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湖州长兴九州医院长兴县泗安皮肤病防治站做祛疤手术多少钱But no president, no Congress, no government, can undertake this mission alone.任何总统、任何国会、任何政府都不能单独完成这一使命。My fellow Americans, you, too, must play your part in our renewal.同胞们,在我国复兴的过程中,你们也必须发挥作用。I challenge a new generation of young Americans to a season of service; to act on your idealism by helping troubled children, keeping company with those in need, reconnecting our torn communities.我向新一代美国年轻人挑战,要求你们投入这一奉献的季节,按照你们的理想主义行动起来,使不幸的儿童得到帮助,使贫困的人们得到关怀,使四分五裂的社区恢复联系。There is so much to be done; enough indeed for millions of others who are still young in spirit to give of themselves in service, too.要做的事情很多,确实够多的,以至几百万在精神上仍然年轻的人也可作出奉献。In serving, we recognize a simple but powerful truth, we need each other.在奉献过程中,我们认识到相互需要这一简单而又强大的真理。And we must care for one another.我们必须相互关心。Today, we do more than celebrate America; we rededicate ourselves to the very idea of America.今天,我们不仅是在赞颂美国,我们再一次把自己奉献给美国的理想。An idea born in revolution and renewed through two centuries of challenge.这个理想在革命中诞生,在两个世纪的挑战中更新;这个理想经受了认识的考验,An idea tempered by the knowledge that, but for fate we, the fortunate and the unfortunate, might have been each other.大家认识到,若不是命运的安排,幸运者或不幸者有可能互换位置;An idea ennobled by the faith that our nation can summon from its myriad diversity the deepest measure of unity.这个理想由于一种信念而变得崇高,即我国能够从纷繁的多佯性中实现最深刻的统一性,An idea infused with the conviction that Americas long heroic journey must go forever upward.这个理想洋溢着一种信:美国漫长而英勇的旅程必将永远继续。And so, my fellow Americans, at the edge of the 21st century, let us begin with energy and hope, with faith and discipline, and let us work until our work is done.同胞们,在我恻即将跨入21世纪之际,让我们以旺盛的精力和满腔的希望,以坚定的信心和 严明的纪律开始工作,直到把工作完成。The scripture says, ;And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.;《圣经》说:;我们行善,不可丧志,若不灰心,到了时候,就要收成。;From this joyful mountaintop of celebration, we hear a call to service in the valley.在这个欢乐的山巅,我们听见山谷里传来了要我们作出奉献的召唤。We have heard the trumpets.我们听到了号角声。We have changed the guard.我们已经换岗。And now, each in our way, and with Gods help, we must answer the call.现在,我们必须以各自的方式,在上帝的帮助下响应这一召唤。Thank you, and God bless you all.谢谢大家 上帝保佑你们。03/438230长兴县蓝光祛痘多少钱 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT RECEPTION HONORING AMBASSADORSTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Well, I want to welcome all of you to the White House. Michelle and I are honored to host you here tonight; to get to know you, and to underscore the importance of cooperation between our nations.Diplomacy has always been critically important to all nations. But in many ways, it grows more important with each passing year, because the interconnectedness of our world means that in the 21st century, we cannot solve our problems until we solve them together. For centuries, diplomats have come together to discuss war and peace; commerce and exchange. But now, it is hard to think of an issue that matters to our people that does not depend in some way upon cooperation among nations -- health and education; energy and the environment; the arts and even athletics.And that's one reason why I came into office with a strong commitment to renew American diplomacy, and to start a new era of engagement with the world. This must be a moment when we engage on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect, so that we can build new partnerships for progress. And it is in that spirit that I welcome all of you here tonight.I’m also pleased that we’ve put together an extraordinary team to lead America's diplomacy. I have an extraordinary Secretary of State in Hillary Clinton. I’m so pleased to have Susan Rice, our talented Ambassador to the ed Nations, here with us tonight, as well as our outstanding Trade Representative, Ron Kirk. And I couldn’t be more proud of the job that American diplomats are doing around the world, as well.In the months and years ahead, I know that we are going to do important work with each of you. We will depend on you to connect us to your government, to help make progress on our common challenges, and to build bridges among our people.Of course, one of the wonderful things about America is that so much of the world is represented in our own cities and towns -- I think we likely have immigrants who have come to our shores from every country that is represented here tonight. In fact, my own hometown of Chicago is probably pretty close to being able to make that claim all by itself. (Laughter.) I hope that you all know that this fact guides our respect for different peoples, for different cultures, and for different countries. For here, in America, we see the capacity for people from all corners of the world to come together to advance their common dreams.Of course, I'm mindful that many of you have been in Washington longer than I have, so some of you aly know your way around. But whether you've been here for years, or whether this is your first time in the White House, I hope you feel welcome. I look forward to working together to advance the peace and prosperity of the people not only of the ed States but also people all around the world.So thank you very much. Have a wonderful evening. (Applause.) And we will see you soon. (Laughter.)07/79420Remarks of President Barack Obama As Prepared for Delivery Weekly AddressJanuary 9, 2010A year ago, when I took office in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, I promised you two things. The first was that there would be better days ahead. And the second was that the road to recovery would be long, and sometimes bumpy.That was brought home again yesterday. We learned that in November, our economy saw its first month of job gains in nearly two years – but last month, we lost more than we gained. Now, we know that no single month makes a trend, and job losses for the final quarter of were one-tenth what they were in the first quarter. But until we see a trend of good, sustainable job creation, we will be relentless in our efforts to put America back to work.That task goes even deeper than replacing the seven million jobs that have been lost over the past two years. We need to rebuild our economy in such a way that our families can feel a measure of security again. Too many of the folks I’ve talked with this year, and whose stories I in letters at night, tell me that they’ve known their own private recessions since long before economists declared one – and they’ll still feel the recession long after economists have declared it over.That’s because, for decades, Washington avoided doing what was right in favor of doing what was easy. And the result was an economy where some made out well, but the middle class too often took a beating.Over the past decade, the income of the average household actually declined, and we lost as many jobs as we created. Hardworking folks who did everything right suddenly found themselves forced to downscale their dreams because of economic factors beyond their control. We’re talking about simple dreams. American dreams. A good job with a good wage. A secure and dignified retirement. Stable health care so you don’t go broke just because you get sick. The chance to give our kids a better shot than we got.That’s why, as we begin to emerge from this crisis, we will not return to the complacency that helped cause it. Even as we focus on putting America back to work today, we’re building a new foundation for our economy to create the good, lasting jobs and shared prosperity of tomorrow.We’re making historic investments in science and in a clean energy economy that will generate and keep the jobs and industries of the future right here in America.We’re reforming our education system, so that our kids are fully prepared to compete with workers anywhere in the world and win the race for the 21st century.We’re fixing our broken health insurance system that’s crushing families, eating away at workers’ take-home pay, and nailing small businesses with double-digit premium increases.And that’s what I’d like to focus on for a minute. After a long and thorough debate, we are on the verge of passing health insurance reform that will finally offer Americans the security of knowing they’ll have quality, affordable health care whether they lose their job, change jobs, move, or get sick. The worst practices of the insurance industry will be banned forever. And costs will finally come down for families, businesses, and our government.Now, it’ll take a few years to fully implement these reforms in a responsible way. But what every American should know is that once I sign health insurance reform into law, there are dozens of protections and benefits that will take effect this year.Uninsured Americans with a pre-existing illness or condition will finally be able to purchase coverage they can afford.Children with pre-existing conditions will no longer be refused coverage, and young adults will be able to stay on their parents’ policy until they’re 26 or 27 years old.Small business owners who can’t afford to cover their employees will be immediately offered tax credits to purchase coverage.Early retirees who receive coverage from their employers will see their coverage protected and their premiums go down.Seniors who fall into the coverage gap known as the donut hole will receive discounts of up to 50 percent on their prescriptions as we begin to close that gap altogether.And every patient’s choice of doctor will be protected, along with access to emergency care.Here’s what else will happen within the first year. Insurance plans will be required to offer free preventive care to their customers – so that we can start catching preventable illnesses and diseases on the front end. They’ll no longer be allowed to impose restrictive annual limits on the amount of coverage you receive or lifetime limits on the amount of benefits you receive. They’ll be prohibited from dropping your coverage when you get sick and need it most. And there will be a new, independent appeals process for anyone who feels they were unfairly denied a claim by their insurance company.In short, once I sign health insurance reform into law, doctors and patients will have more control over their health care decisions, and insurance company bureaucrats will have less. All told, these changes represent the most sweeping reforms and toughest restrictions on insurance companies that this country has ever known. That’s how we’ll make 2010 a healthier and more secure year for every American – for those who have health insurance, and those who don’t.We enter a new decade, now, with new perils – but we’re going to meet them. It’s also a time of tremendous promise – and we’re going to seize it. We will rebuild the American Dream for our middle class and put the American economy on a stronger footing for the future. And this year, I am as hopeful and as confident as ever that we’re going to rise to this moment the same way that generations of Americans always have: as one nation, and one people. Thanks for listening.201001/94199湖州曙光医院脱毛手术多少钱

湖州第一医院切眼袋多少钱The President blasts Republicans in the Senate who are blocking unemployment insurance and small business tax breaks to create jobs, even as they push for permanent, massive tax cuts for the richest Americans.Download mp4 (145MB) | mp3 (5MB)201007/109252安吉县人民医院丰胸多少钱 President Bush Sends Condolences to Victims of FloodingTHE PRESIDENT: Laura and I had the joy of worshiping here in Paris. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are suffering from the floods in our country; I know there's a lot of people hurting right now and I hope they're able to find some strength in knowing that there is love from a higher being. Also I want to wish all the fathers in America happy Father's Day. So Dad, if you're listening, happy Father's Day.Thank you all.200806/42184长兴县煤山地区医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

湖州长兴县治疗青春痘多少钱21世纪爱立信杯全国英语演讲比赛 第五名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/47613 Vice-Presidential Nomination Acceptance SpeechGeraldine FerraroVice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address[AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio.]Ladies and gentlemen of the convention:My name is Geraldine Ferraro. I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. As I stand before the American people and think of the honor this great convention has bestowed upon me, I recall the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who made America stronger by making America more free. He said, "Occasionally in life there are moments which cannot be completely explained by words. Their meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart." Tonight is such a moment for me.My heart is filled with pride. My fellow citizens, I proudly accept your nomination for Vice President of the ed States. And I am proud to run with a man who will be one of the great Presidents of this century, Walter F. Mondale. Tonight, the daughter of a woman whose highest goal was a future for her children talks to our nation's oldest party about a future for us all. Tonight, the daughter of working Americans tells all Americans that the future is within our reach, if we're willing to reach for it. Tonight, the daughter of an immigrant from Italy has been chosen to run for [Vice] President in the new land my father came to love.Our faith that we can shape a better future is what the American dream is all about. The promise of our country is that the rules are fair. If you work hard and play by the rules, you can earn your share of America's blessings. Those are the beliefs I learned from my parents. And those are the values I taught my students as a teacher in the public schools of New York City.At night, I went to law school. I became an assistant district attorney, and I put my share of criminals behind bars. I believe if you obey the law, you should be protected. But if you break the law, you must pay for your crime.When I first ran for Congress, all the political experts said a Democrat could not win my home district in Queens. I put my faith in the people and the values that we shared. Together, we proved the political experts wrong. In this campaign, Fritz Mondale and I have put our faith in the people. And we are going to prove the experts wrong again. We are going to win. We are going to win because Americans across this country believe in the same basic dream.Last week, I visited Elmore, Minnesota, the small town where Fritz Mondale was raised. And soon Fritz and Joan will visit our family in Queens. Nine hundred people live in Elmore. In Queens, there are 2,000 people on one block. You would think we'd be different, but we're not. Children walk to school in Elmore past grain elevators; in Queens, they pass by subway stops. But, no matter where they live, their future depends on education, and their parents are willing to do their part to make those schools as good as they can be. In Elmore, there are family farms; in Queens, small businesses. But the men and women who run them all take pride in supporting their families through hard work and initiative. On the 4th of July in Elmore, they hang flags out on Main Street; in Queens, they fly them over Grand Avenue. But all of us love our country, and stand y to defend the freedom that it represents.Americans want to live by the same set of rules. But under this administration, the rules are rigged against too many of our people. It isn't right that every year the share of taxes paid by individual citizens is going up, while the share paid by large corporations is getting smaller and smaller. The rules say: Everyone in our society should contribute their fair share. It isn't right that this year Ronald Reagan will hand the American people a bill for interest on the national debt larger than the entire cost of the federal government under John F. Kennedy. Our parents left us a growing economy. The rules say: We must not leave our kids a mountain of debt.It isn't right that a woman should get paid 59 cents on the dollar for the same work as a man.If you play by the rules, you deserve a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. It isn't right that, if trends continue, by the year 2000 nearly all of the poor people in America will be women and children. The rules of a decent society say: When you distribute sacrifice in times of austerity, you don't put women and children first. It isn't right that young people today fear they won't get the Social Security they paid for, and that older Americans fear that they will lose what they have aly learned [earned]. Social Security is a contract between the last generation and the next, and the rules say: You don't break contracts.We are going to keep faith with older Americans. We hammered out a fair compromise in the Congress to save Social Security. Every group sacrificed to keep the system sound. It is time Ronald Reagan stopped scaring our senior citizens.It isn't right that young couples question whether to bring children into a world of 50,000 nuclear warheads. That isn't the vision for which Americans have struggled for more than two centuries. And our future doesn't have to be that way. Change is in the air, just as surely as when John Kennedy beckoned America to a new frontier; when Sally Ride rocketed into space; and when Reverend Jesse Jackson ran for the office of President of the ed States.By choosing a woman to run for our nation's second highest office, you send a powerful signal to all Americans: There are no doors we cannot unlock. We will place no limits on achievement. If we can do this, we can do anything.Tonight, we reclaim our dream. We're going to make the rules of American life work fairly for all Americans again. To an Administration that would have us debate all over again whether the Voting Rights Act should be renewed and whether segregated schools should be tax exempt, we say, Mr. President: Those debates are over. On the issue of civil rights, voting rights, and affirmative action for minorities, we must not go backwards. We must -- and we will -- move forward to open the doors of opportunity.To those who understand that our country cannot prosper unless we draw on the talents of all Americans, we say: We will pass the Equal Rights Amendment.The issue is not what America can do for women, but what women can do for America. To the Americans who will lead our country into the 21st century, we say: We will not have a Supreme Court that turns the clock back to the 19th century.To those concerned about the strength of American and family values, as I am, I say: We are going to restore those values -- love, caring, partnership -- by including, and not excluding, those whose beliefs differ from our own. Because our own faith is strong, we will fight to preserve the freedom of faith for others.To those working Americans who fear that banks, utilities, and large special interests have a lock on the White House, we say: Join us; let's elect the people's President; and let's have government by and for the American people again.To an Administration that would savage student loans and education at the dawn of a new technological age, we say: You fit the classic definition of a cynic; you know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.To our students and their parents, we say: We will insist on the highest standards of excellence, because the jobs of the future require skilled minds. To young Americans who may be called to our country's service, we say: We know your generation will proudly answer our country's call, as each generation before you.This past year, we remembered the bravery and sacrifice of Americans at Normandy. And we finally paid tribute -- as we should have done years ago -- to that Unknown Soldier who represents all the brave young Americans who died in Vietnam. Let no one doubt, we will defend America's security and the cause of freedom around the world. But we want a President who tells us what America's fighting for, not just what we are fighting against.We want a President who will defend human rights, not just where it is convenient, but wherever freedom is at risk -- from Chile to Afghanistan, from Poland to South Africa. To those who have watched this administration's confusion in the Middle East, as it has tilted first toward one and then another of Israel's long-time enemies and wonder: "Will America stand by her friends and sister democracy?" we say: America knows who her friends are in the Middle East and around the world. America will stand with Israel always.Finally, we want a President who will keep America strong, but use that strength to keep America and the world at peace. A nuclear freeze is not a slogan: It is a tool for survival in the nuclear age. If we leave our children nothing else, let us leave them this Earth as we found it: whole and green and full of life.I know in my heart that Walter Mondale will be that President.A wise man once said, "Every one of us is given the gift of life, and what a strange gift it is. If it is preserved jealously and selfishly, it impoverishes and saddens. But if it is spent for others, it enriches and beautifies." My fellow Americans: We can debate policies and programs, but in the end what separates the two parties in this election campaign is whether we use the gift of life for others or only ourselves.Tonight, my husband, John, and our three children are in this hall with me. To my daughters, Donna and Laura, and my son, John Junior, I say: My mother did not break faith with me, and I will not break faith with you.To all the children of America, I say: The generation before ours kept faith with us, and like them, we will pass on to you a stronger, more just America.Thank you.200806/41138湖州妇保院韩式隆鼻多少钱湖州九八医院打一次水光多少钱



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