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英语日常口语 92:The cost of living生活费 本单元是关于生活费的对话Tim: So how are you settling in then Khalid? Khalid: There is going well Tim. You've all been really friendly, footy in the park and cups of teas in the afternoon. I can't believe I get all this for only 75 pounds a week. Tim: How much? Khalid: 75 pounds. I know it's less than what you're paying but us students need every discount we can get. Tim: Oh yeah, I, I knew you'd got a discount, I just didn't realise how much of one you'd wangled. Khalid: Did I put my foot in it? Tim: No, no Khalid but there's, there's an old saying "If you don't ask, you don't get" so maybe it's time for this jobless one to start negotiating a bit too.Vocabulary 字汇 footy (informal) 足球(非正式)short for 'football'wangle 巧妙地得到 get something by persuading someone or by doing something cleverput my foot in it (informal) 口无遮拦 (非正式)say something you didn't mean to say which upsets or embarrasses someone 本单元的语言点是关于 There 和 It 的用法,请看下面的解释和例句There and It副词 There We use there when we introduce an idea, talk about something for the first time or to say that something exists. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Tim says:"there's an old saying"to introduce what he's about to talk about.More examples:There's no time, I'm late as it is, bye!There might be a new cafe opening up on the High Street.He didn't like living here. He said there was too much traffic and too much pollution. There also means to, at or in a particular place.I need to get there as soon as possible.Have you seen that new cafe? Fancy going there for a coffee? He wanted to move to the countryside because it was quieter there.代名词 ItWe use it to talk about a specific place, thing, animal or situation. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Khalid should have said:"It's going well" (It's settling in to the flat)More examples:I was late yesterday. It was because my alarm didn't go off. (it my being late)I tried that new cafe yesterday. It was really packed. (it the cafe)He wants to move to the countryside. It'll be much quieter there. (it the countryside)We can also use it to talk about distance, weather and time:How far is it to your house?It's hot today.It was last June when I saw her.We can use it with adjectives in a to + infinitive expression like:It's great to live and work in New York. It was fascinating to see these ancient buildings.We usually begin these expressions with it, we don't usually put it towards the end of the sentence:'It's bad for you to smoke cigarettes' sounds more natural than 'To smoke cigarettes is bad for you'. 'It was great that he finally got married' sounds more natural than 'That he finally got married was great'.We can also use it to introduce a for + infinitive expression like:It's important for you to watch me, if you want to learn the dance steps. It will be good for her to have a break. She's been working too hard.Comparing There and It 比较 She grew up in a small village. There were a lot of farms near her house. It was a very peaceful place to live. He works in a huge hospital. It's a very stressful job. There are lots of emergencies he has to deal with there. /200708/16900。

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  • 中国有钱人增多了?对于那些高档车制造商们来说,无疑是肯定的,因为高档豪华车在中国卖的是越来越好了。请看《中国日报》的报道:BMW now expects to achieve an "even greater improvement in pre-tax earnings than originally predicted" for 2011. The world's largest premium carmaker expects sales this year to rise more than 10 percent to over 1.6 million vehicles versus a previous forecast of more than 1.5 million.2011年,宝马的税前收益有望比原本预期增长更多。这家世界上最大的高档汽车制造商,预计本年的汽车销售增幅将超过10个百分点,达到160多万辆,而非之前预期的150多万辆。这里的premium carmaker,指的就是高档汽车。Premium词义很多,作名词时有额外费用、奖金、保险费等意思,比如life insurance premium(人寿保险费)、cargo premium(货物保险费)等。习惯用语有at a premium,是非常珍贵的意思。此外,用作金融词汇,premium表示溢价。而在这里,premium是形容词,表示高昂的、优质的、特级的。所以premium car就是高档汽车的意思。高档豪华车,可以说premium and luxury cars,而mass market cars,指的就是大众市场的车型了。在北京实行购车license-plate lottery(车牌摇号)制度后,car rental(汽车租赁)业务出现大幅上升。为减少环境污染,我国还在几个城市试行green car(新能源汽车)购车补贴,吸引了不少买家。 /201107/144956。
  • 迷路了怎么办?问路。不想问路怎么办?看地图。到哪里买地图?报亭。瞧,古奇还卖起了英文版本的地图,看来她会是一名很出色的奥运志愿者了。 Listen Read Learn Foreigner: Excuse me? Can you do me a favor, please?Gucci: It's my pleasure, what can I do for you?Foreigner: I'm from England and I'm trying to make a travel plan for today.Gucci: What brings you here?Foreigner: I'm a flight attendant and I'm here on vacation.Gucci: Where are you staying?Foreigner: I live in the Holiday Inn Lido Hotel.Gucci: Oh, it's not very far. And as far as I know it is a fancy place.Foreigner: Yes, it is. Do you know where I can get a town map?Gucci: We sell them, right here.Foreigner: Great, do you have any for foreigners? I mean English version?Gucci: Yes, we have. As many as you want. What about this one?Foreigner: That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'll take it. 听看学外国人:打扰了。你能帮我一个忙吗?古奇:很荣幸。我能帮什么忙?外国人:我是英国来的,我要为今天制定一个旅行计划。古奇:那你来这里做什么呢?外国人:我是机组乘务员。我是来这里度假的。古奇:你住哪里呢?外国人:我住在假日丽都饭店。古奇:哦,那不远啊。据我所知,那是个很不错的地方。外国人:是的。你知道我在哪里可以买一份城市地图吗?古奇:我们这里就卖啊。外国人:太好了,你们有给外国人看的地图吗?我是指英语版本(的地图)?古奇:当然了,我们有。要多少都有。这份怎样?外国人:这正是我在寻找的。我就买这个。 经典背诵 RecitationForeigner: I am a flight attendant. I always come to China for vacations. I would stay at the Holiday Inn Lidu Hotel, which is really a fancy place. Chinese people are friendly and they are always willing to help when I'm in trouble. I always enjoy the time in China. 生词小结favor n. 持flight n. 航班attendant n. 务员Holiday Inn 假日酒店fancy adj. 精美的town map 城市地图 语法小结 Grammaras…as 的用法 1.as…as…表示“和……一样……”,在as…as之间加入形容词、副词原形My sister is as proud as a peacock. 我非常高傲。She was as busy as before. 她和从前一样忙。2.as…as的用法很多,并不是只能加形容词和副词的比较级There are as many books in our library as in your library.我们图书馆的书和你们图书馆的书一样多。(比较的事books)3.在比较级的句型中,可以省略与前面重复的部分或者任何可以省略的部分(1)否定句或疑问句中可用so…as, 中间是形容词或副词的原级He cannot do it so/as well as you. 他不能和你做的一样好。(2)as…as中间有名词,“as +形容词+a/ an+ 单数名词”,或“as +many/ much +名词复数”This is as good an example as the other is. 这是一个和其他一样好的例子。I can carry as many books as you can. 我能和你搬一样多的书。(3)用表示倍数的做修饰语时,放在as 的前面,结构是“倍数 + as +adj.+as”My room is twice as big as this one. 我的房间是这个房间的两倍大。This bridge is three times as long as that one. 这座桥是那座桥的三倍长。 家庭总动员 Do it togetheras…as 的用法两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1.你能和我卖一样的报纸。2.据我所知,你是空中务员。3.我跟你一样快完成我的工作。4.这份地图跟你想象的一样有用。5.这位英雄的妻子跟他一样勇敢。1.This map is as useful as you imagine.2.I can finish my work as quickly as you can.3.The hero's wife is as brave as him.4.You can sell as many newspapers as I can.5.As far as I know, you are a flight attendant. /200806/40691。
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