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Robert Pattinson named one of the most powerful celebrities in the worldRobert Pattinson, the star of the Twlight film franchise, has been named one of the most powerful celebrities in the world after appearing on the Forbes list for the first time.The 24-year-old, who plays the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga films, has earned an estimated pound;11 million in the last year alone.Pattinson has been ranked 50th on the Celebrity 100 Power List, while his US girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart is at 66 with pound;7.95 million.Lady Gaga is the highest newcomer in the Forbes list, based on earnings and global exposure, and has surpassed stars like Madonna (number 10) and U2 (seven) to claim fourth place.She made pound;41 million in the last year, partly due to an 106-date world tour.Oprah Winfrey reclaimed the top spot as the most powerful celebrity with pound;208 million after last year's number one Angelina Jolie dropped to 18th position.Despite turmoil in his personal life and his professional setbacks, Tiger Woods is at number five with pound;69 million earned during the past year.James Cameron, director of the Oscar-winning film Avatar, returns to the list - this time in third place - for the first time since 1999, earning pound;139 million.Simon Cowell is the highest British earner, jumping 14 places to number 11 with pound;53 million, following his last season as a judge on American Idol.Other British celebrities on the list include Daniel Radcliffe at 82 with pound;16.5 million, Kate Moss at 91 with pound;5.95 million, and David Beckham at 36 with pound;29.1 million from June to June 2010.The top 100 earned pound;3.11 billion collectively during the past year, up from pound;2.7 billion the previous year.Forbes' Celebrity Power ranking is a measurement of entertainment-related earnings over the past 12 months as well as visibility in print, TV, radio and online.Forbes' Celebrity 100 Power List Top Ten:1. Oprah Winfrey - pound;208 million2. Beyonce Knowles - pound;57 million3. James Cameron - pound;139 million4. Lady Gaga - pound;41 million)5. Tiger Woods - pound;69 million6. Britney Spears - pound;42 million7. U2 - pound;86 million8. Sandra Bullock - pound;37 million9. Johnny Depp - pound;49 million10. Madonna - pound;38 millionVocabulary:turmoil:a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance; tumult; agitation; disquiet(混乱,动荡)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/107899The secret to longevity Meet two seniors who have survived to the doorsteps of 100 years.An accountant Sidney Brunswick loves two things, working which he’s been doing since 1927, ″I don’t want retired, I want to keep working as long as I can live,″and telling jokes. ″And I can write a load of 100 jokes, 50 I can tell just by memory. ″He is 97 years old, I feel fine, physically I feel great, my sexual demands, maybe a little less, I can’t help that.He is younger compare to the Rhea Tauber, a former school teacher, she likes to write columns for a local paper, and is working on her Autobiography, and she recently turned 100. They held a big party for me for my 100 birthday, and everybody in the home, can’t come out. Because they never heard about it, 100 years old, is so working. For the last 35 years, she’s been living on her lone. And she says she is happy that way. It keeps on the toss.You are 100 years old, you shouldn’t be live alone. And I said, that’s good for me. Despite that, I keep on sepsis. At the time of American life expectancy is 78 years, there is no obvious reason why Rhea and Sidney should still be alive, much less thriving. Sidney’s eating habit would make a nutritionist way. I love fried chicken, I love fried fish, I hate vegetables, and I violate every dietary law.And Rhea was .referred to by her own doctors as the miracle lady, ″they can’t figure out why. I love the way I do, enjoy life the way I do, go about travel.″So why are they live as long as well as they do? The answer, according to one doctor is on their genes. This is all the samples’ box, where we stored the blood and DNA of our subjects. For the last nine years, the doctors, Albert Einstein College, has been decoding the DNA 1500 very old people and their children, trying to find out the secret of the longevity, both reality Rhea and Cindy are enrolled in the study, Only one of 10 thousand is going to be100. And we know this, when these people who get to be 100, they either delay or they don’t get age related diseases. So far, Boards of Allies had identified three genes that seems to play a big role. All the three genes that we have found so far that are protecting from diseases that leads to diabetes and heart diseases. (What’s new?...)The genes appear to promote a long life, by protecting against diseases in the old age, including heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s. For synth- neurines, their aging has been delayed by about 30 years. That is all comes down to the genes, is no surprise to Sidney, he has an old brother, who just turned 100. And his grandmother lived until 113. It’s an act of God, its genes from my grandma. We got the long age. For the rest of us, of course I hope, one day, his research would leave to a drug.Woo, that’s a synth- neurine.Giving everyone a shot at living like this.When my granddaughter’s marrying, I have been to the church, when the qiaqia begins, they are screaming that grandmother is dancing. 200812/59836Out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest Georgia, the cold waters of the Conasauga River descend toward Tennessee. Flowing back and forth across the state line, the River's abundant wildlife and unspoiled beauty is a remnant of the past--a fading memory that Carton Petty wants to restore. "I found out it phased out. Take care of the land and it’ll take care of you." It break, (if) you didn't. Petty purchased this land several years ago to grow corn and raise dairy cattle. Today, his farm covers more than 7,000 acres, 170 of them along the Conasauga. To preserve the beauty of the river and his property, Petty has built buffer zones--dedicated strips of land to stop chemicals he sps on his crops from running into the river, and to prevent bank erosion. "Yep, this, this is just the new buffer we put in and it just, They were sold in November. And it’ll take about a year for you to get established good. " Buffers are an idea from the Conservation Reserve Program--a ed States Department of Agriculture backed initiative that brings landowners, local alliances, and other government agencies together. Nevertheless, keeping an old river like this one healthy in a modern world is difficult. Beneath the surface of these waters, a pollutant is killing one of its oldest residents --a rare kind of mussel(贻贝). And no one knows exactly where it is coming from. "This animal's, probably, 20 to 30 years old... " Paul Johnson with the Tennessee Aquarium has the task of figuring out how to preserve the mussels and help them reproduce. "This animal’s called... Its scientific name is Cora-bean Hellene. Its common name is the Georgia Pigtail. It was believed to be extinct, then we found this species alive in the Conasauga River, and as far as we know, Conasauga is the sole river that contains this species" It is a race against time. As long as they cannot figure out what is killing the mussels, that something poses a threat to the whole river. While the work goes on, the Petties will keep doing their part. "It's lucky we got something special here with the Conasauga. So, I think we all well understand and start to realize that. And we're trying to do the appropriate steps to keep it a clean and beautiful view."200812/58659In the war racked country of Sudan lies Boma national park. The largest intact savanna in East Africa. Mile upon mile of what it looks like pristine rudeness unfolds. But much of this is an empty paradise.玛国家公园位于饱受战争折磨的国家苏丹。这里有东非最大最完整的热带稀树草原。一望无际的它无不透露出一种野性与原始。但这里是一处幻想的天堂。During the Sudans decades of ruin in the civil war, the park supported rebel armies and untold refugees.经过苏丹数十年内战的洗礼,公园曾持过叛军和无数的难民。The wildlife was decimated. And its was long fear that one of the most spectacular migrations on earth not seen by outsiders in 20 years have been wiped out.大量的野生动物惨遭屠杀。20多年外界人都不曾见到的地球上最壮观的景观之一;;大迁徙被毁于一旦。Then in 2007 aerial surveys begans spotting them. Handfuls, then hundreds of them, eventually estimates reached in the hundreds of thousands.直到2007年,调查才开始关注这些动物。一开始是一个两个,然后数以百计,最后估计达到数以千计。Miraculously the white eared cub had survived. A magnificent antelope that lives no where else on the earth.这只白色幼仔奇迹般地幸免于难。一只伟大的羚羊,只要是地球上的任何地方,都可以生存。The cub had been migrating in numbers perhaps equal to those in the Serengeti, covering hundreds of miles from their wet season feeding grounds in the south to their breeding battle grounds in the north.这孩子迁徙的次数可能等同于那些在塞伦盖蒂的动物,这些动物在南方湿润季节成长,而到了北方则为了生育权进行殊死战斗,整个迁徙绵延数百英里。词语解释:1. savanna n. 稀树大草原2. rebel n. 叛军3. decimate v. 大量杀死201111/162793

Financial chiefs of the world's leading economies have wrapped up a gathering in South Korea with wary optimism about the future, and a call for coordinated efforts to sustain growth.At a similar gathering last year, members of the so-called G20 set of advanced economies agreed on emergency spending to stem a global crisis brought on by the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers in late 2008.The consensus at this year's meeting, here at the South Korean seaside city of Busan, is that those measures have worked. Central bankers and finance ministers gathered here from around the world say the economy is growing again. Now, many leaders agree it is time for them to start backing off from stimulus spending, and get their debts and deficits under control. The ongoing debt crisis in Greece and other southern European countries served as a reminder at this meeting of the danger of overspending - but also of the possibility that trimming spending too sharply could plunge the world economy back into recession.South Korean Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun, the host, says leaders have agreed to strike a balance.Summarizing a final group communiqué Saturday, he says recent events highlight the importance of sustainable public finances. He says member countries need to put in place credible policies that encourage growth and are sustainable, in a way that is tailored to each country's individual circumstances.G20 members also want new regulations, to help avoid the kind of risky behavior by financial institutions that brought on the U.S. banking crisis. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says reforming international finance has Washington's support."The ed States is moving aggressively to fix the things we got wrong, and to strengthen our economic fundamentals," said Geithner. "And we will give our full support to the G20 agenda of economic reform." One step that was widely discussed coming into the meeting was a tax on certain bank transactions, commonly called a "bank levy." Funds raised by such a levy would have been set aside for future bank bailouts if necessary. That idea was dropped amid disagreements, but members say they still want to agree on some kind of "safety net" for international banking.The communiqué produced at the Busan meeting will be put before heads of government when they gather in Seoul for a G20 summit in Seoul this November. 世界主要经济体的财政部长以对未来审慎乐观的态度完成了在韩国釜山的会议。会议呼吁各国为经济的持续发展努力合作。 在去年同样的集会里,被称为“G-20”的全球20大经济体成员国同意,为了遏止由于美国雷曼兄弟投资破产而导致的全球金融危机,各国做出紧急拨款。 今年在韩国釜山集会的共识则是,去年以来采取的措施已经收到成效。各国中央行长和财政部长表示,全球经济正在恢复成长。 现在许多领导人认为,目前是他们开始从刺激开撤退,转为控制债务和赤字的时候了。但是,目前发生在希腊以及南欧一些国家的债务危机,提醒了过度出的危险。但是与此同时,大幅度限制开又有可能使世界经济再度衰退。 会议的东道主、韩国企划财政部长官尹增铉表示,各国领导人同意谋求达到均衡的经济发展。 星期六在简要介绍最后联合公报时,他说,最近的事件凸显了可持续性公共财政的重要性。他表示,成员国需要制定鼓励增长和可持续的可信政策,而这种政策需要根据每个国家的各自情况量身定做。 20国集团还希望制定新的规章,帮助避免带来美国业危机的那些金融机构的冒险行为。美国财政部长盖特纳表示,华盛顿持改革国际金融。 他说:“美国正在积极采取措施,纠正我们的失误,巩固经济的基本层面。我们将全力持20国集团经济改革的政策。” 在20国集团会议前广泛讨论的一个步骤是对某些业务项目征税,一般称为“税”。这个税项带来的资金将专项用于未来可能需要的拯救行动。由于不同意见,这个想法被放弃,不过成员国说,他们仍然想就用于国际业的某种“安全网”达成协议。 在釜山会议上制定的公报将提交给今年11月将在首尔举行20国集团首脑会议的各国首脑。201006/105703

Former Fed Chief Says US Financial Crisis is 'Credit Tsunami'格林斯潘:信贷飓风会增负面影响 Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, has predicted further negative impacts for Americans from the U.S. and global financial crisis, which he called a credit tsunami. Greenspan and two other current and former U.S. officials, faced tough questioning from lawmakers in a congressional hearing. 前美联储主席格林斯潘预测,美国和全球的金融危机对美国人的负面影响还会增加。他把这个危机成为“信贷飓风。”格林斯潘和另外两名现任的和离任的政府官员在国会举行的听会上受到了严厉的质询。The longest-serving chairman of the U.S. central bank until he was replaced by Ben Bernanke in 2006, Greenspan called the financial and credit crisis a "once in a century credit tsunami" brought about by heavy demand for securities backed by sub-prime mortgages. 格林斯潘是美国历史上担任美联储主席职务时间最长的一位中央行长。他在2006年退休,把这个职位交给了伯南克。格林斯潘称现在这场金融危机和信贷危机是由于对次贷持的券需求太大而引起的“百年不遇的信贷飓风。”The crisis has been much broader than anything I could have imagined, Greenspan said, leaving him and other economic experts in a state of shocked disbelief. 格林斯潘表示,这场危机的规模超过了他想象到的任何危机。他和其他经济学家们都对此感到震撼,难以置信。"Given the financial damage to date, I cannot see how we can avoid a significant rise in layoffs and unemployment," he said. "Fearful American households are attempting to adjust as best they can to a rapid contraction in credit availability, threats to retirement funds and increased job insecurity." “从到目前为止造成的金融破坏来看,我看不出我们怎么才能够避免裁员和失业的大幅度增加。美国家庭惶恐不安,都在想办法进行自我调节,适应信贷急速萎缩、退休基金受到威胁和就业安全正在下降的情况。”For the crisis to end, Greenspan added, U.S. housing prices must stabilize, something he said is still many months in the future.  格林斯潘认为,要结束危机就必需稳定房屋价格。不过,他表示,房价稳定还需要好多个月的时间。A future economic landscape, he said, would be characterized by exceptional investor caution, particularly where investment instruments are concerned, leading to a more sustainable sub-prime mortgage market.  在谈到未来的经济状况时,格林斯潘表示,特征之一就是投资人会格外谨慎,尤其是在投资工具的使用方面。这样会使得次贷市场得到持续的发展。Greenspan has faced criticism that as Federal Reserve chairman for more than 18 years, he resisted tighter market regulation, and kept U.S. interest rates too low, fueling a surge in risky sub-prime mortgages. 格林斯潘受到的一个批评是,他在担任美联储主席的18年中拒绝强化市场管理,把美国的利率降得太低,造成了风险很高的次贷数量的飞速上涨。Committee Democrats questioned decisions and statements he made about the U.S. housing market. 听会上的民主党议员对格林斯潘做出过的有关房地产市场的决定和发表过的有关提出了质疑。Democratic panel chairman Henry Waxman asked if the crisis has changed his ideological positions on regulation and the operation of free markets. 主持听会的民主党议员亨利·瓦克斯曼(Henry Waxman)问格林斯潘,这场危机是否改变了他对监管和对自由市场运做的政策理念。"In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology was not right, it was not working," asked Waxman. “换句话说,你是否发现你的世界观,你的理念是否不对头,是否行不通呢?”"Precisely, that is precisely the reason I was shocked, because I had been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well," Greenspan replied. 格林斯潘回答说:“的确,这正是我感到震惊的原因。40多年来,有大量的据显示,这种理念特别行之有效。我一直是这么看的。”Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Christopher Cox was sharply challenged by Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings about efforts now to crack down on one aspect of the credit mess.Cummings: "You became SEC chairman over three years ago. Why didn't you act sooner to require this disclosure of credit default swaps?"Cox: "If you wish me to answer explicitly, where was I, I was here with you, indeed I was vice-chairman of this committee, when Congress had the opportunity to do what I am asking Congress to do now, which is to close this regulatory hole."Cummings: "But I'm talking about the three years that you were there, we paid your salary, the taxpayers the ones that are losing their homes right now paid your salary for three years."Minority Republicans also questioned decisions by Greenspan, Cox, and former Treasury Secretary John Snow, although Republican criticisms were not as sharp as Democrats. 国会占少数的共和党议员也质疑格林斯潘、考克斯和前财政部长约翰·斯诺的决定,但是共和党的批评没有民主党那样尖锐。In a separate hearing, the U.S. treasury official overseeing the 0 billion program approved by Congress to rescue financial institutions, said it is having a positive effect, but Neel Kashkari added a cautionary note. 在单独举行的另外一个听会上,负责监督执行国会批准的7千亿美元救助金融机构方案的美国财政部官员卡斯卡里说,救助方案正在产生积极的效果,但是他语调谨慎。"Since the announcement of our capital purchase program, we have seen numerous signs of improvement in our markets and in the confidence in our financial institutions," he said. "While there have been recent positive developments, the markets remain fragile." “自从宣布了我们的资本购买方案以来,我们已经看到许多市场和金融机构信心得到改善的迹象。尽管出现了这些积极的发展势头,但是市场仍然脆弱。”Thursday's hearing took placed amid continued volatility in U.S. financial markets, amid investor concerns about the economy, and new figures showing increases in home foreclosures. 在星期四听会进行的同时,美国金融市场依然动荡不止,投资者依然担心经济形势,新的数据显示被收回的房屋数量还在增加。At the White House, press secretary Dana Perino declined to use the word recession to describe the economic situation, but said President Bush knows the country is in "for a rough ride."200810/53808

India Launches First Unmanned Mission to Moon印度22日头一次发射探月太空船  India has launched its first unmanned mission to the Moon. The mission is a major boost to the country's space program, as India joins Asian nations China and Japan in exploring the Moon. 印度发射了第一艘无人探月飞船,从而加入了中国和日本的行列,成为另一个对月球进行探测的亚洲国家。这次发射是印度太空计划的一次重要进展。The unmanned Chandayaan-1 spacecraft blasted off from a launch pad in Sriharikota in southern India, shortly after dawn, Wednesday, as the nation watched on television. 星期三凌晨,无人驾驶的“月球飞船一号”从印度南部斯里赫里戈达岛的发射台上轰然起飞,印度全国通过电视转播观看了发射。Scientists applauded and hugged each other. The head of the Indian Space Research Organization, G. Madhavan Nair, calls it a perfect launch and says everything is going according to plan. 科学家们鼓掌欢呼并互相拥抱。印度太空研究组织的领导人马达范·奈尔说这是一次成功的发射,并且说一切都按照计划进行。"It's a historic moment, as far as India is concerned…..We have started our journey to the Moon and the first leg of the journey has gone perfectly well," said Nair. "It's a remarkable performance by the launch vehicle, every parameter was on the dot….Today what we have started is a remarkable journey for the Indian spacecraft to go to the Moon and try to unravel the mysteries of the Moon."  他说:“对印度来说,这是历史性的一刻。我们已经开始月球之旅,而旅程的第一步骤走得都很完美。发射器的表现十分出色,每一个参数都十分准确。我们今天开始的是印度探月太空飞船的精采旅程,并且尝试著揭开月球的神秘面纱。”It was clearly a moment of celebration for scientists in charge of the mission. 对于主持这项任务的科学家们,这显然是欢庆的一刻。"This is the beginning of a new era…..Words don't come, OK…..today it is a red-letter day…our baby is on the way to the moon," one scientist could be heard saying. “这是新时代的开始。言语难以形容。今天是重要的一天。我们的宝贝飞船正在飞往月球的路上。”The Chandrayaan-I, which means Moon Vehicle, is being sent on a two-year mission to orbit the Moon and scan its chemical and mineral composition. A key objective will be to look for water. The spacecraft carries 11 instruments. Five are Indian, three are from the European Space Agency and two from the ed States. A gadget from the spacecraft will land on the Moon to pick up some dust for analysis. 月球飞船一号背负著两年的计划,将循环月球轨道,并且扫描其化学与矿物成分。探索水分将是重要的目标之一。这艘太空飞船运载著11台仪器。其中有5台来自印度,3台来自欧洲太空局,两台来自美国。太空飞船上的一台设备将登陆月球,收集一些尘土以供分析。This is India's first space mission beyond the Earth's orbit. If successful, the million project will be a major step forward for India's space program. 这是印度的第一次超越地球轨道的太空任务。如果成功的话,这项耗资7千9百万美元的飞行任务将使印度的太空计划向前迈进一步。It is also being seen as an effort by India to catch up with Japan and China, which have aly sent unmanned spacecraft to orbit the Moon. In particular, China has been forging ahead in space exploration, putting astronauts in space and carrying out its first spacewalk. 也被视为印度要追上日本与中国的一项努力。日本与中国已经送出无人驾驶飞船环绕月球轨道飞行。中国尤其已经在太空探测上取得领先,太空人跨出太空舱,并且实行了太空漫步。India, too, has drawn up ambitious programs. It plans to send an astronaut into space by 2014 and a manned mission to the Moon by 2020. 印度也制定出雄心勃勃的计划。它计划在2014年之前让太空人跨出太空舱,并且在2020年之前实现月球登陆。India started its first space program in 1963, developing its own satellites and launch vehicles, and has a foot-hold in the multibillion-dollar commercial space-launch business. 印度在1963年开始其太空计划,发展了自己的卫星以及发射太空飞船,并且跨足拥有几百亿美元商机的商业太空飞船发射生意。200810/53776

If you havnt found yet, keep looking and dont settle, as was all matters of the heart you konw you will find it.如果你还没有找到,那就继续找,不要气馁,如果你全心全力,你知道你会找到的。Its revolution now fully set in emotion. Jobs issues challenge to the world.这是情感完全投入所带来的革命。而乔布斯现在则向世界发起了挑战。Death is very likely the single best invention of life. Its lifes change agent.死亡很有可能是生命最好的发明。这是生命转换的代理人。It clear out the all to make way for the new.死亡是为新生命的诞生所做的一种牺牲。When Steve Jobs give the commencement address at Stanford University in 2005.这是2005年史蒂夫;乔布斯在斯坦福大学毕业典礼上的讲话。He had to have suspected the ride was going to be over well before he would have liked.不管他喜不喜欢这个观点,他肯定会对这次旅行感到质疑。词语解释:1. revolution n. 革命2. invention n. 发明164634

Inflation's real costAs the price of flour, milk and rice increases, Americans find that inflation forces them to dig deeper into their wallets.Welcome back Issue No. 1 here on CNN. You hear the word "inflation" all the time. Now here, my definition as what inflation is: It's a persistent substantial rise in the general level of price related to an increase in the volume of money and results in the loss of currency value. If you are still with me, that may be the book definition, but to you it really just means that times can be tougher and your wallet is a bit tighter now than it was a year ago, 'cause things cost more. Our senior correspondent and inflation expert Allan Chernoff is here with more and he comes up with increasingly creative ways to explain to us, how inflation affects us, Allan.Well, it's certainly we are getting squeezed, but it's much worse than what the government is telling us. The government is saying that the consumer price index has risen by four percent over the past 12 months. Well, let's have a look at some of the items that we buy very often in the grocery store. First of all, flour, over the past years, flour up by 14%, rice and pasta 13%, milk up 13% as well. The fact is when we go to the grocery store, we are paying increases that are much, much higher than the consumer price index is telling. And then, why is it that the government number of four percent, and I, I, if I had hair I'd pull it out every time I see this number because the bottom line is we know that the things are costing us more, why does the number not reflect this?The problem here the reason is that the way the consumer price index is calculated, these items that we buy almost everyday, flour, rice, they don't count for very much in this CPI. Let's have a look at some of these numbers. Flour accounts for less than one twentieth of one percent of the consumer price index. Rice and pasta one-tenths of one percent, milk three-tenths of one percent. It really doesn't add up to very much, in fact, food that we buy to bring into our own kitchens total accounts for less than 8% of the consumer price index.When in reality we spend more on that than we do you've pointed this out, computers haven’t increased in price as much, or apparel. But we don't, we, when time is too tight , you gotta buy the food, it is disproportionate depending on who you are and what's your spending patterns are, there are other things that have gone up a lot more and that also doesn't help the calculation. Totally, and this is very true for one area where we saw astronomical increases over the winter time. Fuel oil, people who have to heat their homes with fuel oil, the price for that for the past year up 48%, natural gas which is more prevalent, the increase was not quite as bad. Let's see how these are counted in the consumer price index if you look the percentage of the consumer price index, you see fuel oil where we had a huge increase accounts for only two-tenths of one percent of the CPI, virtually nothing. Natural gas, because so many more people use it, accounts for one percent of the CPI. Five times that, yeah. Yes, but the increase for natural gas as we saw was far lower than for fuel oil. That's why some people really feel the squeeze of inflation, others not quite as bad.Here in the northeast, for instance, we use fuel oil a lot for our heating in parts of the mid-west, other parts of the country the primary heating source for heating air-conditioning is natural gas. So it's a different effect it has on your budget. A really good topic! Thank you, Allan, for staying on top of that for us.02/61609

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