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Marathons can be bad for your health, scientists have warned after a study found 80 percent of competitors suffer kidney injury because of dehydration.科学家警告称,马拉松可能会对人体产生危害。他们的研究发现,由于缺水,百分之八十的马拉松比赛选手都患有肾功能损伤。Researchers said that although the kidneys of the participants in the 26.2 mile race fully recovered within two days, their findings raise questions concerning the potential long-term impact at a time when marathons are increasing in popularity.研究人员称,尽管参赛者跑完26.2英里(42公里)后,他们的肾脏两天内就能完全恢复正常,但如今马拉松比赛日渐流行,研究结果引起了人们对于马拉松长期潜在影响的担忧。The findings were published by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, as thousands of people prepare for next month#39;s London Marathon.《美国肾病杂志》刊登了这项研究成果。与此同时,上千人正拳擦掌,为下个月的伦敦马拉松赛做准备。Previous research has shown that engaging in unusually vigorous activities - such as military training - in warm climates can damage the kidneys, but little is known about the effects of marathon running.先前的研究表明,在气候温暖时参加过于剧烈的活动,如军事训练,会损害人的肾脏。但人们对马拉松所造成的影响则知之甚少。A team of researchers led by Professor Chirag Parikh, of Yale University in the US, studied a small group of participants in the 2015 Hartford Marathon.由美国耶鲁大学教授齐拉格?帕里克领导的研究小组对2015年哈特福德马拉松赛部分参赛者进行了测试。They collected blood and urine samples before and after the event. They analysed a variety of markers of kidney injury, including serum creatinine levels, kidney cells on microscopy, and proteins in urine.在比赛前后,他们分别收集了受试者的血样和尿样。他们检测了各种肾脏损伤标志物,包括血清肌酐水平,显微镜下的肾细胞和尿液中的蛋白质。The researchers found that 82 percent of the runners that were studied showed Stage 1 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) soon after the race. AKI is a condition in which the kidneys fail to filter waste from the blood.研究人员发现,82%的受试者在比赛结束后不久就显示出了第一阶段急性肾损伤(AKI)的症状,也就是说,肾脏无法从血液中过滤废物。Prof Parikh said: ;The kidney responds to the physical stress of marathon running as if it#39;s injured, in a way that#39;s similar to what happens in hospitalised patients when the kidney is affected by medical and surgical complications.;帕里克教授说:“马拉松会对参赛者的身体造成巨大负担,肾脏会因此做出反应,如同受伤一样,他们的肾脏状况与受到药物影响和产生手术并发症时的状况相似。”The researchers stated that potential causes of the marathon-related kidney damage could be the sustained rise in core body temperature, dehydration, or decreased blood flow to the kidneys that occur during a marathon.研究人员指出,马拉松造成肾损伤的潜在原因可能是,核心体温的持续升高,缺水以及比赛过程中流经肾脏的血液减少。While the measured kidney injury resolved within two days of running the marathon, the researchers said the study still raises questions about the effects of repeated strenuous activity over time, especially in warm climates.尽管马拉松造成的肾损伤可在两天内痊愈,但研究人员称,这项研究对重复的过于剧烈的长时间运动,尤其是在天气温暖时剧烈运动,对人体造成的影响提出了疑问。Prof Parikh added: ;We need to investigate this further. ;Research has shown there are also changes in heart function associated with marathon running.帕里克教授补充说:“我们需要进一步研究。”已有研究显示,马拉松还会导致人的心脏功能产生一些变化。;Our study adds to the story - even the kidney responds to marathon-related stress.;“我们的研究对此做了补充 — 连肾脏都会因马拉松造成的身体负担产生变化。” /201704/503124An army of Victoria#39;s Secrets models were the main attraction on Miami beach last Tuesday.上周二,许多维密超模成为了迈阿密海滩上的最大亮点。Some of the world#39;s most beautiful women stripped down to an array of white lace lingerie for the sizzling shoot by the sea.这些世界上最美丽的女性脱去衣,身穿白色蕾丝内衣,在海边拍摄性感火辣的写真。Jasmine Tookes, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Romee Strijd, Josephine Skriver, Elsa Hosk, Sara Sampaio and Lais Ribeiro were all showing off their enviable bodies as they posed up a storm for camera.贾丝明·图克、泰勒·希尔、斯特拉·麦克斯韦、罗梅·埃利斯、约瑟芬·斯可瑞娃、艾尔莎·霍斯卡、萨拉·桑帕约和莱斯·里贝罗在镜头前摆出各种姿势,尽情展示着她们那令人羡慕不已的好身材。In one snap the girls all huddled together, while other shots show them breaking off to flaunt their frames in pairs.其中一张照片里,女孩们挤作一团,而在其他照片中,她们又散开来,两两一起,展示她们的好身材。A number of models uploaded shots of their own to social media, including Danish beauty Josephine Skriver who stunned in a pretty lace two piece.许多超模将她们自己的照片上传到了社交媒体,其中就包括穿着让人惊艳的蕾丝内衣的丹麦美女约瑟芬·斯可瑞娃。Genetically blessed Romee Strijd also shared a shot of herself posing in a pair of tiny knickers and a bra embellished with flowers.拥有优良基因的罗梅·埃利斯也同样分享了一张自己身穿紧身灯笼短裤和点缀着花的内衣的照片。The girls also took over the official Victoria#39;s Secret Instagram account to keep fans updated with fun from behind the scenes.这些女孩们同样接管了维密的Instagram账号,使得粉丝们可以及时了解拍摄现场背后的乐趣。 /201703/500066

The number of obese people in the world now outnumber the underweight people, according to analysis of the trends of adult body-mass index in 200 countries over the last 40 years.根据200个国家最近40多年的成年人体重指数(BMI)趋势分析,全球肥胖人口数量已超过体重过轻人口数量。The major study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, shows that the number of obese has risen to 641 million from 105 million in 1975.一份发表于医学期刊《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)上的主要研究表明,全世界肥胖人口已经从1975年的1.05亿增长到现在的6.41亿。The proportion of obese men has more than tripled (3.2 percent to 10.8 percent) and obese women has more than doubled (6.4 percent to 14.9 percent) since 1975.自1975年以来,肥胖男性比例已增长为原来的3倍还多(从3.2%上升到10.8%),而肥胖女性比例是原来的2倍多(从6.4%升至14.9%)。At the same time, the proportion of underweight people fell more modestly, by around a third in both men (13.8 percent to 8.8 percent) and women (14.6 percent to 9.7 percent).与此同时,体重过轻人群所占比例轻度下降,男性(从13.8%降至8.8%)和女性(从14.6%下降到9.7%)均缩减1/3左右。;Over the past 40 years, we have changed from a world in which underweight prevalence was more than double that of obesity, to one in which more people are obese than underweight,; says senior author Majid Ezzati from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London. ;If present trends continue, not only will the world not meet the obesity target of halting the rise in the prevalence of obesity at its 2010 level by 2025, but more women will be severely obese than underweight by 2025.;伦敦帝国学院公共卫生学院高级学者马吉德·伊扎提说:“在过去的40年里,我们的世界发生了很大变化。以前,体重过轻的人数是肥胖人数的两倍多,但现在肥胖人口已经超过体重过轻人口了。如果照目前的形势发展下去,到2025年时,不但难以实现将世界肥胖人口数量控制在2010年的水平不再增长这一目标,而且还会出现更多严重肥胖而不是体重过轻的女性。” /201704/502876

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