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考研英语 考研英语短文写作十种经典段落框架 -01- :5:33 来源:  一、图画图表描述段  【示例一】  ①From the picture (graph, chart, table, pie, bar), we know that (图表内容总概括).②On the one hand, the leftfirst picture tells us that (情况一,图一表一的内容).③On the other hand, (the rightsecond)picture inms us that ( 情况二,图二表二的内容).④It can easily be seen that (揭示图画表寓意).  【示例二】  ①As is vividly showndescribeddepicted in the cartoonpicture, (图表内容总概括).②In the first picture, (描述图表一内容,如果是一个表,则可左或上半部分).③As is shown in the second drawingpicture, (描述图表二内容,如果是一个表,则右或下半部分).④It is safe to draw the conclusion that (提示寓意,或主题句,回应主题但不是主题句的重复).  二、意义阐述段  【示例一】  ①Judging from the pictures, we can clearly infer that the drawer’s intention is (主题句).② (扩展句).③ one thingFirst of allFirstly, (第一个层面). ④ anotherBesidesMoreoverIn additionSecondly, (第二个层面). ⑤ThusAs a resultThereeFinally, (总结句).  【示例二】  ①To begin with, the purpose of the drawings is to show us that (主题句),yet the symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously. ② (扩展句)is naturally associated with, to be specific (第一个层面). ③BesidesMoreoverIn addition, (第二个层面)④As a resultTheree, (总结句).  三、原因阐释段  【示例一】  ①There are many reasons responsible this phenomenoncaseinstance and the following are the typical ones. ② The first reason is that (理由一). ③The second reason is that (理由二). ④The third reason is thatA case in point is thatThe typical example is that (理由三).  【示例二】  ①There are many reasons to explainexplaining the effectphenomenoncaseinstance. ②The most contributing one isthe main reason is no other than (理由一). ③What is more, (理由二). ④ (理由三)also play a role in this case.  四、建议措施段  【示例一】  ①Considering all these reasonsthis situationConfronted with such a problem, I think we need to take some positive measures. ②On the one hand, (方法建议一). ③On the other hand, it is necessary us to (方法建议二). ④ThusOnly in this way, can (总结自己的观点建议态度).  【示例二】  ①In order to improve the situationTo sum up the above argumentConfronted with such an issueproblem, we should find several solutions to itneed to take some positive measures. ②On the one hand one thing, we should (方法建议一). ③On the other hand another, (方法建议二). ④ThereeThusOnly in this way, can (段落总结句).  五、趋势预测段  【示例一】  ① Accordingly, it is vital us to derive positive implications from these though-provoking drawings. ②On the one hand, we can frequently use them to enlighten that (主题). ③On the other hand, we should be sensible enough to (观点态度). ④Only by (段落总结句), and only in this way can we have a brilliant future.  【示例二】  ①The effects of which has produced on can be boiled down to two major ones. ②First, (影响一). ③More importantly, (影响二). ④Hence, I believe that we will see a (提出展望).Nevertheless, I do not think we will see a (或反面展望).  六、举例说明段  【示例一】  ①There are many casesexamples to explain (主题句). ②Take as a typical example.The first example is that (阐述例子), (可进一步阐述). ③The second example is thatIn additionHere is a counter example.Opposite case in point is thatOn the contrary (第二个例子的内容或举一个反面例子). ④Theree,Only can (总结主题句段落总结句).  【示例二】  ① (观点句). It can be bestwell illustrated inexplained by(例子). ② (阐述例子). ③ (进一步阐述例子). ④Theree, (段落总结句:进一步总结观点句的必要性和重要性).  七、观点阐释段  【示例一】  ①Nowadays, a heated debate about (主题) is under way in China. ②A close inspection of this argument would reveal how flimsy (groundless) it is. ③As a matter of fact, (进一步说明).  【示例二】  ①While the rhythmpacetempo of people’s living is speeding up, one of the topics many city residents are discussing is (主题). ②As part of domestic modernization, needs to be developed urgently in china, (进一步说明).  八、现象现状说明段  【示例一】  ①With the rapid advances of in recent years, has (引出现象). ②However, has , as (提出问题). ③As a result, (指出影响),which has aroused close social attention from all walks of life.  【示例二】  ①With the rapid development of science and technology (electronic industryhigher education), more and more people come to realize that (引出现象). ②It is estimated, over the past decade, that (用具体数据说明现象).  九、利弊说明段  【示例一】  ①Recently the issue of whether or not (讨论话题) has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. ②There are two major arguments that can be made . ③ one thing, can bring to (优点一). ④ another, it is widely hold that people usually when (优点二). ⑤But we must not lose sight of the fact that there are also drawbacks to , among which are (列举缺点). ⑥ instance, it can be to (举例说明). ⑦In addition, many people find it (形容词)to (第二个缺点).  【示例二】  ①Some people are in favor of the idea of doing (主题). ②They point out the fact that (持的第一个原因). ③They also argue that (持的另一个原因).④There might be some element of truth in these people’s belief. ⑤However, other people stand on a different ground. ⑥They consider it harmful to do . ⑦They firmly point out that (反对的理由).  十、归纳结论段  【示例一】  ①Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (得出结论). ②The reason this, as far as I am concerned is that (给出原因).③It is high time that we (发出倡议).  【示例二】  ①Taking into of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that (结论). ②And with the above content, it will show more profound significance in (进一步总结).在英语方面,意思为全权大使或特使的古典英语生字“plenipotentiary”击败了“googly”(木球运动中一种投球招数)、“spam”(斯帕姆午餐肉)及“gobbledygook”(?嗦浮夸的语言),成为翻译员心目中最棘手的英语单词“今日翻译”公司的行政总裁林斯基尼说:“人们有时忘记了,翻译员不只要翻译语言,更要翻译文化有时候,一种文化有的事物未必存在于另一种文化”英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 推荐:五一节英语作文(中英对照) --7 00:6: 来源: I look ward to trying the "51" finally came, we were invited on a friend to go downstairs Ganzhou "treasure gourd farm." I will always be in motion sickness, this was full of energy, enjoy the scenery out the window, followed by heart also take off, humming a song can not help but unconsciously yearning a long time to reach the destination.  Car look, which really spectacular! Wide range of cars, bustling, men, women and children, crowds, voices. In the noise, I faintly heard the sound of the scream. My heart was firmly grasped this call, and move involuntarily walked toward his family name at the back shouted: "Why run so fast? ... ..." No matter I can and can not wait it!  We first of all to Maze. This maze is really worthy of the name, people go into the whole "fan" of the! I treng a moment, decided to take a chance, regardless of the North and the South West, East, while walking to see a result, of course, a few touch rebuff. Saw time running out, also to no avail and around, I can not help burning. Panic, I cross under the of one mind, walk along the fence to see the entrance to enter the , and finally, I first "see a bright future" it!  We play the second item is the rock climbing. Rock standing bee the partnership could not help but called out: "so steep! How on?" I saw, yes ah! Rock three-storey building only so high, it stands straight. Although iron can be a supplementary step, but the relatively large spacing between the iron, it is necessary to get up or be difficult. However, we do not want to give up, decided to work with it a match. I like a spider up close to the same rock hands to seize the irons tight, but also always concerned about the foot, step on it step by step, fear that Sometimes not enough hands, and must find ways elongation hand, carefully moving. Climb the peak moment, I am excited and partners, "Ye" up!  Then, we go to a large three-ring roller coaster ride. Waves roar, scream out the sound, listening to terror on the people, but it actually sparked a number of our children a strong desire to challenge. Can not wait to bought tickets, but also began to experience a new passion. Slowly start of a roller coaster, the more suddenly to the sooner, my heart suddenly raised up, it seems that hopped chest at any time, like to be the first cracks, the ear can only hear the scream of the wind blow and blow ... ...  Initial Christmas, we had a bumper car game, the last also on the racetrack had a horse back to the addiction ... ... until sunset bee reluctantly set foot on the train home. Friends, such a fun place to go, so exciting entertainment - you heart it? Than cardiac operations, a rush to experience the passion Oh! Do not get, that place is called "Po GANZHOU gourd farm."  我苦苦期盼的“五一”终于来了,我们一家人邀上楼下的朋友一起去赣州“宝葫芦农庄”以前我总是会晕车的,这次竟然精神抖擞,欣赏着车窗外的景色,心儿也跟着飞起来,情不自禁地哼着歌,不知不觉就到达了向往已久的目的地  一下车,放眼一瞧,真壮观哪!各色各样的小车,熙熙攘攘,排着长队;男女老少,肩接踵,人声鼎沸在喧闹声中,我依稀听到人们的惊叫声我的心被这叫声紧紧地抓住了,不由自主地迈步朝里走,家人在后面大声叫:“跑那么快干嘛?……”嘿嘿!我可不管了,等不及啦!  我们首先去走迷宫这迷宫真是名副其实,人走进去,全“迷”了!我楞了片刻,决定先碰碰运气,管它南北西东,边走边看,结果当然是碰了几鼻子灰眼见时间一分一秒地流逝,还在徒劳无功地转悠,我不禁心急如焚情急之下,我横下一条心,沿着篱笆走,看到可以进入的入口就进去,终于,我第一个“重见天日”啦!  我们玩的第二个项目是攀岩站在岩壁前,伙伴不由得叫了一声:“这么陡!怎么上?”我一看,是啊!岩壁只有三层楼房那么高,但却直直地矗立着虽然有辅助的铁杆可以踩,但铁杆之间间隔比较大,要爬起来还是有难度不过我们可不愿意放弃,决定与它一决高下我像只蜘蛛一样身子紧贴着岩壁,左右开弓,两手轮换着紧抓住铁杆,还得时时关注脚下,步步踩实,生怕“一失足成千古恨”有时手不够着,就得想方设法踮起脚,伸长手,小心翼翼地移动爬上顶点的那一刻,我和伙伴都兴奋地“耶”起来!  接着,我们去乘坐了大型三环过山车一阵阵轰鸣,一声声惊叫,听着就让人心惊胆战,不过这反倒激起了我们几个小孩强烈的挑战欲望迫不及待地买好票,又开始了新的体验缓缓开动的过山车,眨眼间越转越快,我的心骤然提了起来,似乎随时都会蹦出胸膛,头也像要炸裂了,耳边只能听见惊叫和飕飕的风声……  惊魂初定,我们又玩了一把碰碰车,最后还在赛马场上过了一回骑马的瘾……直到夕阳西下,才恋恋不舍地踏上了回家的班车朋友们,这么好玩的去处,这么刺激的——你心动了吗?心动不如行动,赶紧去体验一把哦!别忘了,那个地方叫“赣州宝葫芦农庄” 推荐 五一节 英语  [译文]多年来,工具和技术本身……在很大程度上被历史学家忽视了  3) Standard Poor's may reduce the negative impact of American downgrading on China and perhaps it will happen

四六级资讯 大一新生如何迎战年月英语四六级考试 -- 1:01: 来源: 秋风送爽,新学期到!很多同学可能心中对新学期有了很多期待,除了扎实巩固专业课,英语四级考试可能也是新的目标 新生必读:这些年 我们要考的四六级   英语四级主要有作文、听力、快速阅读、仔细阅读、完形填空、翻译这几个题型,而考查重点则是听力和阅读对于第一次备考四六级的同学来说,可能对四级还很陌生,如果有什么疑惑也可以高年级的同学交流   作文跟词汇和语法都有很大关系,词汇决定了你作文内容的丰富程度,而语法决定了你作文的正确程度平常可以有计划地每天背一些单词,每天一单元,日积月累词汇量就会增大很多而语法除了有意识地看看语法书外,更重要的在于去运用,在阅读中分析句子的语法结构,并有意识地模仿   当然,作文光说不练是不够的,可以从词汇、句型、段落、篇章布局四个角度,依据不同的文章体裁,分别准备借鉴范文和模板可以,但不能依靠这些,否则作文就容易落入俗套,引起阅卷老师反感多尝试自己去写,比如给自己规定每周一篇作文,把这一周学到的单词、句型结合起来,真正做到学以致用,到时候考试的时候这些内容就可以信手拈来   而听力的提高更多的是靠平时的练习,所以,在考前两三个月就要每天坚持听力练习,磨练自己的耳朵其实听力和口语也有很大关系,如果自己发音不准,口语不好,就不太容易听懂听力里面的说话形式,很可能听错、听不懂所以平时也可以多练习口语,熟悉不同的发音建议平时精听和泛听相结合,分三阶段进行练习   阶段一:9月-月 利用B、慢速美音和标准美音素材进行反复听写练习,熟悉各类语音、语调、语速,基础较为薄弱的同学可以从慢速VOA开始刚开始听的时候很容易被各类人名、地名或新闻事件专有名词所阻挠,这个时候一定要坚持下去,要相信努力就会有收获   阶段二:月 继续进行B、VOA听力练习的同时可以听一些流行美语、走遍美国、地道英语之类的听力节目,因为这些材料中对话部分是对生活情景的最佳分类,是积累听力考试对话场景词汇的最佳素材,而一些短小文章性的素材则有助于篇章对话与听写的提高   阶段三:月-月 这一个月是考前冲刺的关键时期,所以的演练必不可少这一阶段可收集历年,照由远到近的顺序,每周做两套听力每次听力分三轮,第一轮:将没有听清楚和明白的地方标注出来第二轮:第一轮中标注的地方仔细听,直到听懂,修改第一轮的然后对照标准,错误地方的认真分析,标注第三轮:边听边写下内容,可以先尝试短对话,再写写长对话,写完后对照原文,查漏补缺另外,也是十分丰富的复习资料,可以重点背诵真体力常出现的核心词汇和常见场景   关于快速阅读,大纲规定本部分有两种考查题型,即判断正误题和单项选择题,每年从中选择一种题型进行考查快速阅读考查的就是泛读把握有效信息的能力,所以平时广泛的阅读少不了而分钟读完00字的文章,还要答题,听起来似乎很难,但关键则是要掌握解题技巧首先要浏览题目,将题干和选项中多个关键词标出来,了解文章大致讲什么,然后是略读全文,浏览大标题和小标题,把握文章架构第二步则是利用题目中的关键词去文中定位,浏览该词的上下文语境最后根据题干出现的关键词寻找,比如具体的年代、人名、专有名词等寻找正确一般来说快速阅读的出题顺序与行文顺序是一致的,所以答题时最好顺序去做   俗话说阅读和听力是四六级的半壁江山,仔细阅读的重要性不言而喻要做好仔细阅读,第一步就是丰富的词汇量如果词汇量太小,考场上的文章势必看不懂,那么就更不谈做题了而谈到背单词,很多人都会觉得头痛,这里建议大家从现在开始背单词,边学边测,让你的单词记得更牢单词背了不用也是会忘的,所以平时记住的单词还有有意识地去用,比如常阅读,常练笔,跟单词混个脸熟,这样考试的时候见到也就不担心啦!   如果你基础不好,要求不高,那么从就从考前1-个月开始做,比较旧的当阅读材料比较近的当测试材料,照考试的节奏来做,严格控制做题时间,刚开始达不到不要紧,坚持一段时间,一定会有所收获做完后要分析每道题的考点和题型,对于做错的题要想一下犯错的原因,积累答题技巧   如果你基础较好,想冲击高分,那就坚持精读和泛读相结合,精读就是做阅读,然后进行研究,分析出题思路,熟记高频词汇,模仿高级句型而泛读就是广泛阅读英美报刊杂志,比如《时代周刊,《纽约时报《卫报等等,熟悉写作思路和行文结构,同时积累词汇和政治经济、环境保护、科教文卫方面的热点知识,因为这些也是四级阅读中的常用主题   对于完形填空,考前练习要注意方法完形填空很大程度上考察的是单词辨析和搭配平时做模拟题或时首先要通读全文,了解文章大意,通过空格的前后文来判断这个词的词性,以及注意相关的短语搭配然后将待选项词性分类,再根据填空处所需要的词的词性在分类选项中查找匹配,将选过的单词勾掉,剩下的不确定的填空处再通读一遍,再剩下的词中选择最后有时间要通读全文,检查错误   最后,关于翻译题型,虽然很多同学在考试中都因该题型占分少,而考试时间紧迫将其舍弃,但其实只要平时稍作准备,考场上花上几分钟,翻译的分还是很好抓住的,所以平时的复习中还是要把握好翻译这个题型,这样考试时可以尽量多争取一些分数翻译考察的就是常用语法和一些核心词汇比较常考的语法知识点有让步状语从句、宾语从句、定语从句等各种从句,虚拟语气,固定用法和常见短语搭配,比较级,倒装,不定式和不定式短语作目的状语等平时空余时间可多翻看语法书,了解这些语法在句子中的应用,并试着自己用这些语法知识去练笔,甚至可以背诵一些精华文章,培养语感,这样考试时即使你不完全了解每个语法知识点的所有内容,但良好的语感依旧能帮你写出正确所以练习+语法知识就可以将翻译题型搞定了! 大一 新生 如何

英语中大量的副词在英译汉时常可直接译成动词如:up, down, in, out等

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