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A: I need a pan.我需要一个锅B: Okay. Do you have a particular size in mind?好的,你有特别想要的尺寸吗?A: Well, the bigger the better, I think.嗯,我觉得越大越好B: Look at this one. It our biggest pan.看看这个这个使我们比较大的一个A: Yes, that is big enough, but it too heavy me.是的,这个足够大了,但是对我来说太重了B: Okay, we have the same thing in aluminum.好的,这里还有铝制的锅,跟这个差不多大A: Oh, this is nice and light. But it has an aluminum handle.哦,这个很好看,也很轻但是这个把手是铝制的B: Try this one. Same aluminum pan, but with a heat-resistant bamboo handle.试试这个吧同样是铝制的锅,但是有隔热的木质把手A: Oh, yes. This is very nice. Ill take this one. 哦,是的这个很好看我就买这个了B: That a good choice. How do you want to pay it?很不错的选择你想怎么买?A: Cash. Oh, I almost got. I need a lid, too.现金哦,我差点忘了我还需要一个锅盖B: Im so sorry. A lid comes with the pan. Here it is.对不起这儿有个配套的锅盖,给你 5870。

5.Cleanse The Areas They Control Of All Those Who Do Not Subscribe To Their Beliefs5.消灭势力范围内所有不认同他们信仰的人ISIS truly believes that their interpretation of Islam is the only valid interpretation. This why they are able to justify their desire to execute all Muslims they declare apostate (see 6 above). They use the threat of death or torture to compel other Muslims to pledge allegiance to their strict interpretation of Islam, even other Sunni Muslims are in danger. ISIS see this practice as having a double benefit – not only does it promote their version of Islam but also helps to sp terror within their areas of control and prevents any objectors with moderate beliefs from speaking out.ISIS认为只有他们对伊斯兰教条的是正确的这也是他们能审判处置所有叛教者的原因(见第6条)他们用死亡和虐待威胁强迫其他穆斯林教徒发誓效忠他们,即使会陷他人于危难之中ISIS觉得这样做有两个好处:不仅推广了他们的伊斯兰信仰,也有助于在势力范围内恐吓人心,以防止反对者宣扬温和主义ISIS is responsible ethnic cleansing on a huge scale in its regions of control targeting, in particular, all non-Arab and non-Sunni commies, including Assyrians, Shia, Yazidis, Mandeans and many others. Christian commies are relatively lucky, as people of the book they have three options, they are permitted to convert to Islam, paying a religious tax to allow them to remain in their homes or they can choose to die. Churches are shut down and converted to Islamic Centers, their religious symbols removed or defaced. The UN has condemned many of the violent actions taken by ISIS as war crimes.ISIS要在势力范围内进行大规模的种族净化活动,特别是所有非阿拉伯和非正统派的教区,包括亚述人,什叶派,雅兹迪人,曼德恩人等等基督教教区比较幸运,根据“圣书的子民”,他们有三种选择:皈依伊斯兰教,付宗教税后待在家中,或者死亡ISIS关闭了基督教教堂,将其变成伊斯兰教中心,基督教的宗教符号也被拿掉或者破坏联合国深度谴责ISIS,认为这种暴力行为已经相当于战争犯罪.Use Sexual Terror And Slavery As A Means To Control Populations.通过性恐吓与奴役控制人口ISIS see nothing wrong with the subjugation of women and the use of sexual violence to control both women and the men who care them in the territories they control. Those who fight ISIS are given free rein to rape and abuse any non-Muslim captives. Women in the zone of control are required to cover themselves completely and they may not leave their homes. Even if they stay inside they are liable to be seized and raped leading to the shame and dishonor of both the woman and her family. Many subsequently commit suicide.ISIS认为通过性暴力来控制自己统治范围内的男人和女人并无不妥之处这些ISIS的恐怖分子们能随心所欲地强奸和虐待任何一个非伊斯兰教的俘虏这一地区的女人必须要把自己裹起来并且不能出门即使在家中,她们也可能被抓走或被强奸,给家人和自己蒙羞事后许多女人会选择自杀ISIS subscribe to the practice of allowing fighter to enter into a jihad marriage where true Muslim women should be happy and indeed honored to provide sexual services to warriors of the faith, While a jihad marriage should be entered into willingly, women who refuse have been murdered. As ISIS expand into new areas they use the women of that region as a commodity, selling the older ones as slaves and using the younger ones sex. ISIS have regularly justified their treatment of women in their Dabiq magazine claiming that a hadith indicated that slavery would be revived at the beginning of the end of the world. It is a holy requirement to enslave the families of the infidels and take concubines from among them. To refuse to do this is seen by ISIS as to mock the Koran and to make the person doing this apostate. The Yazidi commy in Iraq has been particularly singled out by ISIS this type of sexual brutality. Despite their belief in a single god ISIS considers them to be polytheists and denies them the protections that they give to Christians (who are allowed to buy a small level of safety through the payment of a special tax). this reason Yazidi women are considered ideal enslavement with four fifths of all captured Yazidi women and children being the property of the fighters who capture them and one fifth being paid to ISIS as a tithe.ISIS允许战士拥有 “圣战婚姻”,而身处“圣战婚姻”的穆斯林妇女应该感到荣幸至极,因为她们能为胸怀信仰的勇士们提供性务虽然圣战婚姻本着自愿原则,但是拒绝出嫁的女性会被谋杀党SIS拓展到新的领地,他们会将该地区的妇女作为商品处置,年龄稍大的妇女被卖作奴隶,而年龄稍小的女人则被卖作性奴ISIS还定期在达比克杂志上宣称他们对待女人的方式是合法的,并声称根据圣训所言,奴隶制将在世界末日开始之际重新实行对于异教徒家庭而言,奴役他们,让他们的妻女做姘妇是神圣之事而那些拒绝此事的异教徒家庭,则是在戏弄《古兰经的神祗,也就自然而然地成为了叛教者ISIS专门挑选出伊拉克的亚兹迪区作为性虐行为的实施地区ISIS只信奉一种神明,但是他们认为自己是多神教徒,并否认给基督徒信仰保护(通过付保护税允许获得低级别的安全保护)他们认为亚兹迪女性是理想奴役,五分之四被抓的雅兹迪女性和孩子成为抓捕者的财产,剩下的五分之一则作为什一税上缴给ISIS3.The Strict Imposition Of Sharia Law3.伊斯兰教法的严惩ISIS not only want to control land they want to impose order there – and it works! In cities run by ISIS food reaches the shelves, the electricity and water work (to a certain extent) there is order and sometimes less corruption than bee the war that allowed ISIS to seize control. ISIS runs bureaucratic institutions as diverse as post offices, soup kitchens and adoption centers.ISIS不但想要控制领土,还要在那里发号施令——而且他们真的做到了!在城市里,ISIS掌控着食品,电和水的供给(在某种程度上),控制区内井然有序,腐败也比战争以前有所减少ISIS还运行了多种官僚机构,包括邮局,汤厨房和收养中心等等ISIS does not maintain the original legal and governmental systems of Syria and Iraq, instead these have been replaced by the hardline application of Sharia Law. Schools in ISIS run cities teach a sharia curriculum where children are not permitted to study art, music, natural history, literature or any religion other than Islam. Children are segregated into boys classes and girls classes and may only be taught by teachers of the same sex. Many parents extremely concerned about the brainwashing their children will receive in these schools and frightened that they will be indoctrinated by ISIS keep their children at home. They are unable to protest without risking retribution. ISIS has reintroduced cruel mediaeval punishments transgression of the penal code which is taken from a literal interpretation of the penalties outlined in Islamic Scripture. Blasphemy will incur a death sentence as will sodomy. Those who are found to have drunk alcohol will be given 80 lashes while those who commit adultery will be stoned to death if they are married or given 0 lashes and exiled if they were not. Spying attracts the death penalty while terrorizing people results in exile. Women are required to be covered from head to toe and can be punished if their veil is too thin. They should stay indoors as much as possible and may not leave the house unless they are with a male guardian at all times. These laws are strictly enced by women battalions. Alcohol is, of course, banned but other pastimes such as playing music in public or the smoking of hookahs or cigarettes are also illegal. Punishment is swift and seemingly blind to status – a member of the ISIS elite was executed smoking.ISIS没有继续奉行叙利亚和伊拉克的原有法律和政府系统,相反,那些系统已被替换成强硬的伊斯兰教法在ISIS控制下的城市,学校要教授伊斯兰教法,而且不允许孩子学习艺术,音乐,自然历史,文学或除伊斯兰教以外的任何宗教孩子们分成男生班和女生班,并且只能由同性别的教师授课很多家长让孩子呆在家里,因为非常担心他们被“洗脑”,或害怕孩子们被ISIS灌输恐怖主义思想他们也没有能力保护孩子免受惩罚ISIS采取了中世纪的残酷刑罚来惩戒违反刑法的人,该刑法来自于伊斯兰经文亵渎神明与同性性行为都会招致死刑醉酒之人一经发现将获80鞭刑,已婚人士犯通奸罪会被乱石砸死,如果是未婚人士,则受0鞭刑后流放外疆从事间谍活动会招致死刑,恐吓人民会被流放妇女从头到脚都要裹起来,如果她们的面纱太薄,也会被处罚她们应该尽可能留在室内,除非有一名男性监护人全程陪同才能外出这些法律由女子军严格执行当然,饮酒,以及其他消遣如在公共场所播放音乐,抽水烟袋或香烟也是非法的惩罚迅速,无一例外—-ISIS的一位精英成员也曾因吸烟被处决.The Allegiance Of All Muslims – Worldwide.全世界所有穆斯林教徒对其效忠With the declaration of the caliphate ISIS became the Islamic State. ISIS views the caliph as the direct successor of the authority of Mohammed and theree has authority to govern all Muslims, no matter where they are in the world.哈里发政权的建立宣告了ISIS伊斯兰国的成立ISIS视哈里发政权为穆罕默德政权的直接继任者,他们有权管辖所有的穆斯林教徒,无论他们身在何处Most Muslim clerics, even those who espouse other extremist positions, are unhappy about the declaration of the caliphate. ISIS not only requires all true Muslims to pledge allegiance to the caliph but to make every eft they can to move to the Islamic State so that they can support the expansion of Islam. This means that the goals of these other groups (Hamas or the Mujahidin example) are now subservient to the need to pledge allegiance to and support ISIS in the pursuit of their goals. Hardline Sunni groups around the world have started to pledge allegiance to Al-Baghdadi as caliph giving ISIS a presence in at least 60 countries as diverse as Uzbekistan, Nigeria and the Philippines. All Muslims are required, if at all possible, to move to the Islamic State so that they can assist in its expansion. The wife of one of the Paris gunmen moved to Syria shortly after the event in January and said I am at ease now that I have carried out this obligation.. The self-styled caliph has particularly requested highly skilled professional Muslims such as doctors, judges, military and engineers make the eft to move citing immigration to the Islamic State as a duty.大多数穆斯林神职人员,甚至是那些拥护极端主义的人,对哈里发的建立并不满意 ISIS不仅要求所有真正的穆斯林教徒宣誓效忠哈里发,而且要求他们竭尽全力搬到伊斯兰国家,这样他们能够协助伊斯兰教扩张这意味着其他组织(以哈马斯或者圣战者为例)现在要效忠和持ISIS的目标,暂时搁置自己的目标世界各地的强硬逊尼派(伊斯兰教两大主要派别之一)已逐步效忠巴格达迪,因为哈里发已经在至少60个国家,如乌兹别克斯坦,尼日利亚和菲律宾建立起了ISIS如果可能的话,所有的穆斯林教徒都要搬到伊斯兰国,这样他们能够协助ISIS扩张一个巴黎手的妻子在年1月事件发生后不久后搬到叙利亚,她说“我现在很轻松,因为已经完成这一义务了”自封的哈里发特别要求拥有高技能的专业穆斯林教徒如医生,法官,军事家和工程师搬到伊斯兰国家,因为移民也是他们的职责之一1.Maintain A Constant State Of Territorial Expansion And Jihad1.持续领土扩张和拥护运动Once ISIS claimed to be the legitimate leaders of all Muslims worldwide by declaring the caliphate they tied their own hands. They are now required to do more than just fight infidels and apostates. In order to be a caliphate, ISIS has not only to have control of territory but also must be in a state of constant jihad and expansion. A strict interpretation of Islam maintains that it is a duty of the caliph to engage in a constant war of expansion. Peace treaties are permitted but only a period of up to years and not against all enemies at any one time. The caliph must engage in jihad once a year as a minimum and may not accept any international borders. The caliph may not even engage with the UN and negotiate as this would be considered, in a hardline interpretation of Islam as accepting an authority other than that given by God.自从ISIS建立了哈里发政权来表明自己是全球穆斯林教徒的合法统治者,他们就已经给自己戴上了手铐现今,他们要做的不只是对抗异教徒和叛教者为了维护自己的哈里发政权,ISIS不仅要拥有自己的领土控制区,还在不断进行圣战与扩张在伊斯兰教规的精确解释中,哈里发有义务致力于持续的扩张之战不可同一时间与所有敌军交战,可签订和平条约,但只有年有效期哈里发必须每年至少进行一次圣战,不得接受任何国际边界的划定哈里发甚至不可能考虑与联合国交战或者谈判,因为在伊斯兰强硬路线下,只能接受神赐权威ISIS is certainly doing its best to expand. In October Derna in Libya declared itself to be part of the Islamic State and I expanded its territory to cover more cities. ISIS troops have been fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen and in Afghanistan since January . ISIS even claims to be sending jihadis to infiltrate European countries. While ISIS wants ultimately to invade Istanbul and Washington DC (see 9 above) they want first to eliminate apostasy in their back yard. The self-titled caliph has exhorted his followers to deal with the Shiites and Sunnis who are not extreme enough ISIS bee moving on to deal with others.ISIS确实在尽力扩大控制范围年月,利比亚德尔纳地区自称是伊斯兰国的分部,年其领土又扩大了几座城市自年1月起,ISIS团队一直在也门和阿富汗与基地组织对抗ISIS甚至声称要发动圣战将其势力渗透到欧洲国家ISIS的最终目的是想侵占伊斯坦布尔和华盛顿(见第9.点),但是他们首先要做的是歼灭叛教者自命的哈里发激励他的追随者在处理其他事宜之前先去处置什叶派教徒和那些不够极端的正统派教徒翻译:由敬雯 审校:祝冉华 前十网 0560。

The woman who has the record the longest dlocks in the world, has met and fallen in love with an African who also treasures dlocks.保持世界上头发最长纪录的女人终于找到了真爱,对方是一名同样视长发如珍宝的非洲人Asha Mandela, the woman who has the world longest dlocks has found love with a hair stylist whose massive dlocks may soon rival her own.阿莎·曼德拉是世上头发最长的女人,她的爱人是一名发型设计师,他乱蓬蓬的长辫子可能不久就能与阿莎相媲美Asha has locks that measure a lengthy 55ft – longer than a London bus. Now the 50-year-old, from Florida, has found a match made in heaven with new husband, Emmanuel Chege, a qualified hair stylist from Kenya.阿莎的头发长达55英尺,超过了一辆伦敦巴士的长度今年50岁的她来自美国佛罗里达如今她嫁给了来自肯尼亚的发型设计师伊曼纽尔,两人可谓是天作之合The smitten couple mutually worship each other bountiful barnets and say that their beautifully maintained dlocks are their crowning glory.这对甜蜜的夫妻互相欣赏彼此浓密的发绺,并称这精心保养的长发是他们的至高荣耀Asha said: It really added spice in the bedroom and it does not get in the way of anything at all. There are times when my hair will be on the bed with us and we can use it whatever or we put it on the floor if we want it out of the way.阿莎说:“这为两性关系增加了很多情趣,也不妨碍其他任何事情有时候我把头发放在床上,可以用它做很多事情或者觉得它碍事也可以放在地板上”Asha and Emmanuel met online three years ago after he was struck by pictures of her famous dlocks on hair websites. He decided to contact Asha, and when she visited Kenya on business eight months later, the chemistry between them was undeniable.阿莎和伊曼纽尔三年前在网络上结识伊曼纽尔在发型网站上看到了阿莎辫子的照片,感到非常震惊,决定联系她,当阿莎八个月后到肯尼亚出差,两人之间便擦出了爱情的火花And after adoring Asha locks from a far, Emmanuel was eager to get his hands on her famous tresses.在远观阿莎的辫子后,伊曼纽尔非常希望能亲手抚摸她的秀发He said: It was so amazing to see all this amount of hair. It was more than in my imagination. At first I thought maybe her locks were almost to her knees or to the ground, but the first glance when I saw her hair, it was so long, so it was so amazing and her beauty was so amazing too.他说:“看到这么多头发真是太棒了,这远超乎我的想象起初我以为她的辫子可能到膝盖或地面,但第一次见到后,发现居然这么长,这么惊艳,而且她的美也令我惊讶”A whirlwind romance followed, and within eight months of meeting, Asha and Emmanuel were married in America. Now, almost two years later, Asha has entrusted the care of her precious ds solely to Emmanuel. Emmanuel, who has worked as a hair stylist years, spends his days lovingly grooming Asha three-stone dlocks.他们展开了闪电般的恋情,交往八个月后,两人即在美国结婚近两年后的今天,阿莎的宝贝发辫只放心交给伊曼纽尔来照料伊曼纽尔年来一直从事发型设计工作,现在他每天都会充满深情地为阿莎梳理发辫He is also growing his own dlocks and hopes to become the male record holder in the future.同时,他还留起了自己的发辫,希望将来能成为男性最长头发记录保持者Asha said: My husband helps me with everything with my hair. Im so spoilt since he been taking care of it and Ive got totally lazy. He will massage my scalp, groom my hair or twist or wash it. He does a really good job of taking care of it so that a plus.阿莎说:“我丈夫帮我打理有关头发的一切事宜,我被宠坏了,变得特别懒惰他会为我头皮,梳理头发,编辫子和洗头发他做得很棒,这真是锦上添花”Despite dedicating their lives to maintaining their locks, Asha and Emmanuel insist that their efts are not a pursuit of vanity.尽管他们的生活都围绕着保养辫子,但阿莎和伊曼纽尔称他们并不是为了追求名利Emmanuel said: The purpose of me having locks is spiritual. Im a Rastafarian, and locks symbolises a lot. It gives me a lot of positive energy and a lot of positive vibration – it like my antennas to the spiritual world. It part of my creation and it part of my body.伊曼纽尔说:对我而言,留辫子是一种精神追求我是拉斯特法里派成员,因而头发具有很多象征意义它给予我很多正能量和积极的动力它就像是我精神世界的触角,是我创造力的一部分,也是我身体的一部分”Asha often carries her hair in a handbag to prevent it trailing along the floor, but when she wears it loose the couple receive a lot of attention.阿莎经常把辫子放到手提包中以防止它们拖在地面上,但当头发散开来时,这对夫妻就会引起广泛关注Asha said: The reaction is always a Kodak moment, it always a conversation piece, especially when it out. They always want to take pictures. The reaction is always really positive, Ive rarely had any negatives.阿莎说:“人们的反应真的是美好幸福的瞬间,尤其是出门在外,总能成为热门话题他们总想与我合影他们的反应几乎都是积极的,我几乎没遇到过负面反馈”The couple have talked about having children in the future, and hope their child will continue their dlocks legacy.这对夫妻正计划要个宝宝,希望孩子能续写他们头发的传奇Asha said: If we are blessed with children, no comb is going to go on their head. There will be locks straight from birth, however long that takes to come in. If we going to be lucky enough to be blessed with a child, it going to be a cute little Rasta baby.阿莎说:“如果有了孩子,我们绝不会给他梳头发从一出生开始就要留辫子,不论要花多长时间如果我们有幸能生个孩子,那将是个可爱的塔法里教宝宝” 358。

本文选自Ugly Betty《丑女贝蒂,欢迎大家来此做客Bianchi: Bianchi Gallery.Betty: I'm not sure if you can help me, but I'm trying to reach Vincent Bianchi.Bianchi: You got him.Betty: Oh, OK. Wow. I wasn't expecting this ... Um ... I thought I was gonna have to leave a message. Bianchi: You wanna call back? I could let the machine pick up.Betty: No! No, no. No. OK, Mr. Bianchi, I am a really big fan of yours. That cover shoot you did Rolling Stone... Wow, that was amazing.Bianchi: Thanks. You have excellent taste. How can I help you?Betty: Well, I'm calling about your availability a magazine shoot...Bianchi: You gotta go through my rep that, Sheila Cordova. Betty: You know, you and I, we went to the same high school.Bianchi: Huh?Betty: Queensborough High, right? Class of 9?Bianchi: Do I know you?Betty: No, no, no. We didn't go at the same time. Actually, my name is Betty Suarez. Class of . But, it turns out that you and me, we grew up from blocks from each other. I live of Roosevelt.Bianchi: You're a Jackson Heights girl, huh?Betty: Uh-huh.Bianchi: You don't say.Betty: I practically live at Astoria Lemon Ice. You know that doughnut place two blocks down? That's where I grew up. I worked there every summer in high school and it burnt down. Now it's a deli. It's pretty good, but...Bianchi: Not as good as SaI's though, huh?Betty: On 87th? Oh, my gosh, like the best sausage and pepper hero on the eastern seaboard. Bianchi: Just the smell of those could get me high. I haven't thought about those in a long time. So, Betty Suarez, OK, you've got me hungry and curious. What is this job you wanted to talk to me about?Betty: Well, I work at Mode magazine and my boss, Daniel Meade, was wondering ...Hello?。

A: Hi! Does this hotel have an exercise facility?B: But of course! We have a great exercise facility.A: Good. Now exactly where is it?B: It's located right under our lobby. Just take the elevator or the stairs one flight down.A: Is this going to cost me anything?B: No, sir. The gym is absolutely free. However, be sure to take your room key with you.A: When does the gym open and close?B: The hours couldn't be better, 7.A: Very good. Now, is there a trainer down there?B: I wish I could tell you yes, but no, there isn't. 97。

A: Good morning. I need to speak with the property manager, please.早晨好,我能和物业经理通话吗?B: Good morning. You are speaking to the property manager.早晨好,我就是物业经理A: While it was raining last night, water started leaking in from the ceiling.昨晚下雨时,雨从天棚上漏下来B: Was it leaking in the bedroom?是卧室漏水吗?A: It was in the living room.在起居室B: Can you tell me which floor you are on?你住哪个楼层?A: We are on the bottom floor.我们在1楼B: I would like to look at the leak. Will you be home this morning?我会去看看漏水出今天商务你在家吗?A: Yes, someone will be here to let you in.是的,有人会让你们金屋B: Just in case you have to leave, we will just use the master key.如果那样的话,你离开家,我们用万能钥匙。