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Piracy off the coast of Somalia, one of the world#39;s crucial shipping lanes, has plunged this year because of aggressive military and intelligence steps that have made it too costly for seafaring bandits to operate, regional diplomats and naval officials said. 索马里地区的外交人士和海军官员说,索马里附近海域的海盗活动今年大幅减少,原因是力度极大的军事和情报举措使得海盗团伙运营起来费用太高。索马里海域是世界上的重要航道之一。 The success, however, has had an unintended consequence: The Somali crime lords behind the pirate networks have shifted to other illicit trade, sometimes in partnership with al Qaeda-linked militant groups like al-Shabaab, aiding terrorism in the Horn of Africa, diplomats and intelligence officials said. 不过,外交人士和情报官员说,打击海盗行动的成功产生了一个意想不到的后果:海盗网络背后的索马里黑帮头目转向了其他非法活动,有时与青年党(al-Shabaab)等跟基地组织(al Qaeda)有关系的军事组织合作,向非洲之角的恐怖活动提供援助。 #39;None of these operations exists in a vacuum,#39; said a regional intelligence official who traces terrorism financing across Gulf states. Al Qaeda and smugglers #39;trade off the same connections, the same sea routes and the same protection rackets.#39; 一位跟踪海湾国家恐怖活动资金来源的地区情报官员说,这些活动都不是存在于真空中的。基地组织和走私者使用的是同样的关系网,同样的航道,向同样的组织交保护费。 In 2011, there were 237 piracy-related events in the waters off Somalia, according to the International Maritime Bureau, which monitors piracy and the effect on commercial shipping. In 2012, the figure dropped to 75. This year, as of Oct. 14 there were 10 incidents--only two of them hijackings. 据国际海事局(International Maritime Bureau)说,2011年,索马里附近海域发生237起与海盗有关的事件。该组织监控海盗活动及其给商业航运活动带来的影响。2012年这类事件减少至75起。今年截至10月14日,发生了10起事件,其中只有两起是劫船事件。 The ed Nations reports similar figures. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last week there had been 17 attacks in the first nine months of 2013 in the Arabian Sea, compared with 99 in the same period last year. 联合国(ed Nations)发布了类似的数据。联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)上周说,2013年前九个月阿拉伯海发生了17起袭击事件,相比之下,上年同期发生了99起。 Most of the piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the adjacent Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean has been controlled by Somali organized crime lords whose business networks stretch between their homeland and Gulf Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the ed Arab Emirates and Iran, according to U.N. and regional diplomats who follow crime and terrorism issues. 据联合国及该地区跟踪犯罪和恐怖活动的外交人士说,亚丁湾及邻近的阿拉伯海和印度洋上的大部分海盗活动是由索马里组织的黑帮头目控制的,他们的业务网络从他们自己的国家延伸至海湾阿拉伯国家,包括沙特、也门、阿联酋和伊朗。 The Somalis have helped finance pirate ships and have laundered an estimated 0 million in ransom paid by shipping companies between April 2005 and December 2012, regional diplomats and U.N. investigators said. 该地区的外交人士和联合国调查人员说,索马里人帮助为海盗船只提供资金,2005年4月至2012年12月期间,将航运公司付的约4亿美元赎金洗白。 Their profits began to slip in 2012 when navies and shipping companies began beefing up military defenses. 2012年海军和航运公司开始加大军事防御力度后,海盗们的利润开始下滑。 The international naval force known as Task Force 151 stepped up its use of drones and other intelligence gathering resources, allowing them to better position warships to intercept pirates, said Commodore Jeremy Blunden, the British naval officer currently in charge of the fleet. 英国海军准将布伦登(Jeremy Blunden)说,被称为“联合行动部队151”的国际海军部队加大了对无人机和其他情报收集资源的使用,使他们能够更好地部署战舰拦截海盗。布伦登目前负责“联合行动部队151”。 Meanwhile, the commercial shipping industry has standardized the use of armed guards on vessels carrying oil and valuable products through the waterways. The practice had been controversial because it contravened common seafaring ways. But it proved cost-effective, say shipping company executives who are reaping the advantages of lower insurance rates as a result. 与此同时,商业航运业已经把在经由这些航道运输石油和有价值产品的船只上配备武装警卫作为标准做法。这一做法曾饱受争议,因为它有违通常的航运做法。但航运公司高管说,事实明这种做法性物有所值。这些高管可以因此享受保险费率降低的好处。 Countries have also stepped up legal prosecution of pirates in recent years, adding risk for Somali pirate financiers, who face loss of crews and ships. On Wednesday, a Spanish court handed multiple-year sentences to six Somalis convicted of piracy and arms possession, according to the Associated Press. 各国近年来也加大了对海盗的法律追究力度,令为索马里海盗提供资金的人风险增大,这些人可能面临失去船员和船只的风险。据美联社(Associated Press)报道,上周三,一家西班牙法庭裁决六名索马里人犯有海盗及非法携带武器罪,判处其多年徒刑。 The only surviving pirate who attacked the Maersk Alabama merchant vessel in 2009--the story on which the Hollywood movie #39;Captain Phillips#39; is based--is serving a 33-year sentence in a U.S. prison. 2009年攻击“马士基亚拉巴马号”(Maersk Alabama)商船的唯一一名幸存下来的海盗目前正在美国刑,其刑期为33年。好莱坞影片《菲利普斯船长》(Captain Phillips)就是取材于这个故事。 The aggressive military response changed the risk-reward ratio for Somali piracy financiers, who must pay upward of 80% of their earnings to corrupt Somali officials, local warlords and other middlemen, military officials and diplomats said. 军事官员和外交人员说,这种积极的军事反应改变了为索马里海盗提供资金者的风险回报率,他们必须将至多80%的收入用来贿赂索马里官员、地方军阀和其他中间人。 In 2012, Somali pirates only managed to rake in million in payments, or about three quarters of the annual average received since 2005, according to a World Bank report. 世界的一份报告显示,2012年,索马里海盗只获得了3,700万美元的报酬,仅为2005年以来年平均收入的四分之三左右。 #39;We#39;ve put a fire blanket over the problem,#39; said Capt. William Nault, the chief of staff for the international naval force taking the lead on counterpiracy patrols in the area. #39;We#39;ve raised the cost [analysis] for them.#39; 在该地区牵头反海盗巡逻的国际海军部队参谋长诺特(William Nault)说,我们已经压制住了这个问题,增加了海盗的成本。 Somali piracy bosses, however, have proven nimble businessmen. As piracy profits decreased, they refocused resources on other long-standing illicit operations, including arms smuggling and region#39;s lucrative trade in charcoal made from Acacia trees, according to diplomats and law-enforcement officials in the region who monitor illicit activity. 然而,索马里海盗的老板明了自己是活络的商人。外交人员和该地区监控非法活动的执法官员说,随着海盗业务的利润下降,他们重新将资源投入到其他长期非法活动中,包括军火走私和该地区利润丰厚的金合欢木炭贸易。 In a report issued to the U.N. Security Council this summer, diplomats watching violations of U.N. sanctions in Somalia provide evidence of alleged links between the Somali businessmen suspected of running the pirate networks and smuggling rings and al-Shabaab. The militant group is battling Somali government forces and African peacekeepers to try to establish a fundamentalist Islamic government. 在今年夏天提交给联合国安理会的一份报告中,外交人员提供了涉嫌经营海盗网络和走私集团的索马里商人被指与青年党有关的据。这些外交人员关注违反联合国对索马里制裁措施的情况。武装组织青年党正与索马里政府军和非洲维和部队交战,试图建立原教旨主义的伊斯兰教政府。 The U.N. report presents telephone records and other surveillance that links alleged Somali financiers of piracy with business partners in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the ed Arab Emirates in the charcoal-smuggling network. 联合国的报告提供了电话记录和其他监听内容,表明被指资助索马里海盗者在木炭走私网络中与伊朗、沙特阿拉伯和阿联酋的商业伙伴有关联。 The report also alleges similar business links between these same actors and weapons smuggling into Somalia. Most weapons sales to Somalia are prohibited under U.N. sanctions, as is the charcoal trade there. 报告还指出,这些人与走私进入索马里的武器也有类似的商业关联。按照联合国的制裁措施,大多数武器都禁止向索马里销售,木炭贸易也是禁止的。 Counterterrorism officials say that the charcoal trade is one of the main avenues that al-Shabaab finances its terrorism operations and pays for the weapons they use to fight the Somali government and African peacekeepers. The business has grown from roughly million a year in the late 2000s to a business now worth an estimated 0 million-0 million a year, according to the U.N. 反恐官员说,木炭贸易是青年党的主要收入来源之一,青年党以此为其恐怖活动提供资金,并购买武器用于对抗索马里政府和非洲维和部队。联合国数据显示,这项业务的规模上世纪末约为每年3,000万美元左右,现在已经增长至每年约3.4亿至3.8亿美元。 The White House slapped a trade ban on Somali-sourced charcoal in 2012 because of the alleged trade links to al-Shabaab. 2012年,白宫方面以涉嫌与青年党存在贸易关系为由,针对来自索马里的木炭实施贸易禁令。 The U.N. investigators complain that while regional governments understand the threat of terrorism financing, there has been no political will to arrest the men at the top of the Somali crime networks. 联合国调查人员抱怨说,虽然地区政府明白为恐怖主义提供资金的威胁,但政界毫无意愿逮捕索马里犯罪网络的高层。 The majority of recent pirate trials involve men at the midrange of these organizations or foot soldiers suborned into piracy for their sailing knowledge, a regional counterterrorism official said. 一位地区反恐官员说,最近受审的海盗大多数都是这些犯罪网络的中层,或是因其航海知识而被收买从事海盗行为的底层士兵。 U.N. investigators have recommended adding these Somalis to an international sanctions list, and some diplomats argue that they should be prosecuted for sanctions violations or terrorism ties. 联合国调查人员建议将这些索马里人添加到一个国际制裁名单上,一些外交人员认为,这些人应当为违反制裁或与恐怖主义有关联而被起诉。 /201311/263589

Two stars of the Paris dining scene now have a pied-à-terre in Hong Kong. Last August, Fred Peneau, formerly the business partner of I?aki Aizpitarte at Le Chateaubriand, and the chef Christophe Pelé joined with the interior designer Charles Pelletier to open Serge et le Phoque, a contemporary French restaurant in the heart of the Wan Chai district. (The restaurant was named both after and by Mr. Peneau#39;s young son, Serge, who thought that le Phoque, French for ;the seal,; would be a good companion to Le Dauphin, or ;the dolphin,; another of Mr. Peneau#39;s ventures.)巴黎美食界的两大明星现在已进驻香港。去年8月,巴黎小酒馆(Le Chateaubriand)伊纳基·艾兹皮塔特(I?aki Aizpitarte)的前商业伙伴弗雷德·佩诺(Fred Peneau)和主厨克里斯托弗·珀莱(Christophe Pelé),与室内设计师夏尔·佩尔蒂埃(Charles Pelletier)联手在湾仔中心地带开了一家现代风格的法式餐厅——塞尔日与海豹(Serge et le Phoque)。(佩诺年幼的儿子塞尔日[Serge]以自己的名字为餐厅命名。在法语中,le Phoque是海豹的意思。Le Dauphin是海豚的意思,也是佩诺另一家餐厅的名字。塞尔日觉得“海豹”会是“海豚”的好伙伴。)With its product-focused cooking, natural wines and artfully unkempt waiters, this restaurant would easily feel at home in eastern Paris. The service is eager to please, if occasionally distracted. ;I have to keep telling them to stop looking in the mirror,; said Mr. Pelletier, who runs the floor.这家餐厅注重在烹调时突出食物自身的美味和天然葡萄酒,务生刻意显得不修边幅。这一切让人觉得这仿佛就是巴黎东部的一家餐厅。务员极力想让顾客满意,即便他们偶尔会分心。负责管理餐厅的佩尔蒂埃说,“我得不停地告诉他们不要照镜子。”He also designed the room. That irresistible mirror covers the back wall, reflecting a whitewashed space furnished with pale plywood tables and mint green banquettes. Plate-glass windows bring a lively street scene indoors. (One oddity: A trip to the bathroom means visiting the parking garage next door.)房间也是由他设计的。令人无法抗拒的镜子遮住了后墙,反射出一个刷成白色的房间,里面摆有白色胶合板餐桌和薄荷绿色的长凳。大玻璃窗映射出热闹的街道景象。(奇怪的地方:去洗手间要去旁边的停车场。)The changes regularly. Many of the ingredients are Japanese or European, including the meat, which comes from the Parisian butcher Hugo Desnoyer.菜单会定期更换。很多原料都来自日本或欧洲。比如,肉是由巴黎肉商雨果·德努瓦耶(Hugo Desnoyer)提供的。Like the room, Mr. Pelé#39;s presentations are stark and modern — but that belies their bold flavors. Sauces and starches are rare. Elements are assembled more than combined, but the results are generally cohesive and often delicious. On my last visit, a pure pea gazpacho was enriched by a quivering hen#39;s egg, garnished with paper-thin rice wafers black with squid ink. Raw yellowtail was thickly cut and seasoned by salty bottarga, peppery radish and throat-tickling olive oil. Mackerel was shrouded by lardo di colonnata and crowned with squeaky enoki mushrooms. Rare lamp chops sat atop charred eggplant, a piece of herring perched on the rim. Ruby beet sorbet brought out the bitterness in a thick caramel sauce.就像房间一样,珀莱装盆的方式非常简约、现代——但这掩盖了他们大胆的口味。他们很少用调味汁和芡粉。各种原料放在一起,但并不相互融合,但结果却通常很和谐,而且美味可口。我上一次去这家餐厅时,厨师在一碗纯豌豆冷汤中加入了弹性十足的鸡蛋,上面配有浸沾了墨鱼汁的薄米饼。生黄尾鱼被切成厚片,并用咸鱼子、辣萝卜和让人嗓子发痒的橄榄油调制。鲭鱼外面裹了腌猪白肉,上面覆盖着咬起来咯吱作响的金针菇。烤茄子上放了一块半熟的羊排,旁边还配有鲱鱼片。红色的甜菜冰糕上淋了厚厚一层焦糖酱,吃起来有点苦。With all this mixing-and-matching, a board of ripe cheeses from Alléosse, a fromager in Paris, settles any doubt as to whether this is a French restaurant, as does the butter on the table, straight from Brittany.这样的混合与搭配,再加上来自法国巴黎Alléosse奶酪店的熟干酪,还有桌上摆的来自布列塔尼的黄油,会打消你有关这是否是一家法国餐厅的任何怀疑。 /201410/336092

  White wine bargains are always rarer than their red counterparts but there are 28 truly fine wines here, from all over the world, listed in ascending order of lowest-known price in the UK.特价白葡萄酒比特价红葡萄酒要少见得多,不过这里我要推荐28款来自世界各地的精品,本推荐中的产品以价格升序排列。Vigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanVigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanBlend of southwest France (Mauzac, Loin de l’Oeil, Muscadelle) and Sauvignon Blanc grapes make an intensely “local” and comfortable wine with a certain smoky perfume and only moderate acidity. 12%采用长相思(Sauvignon Blanc)与法国西南部葡萄品种混酿,包括莫扎克(Mauzac)、千里目(Loin de l’Oeil)和慕斯卡黛勒(Muscadelle)。这款葡萄酒的“地方特色”很强,有令人愉悦的烟熏味道和中等的酸度。酒精度:12%#163;6.95 Great Western可购于:伟西酒业(Great Western)价格:6.95英镑Jér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuJér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuRelatively full-bodied Muscadet but definitely saline and fun. Very juicy and salivatory with real depth of flavour. 2012 was a great Muscadet vintage. 12%一款酒体相对丰满的蜜思嘉黛(Muscadet),但带有咸味,很有趣。口感多汁,香气也有一定的深度。对于蜜思嘉黛来说,2012是一个好年份。酒精度:12%。#163;7.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:7.99英镑Thymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaThymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaFull marks to Mamp;S for seeking out a fine example of the Greek Malagousia grape that is responsible for this clean, fragrant wine with an attractive undertow of molten honey and lively vegetation. Very good balance and interest. 12%进口商能够找到这么好的一款由希腊品种马拉格西亚(Malagousia)酿造的葡萄酒,真是值得称赞。这款酒纯净芳香,拥有诱人的蜂蜜和草本新鲜感,非常平衡。酒精度:12%。#163;8.99 Marks and Spencer可购于:玛莎百货(Mamp;S, Marks and Spencer)价格:8.99英镑Miguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyMiguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyHalf the fruit grown in this new, cool region was fermented in new French oak barrels. With its vaguely stony nose, it tastes more like Chablis than any other European style. Not the utmost in sophistication but great value. 13.5%来自于新兴的凉爽产区,有一半的葡萄汁在全新的法国橡木桶中发酵。这款葡萄酒有一点矿石的味道,更像是夏布利(Chablis)风格,而不是欧洲风格。虽然不是很复杂但是性价比很高。酒精度:13.5%。#163;10.44 Wilks amp; Co可购于:威克斯酒业(Wilks amp; Co)价格:10.44英镑Maison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMaison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMost Bourgogne Blanc comes from M#226;con but this barrel-fermented, keenly priced example, made by Nicolas Potel, is very pure and tastes very C#244;te d’Or. Creditably long. This would make a great house white. 13%大多数勃艮第白葡萄酒(Bourgogne Blanc)来自于马孔(M#226;con)地区,不过这款出自力高宝德(Nicolas Potel)的橡木桶发酵葡萄酒非常纯净,口感有典型的金秋(C#244;te d’Or)风格,尾韵之长也是实至名归。可以作为一款非常棒的酒店特选白葡萄酒(house white)。酒精度:13%。#163;10.95 The Wine Society可购于:酒协佳酿(The Wine Society)价格:10.95英镑André Pigeat 2012 QuincyAndré Pigeat 2012 QuincyQuincy can offer great value compared with its more famous neighbour Sancerre; much older vines too. Amazingly rich nose for a Sauvignon Blanc. Really seriously broad, floral and fun – but sufficiently fresh too. 12.5%坎西(Quincy)产区比相邻的桑赛尔(Sancerre)产区更能够提供高性价比的葡萄酒,葡萄植株的年龄也更大。一款香气非常丰厚的长相思。口味有一定的宽度,充满花香,同时又很新鲜。酒精度:12.5%。#163;11.95 Jeroboams可购于:耶罗伯安酒业(Jeroboams)价格:11.95英镑Ridgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlRidgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlMildly nutty nose with some flowers, honey and tension on the palate. No hurry to drink this. It’s unusually easy to see a relationship with Chenin Blanc’s roots in the Loire. Good stuff. 13%柔和的坚果味道中带有一些花香、蜂蜜香,口感有张力,还可以继续陈放。在这款葡萄酒中很容易就能够找到白诗南(Chenin Blanc)在自己故乡卢瓦尔(Loire)所表现出的特色,确实非同寻常。一款很好的葡萄酒。酒精度:13%。#163;11.99 Real Wine Co可购于:真实酒业(Real Wine Co)价格:11.99英镑Dom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteDom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteThrapsathiri is the grape. Some skin contact. Exciting grip on the palate and some refreshing aromas of vegetation. Produced in tiny quantities and offering real substance and interest. Neat finish. 13.5%葡萄品种的名称叫做斯拉普萨斯里(Thrapsathiri)。酿造时进行了一些浸皮处理。有令人兴奋的紧致口感和新鲜的草本香气。产量很小,一款真材实料的葡萄酒。收尾非常干净。酒精度:13.5%。#163;12.95 Berry Bros可购于:贝瑞兄弟(Berry Bros)价格:12.95英镑Finca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroFinca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroSmart, heavy bottle. Made from a blend of four Galician grape varieties – mainly Treixadura. Satisfyingly complete, refreshing and persistent. 13.5%酒瓶漂亮厚重。采用四个加利西亚(Galician)葡萄品种酿造,以特雷萨杜拉(Treixadura)为主。有非常好的完整性、新鲜感和持久度。酒精度:13.5%。#163;13.50 H2Vin可购于:菁华酒业(H2Vin)价格:13.5英镑Dr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzDr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzUnusually exuberant for a “village” rather than a single-vineyard wine. Perhaps prolonged biodynamic viticulture has imbued it with some extra zip and flavour. 12.5%属于村庄级而非单一园级别,充满非同寻常的活力。这样的特点可能是来自酒庄持久以来奉行的生物动力学种植法(biodynamic viticulture)。#163;13.50 Tanners可购于:泰纳酒业(Tanners)价格:13.5英镑Dom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisDom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisVery pale. Quite intense and sculpted. Good apéritif. A fine emissary of the superior 2012 vintage in Chablis. 12.5%颜色非常浅,非常浓郁,是一款很好的餐前酒。很好地体现了夏布利产区2012年份的优势。酒精度:12.5%。#163;13.95 Corney amp; Barrow可购于:科内巴罗(Corney amp; Barrow)价格:13.95英镑Ch#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersCh#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersAn all-Sauvignon dry white bordeaux from a family estate. Excellent price for a creamy wine aged in new French oak barrels. Bright-fruited and seductive. Good balance and aly drinking well with no obvious oak. Green fruit flavours. 13%来自家族式酒庄的长相思单品种葡萄酒。全新法国橡木桶陈酿,拥有奶油质感,性价比非常好。果香明显,非常诱人。有很好的平衡度,现在饮用已经很不错。橡木味道并不突兀,有绿色水果的香气。酒精度:13%。#163;13.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:13.99英镑 /201312/269610

  The designs of modernists like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright are like the classics of rock #39;n#39; roll: groundbreaking works that inspired legions of followers.有一些现代主义建筑师,如勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)、 路德维希·密斯·范·德·罗(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)和弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright),他们的设计作品就像摇滚乐中的经典曲目,都是具有开创性的作品,激励了大批跟随者。That#39;s what Alexander Gorlin believes anyway, and as someone who has spent his career practicing and writing about architecture, he has reason to know. Mr. Gorlin#39;s credits include the 2011 book ;Tomorrow#39;s Houses,; about the roots of modernism in New England, as well as a completed addition to a Louis Kahn synagogue in Chappaqua, N.Y., the coming transformation of Eero Saarinen#39;s Bell Labs building into a mixed-use town center for Holmdel, N.J., and the design of Daniel Libeskind#39;s Manhattan apartment.反正,这就是亚历山大·戈林(Alexander Gorlin)相信的事,而且,他所从事的职业始终围绕着建筑领域的实践和写作,因此他对个中情况的了如指掌是有理由的。戈林的成就包括2011年出版的书《明日住宅》(Tomorrow#39;s Houses),该书讲述了新英格兰(New England)地区现代主义的根源;此外,他对纽约查帕瓜(Chappaqua)的一所由路易斯·康(Louis Kahn)设计的犹太教堂,新泽西州霍姆德尔市(Holmdel, N.J)即将动工的、将埃罗·萨莉贝尔实验室(Eero Saarinen#39;s Bell Labs)变为多用途市政中心的改建工程,以及丹尼尔·李斯金(Daniel Libeskind)的曼哈顿公寓设计,也作出了补充与完善。Modern architects, said Mr. Gorlin, 59, have a unique way of looking at the world that is reflected in their design of smaller-scale objects like furniture and accessories. ;There are more spatial and structural aspects to products designed by architects,; he said, in a generalization that furniture and industrial designers might take issue with. ;I know that#39;s a blanket statement, but I actually do believe it.;今年59岁的戈林说,那些现代建筑师们看待这个世界的独特方式,也体现在了他们设计的一些小物件上,比如家具和配饰。“建筑师们设计的产品更加具有空间感,也更加结构化,”他说,这样一种概括,可能会引来家具设计师与工业设计师的争议。“我知道那是一个概括的声明,但我真的对此深信不疑。”To prove his point, he set off to find some examples. At Molteni amp; C in SoHo, he pointed out a reissued chest of drawers by the Italian architect Gio Ponti. ;I like his furniture because it doesn#39;t immediately look like furniture,; Mr. Gorlin said, noting that the handles were made from different types of wood, creating an asymmetrical checkerboard pattern across the front. ;It#39;s decorative functionalism.;为了明他的观点,他开始去寻找一些实例。在苏豪区(SoHo)的Molteni amp; C店内,他挑出一款再版的五斗柜,设计师是意大利建筑师吉奥·庞帝(Gio Ponti)。“我喜欢他设计的这款家具,因为一眼看去它并不像家具,”戈林说,他还提到,这款五斗柜上的那些手柄,都是用不同类型的木料制成的,因而使其正面有一种不对称的棋盘图案。“这就是装饰功能主义。”He was equally impressed by Mr. Ponti#39;s angular hair-on hide rug. ;It#39;s geometric, but every part is a different shape,; he said. ;It#39;s like a mysterious puzzle.;他对庞帝设计的绒面菱形地毯也同样印象深刻。“即便是几何图形,每一部分也都是不同的形状,”他说,“就像一幅神秘的拼图。”At Design Within Reach, he admired the exaggerated sensuality of the Pelican chair by the Danish architect Finn Juhl. ;It almost looks like a caricature of some creature,; he said. ;I love chairs that are animated like this.;在Design Within Reach商店,他对丹麦建筑师芬·居尔(Finn Juhl)设计的一把鹈鹕座椅(Pelican chair)体现出的那种夸张感官享受赞不绝口。“它看上去像是对某种生物的夸张描摹,”他说,“我喜欢像这样设计得生动鲜活的椅子。”On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, he praised a door handle designed by the German architect Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus, not for its sensuality but for its clarity of form. ;It#39;s a simple intersection of a cylinder and a cube,; he said of the piece, which he found at Katonah Architectural Hardware. ;It#39;s such a classic, and I always return to it.;然后,他的审美观逆转了180度,称赞起由鲍豪斯建筑学派(Bauhau)的创始人、德国建筑师沃尔特·格罗佩斯(Walter Gropius)设计的一款门把手。但他赞许的方面并不是这款产品的舒适性,而是款式设计的清晰简洁。“这仅仅是一个圆柱体与一个立方体的结合,”谈及在Katonah建筑五金店找到的这件物品时,他说,“这款门把手设计得太经典了,所以我总是一再回来购买。”A pair of minimalist objects from Suite New York, designed by John Pawson, the contemporary British architect, appealed for similar reasons. A bronze bowl with a rounded bottom was ;a perfect object, but slightly off,; he said, and a crystal carafe with a thick base made the liquid inside look ;suspended in air.;出于类似的原因,Suite New York店里的一对极简主义风格的物品也很吸引他,其设计师是当代英国建筑师约翰·波森(John Pawson)。另外,那只圆底铜碗也“是一件非常完美的物品,只是有点不同寻常,”他说,还有一只水晶玻璃瓶,其底部做得非常厚,让里面的液体看起来就像“悬浮在空中一样。”;They#39;re both twists on familiar objects,; he said. ;That raises them from the ordinary to the sublime.;“这些东西都是从普通物品变形而来的,”他说,“使得这些东西由寻常之物变得卓尔不凡。” /201410/338777。

  Kyoto, Japan - Forover a thousand years, Kyoto has thrived as thecultural and imperial capital of Japan. Now a popular touristdestination, it is also the hometown of Japan#39;s mysterious geishas.日本,东京——一千多年来,东京已经成为了日本帝国繁荣的文化之都。如今,作为受欢迎的旅游目的地,这里还是日本神秘的艺妓们的故乡。The word‘geisha#39; means a skilled artisthighly trained in music, dance, and art of conversation. They were not paid tosell bodies; instead, geishas were considered beauty-obsessed elite.“艺妓”指的是一位在音乐、舞蹈和交际艺术方面接受过高度训练的具备技艺的艺术者。她们并不出卖自己的身体;相反,艺妓是人们眼中美得让人着迷的精英人士。The geisha culture rose to its peak in the1750s and gradually disappeared before the Second World War. Now there are only300 of them left in Kyotoentertaining at heavily expensive restaurants.艺妓文化于18世纪50年代达到巅峰,在二战爆发前逐渐消失。现在,东京只有300名艺妓在昂贵的餐厅中招待宾客。For average visitors even spotting one ofthose beautiful geishas is extremely difficult. But there are relatively newservices that have become especially popular in recent years: geisha makeover.对于普通的游客来说,连碰见一位这样的艺妓都是件极其困难的事情。但与此相关的新兴务业在近年来变得尤其受欢迎:艺妓妆容。Professional makeup artists and attendantstransform visitors into a geisha complete with white foundation, wig andtraditional kimono. The two full hours of applying makeup could be a bit toomuch to endure but the end result is well worth it.专业的化妆师和务员给游客打上白色粉底、戴上假发并让他们穿上传统的和,将他们妆扮成艺妓的模样。长达两个小时的化妆时间需要费点耐心,但最终的效果让等待有所值。Prices range from 0 to 00 withoptional services at an additional charge; for example, going out to thestreets or taking rickshaw rides.务价格从100美元到2000美元不等,并附带收取附加费的可选务;例如,逛街或乘坐黄包车。 /201409/329906

  Key to a good marriage? Share housework.美好婚姻秘诀-分担家务!The percentage of Americans who consider children ;very important; to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping new survey.一项大规模的最新调查显示,美国人中认为孩子对于美好婚姻“十分重要”的比例自上世纪90年代以来急剧下降,如今更多的美国人认为分担家务才是美好婚姻的关键。The Pew Research Center survey on marriage and parenting found that children had fallen to eighth out of nine on a list of factors that people associate with successful marriages - well behind ;sharing household chores,; ;good housing,; ;adequate income,; a ;happy sexual relationship; and ;faithfulness.;美国皮尤调查中心此项有关婚姻和育儿的调查发现,在人们列举的与美好婚姻有关的九大因素中,“孩子”下滑至第八位,位居“分担家务”、“住房条件好”、“收入富足”、“性生活愉快”及“忠诚”几大因素之后。In a 1990 World Values Survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items, with 65 percent saying children were very important to a good marriage. Just 41 percent said so in the new Pew survey.在1990年的“世界价值观调查”中,“孩子”在以上几个因素中排名第三,65%的美国人认为孩子对于美好婚姻十分重要。而在此项最新的皮尤调查中,只有41%持相同观点。Chore-sharing was cited as very important by 62 percent of respondents, up from 47 percent in 1990.62%的受访者认为“分担家务”十分重要,超过了1990年的47%。The survey also found that, more Americans say the main purpose of marriage is the ;mutual happiness and fulfillment; of adults rather than the ;bearing and raising of children.;另外,调查还发现,更多的美国人认为婚姻的主要目的是两人之间的“相互愉悦与满足”,而不是“养育孩子”。The survey#39;s findings buttress concerns expressed by numerous scholars and family-policy experts, among them Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of Rutgers University#39;s National Marriage Project.该调查的结果造成了很多学者和家庭政策专家们的担忧,鲁特格斯大学国家婚姻项目的芭芭拉·达佛·怀特黑德就是其中一位。;The popular culture is increasingly oriented to fulfilling the desires of adults,; she wrote in a recent report. ;Child-rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and musty by comparison.;她在最近的一篇报告中写道:“大众文化正日益以满足成年人的欲望为导向。而牺牲、稳定、可靠及成熟等育儿的价值观似乎已经过时了。”Virginia Rutter, a sociology professor at Framingham (Mass.) State College and board member of the Council on Contemporary Families, said the shifting views may be linked in part to America#39;s relative lack of family-friendly workplace policies such as paid leave and subsidized child care.弗莱明翰州立大学的社会学教授、当代家庭研究会的理事会成员弗吉妮亚·鲁特称,这种观念的转变一部分可能与美国缺少如带薪假期及子女津贴等关心员工家庭的政策有关。;If we value families ... we need to change the circumstances they live in,; she said, citing the challenges faced by young, two-earner couples as they ponder having children.她在谈及年轻的上班族夫妇在考虑要孩子时所面临的挑战时说:“如果我们重视家庭……我们就应该改变他们生活的环境。”The Pew survey was conducted by telephone from mid-February through mid-March among a random, nationwide sample of 2,020 adults.此项随机电话调查从今年2月中旬持续至三月中旬,全美共有2020名成年人参加。 /201401/272256

  Daily activities such as DIY or gardening may prolong life by up to 30% in the 60+ age group, a report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed.《英国运动医学杂志》上发表的一篇报道显示,像手工制作或园艺这样的日常活动有可能使60岁以上的人的寿命延长30%。As any committed gardener will confirm, seeing the first shoots of life emerge after the winter months can provide a deep sense of satisfaction.据英国《卫报》报道,任何热衷园艺的人都会同意,漫长的冬天过后,看见新芽萌发的那一刻,他们会感到很满足。But gardeners now have another reason to feel rather smug – regular gardening or DIY can cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke, and prolong life by as much as 30% among the 60-plus age group, according to a study of almost 4,000 60-year-olds in Stockholm.但是现在园丁们又有另外一个值得神气的理由:一项针对斯德哥尔市近4000名60岁老人的研究表明,经常从事园艺或手工制作可以降低心脏病发作或中风的风险,还能使60岁以上的人的寿命延长30%。The research found that even those who spent their retirement training for marathons were not at less risk than the green-fingered group. Gardening – voted pensioners#39; favourite pastime in a recent study byAge UK – provided as many health benefits as regular exercise.研究发现,即使是那些退休后跑马拉松的人,患病的风险也没有比从事园艺的人低。慈善机构AgeUK最近的一项研究表明,园艺是退休老人最喜爱的消遣。园艺同定期锻炼一样对人体健康有诸多益处。The 60-year-olds who were most active on a daily basis had a 27% lower risk of a heart attack or stroke and a 30% reduced risk of death from all causes, irrespective of how much regular formal exercise was taken.无论常期、正式运动量有多大,60岁老人中每天最活力十足的,心脏病发作或中风的风险会降低27%,因各种原因死亡的风险降低30%。;Our findings are particularly important for older adults, because individuals in this age group tend, compared with other age groups, to spend a relatively greater proportion of their active day performing [routine activities] as they often find it difficult to achieve recommended exercise intensity levels,; the scientists wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.“我们的发现对老年人来说尤其重要,因为和其他年龄段的人相比,他们很难达到专家建议的运动强度水平,因此习惯于花相对更多的时间在日常活动上。”科学家在《英国运动医学杂志》上写道。Over a 12-year period the team, led by Dr Elin Ekblom-Bak at Karolinska University hospital#39;s department of medicine, asked 60-year-olds for information on diet, smoking and alcohol intake in addition to information on whether they did regular activities such as gardening, DIY, car maintenance and blackberry picking. The researchers also carried out lab tests and physical examinations.瑞典卡罗林斯卡大学医院医学部的艾琳(Elin Ekblom-Bak)士带领一队伍,历时12年,询问了一群60岁老人的各种信息,包括饮食、吸烟、酒精摄入以及是否有参加如园艺、手工制作、汽车维修和黑莓采摘一类的定期活动。研究者还进行了实验室测试,对参与者进行身体检查。At the start of the study, those who had an active daily life were at much less risk of heart attacks – even if they did not exercise – than those with low levels of daily activity. They also had smaller waists, lower levels of potentially harmful blood fats, and lower glucose, insulin and clotting factor levels in men, high levels of which are linked to a raised heart attack and stroke risk.实验初始,那些平时活力十足的人,即使平常不锻炼,心脏病发作的风险也也比平时活动少的人低得多。同时,他们腰围更小,潜在有害的血脂更少,男性葡萄糖、胰岛素和凝血因子水平更低,这些物质水平高的时候会提高人心脏病发作和中风的风险。The benefits of regular activity continued through the course of the study. During the 12.5-year follow-up period, 476 of the participants had their first heart attack and 383 died from various causes. Those who exercised regularly, but were not routinely physically active, were also at less risk of cardiovascular problems, and those who exercised regularly and were active on a daily basis were at the least risk of all.在整个研究过程中,定期锻炼的益处一直都有体现。在12年半的随访期内,476名参与者心脏病发作过,383名因为各种原因死亡。那些有定期锻炼,平时却懒于活动的人,出现心血管问题可能性小;那些有定期锻炼,且每天活力十足的人在所有人中患病风险最低。The study suggests gardening and DIY can be as good as exercise for the over-60s because they increase overall energy expenditure – prolonged sitting drives down metabolic rate to the bare minimum, while standing up and physical activity increase it. The study went on to explain that sitting down can disrupt the skeletal muscle#39;s normal hormone production, with potential negative impacts on other body organs and tissues.这项研究表明对于60岁以上的老人来说,园艺、手工制作和锻炼一样有益,因为它们都能增加整体身体能耗。长时间静坐会让身体代谢率降至最低,而站立和体力活动能提高代谢率。研究还深入解释说,静坐会扰乱骨骼肌正常激素生成,对身体其他器官组织有潜在的负面影响。Dr Gavin Sandercock, er in sport and exercise science at the University of Essex, said: ;#39;This study is excellent news for large swaths of the population who might not want to run, swim or go to the gym because it clearly shows that even moderate, non-exercise activity like gardening benefits the health of older adults.;英国埃塞克斯大学体育和运动科学高级讲师加文(Gavin Sandercock)士说道:“这项研究对很多可能不愿意跑步、游泳或去体育馆锻炼的人来说是大好消息,因为研究清楚地表明,即使像园艺这样温和、非运动性的活动都有益于老年人的健康。”But he warned that younger people and children still had to be encouraged to do vigorous exercise like fast walking, running, swimming and cycling. ;While the amounts reported here are OK for older people, children still need to do an hour of activity every day to be healthy and that needs to be hard enough to make them breathe hard and preferably feel hot.;但是他也警告说,还是要鼓励年轻人和儿童进行剧烈运动,如快走、跑步、游泳和骑自行车。“尽管报道中提到的运动量适合老年人,儿童要保持健康还是得每天运动一小时,增加运动强度,用力呼吸,最好能够全身发热。”Dr Tim Chico, senior clinical lecturer and honorary consultant cardiologist at the University of Sheffield/Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said the more active a person was throughout their lives, the lower their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.英国谢菲尔德大学高级临床讲师,谢菲尔德教学医院心脏病科名誉顾问蒂姆(Tim Chico)士表示,一个人一辈子越是充满活力,患心血管疾病的风险就越低。;The message I take from this study is simple,; he said. ;If you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, be more active. Don#39;t sit down for long periods; get up on your feet and do something you enjoy that involves moving around.;“我从这项研究中得到的启示很简单,”他说道,“如果你想要降低患心脏病的风险,就得更有活力一点。不要长时间静坐;起身做些喜欢的事情,到处转一转。” /201312/269047





  Like intimate and loyal friends, sweaters accompany us through the whole winter, protecting us from the cold and keeping us warm. But this indispensable wardrobe item is about much more than function —it’s about fashion, too. The following is an introduction to a few eye-catching styles of sweaters this season.毛衣如同“死党”一般,陪伴我们度过整个冬季,帮助我们御寒保暖。但作为衣橱必备单品,毛衣更是兼顾实用性以及时尚感。文中,我们为你推荐了几款本季最亮眼的毛衣。Mohair sweaters马海毛毛衣Mohair refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It’s one of the most trendy materials for women’s sweaters this season. For example, UK designer Stella McCartney revealed a line of stylish mohair sweaters with fur trim diamonds. Soft, fluffy and shiny mohair sweaters are very comfortable, so they can be worn directly on the skin. Mohair is also better at keeping you warm than other fabrics.马海毛指的是用安哥拉山羊毛织成的仿丝织物或纱线,是本季最热门的女士毛衣面料之一。例如,英国设计师品牌Stella McCartney就发布了一系列饰有皮草菱形块的充满时尚感的马海毛毛衣。柔软、蓬松且亮丽的马海毛毛衣穿着十分舒适,所以它们可以贴身穿着。同时,与其他面料相比,马海毛的保暖性更佳。There is one drawback to mohair sweaters —they lose hairs. Folding your mohair sweater, placing it in a sealed plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for a few hours should solve this problem.但马海毛毛衣也有一个美中不足的缺点——掉毛。将你的马海毛毛衣叠好,放入密封塑料袋中,然后放进冰箱几小时后便可以解决掉毛的问题了。How to wear them如何穿着?Loose mohair sweaters go well with leggings, giving women a slender and leisurely look. It’s also popular to wear them with pencil skirts or capri pants.宽松的马海毛毛衣与打底裤是绝配,为女士们打造出纤细苗条的休闲范儿。马海毛毛衣配铅笔裙或卡普里裤也是一种热门穿法。Trim sweaters有皮草装饰的毛衣Another hot trend this season is sweaters and cardigans with fur trims, which can be seen in the collections of brands like Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chloe. Most designers use pieces of fur located on the front of the sweater, but leather and suede trims are equally important. Italian luxury fashion house Iceberg has been successful in this aspect by mixing soft mohair with leather, which creates a nice contrast.本季的另一件热门时尚单品便是有毛皮镶边的毛衣或开衫,在Philip Lim、 Alexander Wang以及Chloe等大牌时装中,你都可以找到它们的身影。大部分设计师在毛衣胸前添加皮草元素,而皮革与绒面革的镶边也是同样不可或缺。在这方面,意大利奢侈品牌Iceberg可谓是个中翘楚,该品牌将皮草元素添加到柔软的马海毛中,使得两者完美混搭。How to wear them如何穿着?Add them to some skinny jeans and ankle boots to give you a fashionable and attractive look.搭配紧身牛仔裤以及短靴,将会打造出充满时尚感的魅力造型。Print sweaters印花毛衣Sweaters with printed images or patterns, especially stripes and animal prints, are popular this year thanks to the trend of mixing casual and dress pieces. They have gradually become a must for women, with more updated designs such as animals, quirky patterns, es and other statement-making designs. For example, leopard print sweaters have been in style for years and they will keep going for some time. But it’s not just any kind of leopard print —this season is all about unconventional prints, like brightly-colored ones for example.由于休闲混搭风走红,图案印花毛衣,尤其是条纹毛衣和动物花纹毛衣,纷纷成为今年的流行时尚。它们已经逐渐成为女士们的必备单品,并与时俱进地加入动物花纹、奇特的图案、标语等个性设计元素。例如,豹纹毛衣是近年来的流行饰,其热度还会持续一段时间。然而并非所有的豹纹都会这么“好命”——本季是非常规印花的天下,例如一些亮色的图案。How to wear them如何穿着?It’s best to wear sweaters with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots, which creates a casual, comfortable and chic style. Also, remember to look for oversized sweaters that you can wear with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat.最好选择那些较大印花图案的毛衣,例如超大豹纹;穿上它,便可塑造出休闲、舒适的时尚风格。同时,记得去淘些大码宽松版的毛衣,用它们搭配紧身牛仔裤、搭扣平底靴以及松软的小毡帽,简直是绝配! /201312/267162

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