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青口镇人民医院人流价格表Its a dwarf of minke whales,one of the smallest of great whales.这是一头侏儒小须鲸,侏儒小须鲸是巨鲸里最小的一种。The turtle have swum from as far away as islands in the South Pacific.海龟们来自遥远的太平洋岛屿。But the whale have travelled considerably further,all the way from Antactic.但鲸鱼来自更远的地方,一路从南极而来。They come to Ribbon Reefs,south of Rain Island,to calve in the warm tropical waters or to mate.它们来到雷恩岛南边的带状礁,在温暖的热带海水里分娩或交配。Whale watching’s becomes a local tourist attraction.赏鲸已经成为当地的一个旅游项目。But some whales turn the tables, they go people watching.但有些鲸鱼却反其道而行之,它们赏人,These are adolescent whales,and they are extremely inquisitive.这些是未成年的鲸鱼,而且它们有着极强的好奇心。The moment of that first encounter is extraordinarily intense because you see the animal materialise beneath you.第一次遭遇鲸鱼的那个时刻会让人异常紧张,因为你看见它们真真切切在你下方。The first thing you see is the white strip on the pectoral fin,and the waters seems to solidify.最先映入眼帘的是胸鳍上的白色条纹,跟着连水好像也凝固了。This is a big animal,5 or 6tons.这是个大家伙,大概有5,6吨重。And then you gradually see it turn, and the eyes foucus on you,and you focus on the eye.然后慢慢地,你看见它转弯,眼珠子一错不错地盯着你,你也盯着它的眼睛。The animals are plainly studying you, and gradually getting closer and closer.这些家伙显然正打量你,而且慢慢地越靠越近。You are the object of curiosity to this whale, and its remarkable sensation.你就是这小家伙好奇的对象,这真是很奇妙的感觉。201510/403494在福清妇幼保健院医生在线咨询Well, last time I was here wait from the show,上次我来这等节目的时候I.. I got court.. court side tickets to a Laker game.我拿了票去看湖人球赛Thats fun. Yeah, cause my...my business agent thought I was mad at him for sexually harassing me.那挺有意思的 对 因为 我的代理人以为我生他的气 因为他性骚扰我Well. - No, but Im like 33 So Im just starting to really appreciate that.好吧 不 因为像我这种33岁的女人 我得庆幸 有人还会性骚扰我You know what I mean? I see. I see.你知道什么意思吗 我知道Well its sure I cant speak for everyone,Im not like ;Sexual her up.; But,当然 不是每个人都这样 我不是那种欲求不满的人 但是in your 20s you feel like you walk around,like walk past a construction site,你二十几岁的时候外出被骚扰 就比如说经过工地you become like, oh, like dont...But then in your 30s.你会说 不要 不要啊 但是当你上了三十多了You know Im just like.. ;What about this?; Like, ;How about...; Yep.你就会像这样 老娘这里性感吗 这里呢 对Its like my skirts over my head, and Im like ;Uh;.然后把裙子撩过头顶They are like ;We are eating.;But um....it changes, it really does.他们一脸嫌弃地说 别闹了 吃饭呢 但是 二十岁和三十岁肯定是不一样的It changes so... I.. I got court-side seats,变化很大 我拿到了场边票Which youve sat at court side at a game, right? I have.你也是场边票吧 对I thought there will be free boos.Um... Its not. Its not.我以为 会有人对我吹口哨呢 然而 是我想太多I used to get beyond the team to get free boos. So,I go,我靠近球队 为了赢得欢呼 所以我就去了I get randomly sit next to see Diana Agron.我随便一坐 靠着戴安娜?阿格龙You know the actor shes on Glee.Shes the cheeerleader queen.她出演过;欢乐合唱团; 她是拉拉队女王I bet you know how hot she is.我知道你们都认为她超性感Yeah, there we go, there is the picture,thanks for.... Yes, isnt that great?对 就是这样 这是拍到的照片 还真得谢谢了 是不是很女神Shes like the most gorgeous girl ever.她看起来真是美翻了Her name was Queen on that show to pull off that name在这场比赛中完美诠释了女王这一头衔Like if my name was queen on the show Theyd be like,如果我是比赛中的女王 他们肯定会这样;Oh, the jolly Irish crowns keeper that...;Does it Jim tie it again, you know.那个欢脱的爱尔兰人拿着 要是再弄一遍 /201603/429496福州市73301部队医院属于几级

福清市中山综合医院靠谱吗?福建福清妇女医院网络咨询Balanced on its hinder legs and tale like a tripod, its a trick few other lizards can perform.靠后腿和尾巴像三脚架那样撑身体,这个姿势只有少数几种蜥蜴可以做到。But its effective to get to those just out-of-reach places.但这可以让蜥蜴到达那些原来够不到的地方。The gouannas sense of smell is important to its sight.巨蜥的味觉与视觉一样重要。Its forked tone helps detect food from distance.它分叉的舌头能感知远处的食物。By comparing the strength of smell reahing each of two prones,it can pinppoint where it comes from.通过对比到达舌头两个尖的味道强度,它可以查明味道的来源。A rotten fish is irresistible.腐烂的鱼其诱惑不可抗拒。Theyre usually solitary.它们通常独居。But here on lizards island, they torlerate each other as well as there is plenty of food to go around.但在蜥蜴岛上,它们会相互容忍,只要这里有足够的食物。Small gouannas give way to larger ones.小巨蜥给大巨蜥让路。Foraging a variet of food has helped gouannas build a large population on the lizard island.食性甚广的巨蜥在蜥蜴岛上繁衍出庞大的种群。There is another important factor, and thats how they react to me.但还有另一个重要的因素就是它们对我的反应。 201502/358572A Virginia resident who traveled outside the ed States has tested positive for the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday, citing health officials. 周二,美联社援引卫生官员报道,一名弗吉尼亚居民出国旅游后检测到蚊传播寨卡病毒呈阳性。Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine said the resident traveled to a country where the Zika virus transmission is ongoing. 弗吉尼亚州卫生专员玛丽莎·莱文士称,居民前往过寨卡病毒正流行的国家。Levine said this person poses no risk to other residents, because it is not mosquito season in Virginia. 莱文表示,此人不会对其他居民造成任何风险,因为弗吉尼亚不是蚊子的季节。The mosquito-borne virus has been linked to brain damage in thousands of babies in Brazil. There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika.蚊传播病毒与巴西数千名婴儿脑部损伤有关。目前没有应对寨卡病毒的疫苗或方法。译文属。201601/424295福建省福清市妇幼保健挂号预约平台福清做内痔疮大概费用是多少

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