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Men and women respond differntly to a failed reationship:当男人和女人失恋后的不同反应:Belgian chocolate and ;Notting Hill;, you#39;re my only friend!比利时巧克力和诺丁山电视剧, 你们是我唯一的朋友Online porn og Doritos, we shall never part!色情网站,立体脆(食物名称)我们永远不分开 /201512/416851。

Cows Have Favorite Playlists Too!奶牛也有音乐偏好We all know that music has the power to comfort us when we are frazzled or distressed. Can it do the same for animals? In 2001, University of Leicester researchers decided to test this by exposing dairy cows to different genres of music. They discovered that certain types of music helped cows produce 3% more milk than those that only heard the jarring sounds of milking machines.众所周知,在我们感到疲惫不堪、压力很大的时候,音乐可以抚慰我们的心灵。那它对动物也有同样效果吗?2001年,列斯特大学的研究者们为了检验这个假说,做了给奶牛播放不同风格音乐的实验。他们发现,有些音乐下生活的奶牛会比挤奶器噪声下生活的同伴多产3%的牛奶。The journalists began by sifting through the 2001 University of Leicester study to search for songs that had made the cattle most productive. 随后,记者杂志就开始筛选2001年列斯特大学的试验中使奶牛多产奶的歌曲。What they found was that similar to humans, cows have a varied taste. Some prefer soulful music while others have a penchant for classical. Based on their findings the magazine released two playlists that they believe will be welcomed by most dairy cows.他们发现,奶牛和人类一样,会有不同的音乐偏好。有些喜欢灵魂音乐,有些则偏爱古典音乐。随后,根据筛选结果,该杂志发表了受大部分奶牛喜爱的两大歌曲列表。One comprises of songs like REM#39;s ;Everybody Hurts; Aretha Franklin#39;s version of ;What a Difference a Day Makes; and Simon and Garfunkel#39;s epic ;Bridge Over Troubled Water;.一个列表包含有REM的Everybody Hurts,Aretha Franklin的What a Difference a Day Makes ,以及Simon与 Garfunkel合唱的经典歌曲Bridge Over Troubled Water。The other, includes classical hits like Beethoven#39;s ;Pastoral Symphony; and Mozart#39;s ;Concerto for Flute and Harp in D Major.; The songs that made neither list were sonically abrasive tunes like rap and techno songs that appear to disturb cows rather than calm them.另一个列表主要包括流行的古典音乐,比如贝多芬的《田园交响曲》,莫扎特的《长笛与竖琴协奏曲》。这些歌单里的歌曲都属于舒缓的音乐,能使牛奶安静下来,而不是那些噪杂的说唱歌曲。Besides, music is not the only thing that dairy cows enjoy. A few years ago actors in Kent, England decided to see if the animals liked Shakespeare by performing ;The Merry Wives of Windsor; to a local herd. Sure enough, their milk output increased measurably.播放音乐还不是唯一可以促使奶牛多产奶的途径。几年前,英格兰肯特的演员还测试过动物是否喜爱莎士比亚剧,于是他们给当地奶牛群表演了《温莎的风流娘们儿》。不出所料,果然增加了产奶量。They believe music helps the animals to relax and keep calm. So the next time you visit a dairy farm don#39;t be surprised to see the cattle jamming to their favorite beat. After all ;great milk comes from happy cows!;他们相信是音乐帮助牛奶放松和安静。所以,下次你再参观奶牛场,就不要为奶牛们蜂拥而聚听它们最爱的音乐而感到大惊小怪了。毕竟,好奶产自欢乐的奶牛。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201509/393775。

It#39;s said that love has no limits, but how far can a person really go to express their feelings?据说爱情无界限,但一个人为了表达自己的感情能做到什么程度呢?Apparently, all the way to the stratosphere.人们似乎最高也就飞上平流层求婚。When the time came for Shawn Wright of Calgary, Alberta to solidify his marriage proposal to his fiancée, doing it on Earth simply wasn#39;t enough.不过,亚伯达省卡尔加里市的肖恩·赖特要向他未婚妻求婚时,觉得仅仅在地球上求婚不足以表达出他对未婚妻的爱。So, he strapped the engagement ring to a weather balloon and launched it 30 kilometres into the sky.于是,他把婚戒绑在一个气象探测气球上,并使气球升到3万米高空处。Wright first proposed to his fiancée, Maylynn Stephenson, last year during a trip to Barcelona according to The Huffington Post Alberta.据亚伯达赫芬顿邮报报道,去年在巴塞罗那旅行时,赖特第一次向他的未婚妻梅莲·斯蒂芬森求婚。The two have been together for six years, and have known each other for 20.他们已经在一起六年了,而且彼此认识20年了。While the beachside proposal, which followed a day of skydiving, was #39;incredible,#39; Wright did not yet have a ring, and had to use a stand-by.玩了一天的跳伞运动后在海滩求婚,这令人“难以置信”,然而那时赖特还没准备戒指,所以只好用其他东西代替。Upon returning home, the husband-to-be began saving money for a ring, and planning an unforgettable way to present it.回到家后,这位准丈夫就开始省钱买戒指,并且准备以一种令人难忘的方式送给其未婚妻。#39;As soon as I started saving up for the real ring, I started thinking, #39;What could I do?#39; Wright told The Huffington Post Alberta.“我着手为买真戒指而省钱时就开始思考‘我能做什么?’这个问题。”赖特在接受赫芬顿邮报采访时说。In order to send the ring space-bound, Wright built a specialized craft to carry it safely high above the Earth, and deliver it back to a point near its Canadian starting place.为了将戒指发送到太空边缘,赖特制造了专门的工具用于安全携带戒指到地球上空,并递送戒指回到距加拿大发射处不远的地方。The ring was strapped to a wooden spatula, which was then tied to a high-altitude weather balloon. Wright also equipped the craft with a radio transmitter and GPS, and a Go-Pro to capture the view.赖特把婚戒绑在一木制铲上,然后把木制铲栓在一个高空气象探测气球上。他还在该设备上装置了无线电广播发射机,GPS和Go-Pro摄像机来拍下这个场景。After launching, the ring journeyed for four hours before landing 300 kilometres away from where it began.婚戒被发射后,历经4小时高空遨游,降落在距其发射处300千米的地方。Wright retrieved the ring from the edge of a pond in Taber, Alta, and showed the to his fiancée.赖特在阿尔塔塔伯一池塘边取回那枚婚戒,并向他未婚妻展示了那份录像。#39;Her mind was blown,#39; Wright told the website. #39;She didn#39;t know I even had the real ring.#39;“她一下子都懵了。”赖特在接受网络采访时说。“她不知道我还准备了真的戒指。”#39;For the past few months I haven#39;t really been working late, and I haven#39;t been working weekends. I have been working on a secret project for you,#39; Wright said in a .“在过去的几个月里,我其实并没有加班,也没有周末还去上班,而是在秘密准备向你求婚的仪式。”赖特在录像里说。#39;I love you very much, and I really hope you think it#39;s out of this world.#39;“我非常爱你,而且我真的希望你觉得这次求婚非常棒。”Stephenson was delighted by the proposal, according to The Huffington Post Alberta, and she said yes.据赫芬顿邮报报道,斯蒂芬森对这次求婚仪式感到欢喜,并且答应了赖特的求婚。The couple will tie the knot next year in Bali.明年,这对恋人将在巴厘岛完婚。 /201512/418557。

The Palace Museum (also known as Forbidden City) in Beijing might allow visitors access for night viewing, Beijing News reports.根据北京新闻报道,北京故宫物院(也叫作紫禁城)计划将允许游客夜游。;It would be difficult to open all parts of the museum during this time,; said curator Shan Jixiang, ;but it#39;s possible to do so with the digital gallery outside Duanmen.;故宫物院院长单霁翔表示:“目前在红墙内实现夜间全部开放不容易,但端门外的数字馆有这样的条件。”The Palace Museum will step up its lighting program in 2016 to let visitors enjoy a clearer view at night, Shan said.单霁翔说,故宫将在2016年改进照明设备,让游客欣赏到更清晰的夜景。Broken Rainbow Bridge in the east of the complex will open to the public next spring, with visitors using it to travel from the Hall of Benevolent Peace to the Hall of Martial Valor, according to the curator.此外,院长还表示,故宫西部的断虹桥将于春季向游客开放,届时,公众游慈宁宫、武英殿便可以从断虹桥通过。The bridge, Digital Museum, Service Centre and Eighteen Locust Trees area will form a good cultural landscape for tourists, it was added.断虹桥、数字馆、务中心和;十八棵槐;地区届时将为公众呈现一道靓丽的文化景观。Visitors can experience the other three main halls still off-limits to the public – the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony – via Digital Museum displays. In addition, the government is also trying to restore the landscape around Xihua Gate.游客也将有机会通过数字物馆进入参观三座现在暂未对外开放的大殿,它们分别是:太和殿、中和殿、保和殿。此外,相关部门也正在尝试恢复西华门周边景观。The Palace Museum served as imperial residence for the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.北京故宫物院曾经是明朝(1368-1644)和清朝(1644-1911)的帝王住宅。 /201601/420639。

Our strongest personality traits can be deduced simply from our facial features, scientists believe.科学家认为,他人能够通过我们的面部特征轻易推算出我们最显著的人格特质。Research shows those with higher IQs are usually good-looking, while those with wider faces are usually perceived as being more powerful and successful.研究显示,智商高的人通常面容姣好,面部较宽的人则通常被认为更有权、更成功。There is even evidence that sexual deviancy can be picked up from facial features, with paedophiles more likely to have minor facial flaws.甚至有据明能够通过面部特点看出性癖异常,有恋童癖的人更可能有不太严重的面部缺陷。The new evidence means the judgments we make when we meet strangers - which is usually concluded in less than a tenth of a second - are often accurate.这项新的据意味着我们遇到陌生人时做出的判断——这种判断通常在十分之一秒内就完成了——常常是准确的。Mark Fetscherin, professor of international business at Rollins College, Florida, has recently found a link between company profits and the shape of its chief executive#39;s face.佛罗里达州罗林斯学院的国际商贸学教授马克·费斯凯林(Mark Fetscherin)近期发现公司利润和首席执行官的脸型之间存在联系。In his new book, CEO Branding, Mr Fetscherin describes how the executive tended to have wider faces than the average male.在他的新书《CEO Branding》中,费斯凯林先生描述了高级主管的脸颊通常比正常男性更宽。A wider face means that the person is viewed as dominant and successful, Mr Fetscherin said. He also found a positive link between that shape face and the profits of the company.费斯凯林先生说:“更宽的脸颊意味着这个人看起来更有权势、更成功。”他还发现了宽脸和公司利润之间的正比联系。He told The Sunday Times: #39;Facial width-to-height ratio correlates with real world measures of aggressive and ambitious behavior and is associated with a psychological sense of power.#39;他告诉周日泰晤士报(The Sunday Times):“脸的宽高比例与真实世界对攻击性行为和有野心的行为的衡量标准存在相关性,与心理上的权力感也有关联。”British researchers found a similar result when they analysed the results of FTSE chief executives.英国研究人员在分析富时指数公司(FTSE)高管的业绩时也得出了相似的研究结果。Jamie Ward, professor of psychology and his co-author Shuaa Alrajih, suggested the underlying factor was high levels of testosterone, which is linked to aggression and the pursuit of dominance. Testosterone can also influence bone and muscle structure.心理学教授杰米·沃德(Jamie Ward)以及他的合著者舒阿·阿尔拉吉(Shuaa Alrajih)认为其潜在因素是高水平的睾丸激素,这种激素与攻击性以及追求控制权有关。睾丸激素还能影响骨骼和肌肉构造。A typical example might be advertising agency boss Martin Sorrell, who runs WPP, and sportsmen such as Vinnie Jones.一个典型的例子可能是WPP广告公司的老板马丁·索瑞尔(Martin Sorrell)以及运动员,比如说维尼·琼斯(Vinnie Jones)。Elsewhere, scientists also believe people can decipher negative attributes from a person#39;s face. At Cornell University, scientists showed subjects mugshots of those who were guilty and innocent and found the majority could tell them apart.另外,科学家还认为人们能够从一个人的脸上辨认出不好的品性。美国康奈尔大学(Cornell University)的科学家们向研究对象展示了一些罪犯和无罪的人的面部照片,发现大多数人能够将他们区别开来。Researchers have also found that those with a high IQ tend to be better looking.研究人员还发现高智商的人通常颜值也高。An example is Kate Beckinsale, who won poetry awards as a teenager, then studied Russian literature and English at Oxford.以凯特·贝金赛尔(Kate Beckinsale)为例,她十几岁就获得了诗歌方面的奖项,后来到牛津大学学习俄罗斯文学及英语。Actress Natalie Portman also graduated with a psychology degree from Havard in 2003.还有女演员娜塔莉·波特曼(Natalie Portman),她2003年毕业于哈佛大学,获心理学学士学位。Leslie Zebrowitz, professor of social relations at Brandeis University, near Boston, said the trend was due to the high quality of DNA, with few mutations, that those people have inherited.莱斯利·泽布维兹(Leslie Zebrowitz)是位于波士顿附近的布莱迪思大学(Brandeis University)的社会关系学教授,她表示,这一趋势是因为这些人继承了基本没有突变的优质DNA。 /201510/402954。