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Russia to take measures to counter EU sanctions俄罗斯采取措施应对欧盟制裁The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that the country would respond to EU economic sanctions with its own measures.俄外交部宣布俄罗斯将采取相应措施以回应欧盟的经济制裁。As we have aly said and commented, these are completely unfriendly lines which are contradictory to EU interests.正如我们之前所报道及谈论过的,这是非常不友好的做法,与欧盟利益相悖。Russian officials at different levels have aly made it clear that we will in turn take adequate measures and that our answer will be absolutely commensurate with the damage these sanctions cause to the economy of our country.俄罗斯各官员明确表示作为回应我们会采取适当措施,将会与这些制裁对我国经济造成的损害完全相称。201409/328444Like most Miao dwellings, the Songs living room windows look out over the paddy fields.如大多数苗人一样,宋家起居室的窗子可以眺望见成片的梯田。From early spring, one of these windows is always left open to let the swallows come and go freely.从早春起,一扇窗子便为了方便燕子往返穿飞而敞开。Each year, granddad Gu notes the exact day the swallows return. Miao people believe the birds arrival predicts the timing of the season ahead.古老爹知晓每年燕子归来的确切时间。苗族人坚信这些鸟儿的归来预示着春季的来临。This year, they were late. So Gu and the other community elders have agreed that rice planting should be delayed accordingly.然而今年,它们姗姗来迟。因此古老爹和其他族中长老一致认为今年的插秧应当推迟。As the Miao prepare their fields for planting, the swallows collect mud to repair their nests and chase after insects across the newly ploughed paddies.当苗族人为了插秧而整备田地时,燕子们或搜集修整巢穴用的泥巴,或穿越新耕的稻田追逐昆虫。 /201406/304490

When you go to the toilet on this particular drug,当你用上这个药 上厕所的时候it is not like going to the toilet as we know.和我们平时上厕所感觉不一样All of the fat that you eat that所有你吃的不该吃的脂肪you shouldnt is converted into, like, a red oil.被转化成了 像是一种红色的油Not particularly nice.并不怎么美观And the whole of the time I was on the trial,在整个参与实验的时间里the stools were not what you would be used to,大便都不是通常的样子if thats the right way to put it.这样描述比较准确吧Sue found that she had to stick to a苏发现她必须坚持really low-fat diet and could never afford to let it slip.真正的低脂肪饮食 并且永远也不能改变But on holiday - obviously other people cooking for you但在休假中 必然要吃别人给你做的饭and youre not able to look at what youre eating你不能控制进食的种类时this had an extreme effect.这的确相当有效We were in this shop and it wasnt particularly nice.这种状态 并不是很美妙And I must stress to people,我必须要强调一下if you do take the drug, watch out.如果你要吃这种药 就要小心And thats the key to the way the drug works.这是药物起作用的关键Its slimming effects could它的减肥效果可能largely be the result of aversion therapy.是基于一种厌食疗法The diarrhoea can be so这种腹泻可能很不舒unpleasant that patients dont dare to eat fat.所以病人不敢去吃脂肪了Not everyone would have the willpower Xenical demanded有些人没有用赛尼可减肥所需的意志力to avoid the heavy penalty for slipping off the wagon.始终注意饮食 避免暴食带来的惩罚201306/245256

Learn the three most common reasons men cite for having an affair from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随夫妻关系顾问Victoria Wilson士了解大部分男人自述的发生婚外情的原因。There are three main reasons which men cite for having an affair. Number one, is sexual novelty, sexual variety or sexual fetish which they cannot disclose to their primary partner.根据男人们所说,他们发生婚外情主要有三个原因。第一,他们向最初的伴侣难以启齿的性新奇,性多样化或性怪癖。Number two, feeling that their partner had let themselves go and therefore, theyre feeling loss of sexual interest.第二,觉得他们的伴侣可以让他们随心所欲,从而失去了兴趣。And number three, feeling unappreciated at home or feeling that theyre nagged or annoyed by their partner consistently.第三,在家里得不到赞赏,经常被伴侣压制或激怒。So those are the three main reasons. Two of which deal primarily with a sexual interest and the third one deals with the emotional reason for the affair. For instance, many men feel unappreciated or ignored after their wife has a baby and pays all of the attention to the baby and ignores the husband. Or the husband may feel that the wife never has time for sex or interest in sex and instead spends all her time on her girlfriends or on her children. The husband may feel that he has an interest in exploring a particular sexual fetish and that he would insult the wife by bringing it up in a relationship. So he feels more comfortable going to a dominatrix or seeking out an escort than approaching his wife about the particular fetish hed like to explore.以上就是三个主要原因。其中两点与性兴趣有关,第三点与情绪有关。例如,许多男性在妻子生产后觉得自己被忽略,妻子把所有注意力都放在孩子身上,而忽略了丈夫。或者丈夫可能觉得妻子没有时间进行性生活,没有兴趣进行性生活,所有时间都花费在闺蜜或孩子身上。这时丈夫就会有兴趣探索特别的性怪癖,通过发展婚外情来侮辱自己的妻子。因此,他通过找一个母夜叉或者女伴,而不是通过自己的妻子来实现自己的性怪癖。视频听力译文由。201406/306947

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》All Mark can do is persevere,马克能做的只有坚持不懈and hope for a break.并期待有所突破But not all the forest creatures are so shy.但并非所有的丛林生物都那么害羞Perched high in his tree,在高高的树上James Aldred is waiting patiently for the elephants to come in.詹姆斯·奥尔德雷德正耐心守候大象们的出现At last, the elephants are here,终于 大象们出现了but theyre behaving strangely.但他们的行为很异常He knows somethings not quite right.他知道有点不对劲The elephants seem agitated.大象们显得焦躁不安They just want to get rid of you.他们只想摆脱你One begins to thump the tree with its head.一头象开始用头撞树James has no option but to weather the attack.詹姆斯别无选择 只能尽力捱过攻击Thats lean forward and keep head-butting,那只身体向前倾然后用头撞树keep head-butting, keep head-butting.不停地撞啊撞Suddenly, the cameras cut out.突然 摄像机电源被切断And James is left in complete darkness.詹姆斯陷入了完全的黑暗之中201403/281451

  买不起价值连城的宇宙飞船也想遨游太阳系之中?Jon Nguyen展示了美国航空航天局喷气推进实验室的“太阳系之眼(Eyes on the Solar System)”。这是一个免费的软件,能够让你实时地探索太阳系之中的各大行星、卫星、小行星以及航天飞行器。(摄于TED圣迭戈)201406/304573。

  Fast food and convenience stores can be dangerous, but you dont have to sabotage your diet when you hit the road. There are plenty of ways to eat healthy while you enjoy your adventure!快餐和便利店可能非常危险,但是当你在路上的时候,也不一定要吃不健康食品。当你享受旅程的时候,也有足够的方法吃得健康。You Will Need你需要Low-fat, low-sugar breakfast bars低脂低糖早餐棒Bottled water瓶装水Whole grain crackers全谷薄脆饼Nuts and dried fruit坚果和干果Fresh fruit新鲜水果Self-control自我控制Low-fat cheese or peanut butter低脂奶酪和花生酱Steps步骤STEP 1 Pack some breakfast bars1.打包一些早餐棒Eat something for breakfast to rev up your metabolism. Try low-fat, low-sugar breakfast bars made with whole grains –theyre easy to pack when traveling.吃点早餐,促进新陈代谢。尝试用全谷制作的低脂,低糖早餐棒——旅行的时候非常便于携带。STEP 2 Drink lots of water2.多喝水Dehydration can trick you into thinking youre hungry. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.脱水会让你误以为自己很饿。一天当中要饮用足够的水。STEP 3 Snack on whole grain crackers3.吃一些全谷薄脆饼Skip salty, high-calorie snacks like potato chips and pretzels in favor of baked whole grain crackers.不要吃高盐,高热量的饼干,例如薯片和椒盐卷饼,烘烤的全谷薄脆饼比较好一点。Add some protein, like low-fat cheese or peanut butter, to keep your appetite under control between meals.添加一些蛋白质,例如低脂奶酪和花生酱,在两餐之间控制食欲。STEP 4 Lunch on lean protein4.午餐食用瘦肉蛋白Choose a lean protein, such as grilled chicken or turkey, for lunch. It will give you more energy than greasy burgers and fries and keep your calorie intake low.选择瘦肉蛋白,例如烤鸡或火鸡作为午餐。其提供的能量超过油腻的汉堡和煎炸食品,同时保持摄入的热量比较低。STEP 5 Eat a granola bar to keep energy levels up5.食用格兰诺拉麦片棒来保持能量If youre feeling the late-afternoon slump, skip the candy bars and cakes and snack on a handful of unsalted nuts and dried fruit.如果下午感觉到精力不济,不要吃糖果,可以嚼一把无盐坚果和干果。High-carbohydrate snacks will give you an instant energy boost but youll crash a few hours later.高糖零食可以立即给你提供能量,但是几个小时后你会崩溃。STEP 6 Split dinner6.减少晚餐份量Most hotels and restaurants serve overly generous portions. Share with your travel companion or take half of it home so you dont eat more than you need in one sitting.大部分酒店和餐馆提供的晚餐份量太多。可以和旅伴分享,或者把其中的半份打包带回家,这样就不会吃得过多。STEP 7 Enjoy fruit for dessert7.水果作甜点Order a fruit cup for dessert, or stock up on fruit for your hotel fridge to enjoy a healthy treat when that sweet tooth hits.预订一份水果拼盘作甜点,或者把酒店冰箱里的水果留起来,当馋虫来袭的时候享受健康的美食。Just one fast food meal can contain an entire days worth of calories, sodium, and fat.一份快餐就含有了一整天的热量,钠和脂肪。视频听力译文由。 /201406/307252

  The company had lost its lead in the computer market,苹果公司已经失去了它在计算机领域的领导地位customers were leaving in droves, the company had no future, no roadmap.客户不断在流失 公司的前途一片黯淡 不知何去何从The company was in serious trouble.苹果当时身陷囹圄I, and other Apple users, were being told with malicious grins那些使用Windows操作系统的朋友们曾坏笑着from our Windows-using friends that if we wanted to keep our machines告诉我和其他苹果机用户 如果我们想继续使用我们的机器wed have to go to hobbyist shops because there would be no Apple computer.就得去小众爱好者商店了 因为以后不会再有苹果机了At Next, Jobs had focused on developing its powerful operating system.此时 在Next公司 乔布斯正在全力筹备一个强大操作系统的开发Apple needed just such a system.而这恰恰是苹果所需要的Apple was in technical trouble.苹果遇到了技术瓶颈Next was absolutely in financial trouble, and the two came together.而Next则陷入了财务困境 它们刚好可以互补Apple bought Next for 0 million.苹果以4亿美金收购了NextIt got the new operating system it needed, and Steve Jobs.获得了它正需要的操作系统 以及史蒂夫·乔布斯 Steve was truly excited to be linked up with Apple again.能够再次回到苹果让史蒂夫兴奋不已It was the company he founded, the company he was kicked out of.这是他一手创建的公司 也是他被扫地出门的公司Its the company that had lost its way, it was starting to fail,这也是一家失去了方向 开始走下坡路的公司so he had this opportunity to go back and start fixing Apple at large.他现在有了一个回去让苹果重整旗鼓的机会A few days later, Apple revealed just how much trouble it was really in.几天之后 苹果坦白了它究竟遇到了多大麻烦They announced that they were going to lose something like billion,他们宣布 苹果的损失达到将近十亿美元and back then billion was a lot of money.那个时候 十亿美元可是一大笔钱I said, ;Steve, what did we just get ourselves into?;我说 史蒂夫 我们这可是给自己挖了什么样的大坑啊?And he was wondering himself! Because this was a big surprise to us.他自己也愣住了 这个情况是我们都始料未及的To bring Apple back from the brink,为了让苹果重回正轨Jobs had a conventional business challenge.乔布斯需要解决一个典型的商业难题He had to stop the company haemorrhaging money,那就是扭转公司持续亏损的状态but he also had to do more.但他需要做的远远不仅如此He had to help the company rediscover itself,他还必须让这个公司重新定位自己and for that he thought he needed to take it back to the future,因此 他觉得自己有必要让苹果找回先机to the values that had built it up in the first place.找回那些苹果最初赖以生存的价值观 /201308/252210A couple minutes a day of proper skin care will have your skin looking and feeling great.每天几分钟对皮肤进行恰当的护理,你的皮肤看上去光滑,感觉也更舒适。You Will Need你需要Facial cleanser洗面奶Moisturizer保湿霜Sunscreen防晒霜Water水Daily exercise每天锻炼A balanced diet平衡的饮食Steps步骤Step 1 Wash with cleanser1.洗面奶洗脸Wash your face with cleanser ever day. The cleanser should match your skin type – normal, dry, or oily.每天用洗面奶洗脸。必需选择适合自己皮肤类型的洗面奶——普通,干性还是油性。Step 2 Use moisturizer2.使用保湿霜Moisturize twice a day to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.每天两次保湿,保持皮肤水润健康。Step 3 Protect skin from the sun3.防晒Protect your skin from the sun by applying a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Too much sun exposure will damage your skin.涂抹防晒系数至少15的防晒霜来防晒。过多暴露在阳光中会损害皮肤。Sunscreen helps prevent premature skin aging and skin cancer.防晒霜可以保护未成熟的皮肤老化,还可以防止皮肤癌。Step 4 Drink water4.喝水Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to keep your skin hydrated. Water moves waste and nutrients through your system.Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, which can make your skin appear dull.每天饮用至少64盎司水,保持皮肤湿润。水可以让废物和营养在身体系统中流动。避免酒精和香烟,这两者都会让皮肤看上去暗淡无光。Step 5 Exercise5.锻炼Exercise daily to keep your skin toned and healthy. Regular exercise clears your pores, increases your metabolism, and makes you feel good about yourself.每天锻炼,让皮肤看上去光泽健康。经常锻炼可以清洁毛孔,促进新陈代谢,让你自我感觉良好。Step 6 Eat a balanced diet6.平衡饮食Eat a healthful, balanced diet to insure your skin receives all the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients your body needs.饮食有益,平衡,保皮肤能够吸收身体所需的所有矿物质,维他命和营养成分。Did you know? As we age, oil-producing glands become less active, making skin appear less glowing.你知道吗?随着我们年老,产生油性成分的腺体变得不那么活跃,皮肤也不再那么光泽。视频听力节目由。201308/253951

  Japanese citizens oppose lift on collective self-defense ban日本选民反对安倍解除行使集体自卫权禁令Polls held by Japans Kyodo News agency show that more than 40 percent of Japanese citizens oppose Prime Minister Shinzo Abes cabinet.由日本共同社开展的民意调查显示超过40%的日本公民反对首相安倍晋三的内阁。This comes after the Japanese cabinet rubber-stamped a resolution on Tuesday that will allow the country to exercise the right of collective self-defense by reinterpreting the pacifist Constitution.此前日本内阁周二曾批准一项决议,将允许国家通过重新解读和平宪法行使集体自卫权。Polls conducted by major Japanese newspapers also showed that more than half of those polled opposed Prime Minister Abes attempt to lift the ban on collective self-defense.日本主流报纸进行的这项民意调查还显示超过一半的受访者反对安倍首相试图解除行使集体自卫权的禁令。According to a survey conducted from June 27th to the 29th by Japan s Nikkei News, 54 percent of respondents say ;No; to reinterpretation of Japans anti-war constitution, and only 29 percent of respondents support the move.据日本经济新闻6月27日至29日的一项调查称,54%的受访者对重新诠释日本的反战宪法持否定态度,只有29%的被调查者持这一举动。Kyodo News Agency reported that after cabinet approval, the government still needs to prepare the legal framework by revising and creating relevant laws to implement the policy change.据日本共同社报道称,如果内阁批准,政府仍然需要通过修订和创建相关法律框架等程序才能使得政策得以实施。201407/309310


  Theyre still trying to understand科学家还在试图解释the mechanism that produces this effect,这个现象出现的机制和原因but when you add this new factor to variables但当我们把这个因素加入到众变量中去like the Suns solar cycle,例如太阳活动周期what happened to our winters starts to make sense.我们开始理解冬季变化的原因了And perhaps whats even weirder整件事情中更奇怪的是is that as the world gets warmer,尽管全球都在变暖some bits of it can get colder.有些地方却变得更冷Of course, Europe and the UK is only one region of the globe.当然 欧洲和英国只是地球的一部分There are many other regions, and when you average those up还有其他地方 若是算出平均气温you still see warming.全球是在变暖的So the fact that Europe is cold欧洲更加寒冷and the US is cold at the same time,与此同时 美国也更冷is balanced by the fact that但与此同时Canada and the Mediterranean tend to be milder in those winters.加拿大和地中海地区的冬季会更温暖So when you integrate up this change in the winds,所以当把风向的变化考虑在内the extra easterly winds,那些偏东的风when you average it over the whole globe,在全球范围内看的时候it cancels out.效果被互相抵消了So global warming can continue unaffected,因此 全球气温会继续变暖but the regional temperatures over, say, UK and Europe,但局部地区的气温 例如英国和欧洲can go down, at least for a few years,可能会下降 至少几年之内温度会下降as the globe warms up.而全球其他地方在变暖Even though, in the end, global warming will, of course, win,但是到最后 全球变暖会胜出if we continue on that trend.如果气候继续朝这个方向发展201411/339853。

  想象你可以身不离座就在世界各地最好的物馆里欣赏艺术珍品。Amit Sood讲述了他是如果受艺术的驱使,建立了这个艺术工程, 使人们可以实现那样的理想201404/285793


  Perhaps the biggest threat to wildlife野生动物最大的威胁恐怕是is the competition for space with the rapidly-growing human population.人口急速增长带来的生存空间之争The Virunga Volcanoes straddle the borders of Rwanda,维龙加火山群横跨卢旺达Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.乌干达和刚果民主共和国的边界The rich volcanic soils are extremely fertile.富饶的火山土十分肥沃Its one of the most intensively cultivated areas in Africa.那是非洲耕作业最发达的地区之一But the farmers also share this region但农夫们和我们的近亲with one of our closest relatives.共同分享这片土地This is home此处是to the last 800-or-so wild mountain gorillas left on earth.地球上最后约800只野生山地大猩猩的家园We know a great deal about these animals,我们对这种动物十分了解theyve been closely studied for 50 years.人类已经对他们进行了50年的详细研究One strong silverback male keeps everyone in order.一只强壮的银背雄猩猩是族群的统治者And gorilla family life is mostly peaceful.大猩猩的家庭生活一般都很祥和201406/306938

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