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Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you very much for this honor you are awarding me tonight. Ive always believed that real measures of celebrity success was not just how famous he becomes, but what he does with that fame and fortune. Especially in todays technological and media advanced society, the attention and fortune shower on the individual celebrity is often times immensely disproportionate to his or her achievements. Today a person can literally become a celebrity over night throughout the entire world, and that kind of attention can be difficult for the individual to handle. But we have also learnt that such fame can also be an enormous affective medium to focus attention and mobilize resources for world he calls. I have been blessed with so much and have an opportunity to do what few others can. But I believe it is more than just an opportunity but a duty. I feel to rip and enjoy the fruits of my talents for myself could be selfish be irresponsible and unconscionale.谢谢,非常感谢。非常感谢大家今晚给予我的荣誉。我一直相信真正的名人成功的标准不是他多么的出名,而是他利用他的名声和财富所做的事。尤其是在今天这个科技和传媒高度发达的社会,世人对他的关注和财富笼罩着每一个名人,而且总是与他们所取得的成就极不相称。如今一个人可以一夜之间在全世界成名,同时个人很难正确对待这样的关注。但是我们同样知道,这样的名声也可以被当作具有强大影响力的媒介用来吸引公众的注意力,调动他的名声所带来的世界上的所有资源。我已经得到上帝的太多赐福,有机会做很少有人能做的事。但是我认为,这不只是一种机会,更是一种责任。我觉得把自己的天赋仅仅用于自己的享受是自私的、不负责任的、也是不合理的。201312/270351Well one day, curiosity got the better of Pandora,and she did open the box.终于有一天,好奇心战胜了潘多拉,她真的打开了盒子。Out flew plagues, sorrows,and all sorts of evils against man.飞出了瘟疫、悲伤,以及对人类有害的种种坏事。The only good thing in the box was hope.盒内唯一的好东西只有希望。Jason then asked us,What happens when you open the box and hope isnt there?然后杰森问我们,当你打开盒子,却没有希望,会发生什么?He paused a few moments,leaned to his right,and was gone. 他停顿了一会儿,向他的右方倒下,不见了。This kind, intelligent young man from New Jersey had just committed suicide.这位来自新泽西的善良,聪明的年轻人就这样自杀了。I spoke with Jasons parents that evening,and I suppose that, when I was speaking with them,that I didnt sound as if I was doing very well,because that very next day,their family rabbi called to check on me. 那天晚上我与杰森父母谈话,我感觉,我和他们谈话时,我的声音听起来好像是我状态不好,因为就在后一天,他们家的拉比打电话过来问我怎么样。Jasons parents had asked him to do so.杰森的父母要他打的电话。The collateral damage of suicide affects so many people.自杀带来的间接伤害影响着如此多的人。I pose these questions to you:我向你们提出这些问题:What would you do if your family member,friend or loved one was suicidal? 如果你们的家人、朋友或爱人要自杀,你们会怎么办?What would you say?你们会说什么?Would you know what to say?你知道要说什么吗?In my experience, its not just the talking that you do,but the listening.据我的经验,要做的不仅仅是说,而是听。Listen to understand.通过倾听去理解,Dont argue, blame,or tell the person you know how they feel,because you probably dont. 不要争辨、责备,或是告诉那个人你知道他的感受,因为你很可能并不知道。By just being there,you may just be the turning point that they need. 只要你在那里,你可能就是他们所需的那个转折点。If you think someone is suicidal,dont be afraid to confront them and ask the question.如果你认为有人想自杀,不要害怕面对他们,别怕提问题。One way of asking them the question is like this:提问的方法有许多,可以是这样:Others in similar circumstances have thought about ending their life;have you had these thoughts?别人处在类似的境况下,会考虑结束自己的生命;你有这样想过吗?Confronting the person head-on may just save their life and be the turning point for them.与这个人正面相对可能正好挽救了他的生命,从而成为了他的转折点。Some other signs to look for:hopelessness, believing that things are terrible and never going to get better;helplessness, believing that there is nothing that you can do about it;recent social withdrawal;and a loss of interest in life. 有一些其他的迹象值得留意:绝望,认为一切都很可怕,永远不会好转;无助,认为没有任何办法可以进行改变;近来回避人际交往;以及对生活失去兴趣。I came up with this talk just a couple of days ago,and I received an email from a lady that Id like to you her letter.就在几天前我有过一次谈话,我收到一位女士的一封电子邮件,我想给大家读读她的信。She lost her son on January 19 of this year,and she wrote this me this email just a couple of days ago,and its with her permission and blessing that I this to you. 她在今年1月19日失去了儿子,然后她给我写了这封邮件,就在几天前,她给了我许可和祝福,让我为大家读一下。Hi, Kevin. I imagine youre at the TED Conference.嗨,凯文。我猜想你在TED大会上了。That must be quite the experience to be there.能在那里想必是次难得的经历吧。Im thinking I should go walk the bridge this weekend.我在想我应该这个周末去大桥上走一走。Just wanted to drop you a note.只是想给你留个言。Hope you get the word out to many people and they go home talking about it to their friends who tell their friends, etc.希望你能把话带给许多人,然后他们回家会把这事说给朋友们,朋友们也会讲给他们的朋友,等等。Im still pretty numb,but noticing more moments of really realizing Mike isnt coming home.我还是感觉很木,而更多的时候会真正意识到麦克没有回家。Mike was driving from Petaluma to San Francisco to watch the 49ers game with his father on January 19.麦克是从佩塔卢马开车到旧金山,来和父亲看49人队的比赛,就在1月19日。He never made it there.他永远没有到达。I called Petaluma police and reported him missing that evening.我打电话给佩塔卢马警察局,报告麦克在那天晚上失踪了。The next morning,two officers came to my home and reported that Mikes car was down at the bridge. 第二天早上,两个警官来到了我家,说麦克的车掉在了桥下。201506/380160I know that feeling. When I was young, my family lived overseas. I lived in Indonesia for a few years. And my mother, she didnt have the money to send me where all the American kids went to school, but she thought it was important for me to keep up with an American education. So she decided to teach me extra lessons herself, Monday through Friday. But because she had to go to work, the only time she could do it was at 4:30 in the morning.我知道这种感觉。我小时候,我们家生活在海外。我在印度尼西亚住了几年。我妈妈没有钱送我上其他美国孩子上的学校,但她认为必须让我接受美式教育。因此,她决定从周一至周五自己给我补课。不过她还要上班,所以只能在清晨四点半给我上课。Now, as you might imagine, I wasnt too happy about getting up that early. And a lot of times, Id fall asleep right there at the kitchen table. But whenever Id complain, my mother would just give me one of those looks and shed say, ;This is no picnic for me either, buster.;正如你们可能想象的那样,我不太情愿那么早起床。有很多次,我趴在餐桌上就睡着了。但每当我抱怨的时候,我妈妈都会那样地看我一眼,然后说:“小子,这对我也并不轻松。”So I know that some of you are still adjusting to being back at school. But Im here today because I have something important to discuss with you. Im here because I want to talk with you about your education and whats expected of all of you in this new school year.我知道你们有些人还在适应放学后的生活。但我今天来到这里是因为有重要的事情要和你们说。我来这里是要和你们谈谈你们的教育问题,以及在这个新学年对你们所有人的期望。Now, Ive given a lot of speeches about education. And Ive talked about responsibility a lot.迄今为止,我做过很多次关于教育的演讲。我多次谈到过责任问题。Ive talked about teachers responsibility for inspiring students and pushing you to learn.我谈到过教师激励学生并督促他们学习的责任。Ive talked about your parents responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and you get your homework done, and dont spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with the Xbox.我谈到过家长的责任,要确保你们走正路,完成家庭作业,不要整天坐在电视前或玩微机游戏。Ive talked a lot about your governments responsibility for setting high standards, and supporting teachers and principals, and turning around schools that arent working, where students arent getting the opportunities that they deserve.我多次谈到过政府的责任,要制定高标准,持教师和校长的工作,彻底改善不能为学生提供应有机会的、教育质量差的学校。 /201304/234567

And this is not just true for individuals; its also true for this nation. In recent years, in many ways weve become enamored with our own past success, lulled into complacency by the glitter of our own achievements. Weve become accustomed to the title of ;military super-power; forgetting the qualities that got us there, and not just the power of our weapons, but the discipline and valor and the code of conduct of our men and women in uniform.个人如此,国家亦然。近些年,我们在许多方面沉湎于曾经取得的成功,为我们国家取得的辉煌成就而沾沾自喜。我们习惯于被称为“超级军事大国”,却忘记了我们之所以得到这个头衔不只是因为武器的威力,还有美国军人严守纪律,英勇无畏的品质和行为准则。The Marshall Plan, and the Peace Corps, and all those initiatives that show our commitment to working with other nations to pursue the ideals of opportunity and equality and freedom that have made us who we are; thats what made us a super power.马歇尔计划、维和部队,与其他国家积极合作,共同 创造机遇、平等、自由,这使得我们获得了今日的荣誉,使我们成为超级大国。Weve become accustomed on our economic dominance in the world, forgetting that it wasnt reckless deals and get-rich-quick schemes that got us where we are, but hard work and smart ideas, quality products and wise investments. We started taking shortcuts. We started living on credit instead of building up savings. We saw businesses focus more on re-branding and repackaging than innovating and developing new ideas that improve our lives.我们习惯了在世界经济领域占主导地位,却忘记了一点:我们获得这一地位不是依靠草率的交易和速富计划,而是通过努力的工作、睿智的想法、优质的产品和英明的投资。之后,我们开始寻找捷径,开始超前消费,而不是节俭储蓄。企业已不再是为改善生活而进行产品创新和创意发掘,而把重点放在了重塑品牌形象,不断更新包装上。All the while the rest of the world has grown hungry, more restless, in constant motion to build and to discover, not content with where they are right now, determined to strive for more. Theyre coming.一直以来,其他国家都在如饥似渴、永不停歇地创造和发现,他们不满足于现状,决心取得更大的发展。这些国家正在赶超我们。 /201301/223441

When I was growing up, I really liked playing hide-and-seek a lot.在我小时候, 我很喜欢玩躲猫猫的游戏。One time, though, I thought climbing a tree would lead to a great hiding spot,有一次,我找到了个最佳藏身点-爬到树上去,but I fell and broke my arm.可是我掉了下来,摔断了胳臂。I actually started first grade with a big cast all over my torso.我身上打了一个巨大的石膏固定,就这样开始了我的小学一年级。It was taken off six weeks later, but even then, I couldnt extend my elbow,六周后,石膏拆掉了, 然后我的手肘没法伸直了。and I had to do physical therapy to flex and extend it,我必须通过复健理疗 来弯曲和伸直手臂,100 times per day, seven days per week.每天100次,每周七天。I barely did it, because I found it boring and painful,我基本上没有做到,因为我觉得又无聊又痛苦。and as a result, it took me another six weeks to get better.结果,我又多花了6周时间才好了些。Many years later, my mom developed frozen shoulder,许多年以后,我妈妈患上了肩周炎,which leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder.这种病会让人肩膀疼痛和僵硬。The person I believed for half of my life to have superpowers这个我信仰了半辈子的,以为有超能力的人,suddenly needed help to get dressed or to cut food.突然间,需要人来帮她穿衣,帮她切开食物,She went each week to physical therapy, but just like me,她每周都去做复健理疗,可她跟我一样,she barely followed the home treatment,在家的练习总是不好好做,and it took her over five months to feel better.她用了5个多月才好起来。Both my mom and I required physical therapy,我妈妈和我都曾经历复健理疗,a process of doing a suite of repetitive exercises这一系列不断重复的练习过程,in order to regain the range of movement lost due to an accident or injury.能帮助患者重新恢复受伤部位的活动能力。At first, a physical therapist works with patients,刚开始,会由一位复健理疗医师指导帮助患者,but then its up to the patients to do their exercises at home.接下来,就靠患者自己在家继续练习。But patients find physical therapy boring, frustrating, confusing可是患者发觉复健治疗枯燥无味,令人沮丧,而且摸不到门道,and lengthy before seeing results.见效还很慢。Sadly, patient noncompliance can be as high as 70 percent.很遗憾不好好做复健的病人比例高达70%。This means the majority of patients dont do their exercises也就是说,大部分的病人都没有完成复健练习的要求,and therefore take a lot longer to get better.因而也就需要更长时间来恢复。All physical therapists agree that special exercises所有的复健理疗师都同意,reduce the time needed for recovery,特殊的锻炼可以减少康复所需要的时间,but patients lack the motivation to do them.可病人就是缺乏动力去做好它。So together with three friends, all of us software geeks,我和三个朋友一起,我们都是程序猿,we asked ourselves,我们问自己,wouldnt it be interesting if patients could play their way to recovery?如果让病人玩着游戏就康复了,这是不是挺有趣的?201509/397893

Compare apples to apples. Whos better?比较治疗方案之间哪个更好,Why is that?为什么更好?Five months ago,五个月前,I led a workshop at the largest university hospital我在北欧最大的医学院in Northern Europe.组织了一次专题讨论会。They have a new CEO, and she has a vision:他们换了新的CEO,而她的愿景是:I want to manage my big institution much more on quality, outcomes that matter to patients.我希望把管理重点放在保病人的治疗质量和效果上。This particular day, we sat in a workshop在这天的研讨会上,我们跟医护人员together with physicians, nurses and other staff,和后勤人员一起,discussing leukemia in children.谈到患白血病的孩子。The group discussed,how do we measure quality today?我们讨论到,我们该如何评价治疗结果?Can we measure it better than we do?我们在评估上能如何改进?We discussed, how do we treat these kids,我们还讨论到,该如治疗这些孩子?what are important improvements?哪些对他们来说是重要的改善?And we discussed what are the costs for these patients,我们还提到费用问题。can we do treatment more efficiently?我们有更有效的治疗方案吗?There was an enormous energy in the room.整个讨论气氛非常热烈。There were so many ideas, so much enthusiasm.每个人都热情洋溢,提出了很多想法。At the end of the meeting,会议结束的时候,the chairman of the department, he stood up.部门主席站了起来,He looked over the group and he said,他注视着大家,然后说,first he raised his hand, I forgot that,差点忘了,他先举手了,he raised his hand, clenched his fist,他举起手来,攥成拳头,and then he said to the group, Thank you.然后,他对大家说:谢谢。Thank you. Today, were finally discussing谢谢。今天我们终于讨论到了what this hospital does the right way.我们这家医院做的一件正确的事情。By measuring value in healthcare,(我们所说的)医疗保健的价值,that is not only costs but outcomes that matter to patients,不只是要考虑费用,还要为我们的病人带来有效的治疗。we will make staff in hospitals and elsewhere in the healthcare system not a problem but an important part of the solution.我们要让医院和医保系统的员工,不再是(医疗成本的)负担,而成为(化解成本的)重要组成部分。I believe measuring value in healthcare will bring about a revolution,我相信,通过衡量医疗保健的价值会带来一次革命,and Im convinced that the founder of modern medicine, the Greek Hippocrates,who always put the patient at the center,我也相信现代医学的奠基人一位以病人至上的古希腊的希波克拉底(希腊的名医,称医药之父)he would smile in his grave.看到这些,会含笑九泉的。Thank you.谢谢。201509/400532

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