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在这个全新的幻灯片演讲中(在TED.com首映),阿尔·戈尔以据展示了气后暖化的速度可能比科学家们近日所预测的还要快。他呼吁我们行动起来。201508/3911802012 and The End Of The World2012和世界末日History has a long and rich tradition of apocalyptic predictions—all of which were wrong—yet some people still think that this time around in 2012 is the real deal.长久以来,历史上流传着各式各样启示录预言的传说--没有一个成真--但还是有人相信,这次大概2012年就是世界末日。Why 2012? Because of ancient Mayan calendars.为什么是2012年呢?这就要追溯至古代的马雅历法。Obviously, Mayan calendars not only recorded the days and years, but also longer cycles of about five Millennia, so they could easily make calendars that went thousands of years into the future. But, of course, thousands of years in the future from thousands of years ago brings us to the current times when the Mayan calendars stop in 2012.很显然的,马雅历法不只是记载了日日年年,同时也记录了以约五千年为单位,较长的周期,所以他们可以很轻易的估算出未来几千年的历法。但是,想当然尔,几千年前的数千年以后,就把我们带到了现代,而马雅历法的预测就停在2012年。Modern new-agey people decided that the wise Mayans stopped making calendars because they knew when the world will end. And because the new-agers are happy (though scientifically illiterate people), their vision of 2012 was a great spiritual awakening or world reboot or other hippy-consciousness-expanding nonsense that the Mayans, who spend time pulling strings of thorns through peoples tongues probably didnt have in mind.现代推崇“新时代运动”的人们(注一),是如此解读的:睿智的马雅人知道何时是世界末日,才停止估算历法。而因为这些“新时代运动派”很高兴(虽然他们没什么科学概念),他们的2012末日说,是一个伟大的精神觉醒、世界重生或是其他嬉皮式的“意识超脱”之类的废话,而马雅人忙着用荆棘穿过人们的舌头,大概从没想过以上解读方式。To a normal person, the thought that ;Calendar finished, therefore End of the World; is an odd conclusion to draw.对正常人来说,“历法终止,因此世界末日来临”这种逻辑是个奇怪的结论。After all, the amount of time in the Universe is infinite, and the amount of stone is limited. So, at some point, the Mayans had to stop carving calendars.毕竟,宇宙的时间是无限的,但石头的数量有限。所以,有朝一日,马雅人必须停止刻历法。But never mind.但没关系。What should have stayed a fringe belief turned into mass hysteria with the 2012 disaster movie that swept the Academy Awards and the numerous Emmy-nominated apocalypse documentaries on The History Channel.这原本应该只是一个极端偏激的信念,随着灾难电影《2012》横扫奥斯卡,加上《历史频道》多部获艾美奖提名的天启纪录片渲染,转变成为大众恐慌。What happened to you guys?各位,你们到底在想什么啊?Anyway, after this, NASA became so inundated with questions that they had to take time away from their busy robot building, frontier pushing, knowledge expanding, civilization inspiring schedule, to write a webpage explaining that ;No, a human-sacrificing, stone-aged society, with neither wheels to pull carts nor glass to make telescopes, didnt know more about science at the dawn of history than real scientists do today.;不论如何,此后,NASA被大量涌入的问题淹没,还得从他们忙碌的打造机器人、开疆扩土、扩充新知及刺激文明发展的行程表中,抽空架网页澄清:“不,一个以人为祭品的石器时代社会,既没有发明轮子拉货车,也没有玻璃可以做望远镜,在人类历史起步之初,不可能比现代真正科学家更了解科学。”But the parade of crazy marched on anyway making wilder and wilder predictions for Earth, including:但不论如何,这狂热的风潮持续延烧,对地球的预测也越来越不着边际,包括:Geomagnetic Reversal (A process that unfolds on a geologic time scale, not a single day.)地磁反转(一个在地质年表上才会呈现出的过程,不是一天就会发生的。)A collision with mysterious Planet X (That no astronomers have found.)和神秘的X星球相撞(根本没有天文学家发现这个星球)A local star going supernova (Despite there have been no such candidates.)本星系群的一颗恒星变成超新星(只是没有这样的候选人)An Alien Invasion (Which is ludicrous on the face of it...or is it?)外星人入侵(从外表看起来是挺滑稽的...是吗?)And a galactic synchronization beam, whatever the hell that is.还有同步光束,管它是啥。A sane person at this point would wonder how Mayans were able to predict astro-physical anomalies thousands of years in advance and millions of miles away yet didnt foresee the Spanish coming across the Atlantic.现在,神智清楚的人可能会想,为什么马雅人有办法预测未来几千年的天文物理异象,而且还是发生在离他们数百万英里远的地方,却没办法预见西班牙人会横越大西洋(前来侵略)呢?And thats because the Mayans never predicted apocalypse. The only people to claim that Mayans knew about the end of the world were distinctly not Mayans.那是因为马雅人从没预言过启示录。唯一那些声称马雅人知道世界末日的人,很明显的,都不是马雅人。注一:the New Agey people是指那些推崇“新时代运动”(the New Age Movement)的人。他们通常只吃有机食物、做瑜珈、喜欢冥想,相信世界末日会让世界重新来过,得以重生。201505/373780This is the first recorded battle in the story of mankind.这是人类历史记载的最早的战争;His Majesty issued forth at the head of his army,;陛下带领全军出生入死;In a gilded chariot of fine gold;那纯金打造的战车;Adorned with the instruments of war.;;在战争的洗礼下熠熠生辉;In the Bible, Megiddo will give its name to Armageddon.在圣经中 世界大决战即以米吉多命名The egyptian chariot with a top speed of 25 miles per hour.古埃及战车最快时速可达25英里The chariot is more like a helicopter gunship.那战车更像是武装直升机The chariot archer is the warrior here.战车上的弓箭手就是勇士They ride in, shooting as they go in.他们一边驾车 一边射箭It would be unnerving,那种场面惊心动魄it would be chaotic over an area of miles,方圆几英里都是一片混沌this great dust cloud of confusion.烟沙滚滚 难分敌我That alone must have struck terror仅凭这一点就定会into the enemy standing there.让敌军毛骨悚然The age of mass warfare has begun.大规模战争打响了201509/396888

Have you ever experienced an unexplainable burning sensation in your mouth, throat, gums, or tongue? You may be experiencing symptoms of burning mouth syndrome.你是否曾经经历过无法解释的口腔,咽喉,牙龈或舌头灼烧的感觉?那你可能正在遭遇口腔烧灼综合征。You Will Need你需要A dentist牙医Alpha lipoic acidα硫辛酸Hot pepper sauce辣椒酱Anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications抗焦虑和抗抑郁药物2 tbsp. milk of magnesia2汤匙镁乳Steps步骤STEP 1 Go to the dentist1.看牙医Visit your dentist if you experience burning in your mouth, throat, or tongue. Typically, symptoms are mild in the morning but gradually worsen as the day progresses.如果你感到口腔,喉咙,或舌头出现灼烧感,立即去看牙医。通常情况下早上的症状比较轻微,然后随着时间的推移逐渐加重。STEP 2 Use alpha lipoic acid2.使用α硫辛酸Use alpha lipoic acid, or ALA. The burning sensation may be caused by damaged nerves; ALA neutralizes and prevents further damage to nerve cells.使用α硫辛酸。灼烧感或许是由于损坏的神经造成的。α硫辛酸中和并防止神经细胞进一步遭受损害。A new form of treatment involves placing an electrode on the affected nerve to block pain receptors.一种新的治疗方法将一个电极放在受影响的神经上,堵塞疼痛感受器。STEP 3 Rinse with hot pepper sauce and water3.用辣椒酱和水漱口Rinse your mouth with water and a few drops of hot pepper sauce four times daily. After a few days, the mixture will start to neutralize the burn.一天四次用几滴辣椒酱和清水漱口。几天之后,这种混合物开始中和灼烧感。STEP 4 Ask about anti-anxiety and depression medications4.尝试抗焦虑和抗抑郁药物Talk to your doctor about anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications. Researchers have found a strong correlation between people with the syndrome and disorders such as anxiety attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder. Relaxing the nervous system may help calm the burning.找医生咨询一下是否可以用抗焦虑和抗抑郁药物。研究人员发现焦虑等症状和强迫症有密切的关系。放松神经系统可以帮助缓解这种灼烧感。STEP 5 Gargle with milk of magnesia5.用镁乳漱口Mix water with the milk of magnesia and gargle twice daily. Coating the tongue with milk of magnesia stimulates touch and taste receptors,which inhibit pain nerve fibers.将水和镁乳混合,每天用来漱口两次。舌头上覆盖一层镁乳保护膜可以刺激触觉和味觉感受器,抑制疼痛神经纤维。Seventy percent of people who suffer from burning mouth syndrome also suffer from migraines.遭遇口腔灼烧综合征的70%的人同时也会感到偏头痛。 /201502/359281罗伯邓巴尔不断收集一万二千年前的气候数据,在远古海床、珊瑚石和冰层内寻找线索。他的工作对于我们为调整现在的气候而设定基准线——也对追踪日益严重的海洋酸化十分重要。201501/355554We had this meeting at the Institute of Space Physics in New York.我们在纽约的空间物理研究院 召开了一次会议I said, ;Before we reach a final conclusion.我说 ;在我们得到最终结果前;we ought to throw into the pot still another object a gravitationally completely collapsed object.;我们得把另一样东西扔进; 这个大熔炉; 一个因重力而完全坍缩的物体Well, after youve used the phrase.a gravitationally completely collapsed object ten times.当你使用了这么一个说法 一个因重力而完全坍缩的物体; 十遍之后you conclude youve got to get a better name.你会意识到最好给它起个名字So thats when I switched to the word ;black hole.;正是那时候我想到了这么一个词 ;黑洞;The word ;black hole,; which John Wheeler coined, suddenly caught on.;黑洞; 这个约翰·惠勒灵光一闪想到的词 应运而生Everybody adopted it, and from then on people around the world in Moscow in America.从此以后 每个人都接受了它 全世界所有的人 不论身处莫斯科 美国in England and elsewhere could know they were speaking about the same thing.英国 还是什么地方 都知道了他们一直以来谈论的都是同一个东西And not only that, but suddenly the whole range of concepts got through to the general public情况远不止如此 突然之间 所有这些奇思妙想都传达给了公众and even science-fiction writers all of a sudden could talk about it.而且科幻小说家们一下子都能谈论 有关黑洞的一切Tonight, my friends we stand on the brink of a feat unparalleled in space exploration.今晚 我的朋友们 我们一同站在宇宙探索中 一个无与伦比的胜利旁If the data on my returning probe ship matches my computerized calculations.如果我的穿梭机所取回的数据 与理论计算结果相符I will travel where no man has dared to go.我就要亲身探索从未有人胆敢到达的地方Into the black hole?In through and beyond.Why, thats crazy!Ha! Impossible!进入黑洞吗 进入 穿过 一路向前 为什么 这太疯狂了 这不可能201604/435566

Mrs Hans an expert in making a little go a long way.韩夫人是把东西做到极致方面的专家Shes using the leaves of a pepper plant to make a kind of tempura.她正用花椒叶做一种天妇罗Oh, this is Sichuan pepper leaves.噢,这是四川花椒叶Shes put it in egg and wheat flour and shes deep frying it.她把鸡蛋及面粉和匀后炸This would work equally well with spinach or kale.用菠菜或者甘蓝菜亦达到相同效果Wonderful, isnt it?很美妙,不是吗Before we eat, Mr Han prepares my sleeping accommodation for the night.吃饭之前,韩先生准备了我夜晚的住处Its basically a wood fire under your bed它大致上就是床底下的木火and the heat from that will just warm the bed.床下传来的热量会让床铺暖和无比It works like an electric blanket but old school style.工作原理就像老式风格的电热毯Mmm.恩Mrs Han made with that delicious mushroom.韩夫人做了可口的蘑菇Pork and mushroom. Mmm.猪肉和蘑菇,恩Whilst the homestay gives the Hans 家庭旅馆每年虽然只给韩先生一家a small income of around 4,000 a year,带来大约4000英镑的收入above all they seem proud to share their traditional way 重要的是,他们似乎以和客人分享of life with their guests.传统生活方式而感到自豪201506/382075

Myanmar president promises smooth handover of power缅甸总统承诺平稳移交权力Myanmars president Thein Sein has promised a ;smooth; transition for a new government.缅甸总统登盛已经承诺向新政府平稳移交权力。 译文属201511/410237Jo is still battling her addiction.乔仍在与她的药瘾作斗争The drug she craves is让她上瘾的药物就是the codeine in extra-strength pain killers.特效止痛药可待因Codeine is an opiate,可待因是一种鸦片the same family of drugs as class A street drug heroin.与一级毒品海洛因是同族的As well as killing pain,可待因可以止痛codeine gives a feeling of calm, of wellbeing,同时让人有镇静 幸福的感觉that can be more attractive than the pain-killing itself.这一点可能要比止痛更吸引人It is incredibly easy to get addicted to pain killers对止痛药上瘾简直轻而易举and theres an epidemic, thats not too strong a word,而且情况有蔓延趋势 of usually women out there,这么说并不夸张who are entirely dependent on codeine-based pain killers.完全依赖于可待因止痛片的女性正在增加But just like any drug,但就像其他的药一样you build up tolerance and你体内会产生耐受its this that lies behind the addiction.这就是成瘾的原因The more you take, the less effect it tends to have.你吃得越多 作用越小So you start out taking a small dose.你一开始吃很小的剂量You need a bigger dose and a bigger dose以后的药量会越来越大and you finally end up in a sort of vicious circle最后你就形成了恶性循环where you have to keep increasing the dose over and over,所以你要不断增加药剂的量to get the same effect in terms of pain relief.才能起到原来的止痛效果201503/362029栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201512/415234

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