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福州查生育最好的医院福州博爱不孕不育第三代试管好不好费用多少One Word: Father (Men)“父亲”这个词的意义Father.父亲。Um... Bad farts.嗯... 屁很臭。We asked men aged 5 to 50 to do word association on camera. These are their responses to the word ;father.;我们请五到五十岁间的男性在镜头前做词语联想。这些是他们对“父亲”这词的反应。I like him. Love?我喜欢他。爱?Kind.人很好。Hes awesome.他很棒。Patient. Because hes always trying to put in the time to help me on the stuff that I need to do.有耐心。因为他总是试着花时间帮忙我做我该做的事。Caring.有爱心。Kind. They are willing to do a lot of things for their children.亲切和蔼。他们愿意为孩子做许多事。Nice.人很好。Funny.很有趣。Cool.很酷。Caring.有爱心。Sincere. Uh...I feel like hes usually honest about, and open to, everything.真诚。唉... 我觉得他通常好像对一切都很坦率、很敞开心胸。Protector.保护者。Neat.超酷。Hes strict but caring, and hes funny.他很严格但又很有爱心,而且他很有趣。Strong.强壮。Loving. You can always ask him for help. Hes there to support you whenever you need it.充满爱。你总是可以向他求助。无论你何时需要,他都在你身边持你。Trusted. He...has always been there for me no matter whats going on.可靠。无论发生什么事,他一直都在。Dependable.可信赖。Power.力量。Hero. Hes a provider, hes a protector, hes a friend—hes my hero.英雄。他是养家的人、他是保护者、他是朋友--他是我的英雄。Honor. For many people, its somebody to look up to. And honoring them, I think is important to do, especially with somebody that plays such an impact in upbringing.荣耀。对许多人来说,是一个值得敬佩的人。尊敬他们,我认为这样做是很重要的,特别是对于某个在孩子教养方面有这么大影响力的人。Guidance. If I hadnt had a father, Id probably do more misguided things.指引。如果我没有父亲,我大概会做更多傻事。Responsibility. Ive become one now, so the meaning of the word has started to take a multigenerational feel.责任。我现在是一个父亲了,所以这个词的意义开始有跨世代的感觉。Best. I know a lot of people say this, but I think my dads probably the best thing in my life.最棒的。我知道很多人都这么说,但我认为我爸爸大概是我人生中最美好的事物。Hes nice. Hes a very nice guy—caring, but also busy; distracted.他很友善。他是个非常好的人--为他人着想,但也很忙;有很多事要操心。Love. Because my father—he loved his kids and he would do anything for them.爱。因为我的父亲--他爱他的孩子,他会为他们做任何事。Role model. Thats the role I play. Im a role model for my daughters.榜样。那就是我扮演的角色。我是我的女儿们的榜样。He is the best. Hes Yoda, man. Hes literally prepared me for what to expect in life.他是最棒的。老兄,他是尤达大师。他真的让我准备好面对生命中会遇到的事。Protective. He, like, nurtures.总是想保护人。他,就是,养育我们。Proud.自豪。Compassionate. Uh...hes like the biggest supporter of what I do. I also think thats what a father should be.有同情心。 唉...他就像是我做的一切的最大持者。我也认为那就是一个父亲应该扮演的角色。Amazing. Hes done a lot for me in my life.了不起。他在我的人生中为我做了许多事。Son.儿子。Brave.无畏。Best friend. For my dad was everything to me. He taught me a lot. Hes a very honorable man.最好的朋友。因为我爸爸就是我的一切。他教导我许多。他是位十分可敬的男人。Cool and...strict.很酷还有...很严格。Intelligent, caring. Someone who cares for the family.聪明、关心人。照顾家庭的那个人。Me. Because Im a father of an eight-year-old daughter, and I have another daughter, or son, coming.我。因为我是八岁女儿的父亲,而且我有另一个女儿,或是儿子,即将来临。Brilliant, artistic, and really fun.聪明、有艺术天赋,而且非常好玩。Strong, risk-taker.强壮、敢冒险的人。Spiritual.高尚。God.上帝。Teacher. The responsibility of a father is to teach and to pass on.老师。一个父亲的责任就是去教导和传承。Protector. Hes always been there, you know, have my back.保护者。他总是在那,你知道,当我的后盾。Comfort. My father worked his butt off most of his life and taught me the true meaning of what it is to be a worker, and I hope to pass that on to my son.慰藉。我的父亲几乎一生都在卖命工作,还教导我努力工作的真正意义是什么,而我希望将那道理传给我的儿子。Love. He had nine children, and he managed to keep that together, and all of us love him very much.爱。他有九个孩子,而他设法撑下去,我们大家都很爱他。One Word: Father一个字:父亲。201509/396561福州妇保医院人工受孕怎么样 No one could have predicted the life-changing impact that Endal would have had on Allens family.没人能想到恩多的到来改变了艾伦的一生。It was a remarkable bond and an incredible life.他们彼此关系亲密,此生无与伦比。But inevitably age caught up with Endal.但无可避免地,恩多垂垂老去。Id had a lovely evening with Endal at home, knowing the vet was coming the next day.我和恩多在家度过了一个美好的夜晚,我知道兽医第二天就会来。I was able to tell him how much I loved him, what he had done for me.我能告诉他,我爱他有多深,他为我奉献良多。Yeah, it was quite an emotional evening. The final gift he gave me was that gift of sadness.那一晚真是非常感伤。他给我的最后一份礼物是悲哀。I didnt know that emotion, but that day Endal left me, put to sleep in my lap, was the day that my heart broke and I cried, yeah.我之前并不理解那种感情,但那天恩多离开了我,在我腿上长眠不醒。那天我的心碎了,我哭了,真的。But there was a little guy in the corner who was there with a hanky in his mouth to wipe away the tears.但是角落里还有个小家伙,嘴里叼着块用来擦眼泪的手帕。Hed been nurturing alongside Endal for a year and that day he picked up the baton and run with it.他来到这个家陪伴恩多一年了。那天后,他担负起了恩多未竟的工作。Good lad. Good boy.好小子。真乖。Some people come up to me in the street and they say they wish they had a dog as clever as Endel or EJ is and I think they have.有些路人主动找上我都说想要只跟恩多和EJ一样聪明的,我觉得他们已经有了。They just havent opened their minds and hearts.只是他们还没有打开心扉。Our faithful friend is now three months old and her guide dog training is starting in earnest.我们忠实的小朋友现在已经三个月大了,她正在认真地接受导盲犬训练课程。Shes learning simple commands, like returning to her owners call and sitting on request.她正在学习简单的指令,比如回应主人的召唤以及按要求坐下。All basic skills, but really rather important if youre going to be a guide dog.都是些基本的技能,但想要成为导盲犬,这些技能却十分重要。Shes also showing signs that her bond with the family is growing.她也渐渐地与这个家庭越来越亲密了。A lick of the face or a kiss on the lips definitely feels like true affection.舔舔脸,亲亲嘴显然都是真爱的表现。And this is proof that your dog is treating you like her mother, as this behaviour originally comes from a puppy licking her mums lips to get her to regurgitate her dinner.这种行为明你的把你当做她妈妈,因为其根源来自于小舔妈妈嘴巴,吃妈妈嘴边反刍的天性。Nice.干得漂亮。201506/378785While Kens at the market, Jennys grandmother is showing me老谭去逛市场的时候 Jenny的祖母向我们展示了her traditional method for making pickles.她制作泡菜的传统方法She first adds to the pickling water, garlic, chilli and salt,她先在泡菜汤里加了大蒜 辣椒和盐and then uses a method I然后使用了一种havent seen before, two types of rock sugar,我从未见过的方法 加了两种冰糖a lot of Sichuan pepper很多的花椒and instead of vinegar, shes adding bai jiu,而且没有加醋 而是加了白酒a local 50% proof spirit, a bit like a sweeter version of vodka.一种当地的50度酒 有点像微甜的伏特加Pickles are incredibly popular in China泡菜在中国非常的受欢迎and are an easy way to preserve vegetables.也是一种简单易行的保存蔬菜的方式When I was a child in Taiwan,我小时候住在台湾I used to have them for breakfast with my grandmother.常常和祖母一起早餐吃泡菜Jennys grandmother alwaysJenny的祖母一直has a pot of pickles on the go, even today.保持着做泡菜的习惯 一直到今天Wow, I cant wait to try those.哇 我已经迫不及待的想尝尝了The pickling water is so strong that the vegetables泡菜汤的味道十分浓烈are y in just 24 hours.所以蔬菜24小时便泡好了She serves them the traditional way,她用传统方法把泡菜装盘with a light drizzle of chilli and Sichuan pepper oil,洒上少许辣椒和花椒油made from infusing hot oil with Sichuan peppercorns.一种由热油和花椒籽制成的调味油Mmm. That is delicious. So crunchy.唔 太美味了 嘎嘣脆Ive got now the chilli,现在尝到辣椒的味道了the numbing heat of that Sichuan pepper oil以及花椒油麻麻的热感and a little sour from the pickle.还有一点点泡菜的酸味儿Beautiful, thank you.太好吃了 谢谢奶奶201507/389018福州市备孕检查哪个医院好

南平输卵管检查那里好China and Europe should look at holding free trade talks, according to the country’s premier Li Keqiang who is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.中国和欧洲举行自由贸易会谈,国家总理李克强正在会见德国总理默克尔·安吉拉。Li also pointed out that China would be a huge market for Germany while his country can learn from German industry.李克强还指出,对于德国中国将是一个巨大的市场,而中国可以借鉴德国的工业。The two leaders signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation between German carmaker Volkswagen and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.两国领导人签署了一项框架协议,德国汽车制造商大众与中国工商的战略合作框架协议。IC is China’s largest lender, while VW is China’s top-selling car brand.中国工商是中国最大的放贷机构,而大众则是中国最畅销的汽车品牌。Li and Merkel also discussed the crisis in Syria. He said there must be a political solution.李克强还和默克尔讨论了叙利亚危机。他说必须通过政治解决方案。Li said China was seriously concerned about the refugee crisis in Germany and Europe but believes Europe has the ability to meet the challenge.李克强表示,中国非常关切德国和欧洲的难民危机,相信欧洲有能力迎接挑战。译文属。 /201510/406885南平做人工授孕最好的医院 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/429457福州台江区输卵管造影哪个医院最好

福州治疗卵巢功能早衰需要多少钱Villagers in Tibet evacuated to safer region西藏村民已被疏散至安全地区Sixty-one villagers in Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region affected by Nepals aftershock on Tuesday have been evacuated to a safer area.周二61名受尼泊尔余震影响的中国西藏自治区村民已经被转移至安全地区。The tremor damaged roads and communication links in Jiangcun village in Gyirong county.此次地震造成吉隆县江村的道路和通信受到破坏。All villagers there have been evacuated to settlements where essential items and food are provided.所有的村民已经被疏散至有必需品和食物的处所。Meanwhile, in Lhatse county, 39 people evacuated from Zham town have been provided with accommodation and government subsidies.同时, 在拉孜县,39位从樟木镇撤离的村民已经得到妥善安置,他们有了住处并且拿到了政府补贴。Four students evacuated will also be able to resume their studies in a new school.4名被疏散的学生也能够在一所新学校里继续上学。201505/375457 南平监测卵泡去哪好福州市微创复通哪里好




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