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Lovelorn staff at a Japanese marketing company can take paid time off after a bad break-up with a partner, and more "heartache leave" on offer when they get older.Tokyo-based Hime amp; Company, which also gives staff paid time off to hit the shops during sales season, says heartache leave allows staff to cry themselves out and return to work refreshed. "Not everyone needs to take maternity leave but with heartbreak, everyone needs time off, just like when you get sick," CEO Miki Hiradate said.Staff aged 24 years or younger can take one day off per year, while those between 25 and 29 can take two days off and those older can take three days off, the company said."Women in their 20s can find their next love quickly, but it's tougher for women in their 30s, and their break-ups tend to be more serious," Hiradate said.Hime amp; Company staff can also take two mornings off twice a year as "sales shopping leave", so they can race to stores to hunt for bargains."Before, women could take half-days off to go to sales, but you'd have to hide your shopping bags in lockers by the train station," Hiradate said."But with paid leave, we don't have to feel guilty about bringing our shopping bags to work, and we can enjoy the best part about sales shopping -- talking about our purchases afterwards." 日本一家营销公司日前规定,员工失恋后可享受带薪假期。而且随着年龄的增长,这种“疗伤假”会增多。这家位于东京的“姬会社”还在促销旺季为员工提供了购物假。公司称“疗伤假”能让员工在痛哭之后重振精神回到工作岗位。该公司的首席执行官平官美吉说:“并不是人人都需要休产假,但如果失恋了,无论谁都需要休息,就像生病一样。”该公司规定,24岁及24岁以下的员工每年有一天的失恋假;25岁至29岁的员工可享受两天失恋假;29岁以上的员工可休假三天。平官美吉说:“20多岁的女性失恋后能很快开始另一段恋情,但对于30多岁的女性来说就没那么容易了,所以她们的失恋往往更严重。”姬会社的员工每年还可享受两个上午的“购物假”,在此期间员工可去商场抢购打折商品。平官美吉说:“以前,女性可以请半天假出去购物,但之后又不得不将购物袋藏在地铁站的衣物柜中。”“有了带薪假期,大家就不用为把购物袋带到办公室而感到心虚了,大家还能分享购物的最大乐趣——比如一下买到的宝贝。” /200803/28738。

New Year In US New Year in ed States is celebrated on January 1, the first day of Gregorian Calendar. This is a Federal holiday in US. On this day, many people make resolutions to give away bad deeds and renew life with good ones. It's the time to remember the achievements and make merry for the New Year. New Year is expected to bring good luck and charm for people and this is the reason why Americans love to celebrate it with fun and enjoyment. 在美国,每年的1月1日是新年,这是联邦节日。这一天,人家将抛弃过去一年不好的事情,许下新年的美好愿望,辞旧迎新。新年也标识着一个新的美好的开始,这一天大家都很快乐。 /200911/90114。

早在我们知道月饼是怎么来的之前,中秋节吃月饼似乎已经成了每年中秋节必不可少的例行事项了。如今,月饼的种类,口味越来越多,各种创新式月饼让人目不暇接,你喜欢吃哪个口味的月饼呢?  传统月饼:(Traditional styles)  那我们在图中看到的月饼就是大家说的“广式月饼”(Cantonese-style mooncake),除此之外,还有“苏式月饼”(Suzhou-style mooncake),“京式月饼”(Beijing-style mooncake),“滇式月饼”(Yunnan-style mooncake)等。  创新月饼:(Contemporary Styles)  除了这些我们从小吃到大的月饼品种,今年来,越来越多的个性化月饼走上了市场。  比如说,有些厂家推出了“低糖月饼”(low-sugar mooncake)“无脂月饼”(fat-free mooncake),“冰皮月饼”(snow skin mooncake)等。虽然的确很有创意啦,但是小编自己还是比较稀饭吃传统的月饼诶,难道是人老了接受不了新事物么囧。  你喜欢吃哪种口味的月饼?  最最最常见的月饼口味有Sweet bean paste(豆沙),Jujube paste(枣泥),Lotus seed paste (莲蓉),Five kernel(五仁)。  话说小编个人对五仁馅儿的月饼非常不感冒,一直都觉得这味道非常的……迥异。其实“五仁月饼”中的“五仁”是指花生(peanut),核桃(walnut seed),瓜子(watermelon seed),杏仁(almond),松子(pine nut)。  大家喜欢吃哪一种口味的月饼呢? /201009/114310。

It's time for our annual predictions post, in which the ReadWriteWeb authors look forward to what 2009 might bring in the world of Web technology and new media.Looking back at our 2008 Web predictions, we got some of them right! "The big Internet companies will [embrace] open standards" (Google,Yahoo and others did this); "Mobile web usage will be a big story in 2008" (check!); "Web Services platforms will be a fierce battleground" (Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine were released and AWS grew). We also got some wrong, including most of our acquisition picks! Digg, Twitter, Zoho, Tumblr - all remain independent. Not to be deterred, we've made new acquisition predictions for '09... although the names will be familiar ;-)So check out our predictions for '09 and please contribute your own in the comments.Richard MacManus1. iTunes adds social networking features; but it's still a closed development system.2. Facebook signs up to OpenSocial; whether or not this happens, there's no doubt that Google will continue to collect big name supporters for the various open standards initiatives which it has started in the last couple of years.3. Yahoo sells to a big media company, but it won't be Microsoft; Yahoo getting bought is a big call and I hope I'm wrong about it - but e.g. I could see the likes of Rupert Murdoch swooping in if things get much worse for the former dot com high flyer.4. Microsoft releases a cool online version of Office, but then Google releases an amazing new version of Google Docs; Microsoft promised the first bit at PDC '08, but when that launches I forsee it being trumped soon after by Google releasing a more powerful version of its browser-based Google Docs. One that is comparable in user experience (but not features, because that is unnecessary) to MS Word. This new version of Google Docs may be limited to Chrome at first, but it will get a lot of attention and scare the bejeebers out of Redmond.5. Health web apps start getting attention from mainstream people and media; big breathless profiles from the likes of CNN, Time magazine, etc. Unfortunately health system red tape remains a tangly mess, for another year.6. Apps that do filtering, inferring and recommendation have a great year; several will release plug-ins for Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook and other 'sipping from the firehose' apps.7. The usual suspects will remain unacquired in '09: Digg, Twitter, Technorati. The one that does get bought is FriendFeed - by Google probably, given that it was created by ex-Googlers.8. Media properties prominently experiment with different and innovative types of online advertising; in other words the move beyond CPM starts to actually happen, due to the down economy, after years of CPA type predictions. Related, a stunning new metric will emerge that accurately determines the success of media properties beyond mere page views (ok that one's wishful thinking maybe!).Marshall Kirkpatrick1. Lifestreams will continue to evolve; From the explosion of the newsfeed-powered Facebook to the experimental polling technology of FriendFeed, 2008 was a big year for the "lifestream" - the technology of aggregating data from all your activities on different social networks around the web. No one summed it up better than Mark Krynsky in his Lifestream Blog post The Year in Lifestreaming for 2008. In 2009, I'll be watching the parties above, but also MovableType's Motion, social media ping server Gnip, Strands on the iPhone and Chris Messina and friends' new working group on Activity Streams.2. Facebook will continue to surprise; I love to hate Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg and company keep bringing me back to a state of...impressed. I wish open standards ruled the world, but Facebook Connect is so compelling that it can't be ignored. I'd like to see Data Portability prioritized a touch above full-blown privacy, but Facebook's relatively tame version of portability is getting real traction while others are stuck in the land of promises and proofs of concept.3. Big companies will have incentive to give OpenID more support because of Facebook's domination; Support has been relatively tepid in the past. When you're winning, open standards aren't in your interest. When you aren't, they become much more appealing. MySpace, AOL, Yahoo - all have made meaningful moves to support OpenID before, but now that Facebook is clearly dominating them all, I expect to see these companies make bigger moves towards OpenID and other standards.4. Have cake and eat it too solutions will emerge as a strong option; Have you seenJanRain's RPX plug-in? It lets users log in to a website using OpenID or proprietary methods, like Facebook Connect, through the same interface. It's really pretty, too. There are other examples of this kind of paradigm, but I expect to see them proliferate in the coming year.5. One or two interface developments will blow us away; The iPhone inspired countless people about user interfaces, unlike anything else has in a long time. Somebody's going to blow our minds again. Information overload alone demands radical innovation, and it's in the works all around the world. Maybe it will be Mozilla, maybe it will be in gaming, perhaps in Adobe AIR, or it could be in Microsoft's Silverlight. May it not be a brain implant.Sarah Perez1. Twitter announces they have a plan to make money. They do.2. New iPhone is released with recording capabilities.3. Facebook Connect becomes new de facto way to login to web sites.4. Google Reader gets themes.5. Digg still not acquired by anyone.6. New real-time web app launches that integrates Twitter, FriendFeed amp; more in ways we never could have imagined.7. Out of work journalists band together and create some killer blogs.8. Google Chrome adds plugins...one of them is a Google plugin that lets you integrate Google Mail, Reader, amp; other Google products/services right into the browser.9. Netbooks stay hot...get lighter, faster, thinner, but thanks to variable pricing from manufacturers, line between notebooks and netbooks blurs.10. Google backlash begins.11. Apple backlash does not.12. New iPods released...now with VOIP app built-in. ATamp;T concerned.13. Professional twitterer becomes a real job. /200901/60535。

口口声声要减肥,但一到饭点就狂吃不止?痛下决心要戒掉游戏,但是一拿起手柄就忘记时间?这样的事情每每发生,我们就会自责:“唉,我自制力太差了。” 为什么有那么多人在抱怨自己的自制力不好?如何提高自制力呢? We need self-discipline both at work and daily life. It is an essential requirement for those who desire success. Self-discipline helps people do the things they have to do but they don’t enjoy. However, maintaining self-discipline is not easy for anybody. It seems some people just have less self-discipline than others. Why is this? Some people just were born with self-discipline., while others were not. It also can be required thing. Self-discipline is just an important quality for a person. When know a lot, he or she would have very higher spiritual pursuits and becomes self-disciplined. 无论是工作还是生活中,我们都需要自制力,它是人们获得成功是的必要条件。因为自制力能强制我们去做那些我们必须做但不愿意做的事。但是,要自控可不是容易的一件事。有些人的自制力似乎总是比别人差,这是为什么呢?先天角度来说呢,可能有些人生来就有这个能力,而有些人就是没有。另外,就是,它是一个人的重要品质,当一个人明白很多道理时,其自制力就会提高,用精神的规范来要求自己。How can we become more self-disciplined?如何提高自制力:First, form good habits. According to a scientific research, forming a habit takes twenty-one days. So if you could get through the first twenty-one days, like if you can endure not playing on-line games during this period of time, it would be easier for you to say no to the games later on. 第一,养成稳定的好习惯。一项科学调查显示,养成好的习惯需要用21天的时间。如果熬过了第一个21天,比如,21天不打网游,以后,你就能很容易做到不打游戏了。Second, learn to be persistent. Set up some detailed goals which are easier to achieve. When you succeed at these goals, the sense of accomplishment will support you to continue. Then you can make long term goals. 第二,学会坚持目标。设定一些详细的,容易实现的目标,当目标达到时,成就感会鼓励我们继续努力,然后,再制定一些长远目标。 /201103/129632。

古英语时期(又称盎格鲁-撒克逊时期 the Anglo-Saxon Period)日耳曼部落在不列颠定居以后,各自占领一些地区。盎格鲁人占领了泰晤士河以北的英格兰大部分地区和苏格兰的低地,朱特人占领了肯特郡一带地区,撒克逊人占领了泰晤士河以南的大部分地区。各个部落建立了一些小王国,出现了英语史上的七国时代(the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy)。直到公元830年,阿尔弗烈德大王(Alfred the Great)才统一了整个英格兰地区。由于全国长期没有统一,所以古英语时期存在着多种方言,主要的方言有四种:西撒克逊语(West Saxon)、肯特语(Kentish)、莫西亚语(Mercian)和北恩布瑞安语(Northumbrian)。这四种方言都曾一度占主导地位。西撒克逊语保存下来的手稿最多,其它方言在形成英语的过程中也起到了重要的作用。古英语的词汇有着浓厚的日耳曼语族的特点。这主要表现为复合法是重要的构词方法,复合词在古英语词汇中占有显著的地位。据统计,在史诗《贝奥武夫》(Beowulf)3183行的诗句中,竟有1069个复合词。有些复合词中不重读的部分,渐渐失去独立地位,而演变为词缀,如 for-,in-,-ful等派生法在古英语中也广泛使用,共有24个名词后缀、15个形容词后缀,-dom,-hood,-ship,-ness,- the,-ful,-ish 等词缀都可溯源到古英语时期。古英语时期诗歌有一种特殊的修辞手法,即头韵(alliteration),由此产生的许多短语一直保留至今,如 might and main(全力地),friend and foe(敌友),a labour of love(出自喜爱而做的事)。古英语时期有两个重要历史事件,给英语词汇带来较大影响。第一件事是基督教传入英语。公元597年,一个名叫奥古斯丁(Augustine)的牧师从罗马来到英国传教。罗马文化随着基督教传入了英国。与此同时,一批拉丁词进入英语。第二件事是北欧人入侵英国。从公元790年开始,大批斯堪的纳维人在英国定居,丹麦国王卡纽特(Knut)还一度成为英国的君主。斯堪的纳维亚人和英国人交往频繁,所以有许多斯堪的纳维亚各国词语进入英语。。

You’re better off alone! Don’t get stuck in a ‘make up/break up’ patternThe beginning of summer is always ripe with barbecues, graduations and weddings. Although these get-togethers often happily reunite us with family and friends, they also tend to unhappily reunite us with our exes of yesteryear. Indeed, even with all we have learned from painful breakups, some of us simply cannot resist the temptation of reconnecting with an old flame. And when that old flame is front row and center at a mutual friend’s wedding, the temptation becomes even more irresistible.If this pattern of “making up and breaking up” sounds familiar to you, you might be part of a revolving-door relationship. Much like a revolving door, your relationship with your ex is never stagnant — he is always on the way into your heart or on the way out.Your family and friends have heard the many dramas of your relationship with your ex more times than they would like to count, and although you know you sound like a broken record, something always pulls you back into the relationship. The revolving door whooshes again, and you are back in the middle of the broken (and breaking) relationship.How can you stop this pattern once and for all, especially in the middle of summer social activities?Change your pattern. When relationships get stuck in a revolving rut, it is generally because our lives are stuck in a revolving rut. By changing your routine, you can change your point of view and end a make-up and break-up cycle. How can you do this? Explore different activities, go to new restaurants, spend time with old friends, or even go on a much-needed vacation. Figure out what is keeping your life in stalemate (chances are that it isn’t just your relationship) and then make a change.Figure out why you are relying on a broken relationship. You know that your ex isn’t good for you, and you know that you aren’t good for your ex. So why do you keep returning to each other? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that love alone is driving your revolving door, as there are generally a myriad of different emotions driving your decision process. Figuring out these emotions and deciphering what is truly driving you to be in a broken relationship will help you stop the destructive pattern.Sit down and write down the emotions that come to your mind when you think about breaking up with your ex for good. Whether you are jealous at the thought of seeing your ex with someone new, nostalgic at the thought of losing a close friend, or terrified at the thought of being alone and dating again, you might be surprised to discover that your list isn’t built upon love alone. Of course, all of the above emotions are valid and sincere emotions — but that doesn’t mean that you can build a loving, lasting relationship upon them.Talk about it with a professional. Breakups are often seen as something most people can make it through on their own. However, most people tend to assuage their broken hearts through self-medicating with destructive behaviors like drinking, one-night stands, angry late-night phone calls to their ex, etc. Losing someone you love through a breakup or a divorce is heartbreaking, and trying to go it alone can be overwhelming. This is why so many people get stuck in a revolving-door cycle, as being alone can be so painful that people would rather be in a bad relationship. A counselor can help you make smarter choices, and give you what you need the most: an unbiased listener.Finally, it might be helpful to keep two lists on hand with you at all times — one list to remind you why the relationship can’t work (he doesn’t want kids, you don’t share similar life goals, etc.), and one list to remind you why you are content and complete as you are (you love the freedom to meet new people, you have a wonderful network of friends and family, etc.).Rely on this network as you go through this difficult time, and allow yourself the freedom to be sad, mad, lonely and so on. As the emotions move through you, they will slowly lose their potency, and you will be y to say goodbye to your ex and move on to a happy, healthy new relationship. /200901/60320。

Taking regular lunchtime siestas could increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, according to research. The study of 16,480 people, found those who napped were 26% more likely to get the condition than those who did not. Several factors which may be behind the link included disrupted night-time sleep and an association between napping and reduced physical activity. But a conference in Glasgow will hear that factors like genetics and being overweight are more significant. The researchers will tell delegates at the Diabetes UK event that napping during the day may disrupt night-time sleep. This could have an impact as short night-time sleep duration has been shown to be associated with an increased Type 2 diabetes risk. Waking up from napping also activates hormones and mechanisms in the body that stop insulin working effectively, the researchers said, and this could predispose people to Type 2 diabetes-- which can develop when the insulin the body makes does not work properly. Dr Iain Frame, director of research at Diabetes UK, said: "We aly know that people who are overweight or obese, and therefore more at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, can have problems sleeping. "This new research could be another step towards explaining the possible link between disturbed sleep patterns and Type 2 diabetes." "However, in terms of being major risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes, disturbed sleep or napping are likely to remain less significant than aly established risk factors such as being overweight, being over the age of 40 or having a history of diabetes in the family." Diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to long-term complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and amputation. The research, conducted by scientists from the University of Birmingham and from Guangzhou Hospital in China, will be presented at Diabetes UK's annual conference. /200904/66407。

Love study shows men want character over chastity in womenA scientific study on love shows that men are increasingly interested in intelligent, educated women with dependable character and emotional stability, and chastity isn't an issue.A scientific study on love shows that men are increasingly interested in intelligent, educated women with dependable character and emotional stability, and chastity isn't an issue.The findings by Researchers at the University of Iowa are part of a study ed by media reports Monday.Conducted every decade since 1939, the study asks participants to rank a list of 18 characteristics they would want in a partner on a scale ranging from "irrelevant" to "essential."Included are such items as "sociability" and "good cook, housekeeper," as well as "mutual attraction and love," which came in first place for both men and women in 2008. (In 1939, it wasn't in the top three for either sex.)Male and female participants in 2008 rounded out their top traits with "dependable character" and "emotional stability, maturity." Men ranked intelligence fourth, a big jump from 11th place in 1939; in addition, "good financial prospect" moved to 12th place in 2008, a shift from its low 17th-place ranking in 1939 and last-place ranking in 1967."This is a generation of men who has grown up with educated women as their mothers, teachers, doctors, and role models," said Christine Whelan, head of the study and author of "Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love" (Simon amp; Schuster, 2008)."And in tough economic times, sharing the financial burden with a spouse takes the burden off these guys to be the sole provider," she said.The study's participants were college students from the University of Iowa, the University of Washington, the University of Virginia, and Penn State University."Like attracts like, so certainly the fact that we were polling college students would suggest that intelligence and education are going to be important characteristics," Whelan said.Another notable shift involves the significance of chastity: In 1939, it was valued more than intelligence in women, but in 2008, it was ranked the least important characteristic. Furthermore, it also was ranked the least important for men. This, coupled with the shared top-three ranking for both men and women, suggests a commonality that seems positively modern-day. /200902/62618。