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上海美容冠多少钱浦东新区中医医院激光去斑价格费用Movies – The King and I; nation versus sovereign versus kingdom; to obstruct versus to hinder; fire and brimstoneWords:musicalgovernessarrogantstubbornto respectroleautobiographycourtto exaggerateto banto colonizeclassicnationsovereignkingdomto obstructto hinderfire and brimstone 3737上海市第六人民医院金山分院做隆鼻手术价格 bodyguard保镖,pistol手,evaluate评估Hire A BodygaurdWhen my new job required me to transport valuables, I decided I needed a gun protection. Since I knew next to nothing about firearms, I joined a pistol club. After watching and evaluating my technique a few weeks, the instructor pulled me aside.“Are you open to a suggestion?” he asked.“Absolutely,” I replied.“Hire a bodyguard,” he said.雇一个保镖吧我的新工作需要我运送一些贵重物品我觉得我应该有一来保护自己由于我对武器几乎一窍不通,就参加了一个手俱乐部教员对我的技能观察和评价了几个星期之后,把我叫到一边他问我:“你愿意听听我的建议吗?”我说:“当然”他说:“雇一个保镖吧”1.bodyguard保镖a bodyguard to sb.某人的保镖The president was surrounded by a small bodyguard.总统由一小队保卫人员团团围住还可以作及物动词使用:bodyguard sb. all the way to the gate 一路护送某人到大门口.transport运输goods transported to India运往印度的货物还有“使欣喜若狂”的意思:He was transported with joy.他喜不自胜“把…带入特定境地”:Alone in her hotel room, a fever of longing transported her to her bedroom at home.她独自一人在旅馆房间里,一阵思家之情似乎把她带到了家中的卧室3.next to几乎We had next to nothing to say to one another.我们之间几乎么有什么话好说还可以指“贴近”:The hotel is next to the church.旅馆就在教堂隔壁“居于…之后”:My sister is the next to oldest.我排行老二.pistol手Pistol shooting events include free pistol, rapid fire pistol, standard pistol, air pistol, and sport pistol.手射击包括: 自选手射击,手速射,标准手射击,气手射击和运动手射击5.evaluvate评估He evaluated the horses at thirty-five dollars a head.他将这些马定价为每匹35美元How would you evaluate yourself?你对自己将如何评价? 也可以作不及物动词:We come as critics, to scrutinize and to evaluate.我们是来挑刺的,来细细查看并给予评估的6.instructor教员搭配上不同的词,可以表示各种教员,比如:fitness instructor 健美师;technical instructor 技术指导讲师; an assistant instructor 助教Prince Harry has arrived back in London after his Afganistan adventureThis wasn't the day he expected or wanted to come back, but back he had to come and quickly. Along with 0 other soldiers flown back from Afghanistan. Prince Harry's return became inevitable as soon as a news blackout of his presence in the country was broken by the eign press.Waiting him, Prince Charles and Prince William who chose to greet him inside in private, relieved to be reed as Prince Charles later made clear. "I, I feel particular frustration on his part, that he was um, removed unexpectedly early, because I think he,uh, approximately he has been looking ward to coming back with all the rest of his, his regiment, uh, but as you can imagine, it's obviously a great relief as far as I'm concerned to, to see him home in uh, in one piece." weeks Prince Harry shared the risks and the danger that are ever present in Afghanistan, meeting some of the other soldiers returning today, Prince Charles said he shared their families' concern. "I do so understand now what it's like so many other families uh, and the loved ones, you know, of those who are serving abroad on operations, what they have to endure, and having met so many of the families when I go to visit some of my regiments, I, I know what it's like when they're so far away, and somehow you don't know what's going on, and it's much worse in a way I think those left behind, so I think we owe an enormous amount to all those families of our servicemen who endure so much and support their uh, loved ones with such understanding in return." On their way home, Prince William helped carry his brother's kit. It's likely that he may be the next to see active service, possibly with the Royal Navy later this year. It'll be a month or so bee Prince Harry rejoins his regiments after their return from Afghanistan, in the meantime, questions are bound to be asked about his role within it, and the British Army as a whole on whether it'll ever be practically possible to maintain a news blackout, should he wish to return to a frontline. 68上海市浦东新区周浦医院激光祛痣多少钱

上海市中西医结合医院韩式隆鼻多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属同仁医院激光除皱多少钱 上海有激光抽脂吗

嘉定治黄褐斑多少钱 Comprehension Listen to the episode and choose the correct words. 1 Bindyu is Fadi's Harry's girlfriend. Fadi has been visiting his family girlfriend.3 Fadi suggests starting a campaign demonstration. Bindyu is an editor a journalist.5 Sarah is pleased annoyed to see Carlos.6 Magda Olivia has got a distinction in her degree. 858上海复旦大学附属闵行医院打美白针的费用虹口做脱毛手术价格



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