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富阳地区区第二人民医院怎么样好吗杭州市富阳区一院好吗The top Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives says it is now up to President Barack Obama to work with the Senates leader on a plan to avert a year-end crisis that analysts say could plunge the economy into recession.美国国会众议院共和党领袖贝纳议长说,现在取决于奥巴马总统是否与参议院领袖展开合作,研究避免年底出现财政悬崖危机的计划。分析人士说,财政悬崖有可能让美国经济陷入衰退。House Speaker John Boehner issued the statement late Thursday, shortly after House Republican leaders abruptly put off a vote on his proposal that would have let tax rates rise for those earning million or more. Boehner said he did not have enough support to pass the measure, although earlier in the day he had predicted victory.星期四晚间,在众议院共和党领导人突然推迟就议长贝纳提出的税收案进行的表决后不久,贝纳议长发表声明。按照贝纳的方案,收00万美元以上的家庭税率将提高。贝纳说,他没有得到足够的持以通过这一方案。而早些时候他曾预计方案能够得到通过。A vote would have been largely symbolic. Leaders in the Democratic-controlled Senate said Boehners plan had no chance of passing in that chamber.投票表决主要具有的是象征意义。民主党主控的参议院领导人说,贝纳的方案没有任何可能性能够在参议院过关。Also, President Barack Obama, who wants a tax break extended only up to the 0,000 income level, had vowed to veto the measure even if both houses of Congress passed it.而奥巴马总统则誓言,即使参众两院均通过贝纳的方案,他也将否决此方案。奥巴马希望,减税只适用于家庭收入达40万美元以下的人。Senate Democrats have aly passed a bill that raises taxes on income higher than 0,000. They have said this is the plan they want from Boehner in the House.参议院的民主党人已经通过一项议案,将收入高5万美元的家庭税率提高。他们表示,这是他们希望众议院议长贝纳拿出的方案。It is unlikely that there will be any more House action until lawmakers return from their break for the December 25 Christmas holiday.国会议员们将25日开始圣诞节休假。直到他们归来之前,众议院不大可能采取任何其他行动。Earlier in the week, the president said he and Boehner were relatively close to an agreement on a compromise to avert what Washington is calling a ;fiscal cliff; -- 0 billion in mandated spending cuts and tax increases that would affect almost all American workers starting January 1.本星期早些时候,奥巴马总统曾说,他和贝纳已经相对接近达成协议。如果双方无法达成妥协,美国日就要跌入所谓“财政悬崖”,也就是自动削000亿美元的政府开,并使几乎所有工作的美国人都要多缴税。来 /201212/216167富阳中山医院资料 Beating Down讨价还价It is on sale this week, 50 percent off.本周特价,打5折Sorry, but we cant make any reduction.很抱歉,我们不打任何折扣We cant cut our price any more.我们的价格不能再降了Is this the sale price?这是减价以后的价格吗?The price is a bit high.这个价钱有点高Make me an offer.给我出个价吧Could I have a lower price?可以给我便宜点吗?To tell you the truth, it almost at cost price.实话和您说吧,这已经是成本价了Sorry, we have only one price.对不起,我们这里谢绝还价Is there any kind of discount if I buy three?如果买三件有任何折扣吗? 67必背句型:A:The contract was annulled by the court.合同被法院废止B:Why was like this?为什么会这样?The contract was ablished by the court.合同被法院废止The decree was annulled by the leader.法令被领导废止延伸阅读:A:Can we sign the contract?我们可以签合同了吗?B:The conditions of the contract are still to be determined.合同条件还有待确定The course arrangement is still to be determined.课程安排还有待确定The date is still to be determined.日期还有待确定Whether to go or not is still to be determined.去还是不去还有待确定 557富阳皮肤病专科医院在那

富阳哪家妇科医院看妇科好A: Good afternoon, Lincoln Corporate Services. Lina speaking, how may I help?下午好,这里是Lincoln公司业务部我是Lina,如何为您效劳?B: Hello, Lina. Im calling about your new PIB scheme. Im new to all of this,so some of my questions may sound a little ignorant....你好,Lina我打电话来是要咨询一下你们新的PIB业务对这些事情我可是新手,我的有些问题可能听起来有点儿无知……A: That not a problem, Im more than happy to explain everything in laymen terms. PIB stands : Personal Internet Banking. You can do all of your usual banking using the Internet, no need to call us or come into your branch.没问题,我非常愿意用通俗易懂的话給您解释一切PIB就是个人网上的缩写您可以通过互联网来处理您所有通常的与有关的事务,而无需拨打我们的电话,或者到您的行去办理B: I see. How about buying and selling items?我明白了买卖东西可以吗?A: We can take care of that you, too. You can get all of your usual banking services plus some new extra ones. As this service is net bases, you can do it anywhere.我们也可以为您打理您可以获得所有日常的务,再加上一些新的增值务由于这项业务是基于网络的,您可以在任何地方操作B: That good to know, because I do travel quite frequently.很好哇,因为我确实经常去旅行 061831永昌镇妇幼保健医院妇产科怎样 Seoul has become an important transit gateway for many Chinese travelers connecting to cities in the U.S. and Canada. The reason? Passengers are lured by attractive prices and a dearth of transpacific nonstop flights from China.对许多前往美国和加拿大城市的中国旅客来说,首尔已经成了一个重要的中转站,原因何在?这既是因为乘客们受到了有吸引力的机票价格的诱惑,也是因为从中国到北美的直达航班数量不足。This helps explain why nearly half, or 141, of the 291 passengers aboard an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul that crashed at the San Francisco airport were Chinese nationals. Both passengers killed on Saturdays flight were female Chinese nationals, according to the South Korean Foreign Ministry.这有助于解释韩亚航空(Asiana Airlines)那架在旧金山失事的班机上全部291名乘客中为何有近一半(141人)是中国人。据韩国外交部说,上周六发生的这起事故中丧生的两名乘客都是中国女性。For decades, the South Korean capital has played a key role for passenger travel between Asia and North America Korean Air Lines Co., the nations biggest carrier, has for years offered flights to more cities in North America than any other Asian airline, and that remains the case, while Northwest Airlines, which in 2010 merged with Delta Air Lines Inc., operated a major hub out of Seoul until the early 1990s.几十年来,首尔一直在亚洲和北美间的空中交通方面扮演着重要角色。韩国最大航空公司大韩航Korean Air Lines Co.)在北美的航班目的地多年来一直比任何其他的亚洲航空公司都多,目前依然是这种情况。而在2010年与达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines Inc.)合并的美国西北航空公Northwest Airlines)从上世纪90年代初起就将首尔作为了自己的一个主要航空枢纀?But competition for passengers has intensified as many of the regions airlines expanded their own flights across the Pacific. In China, however, despite surging demand for flights to North America, the nations mainly state-owned airlines have been slow to add capacity, thus keeping fares higher. U.S.-China flights are also governed by a highly regulated bilateral treaty, making it less flexible for airlines to increase services as needed.但随着亚洲地区的许多航空公司纷纷增加往返太平洋两岸的航班,各航空公司争夺客源的竞争也愈演愈烈。但在中国,尽管市场对北美航线的航班需求大幅增长,但中国几大国有航空公司在增加飞行运力方面却一直行动迟缓,因此机票价格不断上涨。美中航班数量还受到了两国间一个受到高度监管的双边协议的限制,这一协议降低了航空公司为满足市场需要而增加航班数量方面的灵活性。Transpacific nonstop flights from China mainly originate from Beijing or Shanghai. There is also limited service from the southern city of Guangzhou. This means passengers elsewhere must travel through one of these cities to get to North America.中国飞往北美的跨太平洋直达航班主要从北京或上海出发。南方城市广州与北美间也有数量不多的几趟直达航班。这意味着中国其他地方的人要想前往北美,必须前往上述这几座城市搭乘飞机。Airlines in South Korea and Japan significantly boosted their Chinese services in the last few years, in part to cater to the rising demand of transit passenger traffic. Korean Air now flies to some 22 mainland Chinese cities from its Seoul hub, while Asiana operates to 21 Chinese cities, being two of the biggest foreign airlines operating in the country. Meanwhile Japan Airlines flies to 15 mainland Chinese cities.过去几年中,韩国和日本的航空公司大幅增加了飞中国的航班数量,这一定程度上意在满足过境旅客数量不断增长带来的需求。大韩航空目前在首尔与中国大陆约22个城市间开通了航班,韩亚航空在韩国与中1个城市间有航班务,这两家公司的中国业务规模在拥有在华业务的外国航空公司中都名列前茅。日本航Japan Airlines)有飞往中国大陆15个城市的航班。The territorial spat between Japan and China has helped divert more China-originating transpacific traffic through South Korea, according to analysts. Passengers are also attracted by cheap prices offered by many of these airlines.据分析人士说,日本与中国间的领土纠纷促使更多从中国前往北美的旅客转而经由韩国进行中转。许多韩国航空公司提供的廉价机票也对乘客产生了吸引力。To illustrate, roundtrip economy fares between Shanghai and San Francisco sell for as low as 4,800 yuan on Asiana Airlines website, while a nonstop flight on state-owned China Eastern Airlines Corp. could cost around 7,600 yuan, according to the China Eastern website.举例来说,在韩亚航空公司的网站上,最低可以只花人民币4,800元就能买到上海与旧金山间的经济舱往返机票,而中国国有的中国东方航空公司(China Eastern Airlines Corp.)的网站显示,该公司上海与旧金山间直飞航班的机票价格可能达到人民币7,600元左右。来 /201307/247073富阳薇薇保宫人流费用

富阳市人流价格想喝什么你们还想喝点什么吗?A: Would you care something to drink?你们还想喝点什么吗?B:Yes, a bottle of white wine. Dry. 是的,一瓶白葡萄酒干白同类问句:What would you like a drink? 您喜欢喝点儿什么?Would you like anything to drink bee your meal, sir? 先生,吃饭之前您是不是先喝点酒?Anything to drink? 要喝的吗? 071 Key Sentences(重点句子)837. Excuse me,miss. I dont know how to turn on the ing light.对不起,,我不知道如何开那只阅读用的灯838. Just press the switch on your arm rest.您一下扶手上的那个开关就行了839. By the way,Would you like a copy of the latest“TIME”?顺便问一下,您是否要一本最新的《时代杂志?80. Could I stretch out on those two empty seats?我可不可以躺在那两个空的座位上?81. Youre probably airsick,and Ill get some medicine you right away.您很可能晕机了,我马上去给您弄些药来8. Ive just realized I dont have my travelling bag.我刚发觉我的旅行包不在身边83. I think I must have left it by your air-line counter at the airport.我想我肯定把它忘在机场你们航空公司的柜台边上了8. Dont worry,sir. Can you tell me what it is like?别急,先生,您能告诉我那只包是什么样子吗?85. It is made of black leather, with my name and address on it.它是黑色皮革制品,而且上面还有我的姓名和住址86. I really appreciate your help.衷心感谢你的帮助87. Ladies and Gentleman!It is about time to arrive in San Francisco.女士们,先生们!快要到旧金山了88. What ms must we fill out, miss?我们得填什么表格,?89.They are ED Card and Customs Decharation Card.ED卡和海关申报表850. All passengers except American citizens must complete this m.除了美国公民以外,所有的乘客都得填此卡851. It will save you much time when you go through the customs.这样可以让您在过海关时省去许多时间 63杭州富阳区妇幼保健看产科需要多少钱富阳做可视无痛人流手术



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