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2019年07月19日 23:05:45 | 作者:飞度技术知道健康 | 来源:新华社
《傲慢与偏见与僵尸:电影混搭新潮流 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:如果你是《行尸走肉这类丧尸片的忠实剧迷,也痴迷于唐家屯里的爱恨纠葛,看完正片还忍不住要扒一遍网友的同人文,那一定不能错过美国电影《傲慢与偏见与僵尸你能想象彬彬有礼的英国贵族们和狰狞恐怖的僵尸厮杀的画面吗?As a fan of both Downton Abbey (-) and The Walking Dead (since ), you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about a film named Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. After all, what could be more entertaining than watching the orderly world of the British gentry get thrown into chaos by a bunch of filthy, undead villains?作为《唐顿庄园和《行尸走肉的铁粉,你应该可以想象当我听说《傲慢与偏见与僵尸这部电影的名字时有多么兴奋毕竟还有什么比看着英国贵族井井有条的生活被一群肮脏不堪的不死恶魔搅得一团糟更有意思呢?The film begins just as Jane Austen’s 18 novel does: Mrs Bennet fervently inms her five daughters of the news that the rich and eligible Mr Bingley has moved to the neighborhood. But you immediately know you’re not in the same world imagined by Austen. Rather than sewing or drawing, the girls are busy polishing their guns and swords. They are all trained to combat the zombie plague that has surrounded London.电影开篇和简?奥斯汀18年的那本小说如出一辙:英俊多金的宾利先生搬到了附近,班纳特太太激动地把这个消息告诉了自己的5个女儿但你马上会意识到这与奥斯汀笔下的世界并不一样姑娘们可不是在写诗作画做女红,而是在舞刀弄她们正在严格训练,准备与在伦敦爆发的僵尸瘟疫奋战到底The romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy is as tense as it is in the novel, but the film takes their war of wills a bit further. Moments that used to be filled with witty and wounding banter are replaced with scenes of actual punching, kicking and sword fighting.伊丽莎白?班纳特与达西先生之间的浪漫爱情如小说中一样跌宕起伏,但电影更深入地刻画了两人情感上纠葛小说中那些谈笑风生的片段都被电影中真实弹的扭打,剑斗镜头所代替This is probably why the film received a lot of attention, particularly in the wake of its US premiere in February.这可能是这部电影大受关注的原因,尤其是二月份在美国上映之后被热捧“[It’s] an Austen adaptation that’s even more fearlessly feminist than Jane was”, wrote Alynda Wheat, senior writer at People Magazine. “Ladies are valued more their ability to take a head shot at paces than their skills on the pianote.”《人物杂志资深作家艾琳达?惠特这样道,“这是一部由奥斯汀的小说改编而成的电影,但它比原著更加大胆地宣扬了女权主义比起弹钢琴的技巧,姑娘们更重视步以内对僵尸爆头的能力”But after the initial novelty wears off, the film starts to get a little boring. The zombie part isn’t nearly as exciting as what’s offered by the hit TV series The Walking Dead, and the romance is also undermined by the bloody theme. American Seth Grahame-Smith, a zealous fan-fiction writer, wrote the best-seller that inspired the film, and he was careful to retain the charms of Austen’s classic novel. His previous works also include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, another book that failed to translate well on-screen. Perhaps the film industry is not yet y this kind of crossover genre.但当起初的新鲜感逐渐消退,这部电影开始变得有点无聊了僵尸的情节不如热门美剧《行尸走肉惊险刺激,而爱情故事又被恐怖血腥的主题所掩盖本片灵感来源于美国知名同人作家赛斯?葛雷恩?史密斯于年创作的畅销书,他在该书中尽力保留了奥斯汀经典小说的原汁原味他还创作过小说《吸血鬼猎人林肯,不过这部小说改编的电影也不太成功或许现今的电影业还没做好准备迎接这类跨题材作品“The idea to simply add zombies to the Jane Austen classic is a winning concept [...] but director Burr Steers couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot between the original and the re-imagining to make the big screen rendition work as well as it could have,” wrote Perri Nemiroff, editor of movie news website Collider.电影新闻网站《对撞机编辑佩里?雷米诺夫写道:“简单地把僵尸元素加入简?奥斯汀的名著中不失为一个成功的卖点……但导演布尔?斯蒂尔斯似乎没能在经典与重塑之间寻得最佳平衡点,所以大银幕作品并未取得应有的成功”That said, this kind of mash-up is still an appealing idea, particularly young science fiction fans. Perhaps, bee long, we’ll be expecting similar productions such as something like “The Old Man and the Sea and Godzilla”, “Oliver Twist in Hogwarts”, and “A Tale of Two Cities–Zootopia and Transylvania”.即便如此,这种混搭电影仍然是一个吸引人的卖点,尤其是对年轻的科幻小说迷来说我们或许可以期待一下不久后类似的作品,例如《老人与海与哥斯拉,《霍格沃茨的雾都孤儿,以及《双城记——疯狂动物城与精灵旅社最新调查:全球幸福指数排名 越南第二中国60 --5 :6:7 来源: We all dream of living a long, happy life - often in a warmer, more relaxing climate than we are currently based.   我们总梦想着能有幸福长乐的生活——比起当下有着更舒适的气候和四季如春的温暖   But where are the happiest places in the world?   那么世界上最幸福的地方在哪里呢?   A new map of 1 countries has revealed exactly which parts of the globe deliver long and happy lives their citizens, within the environmental limits of the planet.   在全球环境的限制下,世界上1个国家哪里为市民提供的生活最为幸福长乐呢——就由这张地图来告诉你   The map was compiled by the relocation website Movehub, using data from the latest Happy Planet Index (HPI) - a global measure of sustainable wellbeing.   通过收集最新的地球快乐指数(简称HPI,全球可持续幸福程度)搬家网站Movehub编辑发布了这张地图   The HPI claims it 'measures what matters', rather than wealth: the extent to which countries deliver long, happy, sustainable lives the people that live in them.   地球快乐指数比起富有,更注重在一定程度上哪个国家能为居民提供更为长久的幸福生活   The happiest nations   And the results may surprise you, with Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam topping the league. The UK features at position - higher than Germany (7), Spain (6), Canada (65), Australia (76) and the US (1).   结论会让你大吃一惊哦,哥斯达黎加、哥伦比亚和越南位居前三英国排名第,比排名7的德国,排名6的西班牙,排名65的加拿大,排名76的澳大利亚和排名1的美国都要前   The happiness of other nations   The HPI (Happy Planet Index) puts at the heart the idea that happiness is not necessarily about wealth, but living long lives with a high experience of well-being. The idea is that if a country had to be completely self-sufficient, most of the developed world would be unable to do that (without losing a lot of its population first).The reason some high-income nations to score significantly below other nations is the ecological footprint left on the planet.   地球快乐指数的核心理念是:幸福和财富的多少没有必然联系,而是长时间的幸福体验理念认为,如果标准是一个国家必须自给自足,那么大多数发达国家将做不到这一点(首先在不流失一大部分人口的情况下)一些高收入国家的指数之所以比其他国家低是输在了生态足迹一值上   HPI of Europe   Each of the three component measures – life expectancy, the level of well-being experienced and ecological footprint – is given a traffic-light score based on thresholds good (green), middling (amber) and bad (red) permance.   标准有三个部分构成测定——寿命,幸福水平值和生态足迹,他们共同决定了最后呈现的红绿灯式的临界值,结果表现为好(绿色),中(琥珀色)和差(红色)   HPI of Asia and the Middle East   The map also doesn't take into internal inequality measures and human rights issues which is why some countries like Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia feature so highly.   地图不考虑内部不平等问题和人权问题,这也是为什么像叙利亚、伊拉克还有沙特阿拉伯这些国家的指数能这么高   HPI of South Africa   South America has several countries where residents are happy, the report claims. Four of the top five happiest places are here - with Costa Rica coming top, followed by Colombia (third), Belize (fourth) and El Salvador (fifth).   报告显示南非几个国家的居民都活的很开心四个位居前五的国家都在这——哥斯达黎加位居榜首,其次是哥伦比亚(排名第三),伯利兹(排名第四)和塞尔瓦多(排名第五)上海迪士尼旁开“诉调中心” -- :58:55 来源:chinadaily “上海国际旅游度假区诉调对接分中心”18日揭牌成立上海浦东新区法院副院长傅玉明表示,游客们今后在上海迪士尼乐园游玩过程中若产生了纠纷,就能够得到更公平、快速和合理的解决了Photo taken on May 6, shows a general view of the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai. The Shanghai Disneyland, Disney's first theme park in the Chinese mainland, is set to open on June . [PhotoXinhua]请看相关报道:To effectively prepare possible crimes and lawsuits connected with the highly anticipated Shanghai Disney Resort, the city's Pudong New Area People's Court established a mediation and litigation center near the park on Wednesday.为有效解决上海迪士尼乐园开园以后可能发生的犯罪行为和纠纷,上海浦东新区人民法院18日在该乐园附近设立了诉讼调解中心诉讼调解中心(mediation and litigation center)成立后,将为当事人和社会公众提供诉讼引导、诉前调解( pre-litigation mediation)、司法确认(judicial confirmation)、立案登记(case registration)、材料收转(submission of evidence)、联系法官(getting in touch with a judge)、查询咨询(consultation)、判后释明(resolution of sentencing objections)、司法救助(judicial aid)、法制宣传等便捷、规范的“一站式”诉讼务( one-stop litigation service)【词汇注解】Mediation(调解)是非诉讼纠纷解决方式(alternative dispute resolution )的一种,一般由第三方出面协调纠纷双方(disputants)达成某种和解协议(negotiate a settlement)通过调解能够解决的纠纷,自然就不用走法律程序了例句:The dispute was settled by mediation of the third country.这场争端通过第三国的斡旋而得以解决Litigation(诉讼)则是为了主张某个权利而将事情闹上法庭的行为起诉到法院,开始走法律程序,那么就是进入了诉讼程序,也就是我们常说的“打官司”例句:The settlement ends more than four years of litigation on behalf of the residents.这一和解协议结束了居民们四年多的诉讼程序(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)围观:钢铁侠和美国队长,你更青睐谁 -- 1:: 来源: 漫威的超级英雄电影席卷全球,复仇者联盟的各位英雄变得家喻户晓近日,美国本土推出了一项持率调查,头两名分别是钢铁侠和美国队长 Of the six original cinematic Avengers, it’s pretty easy to hazard a guess at which are most popular. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America will have headlined three solo movies each by this time next year. Black Widow, on the other hand has only played second fiddle to other, male heroes.说到《复仇者联盟中复仇者的六位初始成员哪位最受观众欢迎,呼声最高的自然是钢铁侠、托尔和美国队长截止明年此时,上述三人每人都将各自拥有三部独立电影而黑寡妇似乎一直以来只是这些男性超级英雄的陪衬But a survey of people in all 50 states reveals something surprising: While Iron Man and Captain America do reign supreme, Black Widow is actually the third-most popular of the original Marvel superheroes, winning support in seven different states.Mic发起了一项在全美50州进行的调查,调查得出的结果多少有些出人意料:钢铁侠和美国队长毫无悬念地夺得了前两名,紧随其后的却是黑寡妇,她在7个州的评选中胜出The methodology: To determine each state’s favorite, Mic ran a Google Consumer Insights survey of 97 internet users asking the question, "Which member of the original movie Avengers is your favorite?" They were given six options — Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Hawkeye — as well as an option to answer "none of these." Out of these respondents, 376 chose "none of these," leaving 596 respondents who chose one of the six. It’s not exactly a statistically significant number, but it offers an interesting portrait of America’s Marvel fascination nonetheless.这项调查是这样进行的:Mic为了确定各州最受欢迎的人选,在 Google Consumer Insights上向97名网民提出问题:“你最喜欢复仇者中的哪位英雄?”问题下面列出了七个选项:钢铁侠、黑寡妇、美国队长、托尔、浩克和鹰眼和“以上皆非”376人选择了“以上皆非”,596人选择了六人中的一人这项调查的数据算不得庞大,却也反映了美国漫威迷的分布情况It’s clear just from looking at the map that Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, rules. But exactly how much did he dominate the survey?从分布图上可以清楚地看出钢铁侠托尼·斯塔克独占鳌头,那么他的优势又有多大呢?Because of some ties, the chart isn’t a perfect split between the 50 states. Nonetheless, Iron Man is the most popular Avenger in just over half of the states. The next closest is Captain America, who has just under a quarter of states.因为来自各州的网民人数不一,调查无法反映各位英雄持者真正的分布比例即便如此,钢铁侠还是获得超过5个州网民的持,排在身后的美国队长则获得了约个州中获胜Interestingly, Black Widow comes in third despite her lack of solo movie. She beats Thor, who has had two of his own films, with a third on the way, and the Hulk, who did have his own movie, but not with the current Hulk starring Edward Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo.有趣的是,没有独立电影的黑寡妇却排在第三,击败了托尔(已有两部独立电影,第三部正在准备当中)和浩克(曾有过独立电影,扮演着不是如今的马克·鲁法洛而是爱德华·诺顿)Hawkeye was the only one of the original Avengers to not win or tie first in a single state. In fact, of the 596 respondents who picked a hero, only approximately 9 chose Hawkeye — less than 5%.鹰眼则干脆一无所获实际上,596名做出选择的网友中只有约9人把票投给了鹰眼,这一比例尚不及人数的5%The evidence is mounting: It’s increasingly looking like time Black Widow, or any of the scores of great female superheroes, really, to get her own film. Who knows? With her own film, perhaps Black Widow could win over even more states next time this survey is run.看上去像黑寡妇这样伟大的超级女英雄也该拥有自己的独立电影了,而上述调查结果也提供了更多的据谁知道有了自己的独立电影,黑寡妇在下次调查的排名会不会更进一步呢?

朝鲜进行导弹试验,半天之内发射两次 -- 1:56:57 来源: (CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹 (CNN)North Korea fired two missiles Wednesday morning from its eastern coast, according to South Korean and U.S. officials.(CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹Both are believed to be Musudan intermediate-range missiles, fired from the North Korean port city of Wonsan, said Commander Dave Benham, spokesman the U.S. Pacific Command.据美国太平洋司令部发言人戴夫?贝纳姆指挥官说,这两枚导弹都是舞水端中程导弹,从朝鲜港口城市元山发射"According to the U.N. Security Council resolution, any launches that involve ballistic missile technology are a violation of the treaty and we think this is clearly a provocation towards us," South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee said at a regularly-scheduled press briefing.韩国统一部发言人郑俊熙在定期举行的新闻发布会上说:“根据联合国安理会决议,任何弹道导弹发射都是违背协议内容的,我们认为朝鲜此举明显是对我们的挑衅”The first missile flew 93 miles (0 km), and is considered a failed launch, according to a South Korean military official.根据韩国军方官方监测,第一颗导弹飞行了93英里(0公里),可以说是一次失败的发射The second missile traveled 9 miles (00 km) and the data is still being analyzed by the South Korean military, the official told CNN.韩国军方告诉CNN记者,第二颗导弹飞行了9英里(00公里),韩国军方还在分析这一组数据North Korea has made at least four previous attempts this year to test this type of missile.朝鲜今年至少已经进行了四次试验,来测试这一型号的导弹Both missiles were tracked over the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, "where initial indications are they fell," Benham said. Benham said the missile launches did not pose a threat to North America.这两颗导弹均出现在日本海上空,也就称为中国东海贝纳姆说:“这里就是导弹预计会坠落的地方”贝纳姆说导弹发射并不对北美造成威胁Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that his country could "never give" the test, which he stressed was in violation of U.N. resolutions.日本首相安倍晋三说他们国家“绝对不会原谅”这次试验,他强调这是违背安理会决议的行为"We can never give this and lodged a firm protest," he told reporters from Kumamoto, southern Japan.“我们绝对不会原谅(这次试验)并会进行强烈的抗议”他告诉来自日本南部的熊本市的记者"We would like to continue taking a close coordination with the U.S. and South Korea and working on North Korea (at) the ed Nations, so that North Korea would not conduct such an action again."“我们会继续和美国韩国密切合作,一同在联合国解决朝鲜问题,这样朝鲜就不会再做出这样的举动了”Japan’s defense minister Gen Nakatani told reporters that the first missile launch did not affect the country’s security, but he also called immediate meetings to take all possible measures to protect Japan. He made the comments bee the second missile launch.日本防卫大臣中谷元告诉记者,第一颗导弹不会影响到日本安全,但是他还是马上召集了紧急会议,采取所有可能的措施来保护日本这些话都是在第二颗导弹发射之前说的The first missile launch occurred at 5:58 a.m. local time and the South Korean military presumed that one had been a failure, according to a spokesperson from the country’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.根据韩国的参谋长联席会议发言人所说,第一次导弹发射发生在当地时间清晨5:58,韩国军方预测这一次发射会失败About two hours later, North Korea fired the second missile at 8: a.m. local time, according to the spokesperson. He said further analysis is being conducted.发言人表示,大约两个小时以后,朝鲜于8:发射了第二颗导弹他说进一步的分析正在进行The U.S. State Department condemned the recent missile tests in a statement: "We are aware of reports that the DPRK fired two ballistic missiles. We are monitoring and continuing to assess the situation in close coordination with our regional allies and partners."美国国务院在声明中谴责这一次导弹试验,说道:“我们已经得到了报告称朝鲜发射了两枚弹道导弹我们正在检测并继续评估目前的情势,我们也会继续同我们的敌方同盟以及合作伙伴保持密切的合作关系”The ed States advised North Korea to stop its ballistic missile tests and said it only strengthened the international commy’s resolve to press ward with U.N. sanctions. The ed States said it would also defend its allies, South Korea and Japan, and called its commitment to them "ironclad."美国勒令朝鲜停止进行弹道导弹测试,并说这只会加强国际社会对于联合国实施制裁的持美国表示会保护盟国韩国和日本,并表示该承诺牢不可破"We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation," according to U.S. State Department spokesperson John Kirby.美国国务院发言人约翰?柯比表示,“我们会时刻准备着保护我们自己以及我们的盟国不受到任何攻击以及挑衅”

商务部:年,中国贸易务达1万亿美金 --31 ::5 来源: 中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机 During the th Five-Year Plan (-), China’s trade in services are expected toenter a "golden era" and imports and exports will exceed $ 1 trillion by , which will bring huge business opporties to the world’s service enterprises, said Gao Hucheng,minister of China’s Ministry of Commerce.中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机Thanks to governmental support, the Chinese service industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years and demand services continues to expand, Gao said this when delivering a speech at the China Beijing International Fair Trade in Serviceswhich kicked off on May .在5月日拉开序幕的中国北京国际务贸易览会上,高说,多亏政府的持,近年来,中国务业发展迅速,务需求持续扩张The world economy is recovering amid in-depth adjustment and the status of the service sector is rising. This will lead products and services all over the world to better integrate into the global value chain and become the major area to obtain added value and boosters of economic growth, Gao also noted this during his speech.在演讲中,高强调,伴随着深度调节和务业地位的上升,世界经济正在复苏这将使得全球的产品和务更好的融入世界价值链,成为获得附加值和推动经济增长的主要领域During the th Five-Year Plan, China’s trade services saw an average annual growth of.5 percent, twice the world’s average. In , service trade reached billion, .6 percent up from , ranking second in the world.第十二个五年计划期间,中国贸易务每年平均增长.5%,是世界平均水平的两倍年,务贸易达到70亿美金,比年上涨.6%,排位世界第二Development of trade in services has played a significant role in promoting transmation and upgrading of China’s eign trade, as well as in catalyzing economic restructuring and enhancing innovation amongst ordinary people, according to Gao.高说在推动中国对外贸易转型和升级,促进经济结构转型和提高普通民众创新方面,务贸易业的发展扮演着至关重要的角色In recent years, the consumption structure of households has upgraded from material consumption to services and demands life services such as tourism, culture,entertainment and health have also risen rapidly.近年来,家庭消费结构已经从物质消费升级为务消费,对诸如旅游,文化,和健康的生活务消费需求已经快速上升

什么仇什么怨?欧盟谷歌再撕逼 -- 19:51:5 来源: 近日,欧洲委员会再次指责谷歌公司滥用其行业优势地位,对其提出多项指控 The European Commission has stepped up pressure on Google, alleging that it abused its dominance in internet shopping and restricted competition.欧洲委员会进一步向谷歌公司施压,指控其滥用在互联网购物领域的优势地位,并限制竞争对手开展业务It also accused Google of stopping websites from showing adverts from the search engine’s competitors.委员会还指责谷歌公司在网站上屏蔽其搜索引擎竞争对手的广告And it strengthened an existing charge that Google favours its own comparison shopping services in search results.委员会重提旧案,称谷歌在搜索结果中总是优先显示经过筛选的购物商EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had no right to limit its rivals.欧盟竞争委员会的玛格丽特·韦斯塔格表示谷歌公司没有任何权力阻碍竞争对手开展业务She said: "Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn’t give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate."她说:“谷歌公司带来了许多富有创意的产品,改变了人们的生活然而这并不意味着谷歌具有剥夺其他公司进行竞争和创新的权力”Google is aly facing mal anti-trust charges over claims that it abused the dominant position of its Android operating system.谷歌陷入了滥用安卓系统的反垄断官司The US company is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition.该指控称谷歌对使用安卓操作系统的公司提出了苛刻的要求,并且抑制竞争行为A spokesperson Google said on Thursday: "We believe that our innovations and product improvements have increased choice European consumers and promote competition.谷歌公司的一位发言人于周四表示:“我们相信公司的创新和产品品质的提升为欧洲的消费者提供了更多选择,并促进了竞争”"We’ll examine the Commission’s renewed cases and provide a detailed response in the coming weeks."“公司将仔细评估委员会发起的案件,并于未来几周出具详细的回复报告”

孩子挑食有绝招 卡通造型好奇妙 -- ::0 来源:sohu 孩子总不爱吃蔬果,作为父母的当然担心一名外国母亲为了让儿子吃得更健康,花尽心思地把健康食材做成不同的卡通人物造型看到如此有趣的菜式,试问哪个孩子会再挑食! lt;lt;疯狂动物城gt;gt;的狐狸-尼克;王尔德 Nick Wilde From Zootopia 材料:羊腿配甜土豆泥,菠菜,甜菜根,无花果和全麦卷 Lamb Shanks With Sweet Potato Mash, Spinach, Beetroot, Figs And Wholemeal Wrap lt;lt;爱丽丝镜中奇遇记gt;gt;的疯帽子 The Mad Hatter From Alice Through The Looking Glass 材料:马铃薯、胡萝卜、韭菜、全麦卷和茄子 Potato With Carrots, Leek, Wholemeal Wrap And Eggplant lt;lt;飞屋环游记gt;gt;的卡尔 Carl From Up 材料:土鸡配用甜菜根染色的土豆泥,土豆皮,全麦卷和用胡萝卜拼成的英文字母 Free Range Chicken With Mash Potato (dyed With Beetroot), Potato Skins, Wholemeal Wrap And Carrot Letters lt;lt;疯狂动物城gt;gt;的绵羊市长助理 Bellwether From Zootopia 材料:炸肉排配土豆泥和蔬菜 Freerange Schnitzel With Mashed Potatoes And Veggies lt;lt;疯狂动物城gt;gt;的闪电 Flash From Zootopia 材料:面条,鲑鱼(三文鱼)和蔬菜 Noodles With Salmon and Veggies 《冰雪奇缘的埃尔莎 Elsa From Frozen 材料:大蒜、菠菜面条配欧洲防风草,马铃薯和甜菜根泥 Garlic And Spinach Fettuccine With Parsnip, Potato And Beetroot Mash lt;lt;小美人鱼gt;gt;的爱丽儿 Ariel From The Little Mermaid 材料:欧洲防风草炒草饲牛肉、土豆泥和红椒 Stirfry Grass Fed Beef With Parsnip And Potato Mash And Red Capsicum English Source: boredpanda

马云豪掷千金买下两座法国葡萄酒庄 -- :9:0 来源: 近日马云斥资00万欧元买下了法国两座历史悠久的葡萄酒庄,此举或将给他红酒产业带来巨大的飞跃 A Chinese billionaire has snapped up two historic French vineyards 9.5million pound (million euros).一名中国亿万富翁以950万英镑(约合00万欧元)的价格抢购了两座历史悠久的法国葡萄酒庄Jack Ma, 51, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, bought the Chateau Guerry and the Chateau Perenne, dating back to the 18th century, in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine-growing region.51岁的马云是中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的创始人,他买下了盖里酒庄和黑麦草酒庄这两家酒庄的历史可以追溯到18世纪,地处著名的波尔多红酒产区中心Previous owner, French wine magnate Bernard Magrez, confirmed the sale on Thursday after the transaction was reported by the British specialist magazine Decanter.这笔交易最先由英国专业杂志Decanter报道,后来酒庄的上任拥有者--法国红酒巨头伯纳德·马格海兹--在周四的时候确认了这笔交易的存在The Chateau Perenne is sp over 8 acres in Blaye Cotes-de-Bourg, producing about 500,000 bottles of red and white wine annually.黑麦草酒庄地处布莱产区,占地面积达到了8英亩,红葡萄酒和白葡萄酒的年产量达到了50万瓶Chateau Guerry is the oldest estate in the Cotes de Bourg appellation, producing 8,000 bottles of red a year from around 50 acres of vines.盖里酒庄是该地区最古老的酒庄,占地面积约50英亩,年产红酒8.万瓶The purchases add to the Chateau de Sours vineyard, which Ma bought in Bordeaux’ Entre-Deux-Mers wine region in February.新购置的产业将并入位于波尔多两河产酒区的苏尔葡萄酒庄,马云在今年二月份的时候购买了这家酒庄It includes a magnificent 18th-century country house.这处酒庄里有一座雄伟的18世纪乡村别墅Magrez said that the sale of the estates were part of a ’strategy to move away from entry-level Bordeaux wines’ to top-level appellations, as wine classifications are called.据马格海兹透露,由于红酒分级制度的存在,所以这一购买协议是马云“策略”的一部分,从而使他的产品名声大噪,由“入门级”上升为顶级More than 0 properties in France’s south-west wine-producing area are today owned by Chinese tycoons looking to diversify their tunes.在法国西南部的红酒产区,中国大亨拥有0多座酒庄这些中国商人通过投资红酒来使自己的财富多样化This makes up 1.5 per cent of the region’s 7,000 vineyards.法国红酒产区共有7000多座酒庄,而中国富豪所占的比重达到了1.5%Part of the appeal the Chinese is the status that comes with possessing a noble French chateau as part of their wine-growing property.之所以这些酒庄对中国买家具有吸引力,是因为拥有一家高贵的法国酒庄能够提升他们红酒品牌的地位,从而促进他们红酒产业的发展China is the biggest consumer of red wine in the world and remains the top export market Bordeaux.中国有全球最大的红酒消费市场,同时也是波尔多最大的出口对象

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