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Airlines in India will be fined 50,000 rupees if their planes release human waste from toilets in the air, a court has ruled.经法院裁定,印度的航空公司若在飞行中释放人类粪便,将被罚款50,000卢比。Plane toilets store human waste in special tanks. These are normally disposed of once the plane has landed. But international aviation authorities acknowledge that lavatory leaks can occur in the air.通常来说,机上人员的排泄物会被储存在特殊的罐子中,在飞机降落之后才进行处理。但国际航空当局承认,排泄物的倾倒处理也有可能在飞机飞行过程中进行。The National Green Tribunal, an environment court, also directed the regulator to ensure ;that aircraft on landing shall be subjected to surprise inspection to see that human waste tanks are not empty;, the Press Trust of India reported.据印度报业托拉斯报道,环境法庭“国家绿色法庭”也指示监管机构要确保“要在飞机在着陆时进行突击检查,确认存放排泄物的箱子并未被排空。”;If any aircraft is found to be violating such circular or their tanks are found empty on landing, they shall be subjected to environment compensation of 50,000 rupees per default,; the court said.“如果发现任何飞机违反这种通告或他们的废液箱在着陆时被发现是空的,他们将被处以50,000卢比的环境补偿费用。”这家法院表示。The order followed a plea by a retired army officer who accused airlines of dumping human waste over Delhi#39;s residential areas.这一规定是应印度一位退役军官的请求设立的,他曾控诉航班在德里的居民区倾倒排泄物。The officer said the ;walls and floors; of the terrace of his house near the airport ;are splattered with large patches of excreta dumped by aircraft flying in front of the airport;.该官员表示,他机场附近房子的阳台的墙面和地面溅上了大片过往飞机倾倒的排泄物。However, it could not be conclusively proved that the waste came from the flying aircraft.然而,他并不能确切地明这些排泄物是来自飞行经过的航班。Also, the aviation ministry contested the petitioner#39;s claim and said the plane toilets stored the waste in special tanks that were normally cleared by the ground crew once the plane landed.此外,航空部对请愿人的索赔提出质疑,并声称在飞机的洗手间里,排泄物都会被存放到特殊的罐子中,通常是在着陆之后由地勤人员进行清理的。A senior pilot told the B these tanks were rarely emptied in mid-air apart from ;a rare emergency measure like emptying fuel tanks;.一位资深飞行员告诉B,这些罐子几乎不会在半空中进行倾倒,除非是出现了类似清空油箱的情况。Separately, frozen human waste often forms around the overflow outlets for aeroplane toilets, and then falls to earth.不同的是,冷冻形式的人类排泄物通常在飞机厕所的溢流口处冰冻成型,随后落到地面上。They are called ;blue ice; because of the chemicals added to the toilets in planes to reduce odour and break down the waste. Blue ice falls are unusual, but not unheard of.这种东西被称为“蓝冰”,“蓝冰”之所以是蓝色是因为飞机上的卫生间会在处理排泄物时加入化学制品,用以去除异味、分解污物。“蓝冰”掉落的情况非常少见,但也并非闻所未闻。 /201612/486469富阳治疗前列腺增生的医院哪家最好Flight delays typically lead to frustrated passengers and harassed airline staff, but a one-hour hold-up to the only flight between Ganzhou and Guangzhou last Tuesday was accepted without complaint.航班延迟常常会导致乘客不满,机组人员也不胜烦扰。但是,上周二由赣州飞往广州的唯一的航班延误一小时却没有任何人抱怨。In order to transport a passenger carrying donated human organs, China#39;s Southern Airlines delayed the only direct service from Ganzhou to Guangzhou.为了运送一位携带医用人体捐献器官的旅客,中国南航延迟了从赣州飞往广州的唯一航班。The airline also provided a priority boarding service by using the ;green passage;, guaranteeing a safe and fast transfer of the organs, according to Chinanews.据中新网报道,为确保捐献器官能够安全、及时送达,中国南航开启了人体捐献器官转运绿色通道。The airline contacted Ganzhou airport in east China#39;s Jiangxi Province as soon as it was made aware that a doctor named Liao was to transport human organs on the flight.在得知一位姓廖的医生将通过其航班运送人体器官之后,南航立即与华东地区的江西赣州机场取得了联系。The airline#39;s staff arranged for the other passengers to check in ahead of time and warned that the flight would be delayed – but everyone accepted the situation without complaint.南航乘务组组织航班其他乘客提前登机,并告知登机乘客因需要等待携带人体捐献器官的医生,本次航班将延误,不过,机上全部旅客没有对此抱怨,而是接受了这一情况。The ;green passage; service meant that Liao took only three minutes to go through the security check and take his seat – along with his precious cargo.;绿色通道;的开通,使廖医生和他的贵重货物在短短3分钟内就顺利通过安检并进入机舱落座,After the flight arrived in Guangzhou, crew members helped Liao to get off the plane and out of the airport, ensuring the organs reached their intended recipient as soon as possible.在航班抵达广州后,南航乘务组帮助廖医生顺利下机,并迅速离开机场,确保捐献器官尽快到达了手术受体人身边。China#39;s health, police and transportation authorities jointly announced the establishment of a ;green passage; on May 6, 2016 to ensure the fast and safe transfer of donated human organs.2016年5月6日,为确保医用人体捐献器官快速、安全运达,国家卫生计生委、公安部、交通运输部门联合声明建立;绿色通道;。 /201610/470686富阳无痛人流去哪家医院好1. Endometriosis1.子宫内膜异位This is a painful condition in which the tissue normally found inside your uterus, starts growing outside your uterus called an endometrial implant. This causes severe pain, especially during your period.子宫内膜异位这一疼痛的病情是指在你的子宫内正常发现的内膜,开始在你的子宫外部生长,这叫做子宫内膜植入。这会导致严重的疼痛,尤其是在经期的时候会更疼。Endometriosis involves your ovaries, lining of your pelvis or bowels. Always visit your healthcare practitioner if you experience severe pain during menstruation as it can be due to Endometriosis.子宫内膜异位会影响你的卵巢,骨盆线或者内脏。如果你在经期的时候感到严重疼痛,要经常去看护理医生,因为这可能是子宫内膜异位造成的疼痛。2. Interstitial Cystitis2.间质性膀胱炎Since the female anatomy is very delicate and close-knit, your vagina may hurt due to factors not related to that specific area. In this case, Interstitial Cystitis becomes a real thing. It’s a painful bladder syndrome involving bladder pressure, pain and sometimes pelvic pain, ranging from a mild uneasiness to severe pain. Urine tests need to be done in order to eliminate other bladder problems.由于女性的生理结构非常精细精密结合,所以你的阴道或许会因为其他与阴道不相关的因素而疼痛。在这种钱情况下,间质性膀胱炎就是一个真正的原因。膀胱疼痛综合症的症状包括膀胱压力,疼痛以及偶尔骨盆疼痛,程度由轻微的不适到严重的疼痛。需要做尿检来排除其他的膀胱问题。3. Pelvic Ffloor Tension Myalgia3.骨盆底部紧张肌痛Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia include burning, itchiness, pain in your vagina and heaviness in your pelvic region. Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia can be caused by various factors, including childbirth and emotional problems causing tension in your pelvic floor muscles. As a short term solution, botox can be used to relieve some of the tension.骨盆底部紧张肌痛的症状包括阴道灼热,瘙痒,疼痛以及骨盆沉重。骨盆底部紧张肌痛可以由多种不同的因素导致,包括生育,感情问题导致的骨盆底部肌肉紧张。作为短期的解决办法,肉毒杆菌可以用来缓解紧张感。4. Vulvodynia4.外阴痛Imagine having vaginal pain without having a known cause. This is exactly what Vulvodynia is. As frustrating and perplexing as it can be, Vulvodynia can affect women of all ages, races and sizes. There is speculation that a previous yeast infection can make you more susceptible to developing Vulvodynia or nerve damage.试想阴道疼痛却没有可知的原因。这就是外阴痛。外阴痛可能很令人沮丧,而且很复杂,而且会影响所有年龄、种族和体型的女性。据推测,以前的酵母菌感染可能会让你更容易遭受外阴痛或者神经损伤。5. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome5. 盆腔淤血综合征Also known as pelvic vein incompetence, this is a chronic, painful condition in which the varicose veins in your pelvis become weak and don’t function as they should. This can cause a dull, painful pressure in your pelvis. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you experience pain in your pelvis before panic sets in. It could be nothing, or you may need treatment.盆腔淤血综合征也叫作盆腔静脉无能,这是一种慢性的疼痛疾病,骨盆的静脉曲张变得脆弱而且不能正常工作。这回导致骨盆迟钝的疼痛压力。如果你感到骨盆疼痛,在你恐慌之前,咨询你的护理医生。可能什么问题也没有,也或者你会需要治疗。 /201702/492896Will lobster one day become a Chinese New Year dinner staple like fish and dumplings?有一天,龙虾会像鱼和饺子一样,成为中国春节年夜饭的主菜吗?North American distributors and Chinese e-commerce platforms are seeing a growing demand from China for Western lobster.北美经销商及中国电子商务平台发现,中国对西方龙虾的需求正不断增长。Despite lobster prices reaching highs in the winter due to smaller catches, China#39;s appetite rises significantly ahead of the Lunar New Year and further drives prices up.尽管由于渔获量较小,龙虾的价格在冬季达到了峰值,但是中国人的食欲在新年之前有了显著的上升,并进一步助推价格上涨。The Chinese name for lobster is ;dragon prawn;. Once cooked, the ;red dragon; makes a delicious dish with lucky meaning.龙虾的中文名是“龙虾”。在被烹饪之后,这种“红色的龙”就成为美味的菜肴,寓意幸运。More Chinese are adding garlic steamed lobster and lobster congee to the most important meal of the year.越来越多的中国人正在将蒜蓉蒸龙虾和龙虾粥纳入一年中最重要的一顿晚餐中。Distributors are also seeing an escalating competition. A Chinese company even chartered a plane this month to fly lobsters from Canada to China.经销商也感到了正在愈演愈烈的竞争。本月,一家中国公司甚至租用飞机将龙虾从加拿大空运到中国。The Boston Lobster Co, founded in 1986, discovered the huge Chinese market six years ago. The company saw that many Chinese people who traveled to Boston, or local Chinese Americans who were going back China to visit family, would order live lobsters to take home.成立于1986年的波士顿龙虾公司在六年前发现了巨大的中国市场。公司发现,很多到波士顿旅行的中国人或者回家探亲的本地美籍华裔,都会预定活龙虾带回家。E-commerce is playing a big role in Chinese consumption of American lobsters. Retailers such as JD.com, China#39;s second-largest e-commerce platform after Alibaba#39;s Taobao, has been doing same-day or even two-hour delivery in major cities that could reduce the precious ;out-of-water; time for live lobsters.电子商务在中国消费美国龙虾方面发挥了重要作用。诸如京东(中国仅次于阿里巴巴淘宝的第二大电商平台)这样的零售商一直在主要城市同天甚至相隔两小时运送龙虾,这样可以缩短活龙虾珍贵的“失水期”。Josh Gartner, vice-president of international corporate affairs at JD.com, said the company has seen more than an eightfold increase in the sales of US fresh food in the three weeks leading up to the Spring Festival compared to last year.京东国际事务交流副总裁乔希·加特纳表示,与去年相比,在春节前的三周内,公司的美国新鲜食品销售额增长了八倍以上。 /201702/491459富阳8周做人流

杭州富阳妇幼保健介绍富阳做无痛人流的费用需要多少There were 654,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in China by the end of September, according to figures revealed last Wednesday.根据上周三公布的数据显示,截至9月末,我国报告现存活艾滋病病毒感染者和病人65.4万例。Sexual transmission accounted for 94.2% of the newly diagnosed HIV infections, said the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).中国疾控中心表示,在新确诊的艾滋病病毒感染病例中,经性传播的比例为94.2%。Heterosexual sexual transmission accounted for 66.7% of all new cases, and homosexual sex accounted for 27.5% of transmissions.其中,异性性传播占比66.7%,同性性行为传播占比27.5%。From January to September, 2,321 students aged between 15 and 24 tested positive for HIV/AIDS, 4.1 times that of 2010. In addition, 13,000 men aged above 60 were found to be carrying the virus, 3.6 times that of 2010, the CDC said.该中心称,今年1月至9月,2321名15-24岁的学生艾滋病病毒/艾滋病检测呈阳性,另有1.3万名60岁以上老年男性被发现携带艾滋病病毒,分别是2010年的4.1倍和3.6倍。About 96,000 new cases in total were reported in the first nine months.今年前9个月,全国共新报告病例约9.6万例。More transmissions among young students and senior males have been noted, according to the CDC.该中心还指出,艾滋病在青年学生和老年男性中的传播有所上升。Premier Li Keqiang has ordered more initiatives to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS.李克强总理已要求采取更多措施,以预防和治疗艾滋病病毒。In a written instruction to a meeting on prevention and control of major diseases in Beijing last Tuesday, Li said the Party#39;s Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS.在上周二于北京召开的一次关于预防和控制重大疾病的会议中,李克强总理在一份书面指示中表示,党中央和国务院高度重视艾滋病和艾滋病的防治工作。 /201612/482737场口镇妇幼保健医院电话预约Teachers in UK schools are trialling the use of body cameras in class to record bad pupils’ behaviour, it has been revealed.英国学校的教师们正在尝试在课堂上使用随身摄像头,记录表现差的孩子们的行为。At least two schools in England have introduced the equipment for constant recording with the consent of local education authorities.英格兰至少有两家学校已经引进了这种设备进行持续录像,这已经得到了当地教育部门的同意。The cameras, worn on teachers’ clothing, are set to film all the time but only save encrypted footage when the record button is pressed, The Times reported.《泰晤士报》报道说,这种摄像头装在教师的衣上,可以一直录像,但只有按下录像按钮时,才会保存下加密影像。Teachers are advised to turn on the cameras during incidents in the classroom to tackle “constant low-level disruption”, but must give notice before doing so.老师被建议在课堂上出现麻烦时打开摄像头,以处理“不间断的小打小闹”,但在打开摄像头前必须告知大家。The technology is aly used by police, parking wardens and some hospital staff as well as crossing-patrol officers.警察、停车管理员、一些医务人员、以及护送巡查员已经使用了这种技术。Footage could also be shared with parents to involve them in addressing their children’s behaviour.家长也会得到这些影像资料,以便他们能了解孩子们的行为。Feedback from parents and schools was said to be positive, with teachers praising them as an effective deterrent.从家长和学校那里得到的关于安置摄像头的反馈很积极,很多老师认为这是有效的威慑手段。A survey published on Wednesday questioning teachers on the idea found more than a third would be willing to wear a body camera in the classroom, with many wanting the technology available to help combat bad behaviour from pupils.周三发布的一份调查询问了老师们的意见,结果发现,超过三分之一的受访者愿意在课堂中使用随身摄像头,很多老师希望这种技术能帮助对付孩子们的不良行为。Over one in 10 believe the time will come when bodycams will be mandatory in UK schools, the Times Education Supplement (TES) poll found.这项泰晤士报教育副刊发起的调查显示,超过十分之一的受访者认为,随身摄像头早晚会在英国学校强制使用。Of the 37.7 percent who said they were in favour, some 31.6 percent said they were motivated by teacher and student safety.在表态持使用的37.7%受访者中,约有31.6%的人表示是出于对师生的安全考虑。Among those who were not willing to use the technology, reasons included concerns about their own privacy and that of the children, as well as feeling spied on, or the potential for misuse by management.受访者不愿意使用这种技术的原因有,担心个人和孩子的隐私,感到被监视,以及可能被管理者滥用。Around two-thirds of the teachers polled - more than 600 in total - said they would feel safer in the classroom if they knew there was a camera recording everything, while 10.9 percent said they could foresee a time when bodycams are compulsory.在超过600名参与调查的老师中,大约三分之二表示,如果他们知道教室里有个摄像头一直在录像,他们会感到更安全。还有10.9%的受访者说他们预见到将来随身摄像头会强制使用。Mary Bousted, general secretary at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said the union did not support the use of surveillance technology to monitor children and staff.英国教师与讲师协会的秘书长玛丽-布斯塔说,协会不持使用监视技术来监控孩子和老师。“All schools should be safe places for pupils and staff,” she said.她说:“所有的学校对孩子和老师来说都应该是安全的地方。”A Department for Education spokeswoman said the trial is “a matter for the schools”.英国教育部的一位女发言人说,是否试行使用摄像头“要由学校决定”。 /201702/491996富阳少女超导无痛人流医院

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