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瑞金市妇幼保健院割包皮手术上犹县寺下中心医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱I#39;m going to play this .我准备了一个视频。I want you to watch it. This is the right here.想让你看一下。请看视频。I was like Serena Williams. How?我很像大威。怎么讲?Because I just shoot it and it goes way up in the air and bang.因为我能把球扔得老高,然后飞向空中,然后高空降落。I was like Serena Williams.所以,我很像大威。Who told you you were like Serena Williams? Daddy.谁告诉你的?爸爸。I was like Serena Williams!我很像大威!What do you love about Serena? That she#39;s super cool.你为什么那么喜欢大威?因为她非常酷!So that#39;s like, more than, like, regular cool?是不是比一般的酷还要酷?Yeah, it#39;s super cool.对的,超级酷。Am I cool or super cool?我是酷还是超级酷?Super cool. Okay, cool. That#39;s good.超级酷。恩,不错,这太酷了。I think you are super-duper cool. Thanks.我认为你酷毙了!谢谢。Do you play tennis?你打网球吗?Well, I play tennis with my dad and my brother.和爸爸,哥哥一起打。I#39;m really good at it. Sometimes I miss the ball, but I#39;m really good at it.我非常擅长打网球,但有时会接不到,但我超级棒。Sometimes Serena misses the ball. Oh.大威有时也接不到。哦。So what else about Serena can you tell us?你还知道大威什么?Oh, well, that she#39;s super cool.恩,她超级酷。And she hit the ball super hard! Super hard.她击球的时候超级有力。超级有力。Yeah. Like, you just, like, you did that, cause that#39;s that two-hand backhand.耶。就像你刚才做的,双手反拍。Yeah, like this. And you made your hair...When you did that, your hair...就像这样。你的头发……你挥球的时候,你的头发,See, I don#39;t have hair. See, so, no matter what I do...看我没头发。所以,不管我怎么做,See, your hair. See, look, when you do, like bang. And that#39;s what Serena does with her hair.看到你的头发没,就像是砰砰声。大威的头发也跟你一样。I can#39;t do it because this fake mustache will fall off.我没法做,要不然假胡子该掉下来了。Oh, shuckers. Oh, okay.哦,见鬼。好吧。You got to push it together a little quicker than that, cause I was concerned Well, does she go rip that one off. I went, Okay.我得赶紧把胡子弄好,这让我很是担心,她要是把我胡子拽下来,那还好说。We going to be off the air now.但我们就得停播了。So what about girl power? Do you like girl power? Uh-huh.“女性力量”听说过吗?你崇拜“女性力量”吗?Sometimes in movies, when girls come out, I say, Yeah! Girl power!有时在电影里,女孩一出现,我就会说“耶!女性力量!”When I watch movies and girls come out, I say the same thing.我看电影和你一样,一有女孩出现也喊“女性力量”。Do you have any advice for me for being famous?如果我想出名,你有什么建议吗?Yes. So first you got to have A viral . Wow. Wow. And then you have to like a sport.有。首先你需要有一个火爆的视频。喔喔。你要喜欢一项运动。And that#39;s how you become famous.这样你就能出名了。So what I really need to do is stop all this TV show stuff and just make a viral ?我要做的是停止电视节目,制作一个火爆视频就可以了,对吗?Yeah, then they#39;ll send you, uh, balls, some tickets.然后他们会送给你网球和球票。So then you can go...然后你就可以去……She, she done got this figured out!她算是想明白了!I#39;m talking about Serena, they#39;re going to send me some balls, some tickets.我们在说大威,他们会送我网球和球票。What is it that you want to be when you grow up?你长大想干嘛?Well, I want to be a ballerina in a AKA sorority.我想成为“阿尔法卡巴阿尔法女大学生联谊”的芭蕾舞演员。What do you want to be when you grow up, Mr. Steve?史蒂夫先生,你长大了想干什么?I#39;m on a sliding board heading the other way right now. I done aly grew up.我现在正往下滑呢,和你不是一个方向。我长得太熟了。You want to be a AKA and a ballerina? Mm-hmm.你想成为“阿尔法卡巴阿尔法女大学生联谊”的芭蕾舞演员?对的。What about a tennis player?网球运动员呢,有没有想过?Yeah, a tennis player too. Well, then, guess what?也想当。嗯,你猜怎么着I have just the thing for you. What?我有个礼物要送给你。什么礼物?Because they heard about you and they think one day that you are going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.他们听说了你的故事,他们说你终有一天会成为《体育画报》的封面人物。Awesome!太棒了!Just like Serena! One day, you#39;re going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.就像大威一样!你会有那么一天的。So you take that as a gift from all of us. How about that?拿着我们给你的礼物。你高兴吗?Ladies and gentlemen, Mykal-Michelle!女士们先生们,麦克尔·米歇尔!Let me help you down. Show them the magazine one time. Show everybody the magazine.我帮你下来,给他们展示一下你的杂志。给他们展示一下。Bye bye, Mykal. Take care.再见麦克尔,保重。 Article/201707/516270赣州男性专科医院排行 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431425赣州哪家大医院能看男科

石城县人民医院治疗阳痿早泄Let's meet the problem head-on.让我们正视这一问题。head-on可作形容词,表示迎头的,正面的,也可用作副词,表示正面地,毫不逃避地。a head-on collision,迎头相撞。 /200802/27268赣州长安男科医院治疗尿道炎多少钱 瑞金人民医院割包皮哪家医院最好

赣州治疗尖锐湿疣什么医院好She put on make-up before going out.她出去前化了个装。make-up是个名词,表示化装。注意要用动词词组put on,和穿衣一样,都是用这个词组。 /200802/27271 Have you ever been on a really long trip, and it felt like it took forever to get where you#39;re going?你曾经有过一个长途旅行,感觉好像一生都到不了目的地吗?Well, how would you like to take a long trip into space?那么,你希望怎样完成一次远距离的太空旅行呢?That might sound like something you#39;ve about in a book or seen in a movie,这听起来好像是书上读到或电影里看到的情景,but for a select few people, it#39;s real life!但对于那些精选的少数人来说,这是他们的真实生活。I#39;m talking about the astronauts who live in space for months at a time, on the Internationals Space Station.我现在要说的就是那些在国际空间站一次要生活数月的宇航员The International Space Station—or ISS for short—is in orbit above Earth.国际空间站(ISS)在地球上面的轨道上运行。Astronauts live and work up there doing science experiments and learning about life in space.宇航员在里面工作和生活,他们会做科学实验和了解太空生活。To get there, astronauts are carried up into space by rockets.宇航员搭乘火箭进入太空,And when they go home, they ride in space capsules that fall back to Earth.乘坐太空船返回地面。Let#39;s take a closer look.让我们近距离的了解一下。Those big, flat shiny things are solar panels, and they provide energy for the space station.这些闪闪的大平板是太阳能板,它们为空间站提供能源。They capture sunlight and they turn it into electricity.它们捕获阳光并将它转换成电能。The space station uses that electricity to power lights and computers and everything else that makes the ISS go.空间站中的电灯、电脑及其它持其运行的东西都用这种电能。This is a robot arm.这是一个机械臂。Astronauts inside the station use this arm by remote control, to fix things on the outside of the ISS.在空间站内,宇航员通过远程操控它来修复空间站外的东西。Although it might not look like it, the space station is kind of like a big house.虽然它看上去不一样,但空间站就像一个大房子。It has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen—which astronauts call a galley,里面有5间卧室,2间浴室和一间宇航员称为“galley”的厨房。and they even have a laboratory, just like we do at the fort.他们甚至有一间实验室,就像我们的沃斯堡。But as you can imagine, life on the space station is a lot different than it is back home on Earth.但是和你想的一样,空间站的生活与地面上的生活有着很大的区别。For one thing, all of the water that astronauts use has to be flown up by rockets.其中一件就是,宇航员的所有用水都要用火箭来运输,Since it#39;s so hard to get up there, water is only used for drinking and eating.由于运水很难,所以只有在喝东西和吃饭时才能用水。So astronauts don#39;t take baths or showers with water.因此宇航员不能用水洗澡。Instead, they wash up with special washcloths.但他们能用一种特殊的浴巾来清洗身体。But probably the biggest difference is that there#39;s much less gravity up in the space station than there is here on Earth.但是最大的不同在于空间站里的重力远小于地球。Instead of sticking to the ground like we do at home, astronauts up there just float around!我们在地球上是贴着地面走,但宇航员只能到处漂。So, in a way, it#39;s a lot easier for the astronauts to move around, because there#39;s less gravity.从这点上来说,宇航员很容易移动,因为这里重力很小。But after a couple of days in space, their muscles actually get weak.但是在空间站待了一段时间后,宇航员的肌肉渐渐疲软。So astronauts on the space station have to exercise at least two hours every day to give their muscles a workout.所以空间站的宇航员每天必须至少锻炼俩小时,保肌肉的功能。But the rest of the time, the astronauts are conducting experiments!但其余的时间,宇航员都在进行太空实验。They#39;ll study plants to see how they grow in space, and they#39;ll study small animals, like fish,他们会研究植物在太空怎样生长,他们也研究鱼之类的小动物,to see how their muscles do in low gravity.观察它们的肌肉在低重力下如何活动。They even study how robots work in space.他们甚至还研究机器人怎样在太空中工作。Say hello to Robonaut 2.跟机器宇航员2号打个招呼吧!He#39;s a robot, like Squeaks, who lives on the space station full time,他跟吱吱一样,是个机器人,一直生活在空间站,He#39;s on board so astronauts can see if robots work as well in space as they do on Earth.它现在甲板上,因为宇航员想要观察它的工作是否和在地球上一样,R2, as his friends call him, can use tools, and even go on a spacewalk by himself.机器宇航员2号(他的朋友们都这样叫它),能够使用工具,甚至能够独自进行太空行走。Spacewalks are when astronauts leave the space station in a spacesuit,太空行走是指宇航员穿上宇航,离开空间站to do work on the outside of the station.去站外工作。But they don#39;t do them very often.但是他们不经常这样做。Spacewalks are only for when astronauts need to fix things on the ISS or to gather information for experiments.他们只在需要修复空间站上的东西或是收集实验信息时才这样做。So life on the International Space Station is hard work,国际空间站上的生活很艰苦,and it#39;s really different than life at home.并且不同于地球上的工作。But if you ask me, the astronauts who get to go there are pretty lucky—但是如果你问我的想法,我一定会说他们很幸运because they actually get to live in space!因为他们竟然在太空生活过!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids.欢迎收看儿童科学秀.Maybe one day, if you work really hard, you can go to the ISS! See you next time.如果你努力的话,也许某天你也能去国际空间站。下次再见! Article/201707/516815赣州长安男性专科网上预约咨询信丰医院不孕不育医院预约挂号



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