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Ashley Judd #39;Blessed#39; to Return in #39;Dolphin Tale 2#39;The actor talks about the film#39;s message and what it means to her.G: And it takes hour for Ashley Judd back with us this morning. She is starring in Dolphin Tale 2, bing you back her role, turn to be inspiring team saved a hurt dolphin named Winter. Here she is speaking with the daughter of Winter#39;s doctor after they learn the dared orphan sick again.A: What if someday I came to work and the place was empty.Just room after room, no patients, such a bore, doctors and nurses sitting around because everybody in town was fine.No need for surgery, no sick people.No one is here, honey, because they want to be, they are here because they need to be. I assure you no one stays one minute longer than they have to..Talk to your dad. You kids take us by surprise. You grow up so stinging fast.G: How true is that? So great to get Ashley Judd here now, welcome back.A: Thank you, good morning.G: You said you feel blessed to have this role again.A: Oh, so blessed absolutely.G: What grabs you about it.A: So many things, initially what reach mind is the fact that as humans we sometimes do foolish and selfish things that hurt animals. But we also have such compassion and engenuity that we can help rehabilitate them and ideally restore them to their native habitats. In Winter#39;s case she wouldn#39;t be able to survive in the wild because she doesn#39;t have a tail. And the fact is she is willing to live with this processes and is clearly an very content animal and has such grace that she has become an inspiration to people all over the world. It#39;s pretty joyful to be a part of that.G: The challenge this time around is Winter cannot live alone.A: Precisely.G: His mother dies, so we made a new dolphin Hope.A: Yes, Dolphins just like humans are meant to be in community. And she would not survive on her own. She would literally die from grief. So the name Hope has so much meaning. Winter has hope. You know obviously the season winter has hope because spring comes. Winter the dolphin has hope and we all have hope. And that is the credit to Charles Martin Smith, the director of this film.G: And you know, one of the twitter questions we got. Robin Duken tweet to know. Was it difficult to train dolphins and the actress so you can shew together? That#39;s the big part of its job.A: Okay, Winter is a camera hog. There is no difficulty. If anything is like hello, this is too like in this movie. She loves being the center of attention.G: Hey such a great cast for ** , all back together again.A: And these beautiful children. So lovely. Love working with Nathan and Cozy.G: Tell us about the clear water marine aquarium,there, you know this is where this the reabilitation has happened? What#39;s the first movie and now the second meant for that?A: Well it#39;s meant that we as audience members and animal lovers have helped increase the number of animals safen able to help and return to the wild. You know CMA is the real deal. It was jsut this little kind of somewhat crony mama and papa operation at the begining. And now they#39;ve increased facilities, and they#39;ve got the capacity to expand theire science and I just love being associate. I#39;m glad they tolerate me. I am like in the way when I go there. Being able to see what goes on behind the scenes is fan#39;s fascinating too , because they just have whiteboards full of the names of the animals for their helping. You know the movie isn#39;t about dose animals but their work is very extensive.G: They are doing great work and it#39;s a great movie. Asheley Judd thanks very much.A: Thank you Goerge, a pleasure /201409/329316

囧叔挚爱的西弗吉尼亚透明黄金遭到污染,不能忍啊!化学品储罐泄漏导致水源地污染!政府监管不力 OR 恐怖主义袭击? Article/201402/276148

It#39;s the Cold War and Americans are on red alert.冷战时期 所有美国人都保持高度戒备We did these duck-and-cover drills routinely at school.我们当时在学校经常进行这种躲护演习First you duck, then you cover.首先躲到安全地点 然后寻求身体掩护The siren would be tested and we were instructed how to get under the desk and cover your head and face演习警笛拉响 我们在大人指导下学习如何藏到桌底 并保护好头和脸so that the debris from glass blowing in from the windows when the atomic bomb went off downtown wouldn#39;t hurt us.当原子弹在城区爆炸时能避免向内飞溅的玻璃碎片伤及要害Both sides stockpile weapons to defend themselves against possible attack.美苏双方均大量囤积武器以防对方可能实施的攻击From 1940 to 1996.从1940年到1996年The USA will spend .5 trillion on nuclear weapons.美国在核武器上耗费了五万五千亿美元That#39;s nearly ,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.平摊下来 美国人均出几乎2万美元It was the arrival really of the specter of real nuclear war.每个人都能感觉到核战幽灵在真实地迫近Hiroshima and Nagasaki were no longer seen as isolated one time incidents.广岛和长崎之于人们的意义不再是孤立的战争事件By the mid-1950s,截至50年代中期there were over 40,000 defense contractors working for the federal government.有超过四万个国防项目承包商为联邦政府效力America has always won wars using technology.美国一向靠科技赢得战争In the revolutionary war,独立战争时期the accuracy of the Kentucky Rifle was a key factor in defeating the British.肯塔基来福的精准是击败英军的关键因素In the Civil War, the minie ball could travel 600 yards and shatter bones on impact.南北战争时期的迷你弹可令600码之外的敌人粉身碎骨1959, America#39;s first intercontinental ballistic missile.1959年 美国研制出首枚洲际弹道导弹It can travel 3,500 miles and destroy cities.能摧毁3500英里开外的城市200 years of American weapons finding their target and defeating the enemy.两百年来美国人制造的武器瞄准了一个又一个目标,击垮了一个又一个敌人But this time it#39;s different.但这一次 情况不同This is a war that no one can win.这是一场没有赢家的战争If an atomic bomb is used, there#39;s no going back.原子弹一旦使用 便没有回头路可走Every time the Soviets make a move苏联一有动作 American fear the worst.美国人的心就提到了嗓子眼1960, the U2 incident1960年 U2事件when a US spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union.一架美军侦察机在苏联领空被击落 /201304/233436

在保加利亚首都索菲亚进行的TED系列演讲中,史蒂夫.凯尔反对影响家乡保加利亚的“严重的文化基因”--呼唤在玩乐中振兴经济,教育和社会。这是一段发人深省的演讲,让全世界正在重塑职场,学校和生活的人们找到了共鸣。 Article/201310/261142

Day-Lewis, Waltz Discuss Oscar Win Backstage Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor winners react to their big wins at the Academy Awards.著名演员丹尼尔·戴·刘易斯凭借《林肯》获第85届奥斯卡最佳男主角奖,克里斯托弗·沃尔兹凭《被解放的姜戈》获最佳男配角奖。来看看他们获奖后的访谈吧!And the Oscar goes to Daniel Day Lewis. Congratulations!Thank you. I was half thinking to say “Congratulations, Mr. President.” Stephan Furrin had some fun with your metaphor early in the evening. You stayed in character all day, every day, so like if you saw a cellphone, would you have to be like “Oh, my god, what’s that?”It’s really has more to do with the reluctance to put aside something that’s been so central to your life and a big part of time for a period, a considerate period of your life.Since we got married 16 years ago, my wife Rebecca has lived with some very strange men. Blood spin spilt falters this moment, now, now, now!How much did it change your impression of who Lincoln was?Well, I, it’s not that it changed, I didn’t know anything about him, so it really, everything that I learned was something new.I had been actually committed to play Margret Thatcher. The more you discover the flaw lines in a character, the more impressive they become in a strange way.I’d better take this with me. And the Oscar goes to Christoph Waltz. Congratulations.You can put it right there, congratulations.Thank you.You’ve won two Oscars with Quentin Tarantino who call that a hero’s journey.We participated in a hero’s journey that the hero here being Quentin, Why is he a hero?A hero’s journey, I think is usually connected to fight the leads to inner progress, and Quentin was working himself through this story. Who slaved the dragon because he’s not afraid of it and you crossed through fire because it’s worth it. I borrowed my character’s words, sorry, couldn’t resist. Why did you dig him up?Well, four torturous turn of events brought Django and myself together. It was exhilarating to be asked to participate in that journey, especially as a supporting actor. It’s the more you’re supporting, that more you’re supposed to help that story along. And what can go wrong now?Ah, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna a chicken dinner.Awesome. /201303/229042

Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment using opaque, often articulated figures in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images.皮影是一种使用不透明物来以及讲故事的古老形式。经常会以一个清晰的人物照出现在被照亮的背景幕的前面,来产生运动图像效果的幻影。 Article/201306/245618

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