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;I#39;M a little embarrassed,; Liu Jing leaned in closer and lowered her voice,revealing for the first time a hint of discomfort since the topic of credit cards had been broached.“我有点不好意思,”刘静靠在柜台上放低声音说,自信用卡问题被提出以来第一次暗示不适。Liu was born in Henan. After four years at the university she landed a position as a junior executive at a digital advertising firm. 刘出生在河南。经过四年大学她谋得了数字广告公司初级主管的一个职位。As a junior executive, she netted 5,000 yuan (US0) a month after taxes. From this, she paid 2,000 yuan per month in rent for a shared flat near Beijing#39;s fourth ring road. This left her with 3,000 yuan a month in disposable income, or 100 yuan a day.作为一个初级管理人员,她税收后一个月赚5000元人民币(合800美元)。从中她每月要为北京四环路附近合租的房子付2000元的房租。这每个月给她留下3000元的可配收入,或100元一天。With this sum, she had to cover her remaining living expenses. She was hard-pressed to make ends meet.这么一点儿钱,她必须兼顾到她剩下的生活开。她很难使得收平衡。At this moment, a friend recommended that Liu apply for a UnionPay credit card from one of China#39;s large state-owned banks.这时,一个朋友建议刘向中国的大型国有申请银联信用卡。At first, Liu used the card to make ends meet.起初,刘使用这张信用卡还能使收平衡。But as time went on, the allure of this ;extra; income and the social benefits it allowed compelled Liu to slowly increase her borrowing. She soon discovered that borrowing is a slippery slope.但随着时间的推移,这份“额外”收入的诱惑以及其允诺的社会福利迫使刘慢慢增加着她的借贷。她很快发现借款是一项滑坡谬误。After using the card for one year, she had accumulated debt of 15,000 yuan, or three times her previous monthly income. She had no plan for paying off the balance.在使用信用卡一年之后,她已经累积债务15000元,是她以前月收入的三倍。她没有计划偿还借贷。Since being introduced in 1985, the number of credit cards issued in China has grown at an astonishing rate, reaching 285 million in 2011, five times the number in 2006. Growth has remained consistently high and is expected to continue at 31 percent per year over the next five years.自从在1985年被介绍进来,信用卡在中国的发行数量以惊人的速度增长,在2011年达到2.85亿,这一数字是2006年的5倍。增速仍持续走高,预计在接下来的五年将继续以每年31%的速度增长。According to the 2012 Chinese Credit Card Industry Bluebook, US.2 trillion of purchases were made with credit cards in China in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 48 percent.根据2012年中国信用卡行业蓝皮书,中国在2011年有1.2万亿美元的购买是通过信用卡付的,比去年同期增长48%。Over the next decade, the country is expected to become the largest credit card market in the world by number of issued cards, overtaking the ed States.在接下来的十年,通过发行的信用卡数量中国预计将成为世界上最大的信用卡市场,超越美国。Although the figure is high, it is worth noting that in China, credit cards are still used mostly for large-ticket items, while cash is still the predominant payment method for smaller purchases. Indeed, one study on credit card holders in Shanghai showed that 80 percent of purchases below 100 yuan are made with cash.虽然这个数字很高,但值得注意的是,在中国信用卡仍主要用于大件商品,对于小型购买现金仍然是主要的付方式。事实上,一项对上海信用卡持有者的研究表明100元以下的购买80%是使用现金。Changing attitude改变的观念Despite these optimistic growth projections, China#39;s cash-centric consumer culture and traditional beliefs about personal finance have meant that consumers are resistant to change, thus slowing the adoption of electronic payment methods.尽管有这些乐观的增长预期,中国以现金为中心的消费文化和对个人理财的传统信仰意味着消费者抗拒变革,从而缓慢采用着电子付方式。Many of these cultural beliefs stem from Confucian values, which see borrowing as shameful because it means living beyond one#39;s means.这些文化信念很多是源于儒家价值观,视借贷为可耻的,因为这意味着生活不自足。However, Western consumption-driven lifestyles are finding their way into China, especially among the youth.然而,西方消费驱动型的生活方式正在逐渐进入中国,特别是青年之中。This is demonstrated by the materialization of a new class of yue guang zu, those ;with no savings at the end of the month.; This group includes young urban students and professionals under 35, largely in first and second tier cities, who have begun to abandon some of the cultural taboos surrounding borrowing money in order to fund their modern, highly consumerist lifestyles, in some cases spending well beyond their means.这由那些“月底没有储蓄”的新阶层“月光族”的物质化来实。这一群体包括年轻的城市学生和35岁以下的专业人员,主要在一二线城市,他们已经开始放弃一些文化禁忌,通过借钱来付他们现代高消费主义的生活方式,某些情况下开远远超出他们的能力。Many of these changes in the cultural attitude toward credit have been driven by aggressive marketing by banks issuing credit cards, which offer rewards, discounts and so on to encourage spending.这些对信用卡的文化态度的变化很多是由积极的信贷市场所驱动,通过发行的信用卡、提供奖励、折扣等来鼓励消费。 /201301/219849

Ever have one of those days when you#39;re unsure if you can make it to the end of the day without snoozing at your desk? Those sleepless nights can be tough, but staying awake on the job is even more painful. Too much coffee can make you jittery, so on to find out what else you can do to avoid snoring at work.你有没有想过有这么一天,自己上班没打瞌睡就能安然度过?一夜难眠已经很煎熬了,在工作时还要保持清醒就更痛苦了。喝太多咖啡会让你焦躁,所以继续往下读吧,看看有没有别的办法避免上班时打瞌睡呢?1.Pen Your Thoughts1.写下所思所想Take notes to keep yourself focused on your tasks. It#39;s also a good way to keep your sleep-deprived self from making careless mistakes.记笔记让自己集中注意力工作。这也能很好地驱赶睡意,避免粗心犯错。2.Splash of Cold Water2.拍点冷水There#39;s nothing as refreshing as cool water on your face. Splash some on during a bathroom break to keep you alert.再没什么能比往脸上拍点冷水更让人神清气爽了。去洗手间的时候顺便拍点冷水,让自己保持清醒吧。3.Caffeine For the Eyes3.来点滴眼液Using minty eye drops will double the jolt. This is a great tip because you don#39;t have to leave your desk to do it.薄荷滴眼液能让人格外清醒。这绝对是个好建议,毕竟滴眼药水都不用离开办公桌哦。4.Mints to Refresh Your Mind4.吃点薄荷糖醒醒脑Personally, I find that in addition to freshening my breath, mints keep my thoughts fresh!我个人觉得,薄荷糖不仅可以清新口气,还能活跃思维!5.Up and at #39;Em5.运动起来Taking a quick break to do jumping jacks or stretching (perhaps in the bathroom for some privacy) is a good way to get the blood circulating and get you through the day.做做开合跳或伸展运动就能快速地休息一下(隐私起见,或许可以在洗手间进行)。这样做可以很好地促进血液循环,让你一整天都能清醒工作。6.No More Sugar Lovin#39;6.拒绝甜食Eating sugar-laden foods will only keep you awake for a short while. Once that sugar rush wears off, you will feel more sleepy than ever. Stay off the sweet stuff and munch on healthy options like nuts instead.吃甜食只能让你清醒一小会儿。一旦甜味冲淡,你会觉得更疲倦。远离甜食,选择坚果类的健康食物吧。7.Keep That Belly Full7.别饿着肚子Eating a good and balanced meal will keep you energized throughout the day. Try not to overeat because that may induce food coma and make you feel sleepier.美味平衡的饮食能让你全天都精力充沛。但也别吃太饱,太饱的话容易厌倦,反倒觉得更困。8.A Ray of Sunshine8.晒晒太阳Try to get some sun if you can. Bring the shades up or take a short walk to soak in the sunshine. It will make your body feel more awake and facilitate a better adjustment to daytime mode.有条件的话就晒晒太阳吧。赶走阴气,在阳光下散散步。这会唤醒你的身体,使它白天调整到更好的工作状态。 /201302/225086

ON HIS lightning tour of South-East Asia last year, Barack Obama made a point of criticising Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen, for his dismal human-rights record. Cambodians have indeed done horrifying things to each other (see the obituary). But what of America’s own legacy in the country? Cambodians have not forgotten the sustained American bombing campaign between 1970 and 1973, which drove so many people into the arms of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge army.在去年的东南亚一行中,巴拉克#8226;奥巴马因指责了柬埔寨首相洪森在人权上的可怕记录。的确,柬埔寨人对同胞做了一些令人发指的事(见讣告)。但美国又留下了些什么呢?柬埔寨人不能忘记美国在1970至1973年间持续的狂轰乱炸,致使很多人加入波尔波特的大军及其红色高棉军。“Parachute Skirt with Flowers”, an art installation made of military detritus collected over three decades, offers a disturbing reminder of that era. At its heart is a ed States Air Force parachute that landed in Prey Veng village, the home of Leang Seckon, a Cambodian artist. It was known locally as chhat, Cambodian for umbrella, and Mr Leang remembers how it was used to cover leaky houses during the rains.“带花的降落伞裙”是一种由收集了三十多年的军用碎石制成的艺术装置,总让人不安地想起那个年代。在其中心是降落在波萝勉村的美国空军降落伞,这个村子是一位柬埔寨艺术家Leang Seckon 的家乡。当地称之为chhat ,柬埔寨语是伞的意思,梁先生记得在雨天的时候漏雨的人家用伞来遮挡房屋。Mr Leang’s artwork arrives at the Bronx Museum this month as part of “Season of Cambodia”, a .6m arts festival involving more than 125 artists of different disciplines, performing or exhibiting in 30 New York institutions, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Asia Society. The catalyst behind the festival is Arn Chorn-Pond, a human-rights activist and outspoken critic of America’s foreign policy during that period. Orphaned as a boy, Mr Pond became a child soldier with the Khmer Rouge. After the war he was rescued from a Thai refugee camp by an American pastor, who adopted him. At Brown University Mr Pond met Amy Carter. It was partly through her father, former President Jimmy Carter, that he began working with Amnesty International.梁先生的艺术品在这个月到达布朗克斯物馆,作为“柬埔寨季节”的展览作品。这个耗资2600万美元的艺术节容纳超过125位来自不同流派的艺术家,这些作品将在纽约30个机构中被展出,从大都会艺术物馆到亚洲协会等。这次艺术节的背后始作俑者是阿恩#8226;乔恩-庞德,一位人权活动家,也是那段时期对美国外交政策的公开批评家。孩童时代就成了孤儿的他成为了红色高棉军的娃娃兵。战后,他在泰国难民营被一位美国牧师解救,随后被牧师领养。在布朗大学,庞德先生遇见了艾米#8226;卡特。他的父亲,前总统吉米#8226;卡特,对他产生的影响让他开始在国际特赦组织工作。During the Pol Pot years Mr Chorn-Pond was stationed in the north-western city of Battambang where he witnessed horrific violence every day. He was saved by his skill in entertaining Khmer soldiers on the khim, a dulcimer-like instrument used to play propaganda songs. Mr Chorn-Pond’s search for his khim teacher, Yoeun Mek, and their eventual reunion led to the creation of what is now known as Cambodia Living Arts (CLA). This Phnom Penh-based organisation tracked down 20 other master musicians, many of them destitute. It gave them housing, food and a small allowance to encourage them to pass on their musical techniques and traditions to future generations. CLA initiated the New York festival.在波尔布特的那些年里,乔恩#8226;庞德驻扎在马德望西北部的一个城市,他在那目睹了每天爆发的恐怖暴力事件。他依靠“金”,一种用来弹奏宣传歌声的洋琴,为高棉军表演而逃过一劫。乔恩#8226;庞德找到了他的“金”老师,Yoeun Mek ,他们两的重聚创造了现今为人所知的柬埔寨生活艺术(CLA)。以金边为基地的这个组织拉拢了20位音乐大师,他们当中很多都穷困潦倒。该组织给予他们住所,食物以及一点点津贴,鼓励他们将自己的音乐技术和习俗传递给下一代。CLA开创了纽约艺术节。Cambodia has a long tradition of classical music, dance and film. King Norodom Sihanouk, who ruled the country until 1970, used to appoint artists to Cambodia’s diplomatic missions. Sihamoni, his youngest son and the current king, trained as a ballet dancer in Paris and Prague. Norodom’s eldest daughter, Buppha Devi, specialised in a classical dance style known as robam boran, and performed for General de Gaulle and Marshall Tito.柬埔寨在古典音乐、舞蹈和电影上有着悠久的传统。统治柬埔寨直到1970年的诺罗顿#8226;西哈努克曾任命艺术家们为柬埔寨的外交使团,他最年幼的儿子即现任国王西哈莫尼,曾在巴黎和布拉格接受过芭蕾舞的训练。诺罗顿最年长的女儿,布法#8226;提毗则专门从事一种现被称为robam boran的古典舞蹈,她还为法国戴高乐将军和马歇尔#8226;提托表演过。All that changed with the arrival of Pol Pot in 1975. He regarded artists as superfluous. One of his favourite sayings was, tuk min chamnen, dak chenh ka, min kat—“to keep you is no gain, to kill you no loss”. Thousands died before Pol Pot fled in 1979 and the terror ended. It took another decade for cultural life to recover.这些都在1975年波尔布特到来的时候发生了改变。波尔布特认为艺术家们是多余的。他的一句至理名言是“tuk min chamnen,dak chenh ka,min kat—“多你一个不多,差你一个也不少”。1979年波尔布特逃亡恐慌终结前,有数千名艺术家身亡。又过了十年,文化生活才得以复苏。Identifying survivors was just the first challenge. Robam boran dancers start training when they are six years old, and have to learn thousands of different positions to achieve the required balance of technical perfection and spiritual poise. One of the festival’s highlights—to be shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music—is “The Legend of Apsara Mera”, which includes a dance that Princess Buppha Devi made famous. Among the performers are two young stars of the genre, Chap Chamroeun Mina and Chey Sophea.第一项挑战就是确认幸存者。Robam boran 舞蹈家在6岁的时候就开始接受训练,并且得学习数千种不同的姿势以达到技术上的完美和心灵上的镇静所需的平衡。这次艺术节的一个亮点—将在布鲁克林音乐学院上演—是“仙女梅拉的传奇”,当中包括因布法#8226;提毗而成名的一种舞蹈。在表演者中有两位风俗画的新星,章#8226;姜#8226;米娜和谢伊#8226;索菲亚。The Joyce Theatre in Chelsea will host the Khmer Arts Ensemble, a privately funded company created by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, who trained with the Royal Ballet. The ensemble gives modern twists to classical dances, folk legends and even Western plays and operas. “A Bend in the River” (pictured), from a popular Cambodian story of village love and revenge, receives its world premiere in New York. This event has brought together for the first time three of Cambodia’s most important artists—Ms Shapiro, a Moscow-trained composer, Him Sophy, and Pich Sopheap, a sculptor who is working for the first time as a stage designer.切尔西的乔伊斯剧院将接待高棉艺术团,这是一家由与英国皇家芭蕾舞团有来往的索菲丽娜#8226;奇姆#8226;夏皮罗私下创建的团队。该团队把现代扭动加入到古典舞蹈、民间传说甚至是西方戏剧和歌剧中。来自柬埔寨有名的乡村爱情与复仇故事“大河湾“(如图)在纽约全球首映。该事件首次集齐了三位柬埔寨最重要的艺术家—在莫斯科受过训练的作曲家夏皮罗先生、伊姆#8226;索菲以及雕刻家皮奇#8226;梭熙,后者首次担任舞台设计师。Mr Pich aly has an international reputation. A child during the final days of the Khmer Rouge, he emigrated to America and enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. Mr Pich’s works, with their broken Buddhas and undetonated bombs, have a strong autobiographical feel. He was the first Cambodian artist to be offered a solo show at the quinquennial dOCUMENTA exhibition in Kassel, in Germany. During the festival Mr Pich’s work will be shown at Tyler Rollins Fine Art, the Metropolitan Museum and the World Financial Centre.皮奇先生早已享有世界声誉。在红色高棉军最后的日子里,还是孩童的他移民到了美国并进入了芝加哥艺术学院。皮奇先生的作品,破碎的佛像和没有爆炸的炸弹,带有一种强烈的自传色。他是首位能在德国每五年一次的卡塞尔文献展上个人表演的柬埔寨艺术家。在艺术节期间,皮奇先生的作品将在泰勒罗林斯美术馆、大都会物馆和环球金融中心展出。Amrita Performing Arts promotes contemporary dance in Phnom Penh with the help of several Westerners, including Peter Chin of Canada and a German choreographer, Arco Renz. Chey Chankethya’s 15-minute solo, “My Mother and I”, which opens at the Abrons Art Centre on April 18th shows both her classical Cambodian roots and the influence of these choreographers.仙露表演艺术团与几位西方艺术家将在金边共同表演现代舞,这几位西方艺术家包括加拿大的彼得#8226;陈及德国编舞者阿科#8226;伦兹。谢伊15分钟的个人表演“我和我的母亲”4月18号将在Abrons艺术中心上演,同时展现了她的古典柬埔寨根源和这些编舞者们的影响。Only two shadow-puppet companies survived the war. Wat Bo, a Siem Reap-based troupe, will perform scenes from the “Ramayana” at the World Financial Centre’s Winter Garden. An unlikely setting perhaps, but the organisers are confident that the atrium with its giant palms is as close to the puppeteers’ natural environment as can be found in New York.只有两个皮影戏公司从战争中存活下来。在暹粒市创建的剧团笏公司将在环球金融中心的冬季花园表演“罗传”的场景。也许是一个不太可能的环境,但组织方相信长有巨大棕榈树的中庭是在纽约能够找到的最贴近皮影戏表演自然环境的地方。Cambodia had a vibrant film industry during the 1960s and Asia’s first international film festival was held in Phnom Penh in 1968. Its best-known director, Panh Rithy, has put together a programme of ten full-length feature films (including three of his own) to be shown in New York, along with four shorts.在20世纪60年代,柬埔寨拥有着充满朝气的电影工业,1968年亚洲第一届国际电影节就在金边举行。柬埔寨最有名的一位导演是潘#8226;瑞希,他的一个将在美国上映的节目是由十部未删减的剧情片(包括他自己的三个)和四个短片。The link between creativity and memory is raised repeatedly by Mr Panh, who lost almost his entire family during the Khmer Rouge era. How to revive a culture after a holocaust is a question that he would like to see more widely discussed. The festival will introduce new audiences to Cambodian culture, and remind Americans of their government’s checkered role in Cambodia’s history.潘先生反复突出创造性和记忆的连接,他在红色高棉军时代几乎失去了所有家人。怎样复原一次大屠杀之后的文化是他想要看到被广泛研究的一个问题。这次艺术节会给柬埔寨文化带来很多新的观众,也能提醒美国政府曾在柬埔寨历史中扮演的多变角色。 /201304/234362

A fizzy drink addict who sank a staggering eight litres of cola a day has lost all his teeth - and he#39;s only in his twenties.一位气泡饮料爱好者每天竟然喝掉8升可乐,然后,二十几岁所有牙齿就掉光了。Australian hotel hospitality worker William Kennewell ignored repeated warnings from dentists that his fondness for soft drinks would rot his teeth and has now been left with a full set of dentures at the age of 25.澳大利亚的酒店应侍生William Kennewell无视牙医“多喝饮料会蛀牙”的警告,现在,25岁的他只能靠假牙生活。Mr Kennewell#39;s addiction to the sugary drink even left him with blood poisoning.Kennewell对软饮料的上瘾甚至使他得了败血症。He said: ‘I drank between six and eight litres of soft drink, mostly cola, every day.他说:“我每天喝6-8升软饮料,其中绝大部分是可乐。”‘I’m told a normal person has about 23 teeth, but I only had 13 left and they had to be removed,’ he told The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide.他对阿德莱德市的《广告人报》说道:“我听说正常人有约23颗牙齿,但我只剩下13颗,而且这13颗还必须都拔掉。”In fact, most adults will have 28 or 32 teeth, depending on whether they have their wisdom teeth.实际上,大多数成年人有28-32颗牙齿,这变动取决于他们是否有智齿。Mr Kennewell, who lives in Salisbury, 15 miles north of Adelaide, added: ‘It started because I wasn’t a huge water fan and working in the hotel industry, I had easy access to Coke.Kennewell居住在阿德莱德以北15英里的索尔斯伯里,他补充说:“这是因为我不怎么爱喝水,而且我在酒店行业工作,所以喝可乐很方便。”‘Because my teeth were decaying so badly, it caused blood poisoning which just made me sick – but my health improved with the dentures.’“因为蛀牙很严重,我甚至因此得了败血症,还好假牙帮助我恢复了健康。”Australian health experts are now using Mr Kennewell#39;s addiction as a case study to show why youngsters should avoid fizzy drinks.澳大利亚的卫生专家正把Kennewell的饮料上瘾当做一个研究案例,来告诉青少年为什么要少喝气泡饮料。Dr Jason Armfield, senior research fellow with the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health has called for health warnings on soft drink labels to include the risks of tooth decay.澳大利亚人口口腔健康研究中心高级研究员Jason Armfield士呼吁人们认识软饮料饮用对牙齿健康的危害。He has aly conducted research among 16,800 Australian children that found 56 per cent of those aged between five and 16 consumed at least one sweet drink – a soft drink or juice – every day.他已经进行了一项针对16800澳大利亚儿童的研究,并发现其中56% 5-16岁的孩子每天至少饮用一种含糖饮料,软饮料或者果汁。Mr Kennewell agreed that health warnings on soft drinks was a good idea – but he wondered how effective they would be.Kennewell认为针对软饮料的健康警告是个好主意,不过他担心这种呼吁能起到多大效果。It is little wonder that Mr Kennewell#39;s teeth rotted, as the average 335ml can of cola contains an astonishing 39g of sugar.毫无疑问,Kennewell的牙齿被蛀光是因为335毫升的可乐中含有高达39克的糖。 /201302/224751

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