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襄阳中心医院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好襄阳包皮手术的季节襄阳男科医院看不孕不育医生 Meet Rowdy, the Inspiring Labrador Retriever With Vitiligo患病的白眼圈成网红Rowdy, a 13-year-old black lab from Canby, Oregon, achieved Internet fame when his photo appeared on The Dogist, a wildly popular photo blog featuring striking portraits of canines.Rowdy来自俄勒冈州坎比市,是只13岁大的拉布拉多犬。自从有人把他的照片发布到知名犬类照片客The Dogist上后,他一夜之间成了网红。Rowdy is no ordinary pup. He has vitiligo, and works as a therapy dog with the American Vitiligo Research Foundation.Rowdy可不是一般的,他患有白癜风,现在在美国白癜风研究基金会做治疗犬。Vitiligo is a disorder that causes loss of pigmentation in patches of skin—and in Rowdy#39;s case, fur. The cause of the incurable condition, which affects between 0.5% and 1% of the human population, is unknown, though many experts believe it is an autoimmune disease.白癜风是一种皮肤色素失调导致局部皮肤脱色的病,Rowdy则在毛上产生了病变。According to the website Rowdy#39;s owners, Tim and Niki Umbenhower, created for him, Rowdy started to develop white fur around his eyes at age 12. Within a year, the patches grew into bigger circles (his fans have described him as a ;reverse panda;), and his belly and toenails also turned white. Rowdy was eventually diagnosed with vitiligo by a vet dermatologist, who confirmed his condition through a biopsy.大约有0.5%-1%的人罹患这种难以治愈的病症,病因至今未知,虽然很多专家认为是患者自身免疫力出了问题。;He#39;s our own little celebrity around town,; Tim said in a 2015 interview with Fox 12 Oregon. ;Everybody loves to stop us and ask us what we did to him and if we painted it on there.;“他可是我们市的名人,”2015年,Tim在俄勒冈州Fox 12频道的采访中说,“看到他的人经常会跑过来,问我们是否故意把他的眼圈染成了白色。”As an ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Rowdy visits children affected by the same pigmentation disorder that#39;s made him so famous (@white-eyed-rowdy has more than 55,000 followers on Instagram). According to his owners, he has ;built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have also been bullied because of it.;作为美国白癜风研究基金会的大使,Rowdy经常去看望同样患有此病的小朋友,这让他非常出名(@white-eyed-rowdy在Ins上有5.5万粉丝)。据他的主人讲,“他给很多因患白癜风而遭到歧视和欺凌的小朋友带来安慰。”Even before he began his work raising awareness about vitiligo, Rowdy led a remarkable life. According to his website, he was once accidentally shot in the leg by a police officer in a case of mistaken identity. But that wasn#39;t his only near brush with death: After drinking contaminated pond water, he needed to have his stomach pumped. Rowdy has also had surgery on both ears, a toe removed, treatment for a torn ACL, and more.Rowdy在成为白癜风宣传大使出名之前,也有不凡的经历。他的网站上写道,他曾因为身份不明,腿部意外被警察击中。但这并不是他第一次与死神擦肩而过:还有次他不小心喝了有毒的水,洗胃后才脱离险境。他的双耳都做过手术,还曾因为韧带撕裂被截去一个脚趾。。。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/488496宜城市人民医院人民医院地址

襄阳老河口市人民中心医院有治疗前列腺炎吗Serving Christmas guests freezer food would once have been considered a major faux-pas among discerning middle-class hosts. 在过去,圣诞节用冷冻食物招待客人会被眼光敏锐的中产阶级看作极为失礼的行为。But now a new wave of upmarket frozen food appears to be winning over those who feel guilty over the huge amount of fresh food they buy which ends up being throw in the bin. 而如今,这群人似乎被一股高级冷冻食品的新浪潮给征了。他们无需再为扔掉成堆的新鲜食品而感到内疚。Shops have developed frozen versions of dishes adored by foodies such as gourmet king prawns, sweet potato chips and quinoa in recent months and they are flying off the shelves, according to a report by the Grocer. 据英国《食品商》杂志报道,近几个月,商店开发了美味大虾、红薯片和藜麦等新型冷冻菜品,深受食客们喜爱,且极其畅销。Frozen food maker Young#39;s ;Gastro; range sold nearly £10 million of food alone, it said. 报道称,仅冷冻食品生产商Young#39;s旗下品牌Gastro就卖掉了近1000万英镑的冷冻食品。As well as appealing to slightly more sophisticated taste buds, luxury frozen food may also help families reduce food waste, as unlike fresh food it does not go off within days. 与新鲜食物不同,豪华冷冻食品就算多放几天也不会坏掉,因而它既满足了口味略刁钻的消费者,也减少了家里的食物浪费。Government figures recently showed the average household throws £700 of food in the bin every year, with the festive season particularly bad for waste levels. 据英国政府近日的统计数据,英国平均每户人家每年都要扔掉价值700英镑的食物,节日期间浪费更是激增。Unilever research found the equivalent of over 4 million Christmas dinners were wasted with an estimated 17.2 million Brussels sprouts, 11.9 million carrots and 11.3 million roast potatoes ending up on the bin this Christmas. 联合利华的调查显示,今年圣诞节约有1720万颗甘蓝、1190万根胡萝卜和1130万个烤土豆被扔进垃圾桶,浪费的食物能做出400万顿圣诞大餐。Iceland is a major driver behind the upmarket frozen food trend, the report said, as the store has undergone an image overhaul in a bid to rival Aldi and Lidl by becoming the next middle-class bargain haven. 据报道,这股高级冷冻食品热潮的幕后推手是冷冻食品零售商冰岛连锁超市。为了与阿尔迪和里德尔竞争,冰岛超市改头换面,成了又一个受中产阶级青睐的物美价廉的连锁超市。In October a number of Iceland meals gained accreditation by the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs after poaching Waitrose#39;s Head Chef Neil Nugent’s relationship with the Guild, as he was previously a member. 冰岛超市将维特罗斯超市的厨师长尼尔#8226;纽金特挖走,并借助他和享有声望的厨师行业协会的关系(纽金特曾是其会员),在今年十月让冰岛超市的一系列菜品都获得了协会的认可。Dishes awarded the sought-after mark include its Luxury Uncooked Canadian Lobster Tails (220g), En Papillote Sea Bass Fillets (310g), and a Luxury Rack of Lamb (500g). 贴有“广受好评”标签的速冻食品包括:豪华加拿大生龙虾尾(220克)、纸包鲈鱼鱼片(310克)以及豪华烤羊排(500克)。In addition Iceland#39;s mince pies also beat 24 other brands including luxury offerings from Harrods and Selfridges as the best available this year according to Good Housekeeping magazine. 《好管家》杂志称,冰岛超市的百果馅饼也击败了其他24个品牌,包括哈罗德和塞尔福里奇百货公司推出的高级货,成为今年最热销的产品。Yvonne Adam, marketing director at Young#39;s Seafood told The Grocer: ;While there is some switching to chilled fish, frozen fish is outperforming frozen food in general. There is significant growth in some categories of frozen fish as more and more people look to frozen, or trade up, for value and quality. ; Young#39;s公司海鲜部营销总监伊冯#8226;亚当告诉《食品商》杂志:“虽然有人转而去买冷鲜鱼,但总体上,冷冻鱼销量仍领先于其他冷冻食品。越来越多的人出于价值和品质考虑会选择冷冻食品或更贵的食品,因此某些种类的冷冻鱼销量显著上升。” /201701/486346宜城人民医院治疗阳痿早泄 枣阳市第一人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

枣阳市妇幼保健中医院治疗阳痿多少钱According to Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, a new biography of the Prince of Wales by royal writer Sally Bedell Smith, Charles felt pressured into his marriage to Diana — and he was still torn about his love for the then-married Camilla.查尔斯王子的最新自传《查尔斯王子:非凡一生的与悖论》由英国皇室传记作家萨莉·比德尔·史密斯执笔。书中提到,与戴安娜结婚使查尔斯王子倍感压力——与此同时,对已嫁为人妇的卡米拉的爱也给他带来许多痛苦。The story of Charles and Camilla is well-documented — the two dated after being introduced in 1971, beginning a love affair that would make headlines for decades. According to Bedell Smith, Charles liked that Camilla was down-to-earth, loved the countryside and wasn#39;t interested in fashion. They also shared the same sense of humor and he was drawn to the fact that she ;always listened.;书中详细记载了查尔斯和卡米拉之间的故事。1971年,他们第一次邂逅,随即开始约会。之后几十年中,这段风流韵事一直是各家媒体争相报道的焦点。比德尔·史密斯称,卡米拉为人朴实,喜欢大自然且并不热衷于时尚,这令查尔斯王子十分欣赏。他们有共同的幽默感。卡米拉总是他最好的倾听者,这吸引了他。It seemed natural that Charles would be attracted to upper-class Camilla — Lady Annabel Goldsmith tells Bedell Smith that Camilla was ;an intensely warm maternal laughing creature, with enormous sex appeal.;查尔斯会被出身上流社会的卡米拉吸引,这似乎很自然——安娜贝尔·戈德史密斯女士告诉比德尔,卡米拉;热情洋溢,笑容温暖,懂得照顾他人又无比性感;。Despite having an apparently happy relationship, the two split up when Charles was stationed overseas with the Royal Navy in 1973.尽管他们的爱情看起来十分美满,但在1973年,查尔斯王子随着皇家海军外派出国,他们的关系便戛然而止,就此分道扬镳。Patricia Mountbatten, the daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten, tells Bedell Smith there were ;obvious problems; with Camilla and she ;had a history; — i.e., a sexual past with her on-again, off-again boyfriend (and eventual husband) Andrew Parker-Bowles.已故的蒙巴顿勋爵的女儿帕特里夏·蒙巴顿告诉比德尔,卡米拉身上有;明显的问题;并且;拥有不光的历史;——例如,当时她与数度分分合合的前男友(后来的丈夫)安德鲁·帕克·鲍尔斯发生过性关系。;You didn#39;t want a past that hung about,; says Mountbatten.蒙巴顿说:;英国皇室显然不欢迎这样一位有着不光过往的王妃。;What#39;s more, Bedell Smith says that when Camilla and Charles split he was only 24 and wasn#39;t interested in settling down. Shortly after Camilla and Charles broke up, she reconciled with Parker-Bowles and they got married in 1973.比德尔·史密斯还说道,在与卡米拉分手的时候,年仅24岁的查尔斯一点安定下来的念头都没有。而就在与查尔斯分手后不久,卡米拉与前男友帕克·鲍尔斯复合并于1973年步入了婚姻殿堂。But Charles and Camilla couldn#39;t stay away from one another for too long. Parker-Bowles was one of Charles#39; friends and they all traveled in the same circles. Eventually, the two started up an on-again, off-again affair, with Camilla#39;s husband turning a blind eye.可查尔斯和卡米拉却似乎无法分离太久。帕克·鲍尔斯是查尔斯的朋友,他们同在一个交际圈子里。后来,查尔斯和卡米拉藕断丝连,又开始了分分合合的地下情。对于这一切,卡米拉的丈夫却选择睁一只眼闭一只眼,当作毫不知情。By 1980, when Charles began dating Diana, the pressure was mounting for him to settle down. Despite their 13-year age difference, Diana seemed like a good match — she was aristocratic, fun-loving, beautiful and didn#39;t have a known ;history.; However, Charles didn#39;t appear to be in a rush to get married. That changed, according to Bedell Smith, when the press began speculating that Charles and Diana had spent two nights together. (Diana denied the claim at the time.)直到1980年,查尔斯开始与戴安娜约会。外界逼他成婚的压力向他涌来。虽然戴安娜比查尔斯小了整整13岁,但她看起来便是王妃的不二人选——出身贵族,热衷交际,面容姣好并且没有人尽皆知的;历史;。可是查尔斯王子似乎并不急于成家。比德尔·史密斯称,就在媒体开始猜测查尔斯和戴安娜两度共度良宵时(戴安娜当时否认了这一说法),一切开始发生改变。Still, Prince Philip sent a letter to Charles saying that Diana#39;s reputation was on the line and that he had to make a decision about their relationship. Charles it as an order to get engaged, but he ;wasn#39;t in love, he wasn#39;t y. Psychologically he assumed his father bullied him, so he it as a bullying letter,; writes Bedell Smith.书中提到,这件事发生后,菲利普亲王给查尔斯写了一封信。他在信中说,戴安娜的名声已经受到了影响,查尔斯必须为他们的关系做出决定。查尔斯认为父亲是在命令他与戴安娜订婚,但是他;没有坠入爱河,也没有为此做好准备。在他心里,他觉得父亲是在威胁他,而那封信就是一种威胁;,比德尔·史密斯写道。However, Bedell Smith said the letter was more a statement that ;Charles should either propose to her or release her. In either event, he should make a decision shortly.; The couple got engaged in February 1981 and were married in July of that year.但是,史密斯认为菲利普亲王的信仅仅是在为查尔斯提出建议——;要么向戴安娜求婚,要么就和她分手。他应该尽快在这两种选择中作出决定。;1981年2月,查尔斯与戴安娜订婚并于同年7月举行婚礼。But the strains around the relationship were aly starting to show before the two even walked down the aisle. (Diana famously cried during a polo match ahead of the wedding and had previously said that she had wanted to call everything off.) Bedell Smith writes that the two were just too different — Diana was over a decade younger than Charles and they didn#39;t have the same hobbies.但是,就在他们走入婚姻殿堂前,这段关系便开始显得有些不那么美满。(婚礼前,戴安娜在一场马球赛上潸然泪下,曾说想要取消眼前的一切。)史密斯在书中写道,查尔斯和戴安娜太不一样了——戴安娜比查尔斯年轻了十几岁,他们之间没有什么共同的爱好。Diana also didn#39;t take to some of Charles#39; more traditional habits. Historian Paul Johnson recalled a story Diana had told him about how Charles#39; valet would lay his shirt on the bed before he got dressed and if he wanted a new shirt he would ring the valet to bring him a new one. When she asked why he didn#39;t get his new shirt himself he replied, ;He#39;s paid to do it.;戴安娜也不喜欢查尔斯身上一些更加传统的皇家习惯。历史学家保罗·约翰逊回忆起戴安娜曾跟他说过的一件往事。戴安娜说,在查尔斯换衣之前,他的贴身仆人会把衬衣准备好放在床上。如果想要新衬衣,查尔斯会按铃叫仆人拿一件新的过来。戴安娜问他为什么不自己拿,查尔斯说:;仆人领了薪水,这是他该做的。;Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life (Random House) will be released on April 4.《查尔斯王子:非凡一生的和悖论》(兰登书屋出版)将于今年4月4日发行。 /201704/502772 襄樊市第一人民医院医院预约襄樊第一人民医院男性专科



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