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Rob and Feifei go out shopping. She has lots of money but Rob doesnt. Why is Rob so poor? Will Feifei realise the reason why? Listen to the programme to find out.罗布和菲菲外出购物。菲菲很有钱,可是罗布没钱。为什么罗布这么穷?菲菲会说出原因吗?请收听本期节目并找出。Feifei: I love this shop, Rob! It has everything you need and then things you dont even know you need! Look at this suitcase! Real leather. Very smart. Im getting the beige one. Take the black one for yourself, Rob.菲菲:罗布,我喜欢这家店!店里有你需要的所有东西,还有你都不知道你会需要的东西!看看这个手提箱!真皮的,非常高档。我要买米色的。罗布,你买黑色的吧。Rob: I cant buy anything at the moment, Feifei. I havent got any money.罗布:菲菲,我现在什么都买不了。我没有钱。Feifei: You should save some money so you can buy things like this. Here — this one is a bit smaller and costs less… Oh, mine is big and luxurious though…菲菲:你应该攒点钱,这样你就能买这种商品了。看,这个手提箱号儿小,也便宜……哦,不过我的手提箱又大又奢华……Rob: I did save some money but I lent it to a friend last month and Im still waiting to be paid back.罗布:我的确攒了些钱,不过我上个月把钱借给我朋友了,朋友还没有还我钱。Feifei: Oh, Rob. You shouldnt lend money to just anybody… Oh! I love that handbag too…菲菲:哦,罗布。你不应该借别人钱……哦!我也喜欢这个手提包……Rob: Really?! Yes, last month someone came to me and said she needed some cash desperately for the rent.罗布:真的吗?上个月有朋友来找我,她说她急需现金付房租。Feifei: Oh… Oh, thats right! It was me… Sorry, Rob. I completely forgot…菲菲:哦,哦,没错!是我借的钱……抱歉,罗布。我完全把这事忘了……Rob: Well, finally the penny dropped!罗布:嗯,你终于明白了!Feifei: Where? Where? You cant be dropping your pennies if you need cash! Let me help you to find them.菲菲:在哪儿呢?在哪儿?如果你需要现金,就不能把便士丢到地上!我来帮你找吧。Rob: Its not on the floor, Feifei. In English when we say the penny dropped we mean somebody has finally realised or understood something.罗布:菲菲,不在地上。在英语中,the penny dropped这个短语的意思是某人终于明白或理解了某事。Feifei: Well, so lets hear some examples of how this expression is used.菲菲:好,我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句Susan keeps postponing the wedding, Joe. When is the penny going to drop? She doesnt love you!乔,苏珊一直在推迟婚礼日期。你什么时候才能明白?她根本不爱你!If your boss doesnt appreciate you, why not leave a job advert from another company on your desk? That will make the penny drop!如果你的老板不赏识你,你为什么不在桌上放一张其他公司的招聘广告呢?到时他就明白了!Feifei: What an interesting expression. Ill pay you back, Rob. I promise.菲菲:这个表达方式真有趣。罗布,我会还你钱的,我保。Rob: Thank you. Im glad because I want to buy one of these suitcases and they cost a pretty penny.罗布:谢谢你。我很高兴,因为我也要买一个这种手提箱,虽然这种手提箱很贵。Feifei: Oh! Enough penny expressions for today, Rob. Bye!菲菲:哦!罗布,今天我们已经说了太多有关便士的表达方式了。再见!Rob: Bye bye!罗布:再见! 译文属 /201507/389089

unit 190 浪漫舞厅dialogue 英语情景对话A: Flowers for my favorite girl.A:鲜花送给我的心上人。B: How did you know that I love red roses?B:你怎么知道我喜欢红玫瑰?A: Thats a secret. Here, let me help you with your coat, and well be on our way.A:这是个秘密。来,让我帮你穿上外套,我们出发吧!A: That band is playing good music. Shall we dance?A:乐队正在演奏美妙的音乐。我们跳舞好吗?B: Fine, what do you call this?B:好吧,这是什么舞?A:Foxtrot. Oh. youre a good dancer.A:狐步舞。哦,你跳得真好。B: Really? Thank you. I am thinking the same thing about you.B:是吗?谢谢。我还在想你跳得也不错呢。A: I prefer the old style of dance because enjoy holding a pretty girl like you closely.A:我喜欢古典的舞蹈风格,因为我特别喜欢挽着像你这样漂亮的女孩子起舞。 /201509/397879

Language Points1.Blue in the face2.Bob’s your uncle3.Kick the bucket4.Hold your horses5.Head in the clouds /201706/512159

unit 45邀请到家里做客dialogue英语情景对话A:Why dont you come round for a meal one evening next week?A:你下星期找个晚上过来吃顿饭好吗?B:Id love to.B:好啊,我乐意去。A:Which day would suit you?A:对你来说哪一天合适?B:Any day except Tuesday.B:除了星期二,哪一天都可以。A:How about Thursday?A:星期四怎么样?B:Yes, Thursday would be fine. What time shall I come?B:行,星期四很好。我要几点钟来?A:Oh, about 6:00. Will that be OK?A:哦,6点左右吧。这个时间行吗?B:Yes, of course. Thank you very much.B:行,当然可以,非常感谢你。A:See you on Thursday, then.A:那么星期四见。 /201505/372442

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