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上海宝山区中西医结合医院整形上海玻尿酸去法令纹哪家医院好The worlds largest ship, which is the size of four football pitches and can carry 900 million tins of beans, arrived into Britain today for the first time.四个足球场那么大,可携带9亿罐豆类罐头:世界最大船只今天抵达英囀?The Hong-Kong registered CSCL Globe, whichis longer than The Shard is tall, left Shanghai on its maiden voyage onDecember 8 carrying 19,100 containers.这艘在香港注册的“中海环球2号离开上海进行处女航,携带9100个集装箱。Stacked end to end, the containers would befive times the height of Mount Everest.如果这些集装箱叠放在一起,其高度是珠穆朗玛峰的5倍。Nearly 4,000 of them - with a total of57,000 tons of cargo including food, drink, clothing, electrical goods andfurniture - are being unloaded at Felixstowe in Suffolk.其中000个集装箱将下载在费力克斯托港。这艘船上的货物总重57000吨,包括食品,饮料,衣,电器产品和家具。The massive cargo ship, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea,weighs 184,000 tons and is 1,312ftlong - compared to The Shards 1,014ftheight.这艘巨型的货船由韩国现代重工集团建造,重达184000吨,1312英尺长,而英国碎片大厦只014英尺高。It is 400 metres long and 59 metres wide and can carry 19,100 standard 20ftcontainers, around 1,000 more than the previous record.00米,9米,能携91000英尺集装箱,比之前的纪录保持者多000个。The ship set sail on its 11,067 mile maiden voyage from the Chinese port of Yantian last month. It stopped off at Port Kelang in Malaysiato load more cargo before passing through the Suez canal.上个月,这艘船从盐田港开始了11067英里的处女远航,沿途在马来西亚巴生港装载了更多集装箱,最后通过苏伊士运河。With a multi-national crew of just 31 onboard, the ship arrived into the Suffolk port at about 1pm today, escorted by four tugs which helped to toe and nudge the ship into position across twoberths.船上1名来自多国的船员,这艘船于今天下午抵达费力克斯托港。有四艘拖船来帮助它进港停泊。Dock workers using seven ship-to-shore cranes almost immediately began unloading the 3,978 containers carrying goodsfor Britain.码头工人利用起重机将其中3978个集装箱从船上卸下来。The cargo destined for UK shops included109 containers full of soft furnishings and sofas, 62 containing white goods such as fridges and washing machines, 104 packed with footwear, 16 loaded with bags and 15 with childrens toys.这些目的地为英国的货物包括了109个集装箱的室内装饰品和沙发,62个集装箱的冰箱和洗衣机,104个集装箱的鞋6个集装箱的包包,以及15个集装箱的儿童玩具。Another 3,909 containers are due to be loaded on to the ship, operated by the China Shipping Container Line, to replace those being taken off.然后还有另外3909个集装箱将被装上船以替代这些被卸载的集装箱。这艘船由中国海运公司营运。The ship is the first of five giant vessels of the same size which are being built for China Shipping Container Line.总共艘,这是建成的第一艘,都归中国海运公司。来 /201501/353033上海市华山医院绣眉手术价格 上海抽脂的地方

上海市第七人民医院纹眉毛多少钱Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Sunday Muslims were unfit to be president of the ed States, arguing that the principles of Islam are inconsistent with American values.共和党总统参选人本·卡森星期天表示,穆斯林不应当担任美国总统,他认为伊斯兰教的原则和美国的价值观不相符合;I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,; Carson, a devout Christian, told Ns Meet the Press.卡森是一位虔诚的基督徒,他告诉美国全国广播公司“与媒体见面”节目说,“我不主张我们让一名穆斯林来统领这个国家,我绝对不赞同那样。”He said a presidents faith should matter to voters and he described the Islamic faith as inconsistent with the Constitution, although he did not specify in which way Islam ran counter to constitutional principles.他表示,一位总统的信仰对选民来说应当很重要,他称伊斯兰信仰和美国宪法不相符,但是没有具体指出伊斯兰教究竟在什么方面和美国宪法原则相左。Carsons comments came amid lingering fallout over Republican Donald Trumps refusal last week to take issue with a man who, during a New Hampshire campaign event, wrongly called President Barack Obama a Muslim and said Muslims are ;a problem in this country.;卡森发表此番言论之前,共和党总统参选人川普上周在新罕布什尔州的一次竞选集会上,没有纠正他的一名持者把奥巴马总统说成是穆斯林和外国人,并表示穆斯林是“这个国家的一个问题”,从而引发争议,至今余波未平。来 /201509/400828上海第九医院纹眉多少钱 The time has come to admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment, President Reuven Riv lin said at the opening session on Sunday of a conference on From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other.以色列总统鲁夫里夫林在周日一个主题为“从陌生人的恨意到接受他人”的大会开幕式上说道,是时候承认以色列是个需要治疗的病态社会了。Both Rivlin and Prof. Ruth Ar non, president of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, which organized the conference at it s premises on the capitals Jabotin sky Street, spoke of the painful and bloody summer, and the resultant resurgence of animosity between Arabs and Jews that had escalated to new heights.以色列科学和人类学科学院在首都的亚金斯基大街组织了这场大会。院长鲁斯艾伦教授和里夫林都谈及了那个惨痛而血腥的夏天以及阿拉伯人和犹太人之间的重新燃起的仇恨又上升到了一个新的高度。Referring to the mutual expressions of hatred and incitement, Arnon said that Jews, who in the Diaspora had been exposed to anti- Semitism and persecution, should be more sensitive to the dangers of incitement. ;But are we?; she asked.谈到共同的恨意和和煽动仇恨,艾伦说颠沛流离的犹太人面临着反犹太主义和迫害,他们应当对煽动带来的危险更加敏感。她问到:“但是我们是这样吗?”Rivlin wondered aloud whe ther Jews and Arabs had abandoned the secret of dialogue.里夫林非常想知道犹太人和阿拉伯人是否已经抛弃了对话的秘密。With regard to Jews he said: ;Im not asking if theyve forgotten how to be Jews, but if theyve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?; In Riv lins eyes, the academy has a vital task to reduce violence in Israeli society by encouraging dialogue and the study of different cultures and languages with the aim of promoting mutual under standing, so that there can be civilized meetings between the sectors of society.谈到犹太人,他说:“我不是在问他们是不是已经忘记如何做一名犹太人了,而是要问他们是否已经忘记如何做一名正直的人。他们已经忘记什么是沟通了吗?”在里夫林的眼里,学院有一项重要的任务,那就是通过鼓励对话和研究不同文化和语言减少以色列社会存在的暴力现象,以此达到提高相互理解的目的,推动社会各界开展文明会面。He urged the academy to take on this challenge and to eradicate the violence that threatens to scar Israels image.他敦促学院面对挑战,根除威胁损害以色列形象的暴力行为。Education Minister Shai Piron was confident that differences can be overcome and cited his own family as an example. He grew up in a home in which his father was Sephardi and politically right wing, whereas his mother was Ashkenazi and left wing. And y e t, he never detected any antagonism. He did not realize until he was an adult and went out into the world, the extent to which differences can cause havoc, he said.教育部长沙伊皮龙认为不同是可以被克的,并且举了他自己的家庭作为例子。他的父亲是西班牙系犹太人而且是一名右翼分子,而他的母亲则是左翼的德系犹太人。但是他并没有发现有什么敌对的现象。直达他长大踏入社会才发现原来不同也是会带来浩劫的。The Education Ministry is starting a heritage project where by Jewish and Arab youth, both religious and secular, will study side by side and learn each others traditions, Piron said.皮龙说,教育部正在开展一个遗产计划,在这个活动中犹太和阿拉伯年轻人无论宗教还是世俗都将会在一起共同学习彼此的传统。Holocaust studies professor Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University said that racism based on color is marginal in Israel. Racism in Israel is generally of a nationalist nature, he said. He was most concerned about religious racism and incitement that usually emanates from extremist fringe elements, because these people are often the most violent and most dangerous, he declared.希伯来大学研究大屠杀的Yehuda Bauer教授说以色列建立在肤色上的种族主义是非常边缘化的。他说,以色列的种族主义主要是民族性的。他说他最担心的是极端边缘分子散散播的民族性种族主义和煽动,因为这些人通常都是最暴力也是最危险的人。The most difficult task confronting the academy, Bauer said, out was how to define incitement in relation to free dom of speech. He cautioned that freedom of speech must never be sacrificed on the altar of incitement. His own definition of incitement was when an individual or a group, through speech or written material, harms and humiliates an other individual or group, sparking others to engage in physical or psychological violence against them and even going so far as to kill them.Bauer说现在学院面临的最严峻的挑战是如何定义自由演讲关系中的煽动。他称不能因为煽动就牺牲演讲的自由。而他自己对煽动的定义是当一个个体或团体通过演讲或者材料描写后伤害并侮辱另一个个人或者团体,鼓动他人暴力对待(精神和肉体上)甚至杀死他人。来 /201501/352339上海华东医院治疗腋臭多少钱

玫瑰李鸿君鼻翼整形擅长New U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter will hold talks on Monday in Kuwait with top U.S. commanders and diplomats on U.S. efforts to fight the Islamic State group.美国新任国防部长卡特星期一将在科威特会见美军高层指挥官和外交官,讨论美国打击伊斯兰国的行动。Carter flew to Kuwait City from Afghanistan to chair the meeting at the U.S. Army base of Camp Arifjan. In addition to military officers, U.S. ambassadors from Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East will participate in the talks.卡特从阿富汗乘飞机前往科威特城,在美国陆军阿瑞坎军营主持会议。除美国军方官员外,美国驻约旦以及中东其他国家的大使也将参与讨论。Officials say the meeting is not expected to produce a new strategy to fight the Islamic State, but to allow Carter to better understand the range of efforts being pursued to defeat the militant group.有关官员说,预计此次会议不会制定打击伊斯兰国的新战略,但卡特可以通过这次会议更好地了解目前为击败这个激进组织而采取的行动范围。On Sunday, Carter visited southern Afghanistan to review plans to withdraw U.S. troops from the country within two years. He met with U.S. soldiers at the American base in Kandahar and received briefings on the status of coalition efforts to train, advise and assist Afghan forces.卡特星期日访问阿富汗南部,审查美国两年内从阿富汗撤军的计划。他在坎大哈的美军基地与美国军人见面,并听取了有关训练、咨询以及援助阿富汗军队的联合行动的介绍。来 /201502/360721 Japan and South Korea have agreed to settle the issue of wartime “comfort womenin a landmark deal that could transform ties between the neighbours and reshape the diplomatic map of East Asia.日和韩国已就解决战时“慰安妇”问题达成协议,这一里程碑式的协议可能会彻底改变这两个邻国之间的关系、重塑东亚外交版图。Under the accord, Japan will pay .3m into a fund for surviving victims, based on “painful awarenessof its responsibilities for the system of forced prostitution during the second world war. The deal promises a “final and irrevocablesettlement to an issue that has scarred relations between the two main US allies in East Asia and provided an effective diplomatic tool to China.根据协议,日本将向一为依然健在的受害者设立的基金出资830万美元,理由是日方“痛苦地意识到”要为二战期间的强制卖淫制度负责。这一协议有可能“最终且不可逆转地”解决慰安妇问题。该问题为美国在东亚的两个主要盟友之间的关系留下了伤痕,并为中国提供了一个有效的外交工具。What are the regional implications?这份协议会给该地区带来哪些影响?Analysts say the deal could have a negative impact on Seoul’s relationship with Beijing, which has been strengthened by the visit by Park Geun-hye, South Korean president, to Beijing in September to attend a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war.分析人士认为,该协议可能会对首尔与北京的关系产生负面影响。今月,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)访问北京,出席了纪念二战结束70周年的阅兵式,巩固了韩中两国关系。Although Seoul has attempted to balance its relationships with China and the US, Ms Park’s attendance at the parade gave the impression that Seoul was shifting more towards Beijing for economic reasons.虽然首尔方面一直试图平衡韩中和韩美关系,但朴槿惠出席那次阅兵仪式给人的印象是,首尔方面正由于经济原因而更多地倒向北京方面。Even if the deal does not last, Japan may reap diplomatic benefits in the short term from Mr Abe’s willingness to compromise, undermining China’s efforts to portray Tokyo as unrepentant for its second world war atrocities.即使这份协议维持不下去,日本也仍可从安Abe)的妥协意愿中收获短期的外交利益,削弱了中国所持的、日本政府对二战暴行毫无悔意的论调。What are the benefits of rapprochement between Seoul and Tokyo?日韩和解有哪些好处?The deal is likely to help Seoul and Tokyo overcome their political differences and enhance their security alliance against North Korea. There are high expectations for stronger bilateral intelligence-sharing on North Korea, with the comfort women issue being the biggest stumbling block to improving bilateral relations.这份协议很可能会帮助韩日两国政府克政治分歧,强化它们防范朝鲜的安全同盟。人们对两国政府就朝鲜问题加强双边情报交流抱有很高的期待,但慰安妇问题一直是妨碍韩日双边关系改善的最大绊脚石。The two countries signed a trilateral intelligence-sharing agreement with Washington last December to better cope with North Korea’s military threats but the agreement allowed them to share intelligence via Washington only on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes. However, the recent thawing of relations could enable Seoul to gain better access to Japanese intelligence and boost its surveillance of North Korea.去年12月,韩日两国与美国政府签订了三边情报共享协议,以更好地应对朝鲜的军事威胁。但该协议只是让韩日两国能就朝鲜核计划与导弹计划经由华盛顿方面分享情报。而最近韩日两国关系的解冻,可能会让首尔方面能够更容易地获取日方的情报,加强对朝鲜的监视。Will this affect Korea’s hopes of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership?这会影响韩国加入《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)的前景吗?Seoul expressed its desire to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in November 2013, when talks were aly under way, and was told by Washington it would need to wait until these discussions had concluded.韩国政府0131月就表达了加入TPP谈判的愿望(当时相关谈判已在进行当中),而华盛顿方面告诉韩国政府,需要等到相关谈判完成后再讨论韩国加入的问题。A preliminary deal was reached among the 12 initial members in October, but South Korea’s entry to the trade pact will require consensus among the existing signatories another benefit to better relations with Tokyo.今年10月,TPP2个初始成员国达成了初步协议,而韩国要想加入该贸易协定将需要现有的签字国一致同意——这是与东京方面改善关系的另一个好处。What prompted South Korea to agree to the deal?是什么促使韩国同意这份协议?Seoul has been pressured by the US to improve relations with Tokyo. Better relations between the two countries are vital to Washington’s efforts to guard against China’s ascent in the region and to cope with North Korea’s increasing military threats.首尔方面一直受到美国的压力,要其改善与东京方面的关系。韩日关系的改善,对于美国防范中国在东亚崛起和对付朝鲜与日俱增的军事威胁来说意义重大。Seoul was also pressed by a lack of time as it is keen to resolve the issue while some of the former sex slaves are still alive, giving the South Korean government some leverage in negotiating with Japan.韩国政府面临的另一个压力是,时间不等人。它急于在一些前慰安妇仍健在时解决该问题,这些人的存在让它与日本谈判时能占据一些优势。What are the main differences between this deal and former agreements?这份协议与之前的协议有什么主要区别?The agreement follows a 1993 apology by Yohei Kono, Japanese chief cabinet secretary, which was accompanied by the establishment of a compensation fund. But that apology failed to accept full state responsibility, while the compensation came from private sources, with the government contributing only administrative costs.这份协议遵循993年日本内阁官房长官河野洋Yohei Kono)作出的道歉,当时还随之建立了一赔偿基金。但那次道歉没有认可慰安妇问题为完全的国家责任,赔偿金也来自民间渠道,日本政府仅负担管理成本。Tokyo still refuses to accept any legal liability on this subject, arguing that any such obligations related to its 35-year occupation of Korea were settled by a 1965 treaty normalising relations with Seoul in which Japan provided 0m in aid.日本政府仍拒绝在慰安妇问题上承担任何法律责任,辩称任何这类与日本对朝鲜半岛的35年占领有关的责任,都已在1965年与首尔方面签订的日韩邦交正常化条约中得到了结。根据该条约,日本向韩国提供亿美元援助。Under this week’s deal, the compensation payments will be funded by the state, unlike the earlier fund. However, it will be given as humanitarian aid, rather than legal reparations.根据本周的协议,赔偿金将由日本政府提供,这与之前的民间资金不同。不过,这笔钱将以人道主义援助、而不是法律赔偿名义提供。Furthermore, the text of Japan’s apology repeated the language of the Kono statement, admitting only “the involvement of the Japanese military authorities at that time rather than claiming responsibility.此外,日本此次道歉的内容重复了河野谈话的措辞,只承认“当时的日本军事当局有参与”,而没有宣称对此负责。Could this cause political problems at home for Ms Park?这会给朴槿惠在国内造成政治问题吗?Ms Park and her party could face a backlash in next April’s parliamentary elections. She has aly been criticised for following in the footsteps of her father Park Chung-hee, the former military dictator who served as an officer in the Japanese Imperial army. He signed the 1965 treaty by which South Korea normalised relations with Japan and renounced legal claims against the former colonial ruler.朴槿惠和她所在的政党在明月的议会选举中可能会面临强烈反对。她已然因追随其父朴正熙(Park Chung-hee)的脚步而遭到了批评。朴正熙是一名军事独裁者,曾任日本帝国陆军军官,正是他签署965年韩日邦交正常化条约,同意放弃对前殖民统治者日本的法律赔偿要求。But the political setback is unlikely to be fatal because the ruling party, which holds a majority in parliament, still enjoys high approval ratings while the main opposition party has been gripped by political infighting. Ms Park is barred by law from seeking another term in the next presidential election in 2017.不过,这一政治挫折不太可能造成致命后果,因为眼下在韩国议会中占据多数席位的执政党仍享有很高的持率,而主要反对党一直被政治内斗缠身。依照韩国法律,朴槿惠不能在2017年举行的下届总统选举中寻求连任。来 /201601/420004上海玫瑰美容医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格上海做双眼皮多少钱



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