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海沧区腋臭微创手术思明区激光点痣多少钱一颗It looks like there isn#39;t going to be one answer to ageing看来衰老的原因并不只有一个but while science grapples with this enormous task,但是在这个庞大的科学探索中we know our views will affect how we actually age.我们知道自己的思想会影响实际年龄So what do we think it will be like?对此我们又是如何认知的呢If it happens in the right order,如果一切按照正常的顺序来if Mum goes, then I go, then my children, you know, die,如果妈妈走了 然后到我 我的孩子去世in that order, then按照这个顺序you can#39;t ask for more really, can you?你不能奢求太多 对吧My family are all quite long-lived.我的家族寿命都很长Nancy#39;s family are as well, so our children are going to be,南希的家族也是 我的孩子们也将一样going to be fit and healthy to look after me, I hope!我希望他们也很健康 能照顾我I shall be a burden. That#39;s one of my...我会成为负担Yes, I shall live to be a burden.没错 我会成为负担I#39;m probably going to be hell to live with.我可能变得很难相处I hope I#39;m going to be a happy old person.我希望我会成为快乐的老人If I can have the life I want, yes.如果我能拥有想要的生活 那就变老吧Getting old is not scary变老并不可怕because getting old just means I will have had more of this.因为变老只是意味着多了点这些I think children keep you young.我觉得孩子能让你保持年轻If my legs allowed me,如果我的腿允许I would still be dancing.我仍能起舞 Article/201304/235502莆田市抽脂多少钱 Make your own natural cosmetics with Sally Hornsley, cosmetic consultant. In this guide she shows you how to make an anti-viral and anti-bacterial lemon balm hand cream.跟随化妆品顾问Sally Hornsley一起制作纯天然的化妆品。在本视频中,她将向大家展示如何制作抗细菌抗病毒的蜜蜂花护手霜。You Will Need你需要sunflower oil向日葵油lemon balm蜜蜂花emulsifying wax乳化蜡bees wax黄蜡lemon balm blend essential oil蜜蜂花混合精油Method方法Start with a lemon balm infusion. You can make this by leaving chopped up lemon balm in sunflower oil for 3 weeks.先从蜜蜂花的浸泡开始。可以将切碎的蜜蜂花浸泡在向日葵油中三周的时间。Filter the lemon balm infusion into a heat-proof beaker, then discard the herbs. You need 25 g of lemon balm oil.将蜜蜂花浸泡液过滤到隔热烧杯中,然后丢弃香草。你需要25克蜜蜂花油。Add 6 g of emulsifying wax, 3 g of bees wax and some cocoa butter.加入6克乳化蜡,3克黄蜡和一些可可豆油。Measure out 50 g of spring water in another container.用另外一个容器装50克泉水。Heat the water and the waxes until the waxes have melted, then remove them from the heat and combine them, stirring constantly for 2 minutes.把水和蜡加热,直到蜡融化,然后混合,不断搅拌2分钟。After about 5 minutes the mixture will have thickened, so you can now add 10 drops of the essential oil.大约5分钟之后,混合物会变得浓稠,现在可以加入10滴精油。Add 15 drops of preservative, then stir well.加入15滴防腐剂,然后充分搅拌。Thanks for watching How To Make Lemon Balm Cream.感谢收看“怎样自制蜜蜂花护手霜”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/241916Promote good health by keeping your kitchen stocked with these essential healthy foods.厨房中经常储备这些必需的健康食品,促进身体健康。You Will Need你需要Low-fat dairy products低脂奶制品Lean meats瘦肉Brown rice糙米Whole-grain foods全谷食品Canned and dried beans罐装蚕豆或干蚕豆Nuts坚果Tuna packed in water水浸金鱼Frozen and fresh fruit冰冻和新鲜水果Frozen and fresh vegetables冰冻和新鲜蔬菜Veggie burgers素食汉堡Fish鱼Meatless meatballs无肉肉丸Spices香料Healthy oils健康的油Nutritional fact labels营养标签Steps步骤STEP 1 Stock your refrigerator1.装满冷藏室Stock your refrigerator with low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, and skim or one percent milk. Have lean meats like roast beef or turkey on hand for sandwiches or snacks.冷藏室中装满低脂奶制品,比如酸奶,奶酪,脱脂牛奶或百分之一的奶。对于三明治或者快餐,随时准备一些瘦肉,比如烤牛肉或者火鸡肉。Step 2: Keep smart foods in pantry2.聪明选择餐具室食物Keep smart foods in your pantry. Buy brown rice, whole-grain noodles, canned or dried beans, whole-grain bs, nuts, whole-grain cereal, and tuna packed in water.Choose cereal with at least 3 grams of fiber.聪明选择餐具室食物。买未经漂白的大米,全谷类面条,罐装蚕豆或干蚕豆,全谷类面包,坚果,谷类食物还有水浸金鱼。谷类食物中至少含有3克的纤维。Step 3: Fill your freezer3.填满冷冻室Fill your freezer with healthy choices, such as frozen fruits and vegetables, lean ground meat, veggie burgers, fish, and meatless meatballs.用健康的选择填满你的冷冻室,比如冷冻水果和蔬菜,瘦肉,汉堡,鱼和少量肉的肉丸。Step 4:Spice up your food4.增添香料Spice up your food by keeping these healthy choices in your spice rack: black pepper, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger,oregano, sage, and garlic.为了使你的食物更具风味,可以选用你香料架上的香料:黑胡椒,罗勒油,桂皮香料,百里香,生姜,牛至,鼠尾草和大蒜。Taking 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and prevent blood platelets from clumping, so be sure to find ways to add cinnamon to your meals.每天吃1/4茶匙的肉桂可以降低胆固醇,血糖浓度,还可以防止血小板凝固,因此确保找到一些方法在你的饭菜里增加肉桂。Step 5: Stock with fruits and vegetables5.储备水果和蔬菜Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables give you the essential minerals, fiber, and nutrients to help protect you from chronic diseases and cancers.在你的厨房里储存新鲜的水果和蔬菜。水果和蔬菜提供给你必需的矿物质,纤维和营养,预防慢性疾病和癌症。Step 6: Keep heart-smart cooking oil6.用质量高的食用油Keep heart-smart cooking oils, such as canola oil, olive oil, sunflower, and flaxseed oil.用一个质量较高的食用油,例如菜油,橄榄油,葵花油还有亚麻油。Canola oil contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other oil.菜油含有更多的欧米茄-3多脂氨基酸,多于其他的食用油。Step 7:Check the nutritional fact label7.查看营养标签Check the nutritional fact labels on your food to see how much sodium, calories, and fat are in the products. Grabbing a healthy food out of your kitchen can make a big difference in your diet.查看食品上的营养标签,看看在这些产品里含有多少的纳,钙和脂肪。从厨房随便抓一种健康的食物都能让你的饮食产生重大变化。In 2005, a study found that only 52 percent of adults under 30 used the nutritional facts labels when purchasing their foods,a decrease of 10 percent from 1995.2005年一个研究发现,仅仅52%的30岁以下成年人购买食品时使用营养标签,比1995年下降了10%。视频听力译文由。 /201407/310006厦门市中山医院什么时候建立

厦门整鼻子多少钱His spirit is the same as that of the Chinese people,which is never say die, be unyielding, and keep striving,values which are promoted in China nowadays.他的精神和中国人民不尽相同,即永不言败 坚持不懈 奋发图强,这些品格正是当下中国所推崇的。The museum in China looks set to be followed by one in Hong Kong,where they intend to turn Bruce Lee#39;s former house into a museum as well.Bruce moved into this house in 1971 and lived there until his death in 1973.大陆的物馆向香港方面发出邀请,希望可以把李小龙的老宅纳入到物馆中。李小龙1971年搬了进去,一直居住到1973年逝世前夕。This is the first time Shannon has been back since.I lived here from the age of two to the age of four.You know, it... it looks very different than it did before.It was much more of a home.There was grass, and so it#39;s a little different.But it#39;s very nice, very reminiscent for me to be back here.这是之后李香凝第一次回来,从2岁到4岁我就住在这里,看起来真是大不一样了,更像一个家了。这些草坪都不一样了,但是很漂亮 总让我想要回到这里。Yu Panglin is a billionaire real estate and hotel owner and one of China#39;s most generous philanthropists.余彭年作为房地产和酒店业的亿万富翁,同时也是中国最慷慨的慈善家之一。He#39;s agreed to donate the house to the government so long as they let him expand the building to include a cinema, shops, and a library.I think it#39;s such a natural fit.他同意把房子捐赠给政府,只要他们授权扩大建筑 包括兴修电影院 商铺和一座图书馆,简直像上天安排的一样。I mean, my father, though he was born in the ed States,he grew up here.His family lived here.Shunde is just... very near to here,so it seems really natural for there to be a museum here.尽管我父亲出生在美国,但却在这里长大。家在这里,顺德离这儿很近,在这里修物馆看来是理所应当了。But, you know, Hong Kong is a... is a hustling, bustling, ever-changing place.It#39;s hard to find a dedicated space for such a thing.香港是个忙碌 熙攘又瞬息万变的城市,想找一个专门用来建造物馆的地方很是困难。And so, you know, now that he#39;s willing to donate, this just seems like such a natural idea,so I think it just makes all the sense in the world.现在余先生愿意捐赠出来就正好了,这样一切就意义非凡了。 Article/201402/276846福建厦门欧菲美容医院大概需要多少钱 Work boots get dirty so easily, and nothing you do seems to get them quite clean. In this , learn how to make your boots as good as new with only a toothbrush, a rubber eraser, and baby wipes.工靴非常容易弄脏,无论用什么方法,似乎都不能清理得非常干净。在这段视频中,学习一下如何用一把牙刷,一个橡皮擦和婴儿湿巾让你的靴子洁净如新。Hi. My name is Yaryna. I#39;m from Cleaner London, and now I will show you how to clean workmen#39;s boots.大家好,我是Yaryna,来自伦敦清洁店,现在我向大家展示如何清洁靴子。For this, we will need a toothbrush, baby wipes, and a rubber. A rubber you can use if you have some stains on your shoes.Something like this, you have to do this first.我们需要一把牙刷,婴儿湿纸巾和橡皮擦。如果鞋子上有一些污渍,可以用橡皮擦清理。这是首先要做的。You see? You have to remove all the black stains from boots first. Also, if you need, you can use a toothbrush, for this. And then, you have to clean the boots with baby wipes.看到了吗?你必须首先清除鞋子上所有黑色的污渍。如果需要的话,可以用一把牙刷。然后,用婴儿湿纸巾擦拭。And when you finish, you have to leave it to dry. That#39;s how to clean workmen#39;s boots.结束后,放好晾干。这样就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Workmans Boots.感谢收看“如何清洁靴子”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/272471厦门眼周纹哪家好

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