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盐城那里无痛人流最好阜宁县治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的We spend a considerable amount of time planning birthdays, wedding and anniversaries.我们花了很多时间来策划生日、婚礼和纪念日。But have you ever thought about how you would like to die?但你可曾想过自己愿意以什么样的方式离开人世呢?In a new study, researchers have revealed the key characteristics of a #39;good death#39;.在一项新研究中,研究人员揭示了“善终”的几个关键词。They focused on the views of the patients themselves; family members—who were quizzed before or during bereavement—and healthcare providers.他们针对病人、丧亲前后的家属和医护人员做了问卷调查。They identified 11 core themes of a good death, which included a choice of a specific process while dying, being free of pain and with the appropriate religious or spiritual rituals they wanted.通过调查,研究人员确定了“善终”的11个核心主题,包括临终时选择的流程——没有痛苦地死去以及举行自己想要的适当的宗教或心灵仪式。The other key characteristics included dying with a sense of emotional well-being, passing away with dignity and feeling as though one has #39;completed#39; one#39;s life.其他的核心主题包括怀着幸福感死去、有尊严地死去以及感到人生圆满。The study was published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.该研究发表在《美国老年精神病学期刊》上。It comes after a shocking report today revealed thousands of British patients are routinely being left dehydrated and in pain during their final hours.就在今天,一份令人震惊的报告披露成千上万的英国病人在临死时都常规性地处于脱水和痛苦的状态。Last week, another study urged doctors to send cancer patients home to die, as this may give them a few extra days of life.上周,另一项研究敦促医生让癌症病人回家等死,因为这样也许能让他们多活几天。The University of Tsukuba study found people given between two and eight weeks to live survived 36 days at home, but only 29 in hospital.日本筑波大学的研究发现,被医生诊断还能活两到八周的病人,如果在家休养可以活36天,但在医院治疗只能活29天。Often, people prefer to spend their final days at home but end up dying in hospital because doctors do not want them to leave, researchers said.研究人员称,人们通常更愿意在家度过最后的时光,但由于医生不同意往往最后死在医院。From floating in space to being administered a fatal dose of morphine, Reddit users share how they would like to die.从漂浮在太空到下致命剂量的吗啡,社交新闻网站Reddit的用户们分享了自己想要的死法。#39;I want a meteor to kill me,#39; one user called Turd Burgleson wrote.一位名叫特德#8226;巴格尔森的用户写道:“我希望被流星杀死。”Another user, called #39;themoosehatguy#39;, said: #39;Floating in a space suit while down at the Earth. One last good view.#39;另一位名为“驼鹿帽男人”的用户写道:“穿着航天漂浮在太空中俯视地球。最后再好好地看一眼。”One patient, a recent cancer survivor, said: #39;When it gets to the point that I can no longer care for myself, I want my significant other to crawl into bed with me and administer a lethal dose of morphine.一位近日刚战胜癌症病魔的幸存者说:“如果到了我不能再照顾自己的时候,我希望我的另一半能钻进我的被窝,给我注射致命剂量的吗啡。#39;We have fallen asleep with his arm around me and my head on his shoulder every night of our long relationship.“在我们这么多年的夫妻岁月中,每天晚上我都是在他的臂弯中,枕着他的肩膀睡着的。#39;He held me this way during the long nights after chemo, and I felt as if it was the safest place in the world. That is where I want to die.#39;“化疗后的一个个漫漫长夜里,他也是这么抱着我睡觉的,我觉得那是世界上最安全的地方。那就是我想要死去的地方。” /201604/435069盐城无痛人流多少钱 About the Door Game“叫门”Door game originated from ancient time which implies that the bride is a lovely girl and her family and friends do not want to marry her away.叫门游戏源自于古时候,说新娘是非常可爱的女孩,可是她的娘家和朋友不想让她嫁走。The groom will be blocked at the bride#39;s door, and her friends will try to stop him from entering by asking questions about the bride,a way to test if he really cares about her.新郎被关在门外,新娘的朋友会问新郎几个问题,用这种方式来测试新郎是否真的在乎新娘。They may also do other tricks to delay the bride#39;s leaving.他们可能会多其他游戏来拖延新娘的离开。The groom will try to buy his way in by presenting “Li Shi”,taken money wrapped in red envelops.新郎会用“利是钱”来开路,利是由红信封包装。The entire “bargain” process is joyous and good-natured.这个“讨价还价”的过程是喜庆并友好的。 /201606/445108盐城治疗睾丸炎多少钱

盐城/一院专家挂号The foundations of early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) palace buildings have been found at Beijing#39;s Forbidden City, Beijing Times reported.根据《京华时报》报道,近日,北京故宫内发现了明代(1368-1644年)早期宫殿建筑基址。Archaeologists found the remains at Changxin Gate of Cining Palace (The Palace of Compassion and Tranquility) in the west of the compound.考古学家是在故宫西部的慈宁宫长信门发现的这一遗址。The ruins, in a pit 2.5 meters wide and 5.4 meters long, showed evidence walls, pile caps, layers of mud and bricks etc..此遗址在宽2.5米、长5.4米的探坑内,显示有墙壁、桩承台、夯土夯砖层等遗迹。This was the first time such large scale Ming ruins had been found at the Forbidden City, although the exact size of the wall base remains unknown.这是首次在紫禁城内发现明代大型遗迹,不过目前墙基遗址的确切规模尚不清楚。Archaeologists believe the ruins would be valuable in studying the history of Beijing and the Forbidden City as well as China#39;s ancient architectural technology.考古学家认为,此处遗址对研究北京、紫禁城和中国古代建筑技术具有重要价值。 /201606/450537盐城专业治疗梅毒的医院 盐城看性病哪家医院专业

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