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1. Staring out of a window对着窗口看风景 0。

Hodori", the mascot of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, portrays the friendly side of a tiger, which is present in many Korean legends. The mascot’s name was chosen from a list of ,95 names submitted by the public. The " Ho" in "Hodori" comes from the Korean word tiger, and "Dori" is a common masculine diminutive. The Olympic rings adorn the neck of Hodori, and he wears a "Sangmo" hat from a traditional farm dance. The streamer on his hat in the shape of an S stands Seoul. 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98318339656.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98318339656.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>  1988年汉城吉祥物小虎多利"Ho"是韩语的虎,"Dori"是韩国人对小男孩的称呼吉祥物的名字采取了社会征集的办法, Hodori是从95个建议来稿中挑选出来的"Hodori" 颈挂奥运奖牌,煞是神气它的装束代表了韩国传统风格 337。

The Bible is the biggest bestseller in history. But after that, what else has topped the charts? Mao's "Little Red Book" comes in at number two and then the surprises begin. While religion dominates the first half of the list, the rest is mostly fantasy. Does this list tell us anything about ourselves as human beings? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 圣经可谓是史上最畅销的书那么,除掉它之外,哪些书能拔得头筹呢?毛泽东的“红宝书”紧随其后排在第二,接下来的就比较意外了宗教书籍占领了榜单的前半部分,余下则大多是魔幻系列从这张榜单中,是否能看清我们自己作为人类的本性?你可以留下你的,让我们知道你的见解1. "Quotations from Chairman Mao" (The Little Red Book)《毛主席语录 (红宝书) This collection of ations from Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong was put together by the People's Liberation Army in 196 and has sold over 800 million copies worldwide.196年,中国国家主席毛泽东的语录被人民解放军收集,编辑成册在全世界范围内共销售8亿册 56。

It was a truly mammoth undertaking, but Duchess the blind elephant will finally be able to see again after receiving what was quite possibly the world largest ever cataract operation.给大象做白内障手术,这绝对是项浩大工程……但是这台估计是全世界最大型的手术最终让盲象“女爵”重见光明了The 3-year-old Asian elephant, who only has the one eye left, had been able to do little more than distinguish between light and dark years. But thanks to surgeons at Paignton Zoo, Devon, she should soon be able to see clearly once again.“女爵”是头3岁高龄的亚洲象,多年来,她靠仅剩的一只眼睛来稍稍分清黑夜与白天感谢德文郡的佩顿动物园的兽医们,她终于很快要重见光明了The huge creature was put under by anaesthetists David Burton and Jo Jago around three hours, while the delicate operation was carried out by consultant opthamologist Jim Carter and assistant John Lewis. After she came round Duchess seemed to be fine and was tenderly rubbing the sore eye with her trunk.麻醉医生David Burton和Jo Jago将它麻醉了三小时,之后眼科顾问医生Jim Carter和助手John Lewis 开始了这台精细的手术术后当“女爵”清醒后,她看上去状态不错,并且用鼻子轻轻地揉了揉她酸胀的眼睛The zoo curator of mammals, Neil Bemment, said although Duchess was groggy after the operation, the signs were looking good.动物园哺乳动物馆馆长Neil Bemment说道,尽管术后女爵看上去摇摇晃晃、东倒西歪的,但生命体征看上去还不错He said: he up and about but like anyone who had a major operation it will take some time her to fully recover.他说:“术后她站起来,并在周围走了走不过和任何做过手术的人一样,她需要一点时间来彻底痊愈”he been making her usual bellowing sounds which is a good sign. But it will be some time bee we are able to tell if weve saved her sight.“她发出了以前经常发的那种低吼声,这是个好的征兆不过我们得再等些时间才能知道手术是否成功恢复了它的视觉”He added she may have another ten years of life if things go well.他还说道,如果不出意外,女爵还能再活十年It not the first time Duchess has had groundbreaking surgery. She was the first elephant to have an eye removed last year because of glaucoma.这不是女爵第一次接受开创性的手术了她是第一只因为青光眼而接受手术的大象,去年她接受眼球摘除的手术Because of the cataract in her left eye she was to all intents and purposes blind although she can probably still tell the difference between light and dark.因为左眼的白内障,女爵几乎算是盲了,仅仅能分辨出黑夜和白天Zoo staff have been caring Duchess eyesight some time and she has been trained to accept eye-drops and other medication.动物园的工作人员因她的视力问题照料了她一段时间,并且训练她接受眼药水治疗和其他的疗法She has been on her own since her long-time companion, Gay, a female Asian elephant, was euthanised in March due to ill health.自从年3月,她的好伙伴,一只叫Gay的母亚洲象因病而被施行安乐死后,女爵就一直形单影只地生活着Mr Bemment said: In spite of this, she seems to still be in good spirits and as keen on her food as always.he receives a lot of attention from her keepers.Bemment先生说道:“尽管如此,她看上去精神状态挺不错,而且胃口也很好,同往常一样” 她的管理员们对她倾注了很多心血Duchess welfare and quality of life are our primary concern.“女爵的幸福和生活质量是我们的首要关注点”Elephants have an acute sense of smell and terrific hearing, so she is well aware of things happening around her even if she cannot actually see them.“大象拥有敏锐的嗅觉和极其精细的听觉,所以即使看不到,她也能对周边发生的事一清二楚”。