原始湿地状态取决于当地的一些问题,比如土地供应,排干的泥炭湿地的其它用途,以及降低二氧化碳排放的成本等。In poor and boggy Belarus, for example, Ms Tol says it costs a mere /201301/221090吉安腿部吸脂手术费用

吉安洗纹身价格井冈山丰胸医院哪家好 Business.商业。Airbus空中客车Coming to America杀入美国本土市场Europes big aircraft-maker is to open a factory in Alabama欧洲飞机制造巨头将在阿拉巴马州建工厂THE red imported fire ant first entered America through the port of Mobile, Alabama, in the 1930s. Being more aggressive than most native species, it soon sp across the country. On July 2nd Airbus said it would open its first jet assembly line in America in Mobile. The reaction of Boeing, the European aircraft-makers biggest rival, suggests it fears a nasty sting from this foreign pest. And with good reason: Airbus says the factory, which will cost 0m and start delivering aircraft in 2016, will help to boost its share of Americas civil-aviation market to nearly 50%, up from 20% today.红色的火蚁作为外来物种,20世纪30年代首次从阿拉巴马州西南部港市莫比尔传入美国。它比大部分本土物种的侵略性大得多,迅速遍及全国。7月2号,空中客车宣布将在莫比尔港市兴建其在美国的第一个飞机组装厂。波音,作为空客最大的竞争对手,回应道恐怕会被这个外来的害虫狠狠咬伤,而且理由很充分:空客称其工厂造价6000万美元,2016年就开始交货,这将促使他们在美国民航市场所占的份额由今天的20%提高到将近50%。Airbuss move seems well-timed. With the four biggest airlines in the world, America remains the largest market for civilian jets. Demand has been muted for years, usually accounting for less than 30% of orders worldwide, down from 50% in 2003. But this is likely to change. Jets flying in America are typically several years older than elsewhere. Perhaps 5,000 new aircraft may be needed in the next 20 years. The single-aisle 319s, 320s and 321s that Airbus will put together in Mobile-albeit initially at a modest rate of up to 50 a year-will challenge Boeings popular 757.空客的这步举措看起来时机刚刚好。美国拥有全球四大航空公司,一直是民用飞机最大的市场。近年来需求减弱,其订单经常不到全球订单的30%,而在2003年,这个比例还是50%。不过这种局面即将扭转。在美国运行的飞机通常比其他地区的机龄要老几年,未来20年大概需要5000架新飞机。空客将在莫比尔市生产大量型号为319,320和321的单过道喷气式飞机,虽然一开始是一年近50架,比例还较为和缓,但这大大挑战了常用的波音757的地位。Earlier plans by Airbus to make planes in America were thwarted when Boeing beat it to win a large order for mid-air refuelling tankers from the Pentagon. By selling aircraft that are “made in the USA”, Airbus hopes to win over patriotic locals (just as Japanese carmakers won them over by opening factories in America in the 1980s and 1990s). American politicians have long supported Boeing against its European challenger, though it is unfair to classify Airbus as wholly European. Like Boeing, its supply chain is global. It claims, for example, to be the largest foreign customer of Americas civil-aerospace industry.波音公司曾挫败了空客早期在美国造飞机的计划,并从国防部赢得一笔很大的空中加油飞机的订单。空客公司希望通过销售“美国制造”的飞机,来争取有强烈爱国心的美国消费者(就像日本的汽车制造商曾在20世纪80年代和90年代通过在美国兴建工厂而赢得了这批消费者的青睐)。美国的政客长期以来持波音公司以抵抗其欧洲劲敌,但是将空客定性为纯粹的欧洲公司是不公平的,就像波音公司,其供给链也是全球性的。例如,空客就声称将成为美国民航工业最大的外国客户。Airbus says the new factory will bring it closer to its customers in America. It will also create a natural currency hedge, with more of its costs incurred in dollars rather than euros. (Aircraft, like oil, are largely priced in dollars.) Given the uncertainty surrounding the euro, such hedging is doubly wise. Ironically, Airbus will also receive subsidies from Alabama reckoned to be worth almost 0m. Airbus said it noticed what was on offer only when it investigated the subsidies paid to Boeing. (The two firms are engaged in a long dispute before the World Trade Organisation.)空客公司称,新工厂将会拉近其与美国消费者之间的距离,还会产生自然货币对冲,因为其成本更多的是以美元结算,而非欧元。(飞机就像石油一样,大部分都是以美元定价。)考虑到欧元区的不确定性,这种对冲更为明智。讽刺的是,空客也会得到阿拉巴马州的补贴,据说有将近1600万美元。空客称,只有调查到波音公司接受的补贴才能知道州政府具体提供的是什么。(这两个公司在世贸组织关于补贴的争论已持续多年。)Airbuss new factory is expected to create 1,000 jobs. Part of the appeal of Alabama is that it is a “right-to-work” state, where employees cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. Boeings factories are largely in closed-shop Washington state. A new Boeing factory in right-to-work South Carolina was blocked by the union-friendly National Labour Relations Board, until Boeing gave a gold-plated pay deal to its unionised workers in existing factories. So far, despite high unemployment in the EU, Airbuss European workers seem to have bought their bosses argument that the new factory will not take jobs from Europe, but may create some by boosting sales in America.空客公司的新工厂有望带来1000个工作岗位。阿拉巴马州吸引商家的一部分因素是其州政府保障就业权,雇工不必面临以加入工会作为受聘的条件的窘境。而波音的工厂大部分在华盛顿州,在那里工厂只雇佣工会会员。在保障就业权的南卡罗来纳州,亲工会的全国劳资关系委员会封了波音公司的一个新工厂,直到公司向现有工厂里已加入工会的员工交出一份华而不实的薪水标准。到目前为止,尽管欧盟的失业率仍居高不下,空客公司的欧洲员工似乎已相信了老板们的言论,新工厂不会造成欧洲的工作岗位流失,反而会因为美国良好的销售情况而带来更多的工作机会。Some European politicians have interpreted Airbuss move as the latest depressing symbol of Europes decline. That is a stretch. What is most striking is the self-confident approach to globalisation taken by Airbus, a company that over the years has suffered more than its share of petty squabbles, especially between its French and German tribes.一些欧洲政客将空客的这一举动视为欧洲衰败的最新标志,令人十分沮丧。这种说法就夸大其词了。最令人震惊的还是空客公司这一信心十足的全球化举措,这个公司数年来经历了无数琐碎的争吵,尤其是其法国公司和德国公司之间的争执更是令人头疼。How Boeing will respond to this rocket-blast of competition in its own backyard remains to be seen. So far it has merely grumbled that the new factory will not change the fact that Airbus has benefited from huge subsidies at home. Perhaps Boeing should open a factory in Europe? That is easier said than done. Few places in the EU can match Alabamas sweet mix of flexible working practices and southern-fried tax breaks.波音公司在自己的地盘如何应对这场激烈的竞争令人拭目以待。到目前为止它只是抱怨就算兴建新工厂也不能改变这样的事实,那就是空客公司已经在它的地盘从巨额补贴中获益。或许波音也该在欧洲兴建工厂?这件事说起来容易做起来难,因为欧洲很少有地方能像阿拉巴马州那样,将灵活的工作方式和具有南方特色的减税措施结合的如此完美。 201208/193510吉安祛疤医院

吉安改脸型的费用Business商业Fighter jets战斗机Bomb bays to Delhi弹舱来到德里India favours Frances Dassault印度爱上了法国达索;WEVE been waiting for this day for 30 years,; said Nicolas Sarkozy, Frances president,;我们为这一天已经等待了30年;,法国总统尼古拉萨科奇说。on the news this week that India had gone into exclusive negotiations with Dassault Aviation, a French firm, to buy 126 of its Rafale warplanes for billion-20 billion.本周,印度和法国达索航空就印度斥资150~200亿美元购买126架其生产的;阵风;战斗机进入实质性的协商阶段。France has not sold a single Rafale overseas, and until this week the planes future looked iffy.这是法国第一次为;阵风;找到海外买家,并且直到本周;阵风;的将来看起来都是扑朔迷离的。Shares in Dassault Aviation soared by 18.5%.达索航空的股票应声大涨了18.5%。The loser, ironically, was the Rafales cousin, the Eurofighter Typhoon, built by a consortium led by EADS, Europes defence and aerospace champion, which is jointly controlled by Germany and France.讽刺的是,竞争失败的是;阵风;的堂兄弟——欧洲战机公司的;台风;战机,;台风;是由欧洲宇航防务集团(EADS)领导多家企业联合制造的,该战机由德国和法国联合控制。EADS itself owns a 46% stake in Dassault, a legacy of earlier French government meddling, so its own shares inched up on the news.EADS持有达索46%的股份,这是早期法国政府干预达索遗留下来的东西,因此EADS的股票也随着印度购买;阵风;的新闻上涨了一些。Dassault won its exclusive-bidder status by offering the lower price.达索通过低价投标赢得合同。Both European jets had satisfied the technical requirements of the Indian Air Force, which wants zippier planes to guard against Chinas Chengdu J-10 combat aircraft and Pakistans ageing American F-16s.两种欧洲的战机都能满足印度空军的技术需求,他们需要反应速度快,能对抗中国成飞的歼-10和巴基斯坦过时的美制F-16s。In tests over the Himalayas and the desert, India had eliminated the F-16 and F/A-18, the Russian MiG-35 and Swedish JAS 39 Gripen from the process during -10.-2010期间,印度在喜马拉雅山脉和拉贾斯坦邦的沙漠进行了试飞测试,而后放弃了F-16,F/A-18,俄制米格-35和瑞典制JAS 39鹰狮战机。The capabilities of both the Rafale and the Eurofighter were on display during the Libyan war.;阵风;和;台风;的能力都已经在利比亚战争中显示过了。The Typhoon is the superior air-to-air interceptor.;台风;在空对空的截击方面更有优势。The Rafale switches more easily into a ground-attack mode.;阵风;则在对地攻击模式中更胜一筹。After seeing the Rafale rejected repeatedly over the past decade, by the Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Morocco, the ed Arab Emirates and Switzerland, the French were desperate to win a contract.在过去的十年中,;阵风;不停的被多个国家所鄙视,包括荷兰、南韩、新加坡、洛哥、阿联酋和瑞士,法国人已经对;阵风;能获得合同不报希望。The plane was becoming a costly embarrassment, especially for Mr Sarkozy, who has long promised a sale to Brazil but has nothing to show for his efforts.这种战机已经进了一个昂贵的尴尬境地,特别是对萨科奇来说,他很早就承诺会把这种战机推销给巴西,不过到现在也没有兑现。Some even wondered if the Rafale could survive with France as its only customer.有些人甚至怀疑只有法国这一个客户的;阵风;能否存活下去。Now Dassault must seal the contract with India in a series of detailed negotiations over technology transfer and other conditions.现在达索必须和印度协商敲定合同的一系列细节,包括技术转让和其他的条件。India is known for switching to other bidders before finally signing a contract.众所周知,印度在最后签合同之前都有可能转而选择其他的投标人。;The Indians will now squeeze the French hard,; says an executive on the Typhoon side.;印度将和法国人紧紧的联系在一起;,一位;台风;战机的高管说。That said, India has used Dassaults Mirage jets for many years, and last year signed a .4 billion deal with Dassault,印度已经使用达索的;幻影;战机很多年了,去年还和达索、泰雷兹(Thales)和欧洲导弹制造商(MBDA)签订了24亿美元的合同来升级其法国战机。Thales and MBDA, two other French defence firms, to upgrade its French planes.泰雷兹和MBDA是法国的两家国防供应商。For the Eurofighter consortium the Indian deal is crucial too.对于欧洲战机联盟,印度这笔交易也是非常关键的。David Cameron, Britains prime minister, said this week that the Typhoon is ;far better; than the Rafale.英国首相大卫 卡梅伦本周说;台风;比;阵风;好多了。Sales of the Typhoon, which went into service in 2004, have disappointed.;台风;从2004年开始销售,但情况一直是令人失望的。The Eurofighter member governments (Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain) have all ordered planes, but only Austria and Saudi Arabia have bought them from outside the group.欧洲战机联盟成员包括德国、英国、意大利和西班牙,这些政府都下单买过;台风;,但是在联盟外,;台风;只卖给了奥地利和沙特阿拉伯这两个国家。Eurofighter may now lower its price to rejoin the bidding for Indias contract.欧洲战机联盟现在可能会降低报价,希望重新加入和印度的谈判。It may also offer India the carrot of equal status as a partner in the programme, alongside the four European nations.四个欧盟国家一起合作,并且联盟成为这次交易的伙伴,也许能引导印度进行公平交易。Eurofighter says it will be helped by what is turning out to be a transparent procurement process.欧洲战机联盟说这有助于交易过程更加透明。Whereas previous Indian arms deals have been dogged by accusations of corruption, this one has so far been exemplary, says an executive involved.此前印度的军火交易总是伴随着贪污的指控,这次这样做迄今为止看来都是很规范的,一位参与其中的高管说到。Having opted out of the Eurofighter project in 1985, Frances determination to go it alone in defence matters has led to the spectacle of two expensive European combat planes competing for the same big contract.在1985年选择离开欧洲战机联盟项目后,法国决定在国防上独立,这导致了两种昂贵的欧洲战机会为了同一个大合同而竞争的奇怪景象。;Europe should not have two jets fighting each other,; says Zafar Khan, a defence-industry analyst at Societe Generale, a French bank. The next generation of European fighter jets, he says, should be a more co-ordinated effort.;欧盟应该有两种战斗机来互相牵制;,一位来自法国兴业的国防工业分析师Zafar Khan说,;下一代的欧洲战机应该能更加协调的朝一个方向努力;。 /201211/209616 Business Corporate crime Give a little whistle商业 公司犯罪 揭发The SEC offers a huge carrot to encourage whistle-blowers美国券交易委员会高额悬赏鼓励举报人;TOO many people remain silent in the face of fraud,; says Mary Schapiro, the chairman of Americas Securities amp; Exchange Commission (SEC). On May 25th she announced new rules to encourage corporate whistle-blowing. Inducements will include cash: 10-30% of fines of over m that result from tip-offs. The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, calls it a ;bounty programme; that will reward ;amateur sleuths in search of a big payday;. It is threatening legal action to block it.;太多人在面对欺诈行为时选择了沉默。;美国券交易委员会(SEC)主席Mary Schapiro感叹道。5月25日,她公布了鼓励举报公司犯罪的新规定。举报的奖励将会包含现金:如果举报产生了100万美元以上的罚款,那么举报人可获得罚款金额的10-30%。企业游说组织美国商会将其称作;赏金计划;,奖励那些盼着一夜暴富的业余侦探。其威胁性会导致有人采取法律行动来阻止这一计划。The new rules were required by the Dodd-Frank act, Congresss response to the financial crisis, which was passed last year. They follow an earlier effort to encourage employees to speak up. After Enron, an energy firm, collapsed in a flurry of fraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002 which, among other things, protected whistle-blowers from retaliation.国会为应对金融危机在去年通过了多德佛兰克金融改革法案(Dodd-Frank act),这些新规定是应该法案的要求制定的。同时也延续了早就开始的鼓励公司员工站出来举报的做法。在能源公司安然(Enron)在连串的欺诈案件中轰然倒下之后,国会采取的善后措施中就包括通过了萨班-奥克利法案(Sarbanes-Oxley act)保护举报人免遭报复。Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers. Perhaps the most celebrated of corporate whistle-blowers, Sherron Watkins, a former executive at Enron, never went public with her prediction that the company might be brought down by fraud. She reported her concerns internally, and was ignored.员工举报老板从来就不是件容易事。最著名的举报人,安然公司前高官Sherron Watkins,可能从没有将她对于公司会因诈骗倒闭的预测公布于众。她只是在公司内部提出了她的担忧,但是没有人理睬。When the SEC released draft rules in November, businesses fretted that the financial rewards would prompt insiders to go straight to the commission, bypassing their firms internal procedures—especially since that would reduce the risk of being victimised by the boss or branded a ;disgruntled employee;. The new rules try to correct this, for example by allowing a reward to be paid in some circumstances to whistle-blowers who only grumble internally.当券交易委员会在去年11月公布规定的草案时,公司担心金钱奖励会促使内部知情人越过内部程序直接向委员会举报,因为这样会降低被老板陷害或者被贴上;不满员工;标签的风险。新出台的规定试图改变这一状况,比如规定在一些情况下可以奖励只在内部举报没有外传的员工。The chance of making a fortune may encourage speculative whistle-blowing in the hope of winning the lottery. Ms Schapiros new Office of the Whistleblower may be deluged with useless tips. But even that might be better than the status quo.靠举报发财的机会也许会刺激一心想发财的投机式举报。Schapiro女士的新举报官可能会被无效的线索淹没。但是即使是这样也好过现状。 /201301/223705吉水县人民中医院激光祛痣多少钱吉安人民医院口腔美容中心



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